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Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80920, United States
March 20, 2009

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• Possess a current SECRET Department of Defense Security Clearance.

• Disciplined achiever with twenty one years of distinguished military service serving in domestic and overseas assignments.

• Supervisor Japanese Embassy Hawaii: Armed Embassy Security protecting the Japanese Ambassador and foreign dignitaries from bodily harm. Conducted roving interior and exterior patrols of the embassy facility to include armed escort.

• Led, supervised, counseled and trained over 800 personnel. Instructed personnel in basic combat skills, hand to hand combat, bayonet fighting skills, pugil stick training and basic rifle marksmanship. Observed, analyzed and evaluated the performance of new personnel in all areas of Soldier training. Advised senior management on all training matters

• Chosen and formally commended amongst 12 peers as the Best Instructor during an eight- week training program

• Led teams on six separate occasions, which were recognized as the best among four.

• Instructed 60 Soldiers on Battle Staff Operations, Risk Management, Safety Procedures and awarded General Officer Letter of Appreciation.

• Instructed Soldiers on M9,M16, M4, M2, M249, M240B, and M24, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns.

• Gained continual recognition for stellar performance in Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance, Data Collection, Analysis and Proposal Writing.

• Demonstrated strengths include project management and facilitation, rail operations, personnel training and development and mentoring while instilling the highest standards.

• Deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003; 2007 - 2008).

• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

• Exceptional written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills in the areas of Briefings, Presentations and Teleconferencing.

• Extensive knowledge of Deadly Force Applications, Counter Guerrilla Warfare, Safety/Risk Assessment, Fire Safety and Life Saving Techniques.

• Certified in Personnel Management, Equal Opportunity, Counter-Terrorism, Physical Security, Explosive Operations, C-IED Instruction and Combat Life Saver.

• Related experience in innovative administrative and management skills in security, human resources, training, strategic planning, problem solving and management development.


• Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, Troy University, Troy, AL, BS Candidate, Nov 2009.

• Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, Central Texas College. Killeen, TX. 2000.

• Diploma, Antiterrorism Program Manager Course. U.S. Army, Fort Leonard Wood, MO, 2005.

• Diploma, Antiterrorism Instructor Training Course. U.S. Army, Fort Leonard Wood, MO, 2005.

• Certificate, Equal Opportunity Representatives Course, U.S Army, Columbus, OH, 2005.

• Diploma, Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course, U.S Army, Fort Lee, VA, 2005.

• Diploma, Battle Staff Noncommissioned Officer Course, U.S Army, Fort McCoy, WI, 2004.

• Certificate, Support Operations Course -- Phase I & II, U.S Army, Vilseck, GERMANY, 2002.

• Certificate, Unit Movement Officer Course, U.S Army, Vilseck, GERMANY, 2001.

• Certificate, Federal Bureau of Investigation Observer/Sniper School Course, Schofield Barracks, HI. 1999.

• Certificate, U.S Navy Dive School, Pearl Harbor, HI. 1999

• Certificate, Radiological Safety Course, U.S. Army, Schofield Barracks, HI, 1998.

• SCUBA Instructor, Divers Unlimited, Hollywood, FL. 1996.

• Diploma, Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course, U.S. Army, Redstone Arsenal, AL, 1994.

• Diploma, Small Group Leader Instructor Course, U.S Army, Redstone Arsenal, AL, 1994

• Diploma, Defense Packaging of Hazardous Materials for Transportation, U.S Army, Redstone Arsenal, AL.

• Diploma, Defense Distribution Management Course, U.S Army, Redstone, Arsenal, AL. 1994

• Diploma, Standard Army Ammunition-Modernization Course, U.S Army, Redstone Arsenal, AL. 1993.

• Certificate, Supervisor Development Course, U.S Army, Redstone Arsenal, AL. 1993

• Certificate, Personnel Management and Supervision, U.S Army, Redstone Arsenal, AL, 1993.

• Certificate, Total Army Retention Course, U.S Army, Wurzburg, GERMANY, 1993.

• Certificate, Nuclear Biological Chemical Course, U.S. Army, Fort Benning, GA, 1991.

• Certificate, Combat Lifesaver Course, U.S Army, Gunzburg, GERMANY, 1987.

• Diploma, Ammunition Specialist Course, U.S Army, Redstone Arsenal, AL, 1986.

• Certificate, Counter Guerrilla Warfare Training Course, U.S. Army, Hornfels, GERMANY, 1988.

• Certificate, Nuclear Weapons Site Security Training Course, U.S. Army, Fischbach, GERMANY, 1987.

• Certificate, Basic Training, U.S. Army, Fort McClellan, AL, 1986.

• Diploma, Bellflower High School, Bellflower, CA, 1982.

• Certificate, Nursing Assistant, Cerritos College, Cerritos, CA, 1982.

• License (#100368c) Nursing Assistant, State of California, Cerritos, CA, 1982.


Embassy Security/Tactical Security/Law Enforcement Operations

Supervisor Japanese Embassy Hawaii, Wackenhut Security: Armed Embassy Security protecting the Japanese Ambassador and foreign dignitaries from bodily harm. Conducted roving interior and exterior patrols of the embassy facility to include armed escort. Set-up and maintained security checkpoints and patrols to include interior, exterior, and roving guards. Qualified on small arms weapons. Excellent working knowledge of various surveillance, riot / crowd control and techniques. Supervised 21 personnel in the guarding of over $10 million in weapons and ammunition while deployed in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

• Served as Armed Force Protection Officer performing and conducting interior and exterior searches of vehicles, checking DoD ID’s of all vehicles entering the military installation.

• Ensured vehicles displayed valid installation registration decals (DD Form 2220) or Visitor Pass (AE Form 75).

• Maintained access control to secure zones through use of comprehensive personnel screening, profiling and the use of access rosters.

• Conducted inspections of commercial vehicles at designated vehicle inspection points in accordance with DoD and Air Force Guidelines and local procedures.

• Referred persons who lacked proper credentials or authorization to a control point to arrange access.

• Performed emergency procedures for gate closure.

• Basic operator knowledge of Security Forces equipment, to include computers, operation of intrusion detection systems, assessments devices, radar/laser devices, radio and communication devices, sensors, cameras and access control systems.

• Skilled in the use of various hand-held weapons to include: M16A1/A2/M4 Rifle, 9mm Pistol, M2 and M249.

• Gathered facts and used effective, analytical and established methods to accurately assess a situation and determine appropriate course of action.

• Set-up and maintained security checkpoints and patrols to include interior, exterior and roving guard.

• Instructed security personnel on “Deadly Force Applications” ensuring each member was aware of situations warranting its use. Demonstrated techniques to restrain and detain uncooperative and resistant subjects and defend self and others from physical assaults. Excellent working knowledge of various surveillance, riot / crowd control techniques. Knowledge of base regulations, directives and procedures governing Air Force system security, law enforcement, human relations principles, confrontation management, security force equipment use, individual weapon, base contingency operations/defense and anti-terrorism tactics.

• Controlled personnel access and egress by monitoring the identification and authorization of individuals and vehicles entering controlled and limited areas. Detained unauthorized individuals attempting to illegally gain access. Knowledge of traffic control rules, directives, and procedures. Enforced photograph regulations in restricted areas.

Intelligence/Quick Reaction Force Supervisor

Served as the intelligence analyst / manager for an Army Combat Support Hospital; During Operation Iraqi Freedom. Daily functions were to plan, direct and supervise support for the unit’s intelligence preparation of the battlefield. Duties included physical security manager, force protection manager, secured classified information management, and secure network custodian. Supervised the medical intelligence requirements during the military decision making process. Served as Battalion Operations Manager. Senior staff advisor to the Battalion Commander for operations, planning, training, presentations, and scheduling for logistics operations. Supervises thirteen Intelligence and Logistics Operations personnel. Develops the long term strategic training and operations plans for a 1200 person organization. Plans, prepares, and reviews operations orders (OPORD) Fragmentary Orders (FRAGO) and Warning Orders (WARNO). Conducts intelligence analysis, develops and implements force protection plans. Prepares and presents Battle Update Briefs (BUB) to senior commanders. Tracks and reports Critical Command Information Requirements (CCIR). Provides oversight for the section’s budget and allocates assets to make best use of limited fiscal resources. Conducts professional, personal growth, and disciplinary counseling with all subordinates. Provides written proficiency reports to all subordinate leaders outlining achievable goals and suggested courses of action to reach those goals. Supervises the day-to-day performance of duties for all assigned personnel. Responsible for the selection, reassignments, recommendations for promotion, and discipline of subordinates. Developed, planned, and scheduled presentations. Coordinated military exercises to support deployment training. Develops, coordinates, and implements logistical support and movement of equipment and personnel according to Time Phase Force Deployment Data (TPFDD). Analyzes data to determine wartime logistics support requirements. Developed security plan for a forward operating base in Iraq and a tactical operations center. Prepares oral and written briefs for senior leadership. Develops new training initiatives that lead to better and more efficient training. Developed and evaluated safety programs within the battalion. Developed safety metrics that provided safe guidelines while allowing realistic training and operations. Performed safety inspections throughout the organization and followed up on corrective actions. Training instructor and evaluator for six Logistics Companies. Ensures compliance with HAZMAT, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and shipping standards.

• Provided intelligence updates to the command and staff.

• Evaluated written guidance for completeness and compliance with Government Statutes and DoD/DA requirements.

• Led a 15 member team providing personnel protection for senior officers during convoys in a combat environment, protecting them from bodily injury and kidnapping.

• Supervised 10 personnel for the Quick Reactionary Force (QRF) during security breaches of the base perimeter, during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

• Processed all federal background investigations for a Combat Support Hospital, utilizing Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire (EPSQ) and Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS).

• Planned and implemented proper security measures to prevent terrorist acts, espionage and sabotage, control pilferage of government property, and prevent property crimes in military communities and military installations. Open/Closed confidential investigation cases, entered and maintained investigation data, checked for consistency and accuracy of investigation data against required fields in support of case management activities.

• Led a staff of two instructors to provide organizational leadership and specific technical military training to 400 US Army and foreign military service members.

• Conducted all human resource activities for the entire branch/organization to include proficiency reports and professional development.

• Authorized TOP SECRET clearance in conjunction with duties of safeguarding sensitive material used in maintaining battalion communication connectivity.

• Evaluated written guidance for completeness and compliance with Government Statutes and DOD/DA requirements.

• Secured tactical equipment inventory valued in access of $40 million.

Explosive Operations

Served as operations Sergeant responsible for coordinating ammunition, land, and training resources for a 550 Soldier Corp Support Battalion supporting the 25th Infantry Division (Light); managed $50 Million of ammunition and resources, policies and procedures; managed the battalions war time basic load of ammunition, forecasted ammunition for eight weapon systems, tracked the battalions ammunition expenditure; requested land for use during training and other operations; served as principal advisor to the staff officer on all ammunition and resources. Led, supervised, counseled and trained over 800 personnel. Instructed personnel in basic combat skills, hand to hand combat, bayonet fighting skills, pugil stick training and basic rifle marksmanship. Observed, analyzed and evaluated the performance of new personnel in all areas of soldier training. Assisted and advised senior management on all training matters

• Chosen and formally commended amongst 12 peers as the Best Instructor during an eight- week training program

• Led teams on six separate occasions, which were recognized as the best among four.

• Managed the training, combat readiness, health, morale and welfare of 47 Soldiers.

• Conducted conference training classes consisting of 40 initial entrée Soldiers, training consisted of manual ammunition stock control and accounting procedures and the Standard Army Ammunition System – Modernization (SAAS-MOD).

• Supervised and provided technical guidance to subordinates; performed emergency destruction of ammunition; prepared periodic statistical reports on issue’s, receipt and storage functions; prepared ammunition, components and explosives for transport.

• Supervised the daily operation of an Ammunition Supply Platoon consisting of eight subordinate companies and 40 Soldiers.

• Coordinated the movement of vast ammunition stocks throughout the European theater of operations.

• Instructed Soldiers how to properly wear safety equipment, safety glasses, ear plugs, steel toe safety shoes, TAP Suits, rubber boots, protective masks, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Self-Contained Toxic Environment Protective Outfit.

• Led 10 soldiers in the routine destruction of unserviceable and irreparable conventional and chemical ammunition and explosives.

• Coordinated in the planning of nuclear, chemical, smoke, radiological, biological and explosive training exercises with local, state and federal agencies.

• Served as Ammunition Sergeant in the receipt, storage, issue and maintenance of all types of conventional and chemical ammunition, ammunition components and explosives.

• Loaded, unloaded, stacked and stored ammunition supplies and explosives including guided missiles using material handling equipment.

• Prepared ammunition for shipment by bracing and staying loads for rail transportation.

• Instructed Soldiers in Iraq on C-IED Measures.

Ammunition Operations

Supervised the daily operation of a 40 Soldier Ammunition Logistics Supply Platoon. Demonstrated strong leadership and teamwork principals in order to develop a successful team. Trained and developed each person working within the section to perform their duties at a high skill level and to be a beneficial and trusted member of a team. Provided professional evaluations for subordinate leaders and disciplinary counseling and training when appropriate. Interviewed and placed leaders into positions of greater responsibility when their performance of duties showed they were ready. Coordinated the movement of munitions throughout the European Theater of Operations. Served as the principal supervisor and advisor for the receipt, issue, classification, storage, surveillance, maintenance, disposition, and decontamination of conventional ammunition and nuclear and non-nuclear special ammunition; advise on packaging and rigging loads for movement by all types of transportation assets to include truck, rail, vessel, and aircraft; both military and civilian. Assisted in the selection and layout of ammunition storage facilities. Assigned as the supervisor for an ammunition supply point (ASP). Worked with numerous agencies to ensure the ASP was operating within the guidelines of Army, Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, and all other applicable regulatory agencies. Ensured all residue and packing materials were properly disposed of or transferred using established guidelines of the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Offices (DRMO). Worked extensively with DRMO to ensure all serviceable materials were either used at the organization or coded for sale to the appropriate approved vendor. Conducted inspections of facilities, vehicles, and hazardous materials to ensure safe conduct of operations and that scheduled maintenance and housekeeping was being conducted. Served as safety officer for the company. Developed safety programs and presentations that focused on safety at work and home. Advised the commander on enlisted personnel matters. Ensured compliance with all applicable hazardous material, HAZMAT shipping requirements. Provided guidance and advice to commanders ensuring logistics operations within the organization stayed in compliance with U.S. and European road, rail, and maritime regulations and policies.

• Led twenty five personnel assigned to the 1st Infantry Division, 701st Main Support Battalion, U.S Army, responsible for the management of the US Army’s largest conventional ammunition supply point valued at over $7 Billion. Prepare written evaluations of individual work performance.

• Developed operational logistics plans combining prepositioning of stocks and transportation of assets from both the US Army and the republic of Germany, enabling the movement of large quantities of munitions/equipment throughout Germany with minimal notice.

• Served as a member of the Combined Logistics Committee Ammunition (CLCA) responsible for negotiating and developing memorandums of agreement between the Germen Ministry of National Defense and US Department of Defense.

• Commended by superior officers for improving maintenance from an operational readiness of 45% to 95%, which was used as a model for an organization consisting of over 800 personnel.

• Supervised the only team recognized for maintaining 100% vehicle readiness throughout a 30 day training exercise

• In the absence of Senior Manager, oversaw all logistics operations and activities for 120 days.

Personnel Management

Directly supervised over 50 employees in the daily performance of assigned tasks and organizational missions. Provided career guidance and skills assessment on varied topics to include: job performance / proficiency, employee benefits, educational opportunities and career advancement. Strong emphasis on the safety and concern of subordinates. Served as Personnel Administration Supervisor for a 520 person organization. Supported and assisted the Commander in all personnel matters for officers and enlisted Soldiers. Served as the direct customer service representative dealing as the first line respondent to sensitive personnel actions. Reviewed and interpreted regulations, directives, reports, and information pertinent to Military Personnel functions. Established, maintained, and operated functions of military personnel management and office management. Coordinated HR policies with supervisor and commanders. Briefed the commander on all HR activities. Analyzes, clarifies, and adapts to meet unique organizational staffing, management, and mission requirements. Process and review a wide variety of military personnel actions including casualty operations, awards preparation and processing. Reviews personnel action requests submitted to ensure compliance with policies and regulations. Reviewed, corrected, and processed officer and NCO proficiency reports, ensuring all reports were processed by prescribed guidelines and timelines.

• Maintained 100% accountability of personnel and equipment during deployments to foreign countries and training exercises.

• Continuously recognized by superiors for excellence in leadership.

Training Development

Developed and implemented challenging training programs to audiences up to 50 on leadership, counseling, tactical employment, communication, and team building skill. Conducted team-based and individual training. Utilized platform instruction and small group facilitator techniques. Communicated in-depth knowledge in clear, straightforward terms. Mentored subordinates to develop training development, leadership, and counseling skills.

• Supervised the organization in assuring the course / school were accredited by the US Army’s Training and Doctrination Program.

• Consistently produced students that were recognized as Honor Graduates.


2006 – Present Support Operations Supply & Services NCOIC U.S. Army, Fort Carson, CO.

2005 – 2006 Detachment Sergeant/First SGT U.S. Army, Rickenbacker AB, OH

2005 – 2006 Department of Defense Base Security Officer SECTEK Security, WPAFB, OH

2003 – 2005 Military Analyst/Intelligence, QRF NCOIC U.S. Army PA, Fort Lewis, WA.

2000 – 2003 Support Operations Supply & Services NCOIC U.S. Army, Kitzing, GERMANY.

1996 – 2000 Operations Sergeant / QRF NCOIC U.S. Army, Schofield Barracks, HI.

1998 - 2000 Supervisor Japanese Embassy Security(Armed) Wackenhut Security, HI.

1991 – 1995 Section Chief U.S Army, Katterbach, GERMANY.

1990 – 1991 First Line Explosive Supervisor U.S. Army, Fort Benning, GA

1986 – 1990 Section Chief U.S. Army, Guenzburg, GERMANY.


Meritorious Service Medal(2) Army Commendation Medal(7)

Joint Service Achievement Medal Army Achievement Medal (6)

Army Good Conduct Medal (7) National Defense Service Medal (3)

Iraq Campaign Medal w/ Star Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

NCO Professional Development Ribbon(2) Army Service Ribbon

Overseas Ribbon (5) Combat Action Badge (IRAQ)

German Army Sniper Badge, Expert The Association of the United States Army Award

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