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Medical Device Sales

Escondido, CA, 92027
August 17, 2012

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**** ** ***** *****, *********, CA 91101



J.D. 1995 Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL

M.S., Molecular Biology 1991 California State University, San Diego, CA

B.A., Biochemistry & Cell Biology 1987 University of California, San Diego, CA

Financial Valuation & Modeling Cert. 2011 Investment Banking Institute, Los Angeles, CA


Patent Bar (#38,523)

California Bar (#194435)

United States District Courts of California (Southern, Central, and Northern Districts)

American Bar Association (ABA) / Intellectual Property Section

Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association, (LAIPLA)


2011-Present Reexam Man (see Pasadena, CA

Sole Proprietorship/Consultancy

Patent prosecution, reexamination, licensing, (non)infringement/(in)validity opinions

2006-2011 Clinical Micro Sensors, Inc. dba GenMark Diagnostics (pka “Osmetech”) Pasadena, CA

Vice President, Intellectual Property & Legal Affairs

Medical device patent prosecution and licensing, leveraging competitive intelligence

Freedom to operate analyses and product clearance/design

Collaborative agreements, MTAs, Supply, Distributorship and Sales Agreements

2003-2006 BioTechnology Law Group (now the Acuity Law Group) San Diego, CA


Transactional practice focused on patent prosecution, licensing, opinions, counseling

Thomas Whitelaw & Tyler, LLP Irvine, CA

Of Counsel

Litigation practice focused intellectual property disputes

2000-2003 Brobeck Phleger & Harrison, LLP Del Mar, CA

Associate/Intellectual Property Group

patent portfolio management and cultivation, including strategic prosecution and licensing

patent (non)infringement, (in)validity and (un)enforceability studies


Biotechnology, Molecular Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Genetic

Engineering, Food and Materials Sciences


US20090179146 Fluidics Device

US7820391 Baseless Nucleotide Analogs and Uses

US7759073 Electronic Methods for the Detection of Analytes

US7595153 Detection of Analytes Using Reorganization Energy

US7534331 The Use of Microfluidic Systems in the Electrochemical Detection of Analytes

US7393645 Compositions for the Electronic Detection of Analytes Using Monolayers

US7381525 AC Methods for the Detection of Nucleic Acids

US7312087 Devices and Methods for Biochip Multiplexing

US7148228 Pyrazolopyrimidines and related analogs as HSP90-inhibitors

US7138401 2-aminopurine analogs having HSP90-inhibiting activity

US7129244 Triazolopyrimidines and related analogs as HSP90-inhibitors

US7125668 Electrodes Linked Via Conductive Oligomers to Nucleic Acids

US7115738 Hydroxyproline/phosphono oligonucleotide analogues, methods of synthesis and … use

US7090804 Amplification of Nucleic Acids with Electronic Detection

US7087148 Bind Acceleration Techniques for the Detection of Analytes

US7033760 Metallic Solid Supports Modified with Nucleic Acids

US6962906 Oligonucleotide analogues, methods of synthesis and methods of use

US6841535 Peptide-mediated transfection agents and methods of use

US6797462 Cell-based assay for immunodeficiency virus infectivity and sensitivity

US6555342 Fusion protein delivery system and uses thereof

US6491926 35 kD Tumor Associated Protein Antigen: Uses and Methods of Detection

US6464787 Electrostatic Coating Apparatus and Method

US6409990 Macromolecular Carrier For Drug and Diagnostic Agent Delivery

US6325899 Disposable and Recyclable Intermediates for Use in Electrostatic Processes

US6287569 Vaccines With Enhanced Intracellular Processing

US6046037 Methods for Producing Immunoglobulins Containing Protection Proteins in Plants and…Uses

US6040503 Bean Nut Popping Beans

USD0500260 Spider Ornament

WO 2004/054715 Sample Vessel

WO/0104360 Retroviral Recombination Assays and Uses Thereof

WO/0183529 Novel Immunoadhesin for the Prevention of Rhinovirus Infection

WO/0210201 Peptide Delivery of Molecules into Cells

WO/0078976 Regulated Expression of Cloned Genes Using a Cascade Genetic Circuit

WO/0024941 Detection of Target Analytes Using Particles and Electrodes

WO/0069473 Macromolecular Carrier For Drug and Diagnostic Agent Delivery

WO/0040606 Modulation of HIV Replication Using SAM68

WO/0985444 Vaccines With Enhanced Intracellular Processing

WO/09826061 Novel Expression Vectors Containing Accessory Molecule Ligand Genes...

WO/02069900 Methods for Treating Genetically-Defined Proliferative Disorders with HSP90 Inhibitors

WO/0243770 Homing Peptide Multimers, Their Preparation and Uses

WO/033086381 Ansamycin Formulations and Methods for Producing and Using Same

WO/03066005 Ansamycins Having Improved Pharmacological and Biological Properties

WO/03050295 Assays and Implements for Determining and Modulating HSP90 Binding

WO/03041643 HSP90-Inhibiting Zearalanol Compounds and Methods of Producing and Using Same

WO/03037860 Purine Analogs Having HSP90-lnhibiting Properties

WO/03026571 Process for Preparing 17-Allyl Amino Geldanamycin (17 AAG) and Other Ansamycins

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