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Cisco VOIP Engineer

Florida, 33065, United States
95,000.00 to 125,000.00
November 10, 2008

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Summary of Qualifications

Experienced Project Manager and Senior Analyst in UC and voice Cisco Engineer, with expertise in the following areas:

• Process Flow and Procedure development

• Voice over IP Design and Implementation

• Tier 5 Design and implementation NOC support , Management

• PGW ss7 Unix Implementation

• Gateways, Gatekeeper Load balancing, Soft Switches Mera and Sys master, Call Manager deployment and Installation.

• Transition Knowledge: OC 3, DS3, DS1, E3, E1 and STM1.

 Traffic Engineering and Management

 Billing Protocol’s and Applications

 Data Networking (Cisco) TCP/IP, OSPF, BGP, RIP, EIRGP

 Research and Product Development

 LAN/WAN Network Management

 International and Domestic Customer Relations

 International as well as local Termination at a wholesale/retail level

• Design and install Virtual PBX platform

• Accompany Account Manager to client site

• Provide Engineering support to sales force.

• Designed security for Wan and LAN Network

• Configuration of Cisco/7940/7960/ Link sys VoIP phones sips Phones.

• Design Call Manager

• Maintain Core Network and VoIP Soft Switch

• IPCC design in Latin America and Caribbean 4.5,5.0, 6.0

• Provide day to day support Tier 3

• Implementation of core networks Integration and maintain upgrade to critical Networks

• SS7, C7, ISDN, and ATM protocol

• Software Knowledge NT 4.0, Linux, Solaris 6 and 8, Windows 2003, XP, Windows 2000 Professional and Server, Cisco Works, HP open view, Hp Insight Manager 7,

• Muxes Adtran, CAC,RC-48dx, RC48D, Cisco 15454, Telco ,FLM 600,2400, Larsson

• Transmit ion Wiring,

• Troubleshooting

• Deployment and configuration of River stone routers.

• BOD Bandwidth on Demand

• Firewall Cisco Pix ASA 5520

• VPN Protocols PPTP, Ispec,L2TP

• Authentification Hardware

• Content Filter URL

• Training to Admin and User on CM

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Professional Experience

Touch Base Global. Oct 2007-Present

Over view of company:

Touchbase is a global technology services company working with multinational organizations to optimize the way they communicate.

We deliver compelling business outcomes through the unification of disparate communication tools, across the enterprise and within the contact center. , we design, deliver and support technology which enriches communication between people and drives competitive advantage. To do this we build a Foundation, upon which Collaboration, Mobility, Customer Contact and Business Intelligence solutions are then effectively implemented and utilized..

Systems Analyst, Project Manager,

Responsible for Miami, Caribbean and Latin America Projects:

System Analyst

 Supporting any relevant sales activity to promote the value of formal needs analysis in the clients buying cycle

 Conducting needs analysis on a chargeable basis to justify technology spend and broaden the scope of Touch base’s remit within the prospect or client

 Producing high quality and accurate business cases from the needs analysis which match need with technology with investment with business outcome

 Working closely with Solution Architects to underpin the business case with the correct, detailed technical solution.

 Keeping up to date with all of the current and new features of products which Touchbase promotes and developing a deep understanding of their impact on the business when applied correctly.

 Proactively learning how other companies across the world are embracing the technology Touchbase deals with and using this to develop capability and relevance of needs analysis and business case work.

 Sharing all knowledge across the Client Teams and Solution Analyst community within Touchbase to promote consistency and development of the proposition


 Having a deep understanding of the business impact of the technology Touchbase works with.

 Having strong business acumen & technical understanding

 Demonstrating exceptional interpersonal skills to communicate at every level of an organization

 Being an evangelist for the application of technology with a real passion for what it can do to an organization

 Being capable of constructing a clear and compelling business case for investment technology.


The following are the 3 core areas of client activity that:


 Introducing new technology within the client environment to address a specific business need.

 Working with all manner of people from the Client Team and the Service Hub, to provide a globally consistent service to the client and moving their requirements through the 5S process to project sign-off.

 Introducing more and more solution sets to the clients.


 Providing ongoing support of the technology implemented during the project activity.

 Managing and delivering (as a minimum) the clear contractual commitments that Touchbase made to the client. The deliverables vary enormously but will be laid out in the contract.


 Being available, reactive, and passionate and caring around the smallest things that make a massive difference to clients.

 Dealing with add-on orders, requests for additional services i.e. training, requests for information or helping the client to locate other people within Touchbase.

 Providing an exceptional experience whatever the request may be.

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Project Manager



 Assisting clients in establishing a feasibility study of the proposed business solution.

 Outlining project deliverables to identify the commercial benefits.

 Clearly defining project scope to the client.


 Working with the Solution Analyst and/or the Solution Architect to understand the medium and long term plans of the client and, where necessary, producing a transition plan which clearly sets out each project necessary to take the client from where they are today to where they need to be


Planning in detail; considering the project scope, schedule, costs, risks, communication, and quality to ensure a smooth transition to the new solution

 Preparing project planning documentation to highlight expectation, deliverables and client requirements.

 Managing the translation of business requirements to a technical design with the relative product specialists.


 Ensuring that the solution is carried out with continued reference to the plan, to verify the scope and assure quality.

 Testing at all stages to make sure that technical configuration meets business requirement.


 Carrying out performance reporting

 Carrying out scope verification

 Being responsible for risk monitoring and control

 Managing change regarding all aspects of every project.


 Handing over of the solution to the relative Service Hub Support Services.

 Conducting a Post Project Review both internally and externally upon completion of the project

 Being responsible for handing over the client to the Client Engagement Manager and Service Hub at Project Sign-Off


 Being capable of managing multiple complex technology solutions considering the clients existing landscape and migrating the client to their new technology efficiently

 Being capable of understanding the clients business needs and why the technology solution investment has been made

 Being able to deliver detailed project documentation, project plans, scope of works, risk registers, testing documents and clear transition plans to demonstrate to a client how their project goals can be achieved at each stage

 Demonstrating the necessary communication and interpersonal skills to interact with clients at a high level, acting as the single point of contact throughout the project deployment to ensure consistency whether the news is good or bad.

 Controlling and adapting to the varying situations that can develop throughout a project life cycle by demonstrating determination, adherence to change and initiative.

 Having the ability to keep up to date with technology as it develops and deliver these new solutions to our clients with minimum impact

 Being self managing, highly organized and capable of prioritizing work load based on client requirement and expectation

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Professional Experience

Interlink Global Corp. September 2004 – October 2007

Project Manager, Senior Voice Cisco Engineer

Responsible for all technology decisions:

• Manage CLEC relations in Florida for the Company

• Develop and deliver Telephony service over TDM, Satellite, and Voice over IP.

• Help design and create new revenue Streams.

• Restructure and create new vertical markets in USA and Latin America.

• Design and implementation of all .Net systems for company retail services.

• Head up Cost savings and restructure Wan Network to work more efficiently.

• Recommend and deploy technical solutions for Latin America and integrate all services with Main Hub in Miami.

• Develop all documentation of WAN.

• Head up QOS for Retail and enterprise Voip Services.

• Create Main NOC in Miami Procedures and integrate with secondary NOC in Latin America.

• Create Monitoring Procedures in Miami Hub and Latin American Hubs.

• Implement Procedures for anticipation of Hardware Failure.

• Created and Implemented Disaster Recovery plan for Miami main hub.

• Created Customer Service Department and Help desk.

• Help with Acquisition of 6 Latin American Companies

• Manage all Latin America Logistics and budget reports per country while

Managing 75 employees in Latin America and 35 Miami area

• 4th Level Support to all engineering departments

• Manage large accounts for potential joint venture agreement Produce services and processes for retail department.

• Monitoring new technologies and assessing their potential to become new products and services.

• Overseeing the selection of research projects to insure potential value to the company.

• Provided reliable technical assessment of potential Mergers and aquisisitions.

• Responsibility of promoting the Companies reputation and capture Valuable Data.

• Helped give recommendations to the CEO and Members of the Executive Committee with the corporate strategy.

• Managed wholesale department, Customer Service department, Help Desk Department, NOC and R&D department.

• Deployed Fiber Ring STM1 level from Miami to Venezuela and Miami to Colombia.

• Managed a 1.5 million Dollar Budget a year.

• Managed and Deployed and R&D new services for potential growth of the company

a- Net Talk Video Phone, a peer to peer video conferencing program.

b- Net talk Conference module, a video and voice conferencing program.

c- Virtual PBX, a Voice over IP PBX.

d- Unity integration for retail and enterprise customers.

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Zen Telecommunications, FL June 2002– August 2004

Project Manager, Senior Voice Cisco Engineer. Company was acquired by Interlink global.

Supported new and existing customers with numerous levels of Technical Assistance in the below areas:

• Design and implemented Cisco AS-53xx routers to interface with the Nortel DMS-GSP to form VoIP voice services networks, Call Manager, Soft switches Sysmaster, Mera.

• Designed, Monitor and installed Large area Business LAN/WAN Networks In USA, Latin America and Caribbean

• Established Billing Links connections to gather Call Record data between Customer LAN network and the Nortel DMS via X.25 protocol or Ethernet connections

• Constructed and updated Customer Cisco digit dialing-plans for International and Domestic calling patterns

• Tested, installed, and supported many types of Transmission Equipment for OC3, DS3, DS1 and DS0’s activation

• Researched, Tested, and Put into operation new Telecom equipment and software applications to meet Customer requirements

• Analyzed Cisco Operational Measurements and provided Customers ASR’s

• Inspected Cisco and Transmission equipment installs for completeness and accuracy (QA)

• Traveled frequently Domestically and Internationally to Design Wan and Voip support Customer Networks on-site

• Implementation of CDMA ,802.11, 3G, WIFI, network and compression

• Design survey 3G networks.

• Provisioned TDM and VOIP route for clients.

• Managed Trouble tickets report to Customers and upper Management.

• Monitored 24/7 network from Latin America and Caribbean for NOC 3rd level support.

• Testing and deployment of new Voip and TDM routes.

• Maintain all Vsat thru Latin America and Miami hub Station

• Helped Maintain Call manager 4 Platform with Cisco 7960 -IP Phones and IBM 342 servers. Totaling 10,000

• Managed all Documents for business and technical requirements

• Managed all third party venders to comply with go live date of each Customer needs.

• Managed all contingency planning and created 1st and 2nd level of client’s documentation.

• Helped Customer Service with Trouble Ticket if needed tier 1 and 2

Colonial Bank Orlando Region December 2002 – June 2002

Team Leader Orlando Region

• Supervised team of twelve Field Service engineers charged with over all QOS to all branches and major facilities totaling 2500 Wan and LAN users in region.

• Helped with over all windows 2000 conversion to all branches and Major facilities.

• Oversaw New Installations and turn up of branches and Mortgage facilities

• Software Support second level , Active Directory , Windows 2000 workstation, Windows 2000 Server, LANDesk, Citrix

• Supported WAN and LAN in Colonial Network.

• Supported internal VPN

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Terra Telecommunications, Miami FL December 2001 – December 2002

Project Manager and Tier 3 Senior Cisco Voip Design and Implementation Engineer

Organized a Team of experienced professionals where together we accomplished the following:

• Designed a fully functional Cisco Voip Network in less than 3 months running 25 million minutes

• Corrected Customer and Vendor trouble issues

• Controlled internal Cisco User access security

• Oversaw implementation of WAN Network for Cisco Network Operations Center via HP Open View and Cisco Works

• Maintained Customer Trouble Ticket database for tracking and trending

• Designed a fully functional Cisco Voip Gatekeeper Network to Complement the Gateway side for load Balancing

• Deploy all Gateway Cisco, Lucent, Arelnet From CAC signaling to NFas signaling with out interrupting Active voice routes

• Design and over saw Installation of Wan Network to the Latin and Caribbean Region also Maintained 2500 user on Call manager Platform with Cisco 7960 -IP Phones and IBM 342 servers. Totaling 2,000 users

• PSTN Visited and Installed equipment in

Ecuador, Colombia, Perú, México, Cuba, Honduras,

Nicaragua, Brasil, Santo Domingo, Panamá, Vietnam, Haití

China, South Africa, Venezuela, Guatemala, Thailand, Uruguay


Sprint Fort Lauderdale, Fl March 2000 – December 2001

System Programmer

• Implementation of all Miami and Broward Middle School

Nor Star Nortel Meridian units, IVR, Call Center support, voice

Mail, integration NAM, star talk configuration Hardware software

Tech Support. Kick started Enterprise PBX combining traditional

PBX with Voip.

Caribbean Communication Services San Juan, PR January 1995 –March 2000

Project Manager Cisco VoIP Engineer Tier 3

• Lead technician responsible for: Instrument Landing System (AN/SPN-41), Air Speed Indicator (AN/SPN-44),

Marshall Radar (AN-SPN-43), and maintenance of all interfacing equipment within the Radar’s to achieve

Maximum performance.

• Positive Performance Management

• Leadership and Evaluation Awareness Development (LEAD)

• Building Bridges/LAN and Wan Networks

• Intranet Designs and Implementation

• Network Cabling ,

• Web Hosting Maintenance

• Configure and maintain Voice over IP routes

• Configure and Maintain Vsat RF Satellites.

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Federal Technologies Inc San Juan, PR April 1991 –January 1995

Junior Project Manager and Voice over IP engineer Tier2

• Novell 3.x maintains and support

• Configure Voice Over IP routes with 3810 over ATM

• System Maintenance – Hands On

• Call Center design and start up in 5 cities and Corporate Office

• PBX Maintance and Installations

• Manage Cisco 2621 router for 6 satellite offices

• Maintain 5 Hp UNIX servers for all Data bases

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• University Of Interamerican en Cupey

Bachelor degree in System Information.

Minor degree in Accounting.

• Continued Studies E.D.P College of Puerto Rico

Programming RPG, Cobol

• MBA. Somerset University Degree Master of Science in Telecommunications


Compaq online studies, Presario, armada laptops.

Apple Training Center: Certified Apple Technician software, hardware

Imac, Imac power book, G4 server OS/10, G4 laptops.

ECI certified 360, compression equipment.

Certification in Cisco:

Cisco SMB Engineer Certified -642-176 Certified

Cisco Smart Business Communication System for Engineering -650-178 Certified

Cisco Certified Design Associate- CCDA Certified

Cisco Certified Network Associate- CCNA Certified

Cisco Certified Voice Professional – In progress


Fluent in Spanish and English oral and written, people oriented skills,

Organized “Self Motivated Go Getter”, good under pressure,

responsible, problem solver, and good presentation.

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