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High School Registered Nurse

Sandersville, Georgia, 31082, United States
May 30, 2010

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New Resume

Cheryl Lynne Brown Smith

*** **** ****** ******

Sandersville, GA 31082



Career Objective

To gain a position with a company or school system that will allow me to utilize my diverse backgrounds, will provide a challenging work environment, and will offer opportunities for further training and education.

Academic Preparation

June 1987

B.S. Degree in Education, Georgia College, Milledgeville, Georgia

--Completed courses in middle grades education with

concentrations in science, social studies, and language arts.

--Worked with a word processor and computers to produce

documents, graphics, internet research, and spreadsheets.

--Completed eight college-level science courses which

emphasized the development and proper usage of laboratory


--Received middle grades 4 – 8 certification.

Summer 1991

Graduate Courses, Georgia College, Milledgeville, Georgia

--Evolution, Recent Advances in Biology

Summer 1992

Graduate Courses, Georgia College, Milledgeville, Georgia

--Ecology, Current Environmental Issues

--Independent Study Course, University of Georgia, Athens,

Georgia – Conservation

--Received biology 7 – 12 certification.

Fall 1994

Memorial Hospital Of Washington County, Sandersville, Georgia

--Emergency Medical Technician Training

--Received Emergency Medical Technician certification. Operator

number 256133012

ID number 27939

--Certified by the American Heart Association in Cardiopulmonary

Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiac Care and Two Rescuer

Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and Obstructed Airway.

Summer 1998

Middle Georgia College, Cochran Georgia (Dublin Campus)

--Certified by the American Heart Association in Cardiopulmonary

Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiac Care, One and Two

Rescuer Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and Obstructed Airway.

Summer 1998

--Registered Nurse Courses, Middle Georgia College (Dublin


--AHSC 1201 Communication for the Health Professional

Fall 1999

Registered Nurse Courses, Middle Georgia College, (Dublin


--NURS 1111 Introduction to Nursing Skills

Summer 1999

Registered Nurse Courses, Middle Georgia College, (Dublin


AHSC 1202 Clinical Calculations

December 2003

M.Ed. Degree in Leadership and Supervision, Troy State University, Augusta Georgia (Louisville Cohort)

Job Training

1988-1989 Planning Motivational Activities

1989-1990 Motivational Strategies

1989-1990 Mentor Workshop

1990-1991 Cooperative Learning (2 separate courses)

1990-1991 Teacher Support Specialist Training

1991-1992 Middle School Curriculum

1992-1993 School restructuring

1992-1993 Project Wild (Georgia Wildlife)

1993-1994 School Restructuring/Computer Training

1994-1995 Utilizing Technology to Improve Instruction II

1994-1995 Peer Coaching in a Cultural Diverse Setting

1996-1997 Applications in Biology/Chemistry Session III

1995-1996 Computer Training

1996-1997 High School Curriculum

1997-1998 Computer Training

1997-1998 Instructional Software Training II


2000-2004 Georgia Integrating Technology Professional Development

2000 - 2004 Participated in writing the science high school curriculum program for Jefferson County

High School

2002-2003 Tech Prep Training

2003-2004 Advisor/Advisee Training

2003-2004 QUILT Training

2005-2006 GHSGT Training

2008 - Hospital Admisssions/Insurance/Switchboard Training


Hospital Admitting Clerk –Washington County Regional Medical Center,

Sandersville, Georgia

Admitting Clerk/Insurance Clerk/Switchboard

Operator. 2008 –

Duties Included -- Conducts interviews with incoming patients or

their representative in order to obtain identifying information, the name of their attending physician, the type and amount of insurance coverage, secure guarantees for payment of bill;

Enters patient information into the automated SMS system, including the financial insurance and Other data required by the hospital; Secures the Signature of the patient or representative for the Release of information to the insurance company, The assignment of insurance benefits to the hospital, the authorization of the patient to receive treatment and any additional required permits or consents; Prepares patients' identification charge

plate and wristband; Provides patients with information and responds to inquiries regarding

available services, visiting hours, hospital regulations and bill paying procedures; Assigns

patient to room or unit based on nature of illness and types of accommodations available or

requested, collaborating with Nursing and Infection Control to facilitate patient placement; Provides information to various divisions on patient status and insurance coverage when care received in more than one division; Routes admitting forms and cards and distributes daily census information to appropriate hospital divisions; Converts routine patient information obtained from records and reports into preestablished codes for data processing by use of simple data entry equipment; Provides assistance and coverage for the Emergency Room, Ambulatory Care Registration Desks and Information Desk in such areas as patient reception, maintenance of log book, initiation of admissions process and maintenance of statistics ;May collect and secure patients valuables/deposits and issue a receipt to patient; Performs related clerical tasks required for the efficient and effective admission of patients; Uses computer applications or other automated systems such as spreadsheets, word processing, calendar, e-mail and database software in performing work assignments; Accesses protected health information (PHI) in accordance with departmental assignments and guidelines defining levels of access (i.e. incidental vs. extensive).

Science Teacher --Johnson County High School, Wrightsville, Georgia

Science Teacher, grades 10-12. 2006-2007

--Thomson High School, Thomson, Georgia

Science Teacher, grades 9-12. 2004 – 2006

--Jefferson County High School, Louisville, Georgia Science Teacher, grades 9-12. 2001-2004

--Glascock County Consolidated School, Gibson,

Georgia Language Arts and Enrichment Teacher,

grades 6-7. 2000-2001

--Hancock Central High School, Sparta, Georgia.

Physical Science and Biology Teacher, grades9-12.


--Midway Center (Baldwin High School), Milledgeville,

Georgia Biology and English Teacher, grades 9-10.


--Georgia Military College, Sandersville, Georgia.

Biology Teacher, college level courses. 1994-1995,


--Washington County High School, Sandersville,

Georgia. Biology and Biochemistry Teacher, grades

10-12. 1992-1998

--TJ Elder Middle School, Sandersville, Georgia,

Seventh grade life science teacher, reading and

drama. 1987-1992

Duties included --maintaining accurate records of student’s

attendance, grades, and financial obligations.

--communicating with students, parents, teachers,

and administrators

--preparing and implementing detailed lesson plans

--judging the effectiveness and thoroughness of

textbooks and assisting in the textbook selection


--preparing and utilizing various audio and visual aids

--devising evaluation instruments

--conducting needs assessment of schools’ science

laboratories, evaluating potential equipment and

devising lab set-ups and usage procedures

--organizing and sponsoring the middle school’s first

Science Club

--supervising new teachers as a mentor teacher

--supervising college students during practicum and

student teaching experiences

--directing school’s participation in local and regional

science fairs and serving as elementary level judge

--serving as study group facilitator for school


--assisting with high school science laboratory


Phlebotomist and Respiratory Therapy Technician-Washington County Regional Medical Center, Sandersville, Georgia

Duties included --drawing blood from patients

--conducting blood test and cultures

--maintaining accurate records of test procedures

and results

--communicating with patients, physicians, and lab


--calculating statistical data from test results

--performing various respiratory therapy procedures

--maintaining accurate logs

Sales Clerk-The Ladies Vogue, Sandersville, Georgia.

Duties included --communicating with the public

--maintaining accurate inventory records

--handling sales and exchange of merchandise

Honors and Activities

1989 - --Charter Member of the Central Georgia Science

Society, Member of the education committee

1989 - --Member of the Georgia Science Teachers

1989 – 1990 --Yearbook Dedication Recipient

1989 – 1990 --Seventh Grade Teacher of the Year

1991 – 1992 --Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

1991 – 1992 --Seventh Grade Teacher of the Year

1992 – 1993 --School Restructuring Study Group Facilitator

1993 – 1994 --Certified by the American Heart Association in

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency

Cardiac Care

1993 – 1994 --Emergency Medical Technician Certification

1993 – 1994 --Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

1993 – 1994 --School Restructuring Study Group Facilitator

1993 – 1994 --Supervisor of new science personnel

1994 – 1995 --Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

1994 – 1995 --Washington County High School Teacher of the Year

1994 – 1995 --Washington County High School Teacher of the


1995 – 1996 --Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

1995 – 1996 --Nominee for Outstanding Science Teacher in


- 1998 --Renewal of Emergency Medical Technician


- 1998 --Certified by the American Heart Association in

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency

Cardiac Care

- 1999 --Certified by the American Heart Association in

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency

Cardiac Care

1999 – 2000 --Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

2000 – 2001 --Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

2001 – 2002 --Working on the Work Facilitator

2001 – 2002 --Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

2002 – 2003 --Working on the Work Facilitator

2002 – 2003 --Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

2003 – 2004 --Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

2003 – 2004 --Received Master of Education Degree in Leadership

and Supervision. Graduated with honors

Personal information

Marital Status: Divorced

Children: Two

Hobbies and Activities: fishing, swimming, playing volleyball, playing softball, collecting Indian artifacts, reading, and listening to music.


Mr. Bern Anderson Mrs. Lisa Franklin

TJ Elder Middle School WACO Board of Education

902 Linton Road 501 Industrial Drive

Sandersville, GA 31082 Sandersville, GA 31082

5855. 478-***-****

Mrs. Sally Garrett Mr. Lamar Binion

Glascock County Consolidated School WACO Board of Education

1230 Panther Way 501 Industrial Drive

Gibson, GA 30810 Sandersville, GA 31082

2121. 478-***-****

Mrs. Georgia Hunter Dr. Molly Howard

Jefferson County High School Jefferson County High School

Warrior Trail Warrior Trail

Louisville, GA 30434 Louisville, GA 30434

9991. 478-***-****

Mr. Dale Powell Mrs. Layne Kitchens

Johnson County High School

Wrightsville, GA Sandersville, GA 31082


Mrs. Shirley Godin Mrs. Sheila Washington


Sandersville, GA 31082 Sandersville, GA 31082

478-***-**** 478-***-****

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