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Senior Developer/Analyst

Kissimmee, Florida, 34744, United States
March 03, 2011

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Ronald Bulger

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Kissimmee, Florida 34744



AS/400 Programming using RPGLE, RPGFREE, CL, Sub Files, DFU, SDA , SQL, RPG II, RPG III, OCL and RPG/400, IBM/AFP Printing, ALDON, Service Programs, Prototypes, SQLRPGLE, Binding Directories, Logical Files, Bound Calls, QCMDEXEC, OPNQRYF, WDSC, IFS Processing.

Work Experience

SUMMIT CONSULTING, Lakeland, FL 3/2008 –7/2008

Independent Contractor – AS/400 Programmer/Analyst

Created programs to facilitate the EDI support of Workers Compensation Insurance changes as recently mandated by the State of Florida. Utilized ILE concepts including external and internal data structures, service programs, embedded SQL, and binding directories.

SIGNATURE AVIATION, Orlando, FL 9/2007 – 3/2008

Independent Contractor – AS/400 Programmer/Analyst

Support of Infinium Software and design of custom software. Tools used were RPGLE, WDSC, SQL, SQLRPGLE, Hawkeye, Iseries Navigator. Iseries Navigator was used for analysis using tools such as SQL. Utilized WDSC as well as PDM for changing and creating objects. ALDON was used to promote from testing to production. All new software utilized ILE concepts including service programs, binding directories, prototyped subprocedures and qualified data structures.

Incorporated ‘C’ & Unix API’S in an RPGLE program to process text files within folders.

WALT DISNEY WORLD, Lake Buena Vista, FL 7/2006 – 6/1/07

Independent Contractor - – AS/400 Programmer/Analyst

Daily technical support, as well as 24-hour on-call technical support, of Disney Property Management Systems for all Disney-owned hotels on the Lake Buena Vista property. Tools used were RPGLE, WDSC, SQL, SQLRPGLE. Utilization of WDSC as well as PDM for changing and creating objects. ALDON was used to promote from testing to production.

ORANGE LAKE RESORTS & COUNTRY CLUB, Kissimmee, FL 10/2000 - 2/2006

Senior AS/400 Programmer /Analyst

All objects described below used one or more tools such as subfile processing, externally defined Data and Print files, service programs or programs designed for a specific purpose which cut down on redundant code, Opnqyrf and Logical. Duties involved all facets of supporting the resort on its day to-day-functions and long-term projects. All programs were developed using RPGLE or RPG4. Daily function support/modifications consisted of the following areas: tracking and recording of prospects and number of tours, unit/contract sales, A/R, A/P and check writing, legal department functions, reservation entry, guest check-in and check out, as well as folio functions. This included all enhancements to the system including, but not limited to: an owner referral tracking system and credit card processing, including charges to the folio, mortgage and maintenance payments and all necessary reports and inquiry programs. Also included was the design of check entry and monitoring systems allowing for the centralization of issuing accounts payable checks. Designed contract entry and processing systems as well as creating and/or modifying all reports on an as-needed basis.

ABC LIQUOR & SPIRITS, Orlando, FL 4/2000 - 10/2000

AS/400 Programmer/Analyst

Duties included maintaining and modifying existing programs as well as creating new program(s) as needed to assist in the warehousing of goods and distribution of these goods. All of the standard utilities related to the AS/400 and RPG IV were used as needed.

VORMITAG AND ASSOCIATES, Orlando, FL 3/1998 - 4/2000

AS 400 Programmer/Analyst

Duties included creating, maintaining, and customizing software programs to for manufacturing and distribution customers as well as designing new applications to facilitate existing functions of the base software package. All programs were written using the AS/400 utilizing RPG III, RPGIV, CL, DDS, SQL. Applications included: accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, inventory, customer orders and sales analysis.

POWERHOUSE AEROBICS & FITNESS, Kissimmee, FL 12/1995 - 2/1998

Owner and Operator

Owned and operated a 10,000 square foot health club and tanning facility. Included all phases of personnel management and training, including interviewing, hiring and scheduling; accounts payable and receivable; control of all operating expenses; purchased all supplies on a inventory control basis; insurance and legal requirements. Hired and coordinated with outside consulting firms to increase business. Certified Personal Training –instituted diet and exercise regimens for clients.

LEADING HOTELS OF THE WORLD, New York, NY 9/1990 - 11/1995


Conversion from SYS/36 to AS400. Maintenance of existing reservations support systems, created Message Entry and Transfer Systems using communication lines, new End of Day Process, Security Level Sensitive Menu generation process, and replaced Accounts Payable System.



Duties included maintenance of existing software, writing and implementing new systems and monitoring of property sites system included: project request monitoring, system modification transfer, tenant sales ranking reporting and Real Estate Auditing and Reporting System.

RIVKIN, RADLER DUNNE AND BAYH, New York, NY 5/1985 - 7/1987


Responsible for maintenance/modification of: A/P, A/R, G/L and time billing in "law firm" software package on SYS/36, Model 3640 using RPGII. Maintained and upgraded software in the Real Estate Department, other duties included monitoring and training of personnel at Branch Office. Maintenance of a real estate system on Baby 36, maintained system and also trained staff at branch offices in Washington and Chicago.



Maintained existing software residing on an IBM System 34 using RPGII and OCL.

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