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Quality Assurance Manager

New Providence, New Jersey, United States
December 27, 2011

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Chandra Gupta, PhD

*** ***** **** ******, *** ***

West Orange,, NJ 07052

Phone: 973-***-****



• Software Architectures: Client-Server, Componentized Toolkit, Service-Oriented, Cloud Computing, Distributed Databases and DBMS, Compilers, Rule-Based Systems, Data-Driven, Event-Driven systems and Analytic Business Intelligence Engines

• Software Methodologies: Agile, UML, Critical Chain, Ishikawa, Test Driven Development

• Software Development Environments: C++, Java, SQL, bash, J2EE, ODBC, JDBC, Ant, Maven, dbx, gdb, Visual Studio C++, Visual Basic, Eclipse IDE 3.3.2, Eclipse RCP, Swing, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle Stored Procedures, Xerces-C, Ruby on Rails, Quantify, Purify, make, Boost, Standard Template Libraries (STL), Microsoft Foundation Classes, Design Patterns, C++ Idioms, Effective C++ STL

• Software Technologies

- Real-time database: Datablitz

- Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, MySQL 5.1, SQLite3, Empress, Berkeley DB, Stored Procedures, Oracle 10g, multiArc Geo-Information System (ArcGIS), Luciad Geo Information System,Gemfire, Gemstone

- Operating Systems : Unix, Linux, Windows XP, Windows NT, 32-bit Solaris 9, bash, awk, lex, yacc, grep, ed

- Test Frameworks: dbunit, junit, cppunit

- Message Management: MQ Series,XML,HTTP,TCP

- Business Requirements Management: Rhapsody, DOORS

- Front End and Reports: HTML, Word 2007, Email text, Excel

- Front End to Web Server: Ruby 1.9.2

- Web Application Development: RAILS 1.8.7, rake 0.8.7

- Web Servers: WEBrick, Apache Tomcat

- Defect Management: Jira, Bugzilla,

- Source Code Management: Subversion (SVN), git (Ruby source code management)

- Business Intelligence: Aleri Streaming Platform, Aleri Liquidity Management System

- Services, Business Applications: Sockets, Multi-threaded processes in C++, Java or Ruby

- Scripting Tools: sh, awk, grep, bash, sed, ed, cygwin, ruby, DOS commands

- IDE: Eclipse, Visual C++, Borland C++, Unix environment ( vi, CPP, nm , dbx, gdb )

• Financial Software Systems:

- DST Global Solutions: Global Ledger System/Global Portfolio System, source code modified and changed at State Street, Investment Management Systems

- Bloobmerg Proprietary System: Bloomberg Terminal,

- Bear Stearns Proprietary System: Bear Audit Tracking System,

- Bloomberg API: Bloomberg API, Rapid Graphic Toolkit (GTK)

- Electronic Message Protocol: Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Protocol

• Billing Solutions: Comverse: Arbor Prepaid/BP, implemented in C++ on Solaris Cluster

• Geometry Editors: C2ORE GUI: Implemented using Java 3D API


Nov 2010 – Current

HG Systems, Inc. Senior Management Consultant

• Received requirements and executed and delivered working implementation in one week

• Used Agile and Test-driven development methodologies

• Extended a Web-based Order processing system for Puma Shoes at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners to support two new shoe styles. This was a Ruby on RAILS web application project that used Prawn and RAILS 1.8.7

• Orders were accepted from an IPAD

• Generate a weekly report on orders and email PDF file to major customers

• Add tables and columns to the MySQL database from the data design document

• Worked on a scenario for dynamic upload of client software

• Worked with a cross-functional team including development manager, product manager, customer relations manager, requirements analyst and business analyst

Jan 2010 – Oct 2010

State Street Inc, Investment Management Services, NYC Assistant Vice President

• Worked with a cross-functional team including development manager, quality assurance manager, Managing Directors and offshore developers.

• Managed software development processes and developer and quality assurance teams

• Identify areas of improvement in Agile-based software development processes, team and software system management; recommend corrective steps

• Studied Scrum and Agile practices, their interpretation and drawbacks. Using Agile iterative techniques, provided clear directives on which areas should be fixed to make the team more effective and to reduce production issues.

• Stabilize and improve the Global Ledger System regression test suite of 1500 tests. Implemented a dbunit-based software tool that enabled the comparison of database tables against a golden copy snapshot of the database

• Automatically separated 1500 tests into two sets; ran the two sets simultaneously on two distinct environments. This halved total time taken to run 1500 tests from 20 hours to 10 hours.

• Developed a plan to make each test independent of the state of the database as a result of running previous tests as part of developing a stable reliable quality assurance test suite.

• Develop a front-end using Ruby on Rails, Java and Javascript. From HTML to Javascript to Ruby client; ruby client to Ruby server; ruby server to GLS server

• Improved the release and installation process of Truview Risk Management System, a cloud computing software system. Used Appistry

Sept 2009 – Nov 2009

Bloomberg, NYC Senior Technical Consultant

• Worked on the Analytical Desk (ADSK) ticket processing system. Fixed a production issue and extracted the design of a complex reporting process. Worked on a reporting service that connected to a SQL Server Database and proprietary Fortran coded database to extract statistical data, calculate ranks for representative performance, convert the data to XML and provide it to GTK screens

• Worked with Bloomberg Application Server (BAS) Services, Rapid/GTK to design and implement Bloomberg screens

• Worked on a business proposal to extend the ADSK quality control system

• Extended the system with a new ticket picking algorithm to identify and randomly select tickets handed over by representatives

Environment: Windows XP, Unix, C++, Java, CVS, SVN, BAS Services, Rapid/GTK, Bloomberg Terminal

May 2009 – July 2009

ITT, Clifton, NJ Senior Technical Consultant

• Developed a plan based on Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain tenets to initiate and organize the systems engineering process. Timely delivery, task dependencies, time and resource availability were the primary drivers of the plan. Applied Agile methodology to develop a week-based plan

• Completed a Database Trade Study and developed an analytic model to aid decisions

• Designed software components for Mission Manager and Mission Planner. The Mission Manager is a distributed database application that interoperates with other systems. The mission planner is a standalone application used to configure devices

• Used Rhapsody to design Use Case scenarios for an Event Logging System and for the Device configuration component of the Mission Planner

Environment: Windows XP, Eclipse RCP, Java, CVS, (Code Versioning System), Linux, Cygwin

Feb 2008 – Feb 2009

Viecore FSD, NJ Principal Information Engineer

• Performed complex system analysis for resource consumption (time and space) analysis of Preparation and Planning Systems (PPS) for a multi-blade distributed computing platform the Integrated Computing Platform (ICS). ICS is a computing platform that is being built by LSI with input from General Dynamics and Viecore FSD

• Investigated “route planner” in ArcGIS and evaluated alternative software, Topographical Engineering Center (TEC)’s Movement Projection Engine (MPE) in FCS

• Evaluated the impact of using LuciadMap and Lucy for Viecore’s Terrain Analysis Service

• C2ORE GUI: Developed a Graphical Editor for Command and Control of Robotic Entities (C2ORE). The Editor was developed as an Eclipse RCP rich client platform (RCP) application. This editor implemented basic geometric shapes – a point, line, arc, closed polygons using ArcGis API

Environment: Windows XP, Eclipse RCP, Java, CVS, (Code Versioning System), Linux, Cygwin

Aug 2007 – Nov 2007

Brown Brothers and Harriman, Business Application Development Group Consultant

• Developed a database scrub tool that read a BLOB column in an Oracle database, searched for a string in the BLOB, removed all occurrences of the offending string and wrote the BLOB back into the database for

Environment: Windows XP, 32-bit Solaris 9, SQL, shell scripts, make, CVS, CC, Ant, Jam, Oracle 9.0, OCCI, OCI (Oracle API for C++)

May 2006 – May 2007

Bear Stearns Inc., Equities, Whippany, NJ Vice President

• Worked with a cross-functional team including development manager, quality assurance manager, Managing Directors and offshore developers.

• Co-ordinated work with offshore team in India

• Developed a Junit test harness that implemented data validation rules for BATS. BATS was a SOA-based system developed entirely in Java, Hibernate, Spring, Junit, XML,EMS queues and Gemfire as a distributed Cache.

Environment : Windows 2000, 32-bit Linux, Java, SQL, shell scripts, Hibernate, make, CVS, (Code Versioning System), SVN (Subversion) , gdb, g++, javac, Ant, Maven, awk, sed, perl Agile Methodologies, Extreme Programming (Test-driven development)

May 2004 – April 2006

Aleri, Inc., Newark, NJ Cross-Product Quality Assurance Lead

• Managed a Test and Quality Assurance team of 3 people

• Developed regression tests for Aleri Information Engine including concurrency tests, recovery tests and stress/volume tests and a data generator; used gdb (GNU debugger) to debug and localize bugs that the tests discovered

• Developed and executed a Software Componentization plan that reorganized the AIE Codebase into four separate components/products - Liquidity Management System, Adapter, Analytical Engine, OLAP

• Maintained build environments across Windows NT, and Solaris for AIE. And Across Linux and Solaris for ASAP

• Developed a build and release process to track and prioritize bugs and manage Releases for 3 products

Environment : Windows 2000, 64-bit Linux, 64-bit Solaris 2.10, C++, Java, SQL, bash shell scripts, JDBC, SSL, ODBC, make, CVS, (Code Versioning System), SVN (Subversion) , gdb, g++, javac, Ant, Maven, awk, sed, perl

February 2002 – February 2003

Required Technology, Inc., New York, NY DSAM Team Lead

• Manage a team of 4 competent developers and develop the Data Structures and Access Methods (DSAM) interface and data structures for Transrelational Server

Environment: Windows NT, Visual C++, STL, Boost, Threads, SQL, Design Patterns (Builder, Factory, Singleton), Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), OLTP (Read-only DBMS)

November 1995 – January 2002

Lucent Technologies and Bell Labs Innovations, Murray Hill, NJ Technical Manager

• Manage a team of 10 developers and testers and co-ordinate geographically distributed teams

• Design and architect a highly-available near real-time software solution that participated in the path of network service delivery

• Design and develop several software components

Environment: Unix, C++, ODBC, Oracle Native API, Flex, Solaris High-Availability Clustering, Bison, Critical Chain Project Management, MS Project


PhD in Computer Science, Louisiana State University. Baton Rouge, LA, 1991- 1996

Dissertation: “Reverse Engineering Low-Level Design Patterns from Object-Oriented Code” completed under the guidance of Dr. Doris L. Carver. ``pulse'' is a computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tool developed as part of PhD thesis.

Minor area: Quantitative Business Analysis

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