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Engineer Mechanical

United States
August 17, 2012

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Qingping Guo

****-** ********* *****, *******, M*H 3G6, Canada. Email: Tel: 416-***-****


A skilled and dedicated professional engineer with extensive experience in the plastic processing (polymer foaming and composites) and solid background in mechanical engineering


Plastics (Polymer) foaming, compounding, and composites

Polymer (plastics) extrusion, injection, and compression

Nano-particles dispersion technology

Mechanical product (system) design; stamping die and extrusion die design

High-pressure vessel design and its stress and strain analysis

AutoCAD, Solidworks, Labview, and DOE software

Mechanical testing equipment


Yutai Company / China (Aug. 2011 - May. 2012)

Chief Engineer

Developed a new kind of vacuum insulation panel by changing its core foam morphology

Improved the stability and reliability of a new type of planetary solid-liquid separator

Prototyped the new planetary solid liquid separator for testing

Dow Chemical (Apr. 2010 - May 2011)


Developed a new technology for Haier Group to lower the thermal insulation property of polyurethane (PU) foam by using nano-particles, ultrasound, and IR blockers. The newly developed PU foam with a lower thermal conductivity passed the pilot test and was ready for commercialization

Scaled up wire and cable accessories compounds using the Coperion ZSK40 twin-screw extruder; the aimed production rate was reached and all properties of compounds met the requirements; and optimum processing parameters were obtained

Investigated the feasibility of manufacturing a low cost vacuum insulation panel (VIP)

Designed a PU microcellular foaming system

University of Toronto / Canada (Oct. 2007 - Mar. 2010)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Developed an innovative process to compound polymers with long natural fibers, collaborating with FPInnovations, the world largest wood products research company

Investigated the reinforcement efficiency of 12 natural long fibers to polymers; the main mechanical properties of new polymer/fiber composites increased by 30~50%

The roles of fiber shape, aspect ratio, and size in polymer/fiber composites were clarified

University of Toronto / Canada (Sept. 2000 - Sept. 2007)

Research Assistant

Independently designed and built a visualization batch foaming system for understanding cell nucleation and growth dynamics during a foaming process, the first of its kind in North America; the system is capable of:

Capturing images of foaming processes up to 100,000 frame/s through a high-magnification optical microscope; simultaneously recording all process parameters; simulating real extrusion and injection conditions: temperature up to 250oC, pressure up to 5000 psi

Virtually clarified the foaming mechanisms of physical and chemical blowing agents by using the visualization system

Investigated the foaming abilities of various polymers (PS, PP, and PE) with CO2 and N2 using the visualization system

Studied the relationship between viscosity and free volume of polymers and theoretically predicted the viscosity property of polymer/gas mixtures

Precisely simulated the parameter change of physical blowing agents during a foaming process

The relationship between nucleating agent and foaming parameters was revealed and strategies of improving polymer foam ability were identified

Designed and built a gas solubility measurement system

Supervised 5 undergraduate and 6 graduate research students on their projects

Danong Mechanical Design Center (Sept. 1990 - Sept. 1999)

Research Team Leader (May 1995 - Sept. 1999)

Engineer (Sept. 1990 - Apr. 1995)

Supervised a research team engaging in mechanical design, especially sheet metal stamping die and forging moulding design

Finished the stamping die design of a new tractor prototype for Beijing Tractor Company

Successfully developed an “Upsetting-Extrusion-Rotary” compounding technology on a 315 ton hydraulic press machine

Designed the welding vehicles for “Gezhoba Dam Automatic Welding Equipment”

Modified and improved the transmission system of a C-40 lathe

Designed and built the plane hydro-static thrust rotary forging attachment (awarded Inventor Certificate of China National Science and Technology)

Optimized the stamping die parameters of sheet metal drawing processes and successfully applied to die design

Solved mold contraction of zinc-based alloy by using expansive gypsum


Licensed Professional Engineer (PEng) / Ontario, Canada, 2009

University of Toronto / Canada

Ph.D. (2007): Mechanism study of polymer foaming processes using a new visualization system

MASc. (2002): Viscosity prediction of polymer/gas mixtures

Tianjin University / China

M.S. (1990): Study of Upsetting-Extrusion-Rotary compounding technology

B.S. (1987)

DOW Chemical (2011)


Ontario Centers of Excellence (2006)

Certificate of Completion for Management and Teamwork Core Course

Member of Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)

Member Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)


• Guo, Q., “Dispersion of Nano-Filler for Rigid Polyurethane Fine Cell Foam”, Dow Chemical Central Report, 2011.

• Yin, E., Costuex, S., Kalantar, T., Guo, Q., “Fine cell rigid polyurethane foam development by supercritical CO2 foaming method: Part II Engineering and safety evaluations for scCO¬2 foaming system design”, Dow Chemical Central Report, 2010.

• Guo, Q., Cheng, B., Kortschot, M., Sain, M., Knudson, R., Deng, James, and Alemdar, A., “Performance of long Canadian natural fibers as reinforcements in polymers”, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 29(31), 3197, 2010.

• Guo, Q., Park, C.B., Xu, X. and Wang, J., “Relationship of Fractional Free Volumes Derived from the Equations of State (EOS) and the Doolittle Equation”, Journal of Cellular Plastics, 43(1), 69-82, 2007.

• Guo, Q., Wang, J., Park, C.B. and Ohshima, M., “A Microcellular Foaming Simulation System with a High-Pressure Drop Rate”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 45(18), 6153-61, 2006.

• Zhang, J., Park, C.B., Rizvi, G.M., Huang, H., Guo, Q., “Investigation on the uniformity of HDPE/Wood fiber composites in a twin screw extruder”, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 113, 2081-2089, 2009.

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• Guo, Q., Tang, X., and Zhu, H., “Parameter optimization of drawing tube without flange”, Forging & Stamping Technology, 24(2), 1999.

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