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CAT III.TS/SCI/CI. Arabic Linguist

New York, New York, 10036, United States
September 06, 2011

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Zaki Tewfik

*** **** **** ******, *** New York, NY 10036

Cell 347.***-**** Home 212.***-**** Office 212.***-**** US Citizen


Skype: Zaki.Tewfik & tewfik 649

Arabic Language Linguist, Category III. Top Secret Active 6/02/2009.

Sensitive Compartmented Information CI Polygraph 04/10/08

I am a resourceful intelligence analyst with vast experience working with customers, and team members, to determine the project specifications and scope of work or threat. I am knowledgeable and have exceptional research and analysis abilities to support intelligence organizations. I am committed to national security and protecting the United States of America from terrorist activities.


I am seeking a challenging and rewarding position as a CAT III Arabic Linguist, (TS/SCI, CI Polygraph) where my experience will be utilized to further the goals of an organization that promotes and advances personal growth.

Qualifications Summary

• Proficient using native Arabic language, and English, to gather intelligence information regarding political, economic, social, cultural, physical, geographic, scientific and military conditions, trends and forces while based in Iraq.

•Top Secret (Active 6/02/2009). Sensitive Compartmented Information. CI Polygraph on 04/10/08.

• Strong communication skills; report writing, speaking, presenting, listening and negotiating.

•Identified and made recommendation to address foreign and domestic areas that directly, and indirectly, affected national security.

•Ability to analyze and make sound recommendations for actions regarding foreign intelligence, criminal threats, activities and groups.

•Skills in working with intelligence and law enforcement to improve investigations and integrations.

Core Competencies

Arabic Language Middle East Knowledge Leadership

Intelligence Products National Security Cultural Analyst

National Interests Subject Matter Expert Supervision

Culture Adviser Counter Intelligence Foreign Intelligence


1971 – 1975 Police Academy – Graduate Cairo, Egypt

1968 – 1971 High School – Diploma Cairo, Egypt

~ 1 ~

Zaki Tewfik

Relevant Training

• Awarded Category III linguist, with TS/SCI on 6/02/2009.

• Passed Polygraph Test on 04/10/08 at Fort Meade, MD.

• April 11, 2008 Linguist Training Course: Baltimore. Maryland, USA (Aegis/Mission Essential Personnel. Pre-Deployment Processing Center)

• March 3, 2006 Linguist Training Course: Reston. Virginia, USA (L3 COMMUNICATION, Titan Linguist Operations and Technical Support Division).

• DOD Information Assurance Awareness: Department of the Army.

• Titan: Linguist Training Course.

Work Experience/ Police Forces



Category III Interpreter-Linguist: Supported the following departments Office of New York City Temporary and Disability Assistance; Office Of Healing Assistance; City of New York Law Department; Administrations Children Services; Arab American Family Support Center;

Duties include, but not limited to, the followings: Translations and Interpretation from English to Arabic, and Arabic to English. Provide interpretation- interpretation during meetings. Translate clients statements. Translate-Interpreter other culture and linguistic support of clients' statements.

2008 – 2010

Mission Essential Personnel: Columbus, Ohio

Category III Linguist - Interpreter and Culture Adviser: Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan.

Supported the following units FBI; CTIF; MEP; JIF; FFET; SDC; BSCT; DRB; JDIC and DAB.

Duties include, but not limited to, the following:

Arabic Linguist – Interpreter;

SIPR, NIPR, and AKO Accounts;

Provide interpretation – interpretation support during interrogations;

Monitor “face to face” sessions;

Translate ICRC letters (Written by detainees);

Translate ICRC letters (Received by detainees);

Translate detainee statements;

Translate other culture and linguistic support of detainee operations;

Compose gist’s from video teleconference;

Monitor VTC sessions; and

Translate, and provide instructions to detainees at the Enemy Combatant Review Board.

2006 – 2007

Aegis – Mission Essential Personnel: Columbus, Ohio

Category II Linguist: Camp Ramadi, Iraq

Supported a HUMINT Team

Duties include, but not limited to, the following:

Arabic Linguist – Interpreter;

~ 2 ~

Zaki Tewfik

Duties include, but not limited to, the following:

Document translator;

Assisted with liaison mission;

Document exploitation;

Screening interpreter; and

Provided assistance with the other aspects of the CI and HUMINT mission for the brigade.

Category II Linguist: Blue Diamond Camp, Al Anbar Province, Iraq

Supported the U.S. Marines - 4th Civil Affairs Group.

Duties include, but not limited to, the following:

Arabic Linguist – Interpreter;

Document translator;

Assisted with liaison mission;

Document exploitation;

Met with and assisted local attorneys and their clients visiting Al Anbar’s Government Center seeking the assistance of the Coalition/American Forces;

Provided document translation, explanation and assistance for plans/projects, etc. presented by the USN Civil Engineering Corps;

Provided assistance and/or contact with local Iraqi’s seeking the assistance of Coalition Forces for various concerns;

Translated documents from Arabic to English, or visa-versa (USN Civil Engineers Corps);

Provided translation from Arabic to English, or visa-versa, for meetings between Provincal Dignitaries (Governor, Deputy Governor, Assistance Governor, and Director Generals, etc.), and the American/Coalition forces;

Translated “Scopes of Work” (Bid’s) from English to Arabic, or visa-versa, (USN

Civil Engineers Corps);

Interpreted for the senior Marines Forces;

Interacted daily with the Al Anbar’s Governor,the Director’s General of various Provincial Ministries, Deputy Governor, Assistance Governor and American/Coalition forces;

Provided cultural advice to Coalition Forces;

Provided valuable information on the unspoken cultural meanings in conversations with Al Anbar’s Governor and the Director’s General of the various Provincial Ministries, Deputy Governor, Assistance Governor and the American/Coalition forces

1986 – Present

Tours & Travel Dimensions, Inc: New York, NY

Owner, Sales & Marketing Manager

Design and implement travel programs to the Middle East, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Holland, and Africa;

Custom-tailor tour packages for special interest groups such as museums, educational institutions, incentive corporations, new age, creative artists, miscellaneous groups, as well as individuals;

Manage the marketing, advertising, sales, and promotion of tour packages;

Plan and organize promotional meetings, seminars, and trade shows;

Team member in designing a workforce for planning and diversity management, automated decision - support system for multiple customers; and

~ 3 ~

Zaki Tewfik

Continuously developing and evaluating tour package regulation and policies.

1994 – 2005

Pierce Country Day School: Roslyan, L.I. New York, NY

Professional Head Soccer Coach


Instructor & Club Teacher.

Head of the Soccer Department.

2002 – 2003

Substitute Physical Education Teacher: New York, NY

1984 – 1986

U.S. International Tours, Inc: Millington, NJ

Executive Vice President

Designed, budgeted, and implemented travel programs to Egypt;

Directed marketing, sales and advertising.

Supervised sales staff.

1979 – 1984

Sphinx Tours, Inc: New York, NY

Sales Manager

Managed the promotion of tour packages to the Middle East;

Designed and cost tour programs;

Supervise sales staff, and tour specialist;

Supervised the transportation, and reservations of hotels and Nile cruises; and

Represented firm at trade shows, sales meetings, and seminars in the USA and Europe.

1978 – 1979

Sphinx Tours, Inc: Cairo, Egypt

Tour Manager

Met, assisted, and escorted individuals, and groups through their stay in Egypt;

Reconfirmed hotels, Nile cruise, and domestic and international reservations; and

Organized meetings, tours, seminars, and all necessary leisure and business activities.

1975 – 1978

Egyptian Police Forces: Cairo, Egypt

Police Officer

Dokki Police Percent; Giza State, Egypt.

Special Army courses.

~ 4 ~

Zaki Tewfik


Letters of Recommendation:

Gunnery Sergeant Matthew A. Knight. U.S. Marine Corps.

Mr. David W.French; Special Agent, FBI. Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.

Ms. Sebrena Minter; Mission Essential Personnel Linguist Site Manager. Aghanistan.

CPT. Anthony J. Pritchett. Department of the Army, Headquarters; Ready First Combat Team at Camp Ramadi, Iraq.

1LT Merle D. Hamilton, USAF. Personal Representative, BTIF: Detainee Assistance

Center. (Letter of Appreciation and Recognitions).

Aegis MEP, LLC. Columbus, OH, USA Letter of appreciation and gratitude.

United States Marines Corps; Multinational Forces- West IRAQ.

Mr. Michael C. Marks; Special Agent (NCIS). Criminal Investigation, Task Force – Afghanistan.

Mr. Craig M. Donlon; Special Agent, FBI. Bagram, Afghanistan.

Mr. Larry D. Savill; Special Agent, FBI. Bagram, Afghanistan.

Ms. Nanette M. Gruch, SFC, MI. Senior Interrogator. Joint Interrogation Facility. Bagram, Afghanistan.

Mr. Marc D. Peltier; Senior V.P. of Operations and Administration, MEP.

Mr. Chris Miller; Linguist Site Manager, OEF-A

Mr. Mark Thomas; Technical Recruiting Specialist Employee Relations. MEP

Certificates of Appreciation:

Certificate of Outstanding Services and Appreciation from the Task Force Deuce and the JIDI Mission. Signed by CSM Joseph W. Driscoll and LTC James A. Gordon (MI – Commanding Officer).

Honoring Certificate of Services and Commitment received from the 636th Military Intelligence Battalion and the Texas Army National Guard. Signed by ILT Lance C. Beal (MI). Joint Interrogation Facility (Officer in Charge).

Certificate of Appreciation from the U.S. Army & U.S. Navy, at Bagram Theater Interment Facility.

Certificate of Appreciation from the Supported Command. The 2/28th BCT “IRON BRIGADE” at Camp Ramadi, Iraq.

Certificate of Appreciation received from Mr. Robert S. Mueller III. Director, F.B.I.

Certificate of Exceptional Service from Mr. Ron Chaney, Theater Director, MEP, Bagram Air field, Afghanistan.

Certificate of Appreciation from The Joint Interrogation Facility at Bagram Air field, Afghanistan.

Additional Honors:

Excellent Performance Evaluation: United States Marines Corps; Multinational Forces- West IRAQ 2007.

Exemplary Performance Evaluation – OCONUS. Bagram, BTIF, JIF. Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan 2009.

Ceremonial Flag Presentation and Certificate: JIF. Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.

~ 5 ~

Zaki Tewfik

Additional Honors:

Unit Coin: The 2/28th BCT “IRON BRIGADE” at Camp Ramadi, Iraq.

Unit Coin: FBI, Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.

Challenge Coin: Mission Essential Personnel.

Exemplary Performance Evaluation – OCONUS. Bagram, BTIF, JIF. Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan 2010.

Language Skills

Speak, read, and write both English and Arabic languages.

Special Training - Certificate

• Linguist Training Course. L3 Communications. March 03/06.

• Linguist Training Course. Mission Essential Personnel. April 11/08.

• DoD Information Assurance Awareness. Department of the Army. November 06/08.

• DoD Information Assurance Awareness. Department of the Army. December 10/09.

• Eight Hour: “On the Job” Training Course for Security Guards.

• Sixteen Hour: “On the Job” Training Course for Security Guards. (New York State) March 14 & 17, 2003. New York Security Training Services, 104-04 Liberty Avenue, Ozone Park, New York, NY 11417

Skills and Interests - Licenses

• New York State Security Guard License.

• First AID Certificate for Coaches, New York State – September 30, 2002.

• CPR Certificate for Coaches New York State - September 30,2002

• Soccer Coaching License – January 20,1996 – Westchester Youth Soccer League

• Soccer Coaching License – April 05,1997 – American Youth Soccer Organization

• Computer (Windows XP, 2000, 2007), E-mail, and Internet.

• Highly motivated.

• Personally traveled to many countries (Business and Pleasure).

Skills and Interests – Licenses (Continued)

• Martial arts and physical fitness.

• Great organizational and management skills and experience.

• Lived in Egypt, New York, and Los Angeles.

• Degree – Police Academy.

• High School – Graduate.

• Titan Linguist Training Course.

• P Linguist Training Course.

~ 6 ~

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