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PeopleSoft Developer

Rockville, Maryland, United States
March 04, 2011

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William V. Goodwin

***** ****** ******* *** - *********, MD 20850



Objective/Experience: I hope to find meaningful employment with an ethical company as a computer programmer/analyst.

Overview of Qualifications:

* US citizen

* DOD security clearance

* Computer programming for over 27 years

* Technical writing

* CMMI level 3/4 complaint

* Network installation

* Computer installation and maintenance

Languages used:


* Fortran

Operating Systems:







* Oracle


* Progress


Computer platforms:


* DEC PDP 11/xx

* PC

* Apple

* IBM 80x86

* Z80

Education and certificates:

Year attended School/class Location Certificate/Diploma

1981-1985 Calvert High School Calvert County Maryland Diploma

1984-1985 Data Processing vocational training Calvert County Maryland 2 year degree

1989 RSX/DCL Class Digital Corporation, Largo MD Certificate

1997 Understanding Mutual Funds Online Certificate

2000-2011 Business Ethics Online Certificate

2008 Java Online Certificate

2008 Visual Basic Online Certificate

2009 Extream In office class Certificate

2009 UNIX Online Certificate

2009 COBOL programming for experts Online Certificate

2010 HTML Online Certificate

2010 Word 2007, Excel 2007 Online Certificate

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Professional Employment

May 1999 to present Senior Software developer

ACS, A Xerox Company 1240 Milestone Drive Germantown, MD

(Formally CDSI) Choke Cherry Rd. Rockville, MD

September 1997 to April 1999 Computer consultant

The Computer Merchant, Ltd. 80 Washington St. Building S Norwell, MA 02061-1729

@Computer Data Systems, Inc Choke Cherry Rd. Rockville, MD

For the last 13 years, I have been employed by ACS a Xerox company/Computer Merchant on the DLSS contract. Duties include full project life cycle deployment including analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation and first live batch. The life cycle has meet CCMI level 3 standards.

Primary duties have been developing and maintaining COBOL programs on a VAX system. The environment uses an Oracle database to track 12 million borrowers through the government student loan program from booking the loan, maintaining its status by applying transactions online and in batch mode, performing billing, along with other correspondence and sending accounts to debt collection if necessary. To accomplish these functions, the system uses Dec forms to perform onscreen transactions much as CICS would. The system also has a Gui interface that interfaces with the back end Cobol programs. Batch functions are run using DEC scheduler during daily/weekly and monthly time frames. DCL commands establish the individual job execution as JCL would. Most of the system uses the database or flat files, but some VSAM and sort files are used in the system. Many of the programs written used SQL and Oracle calls to transfer data to and from databases.

Other jobs have included writing utility programs to perform data cleanup on the database and data files; modifying the scheduler to perform new jobs; ensuring that the version control for new and modified modules is complete; updating the job run documentation to allow production to know what steps to take to restart a job if there is a problem during the production run; preparing documentation for analysis and detailed design.

A number of computer applications are used in the day to day performance of my duties including MS office products such as Word, Excel and Outlook in windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Toad is used on the PC as a bridge to the mainframe for the database applications. Other tools and procedure have been developed to maintain CMMI compliance.

February 1997 to September 1997 Senior Programmer/Analyst

Delaware Group Center City Philadelphia, PA 215-***-****

Work details include COBOL programming on various VAX systems to migrate a large Mutual Fund data base from a VAX to an Alpha. Other tasks include converting data, MACRO code and FORTRAN code to be moved from VAX 7000 to an Alpha. Some programming requirements are writing DCL command procedures to be scheduled for nightly operations.

July 1996 to February 1997 Senior Programmer/Analyst

Decision System Technology Inc. Greenbelt, MD 301-***-****

Responsibilities include data base management for a security control system written in PROGRESS. The platform the database was run on a VAX cluster. The network is running under Decnet with teamlinks as the mail carrier.

The PROGRESS system is tied into the VMS system using DCL scripts, some written by ISMS and some written by myself, to aid in functional procedures such as backing up, data recovery, system upgrades etc.

Other responsibilities include user support and technical liaison between the end users and the product manufacturer. This system includes Visitor control and registration, along with Document control for building security. Monthly reports are generated for statistical data and security conformation. These reports allow us to conform to the changing needs of the security environment.

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