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Nurse, Cerner Trainer

United Kingdom
3000 to 4000 usd
January 05, 2011

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Julian JT Garon Basco

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 51900

Fax No.: none

Mobile No.: 050*******

Email Add:

Current Location: United Arab Emirates


Age: 25

Date of Birth: Jun 27, 1985

Gender: Male

Civil Status: Single

Height: 172.76 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Christianity - Catholic

Permanent Address: 631 M.A. Roxas street Claro M. Recto, Angeles City

Pampanga, Philippines 2009


I have been working for 4.0 year(s).

1. Position: Cerner Nurse Trainer

Duration: Aug 1, 2009 - PRESENT

Company: Cerner Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Company Industry: HealthCare / Medical

Location Abu Dhabi UAE

Department: Cerner/Icare/inet

Job Description:

Trains nurses to use the paperless documentation application.

2. Position: LPN

Duration: Jun 1, 2009 - PRESENT

Company: Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Company Industry: HealthCare / Medical

Location Abu Dhabi UAE

Department: Long term Ventilated Unit

3. Position: Staff Nurse

Duration: Sep 1, 2006 - Jun 1, 2009 (2.8 yrs)

Company: AUF Medical Center

Company Industry: HealthCare / Medical

Location AUF Medical Center

Department: ICU-CCU

Job Description:

Admits patients

Assesses patient cephalo-caudally

Assesses the neurological status of the patient using the Glasgow Coma Scale

Takes and records patient's baseline vital signs and monitors vital signs hourly or to a frequency as

in chart

Reports observations and relays medical results to the physician

Carries out doctors/' legal orders

Observes medical asepsis at all times

Provides information regarding the patient's condition to patient's significant relatives and to the patient himself

Skilled in the following nursing procedures:

- IV insertions

- Blood extractions

- Foley catheterization

- NGT (nasogastric tube) insertion, NGT feedings and gastro intestinal tube feedings

- ET, tracheostomy care , gastrostomy care, wound care

- Suctioning of secretions

- CVP (central venous pressure) reading/monitoring

- Post thoracostomy care (eg. CTT)

Pulmonary toilette including chest PT and incentive spirometry

Nebulizer therapy

Oxygen administration via nasal cannula or face mask

Blood oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry

Enteral and parenteral administration of medication as ordered by Physician

Fluid input and output monitoring and documentation

Administers oral , intramuscular, subcutaneous and intravenous medications

Performs ECG monitoring and relays any abnormalities to the physician

Performs HGT (hemoglucotest) monitoring and relays results to the physician

Closely monitors patient/s on blood transfusion and reports any untoward blood transfusion reactions

Assists in the following procedures:

- Cut down

- CVP insertion

- Intrajugular / Subclavian catheter insertions

- Peritoneal catheter insertion

- Lumbar Puncture

- Thoracentesis

- CTT (chest thoracostomy tube) insertion

- ET (endotracheal tube) insertion

- Tracheostomy

- Minor wound debridement

Provides daily morning care, including oral hygiene and ADLs (activities of daily living)

Assists/ feeds the patient with his diet, as per doctor's order

Maintains patients' skin integrity by turning patients religiously every 2 hours

Provides concern in the maintenance of the unit's supplies and equipment and reports to the authority regarding any malfunction

Skilled in CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation); gives immediate interventions to a patient experiencing cardio-pulmonary arrest

Performs tracheostomy care and post- mortem care

Gives physical, emotional, and spiritual support to a patient and to his significant others, whenever necessary

Complete and accurate patient care documentation and chart maintenance


Highest Education Second Highest Education

Education Level: Bachelor's / College Degree High School Diploma

Education Field: Nursing

Course: Bachelor of Science in Nursing High School Grad

School/University: Angeles University Foundation AUF Integrated School

Location: Angeles City Pampanga Angeles City PAmpanga Philippines

Date: Jun 2002 - Apr 2006 Jun 1998 - Apr 2002



Certification License/

Certification No. Date

1. Cerner-iCare Trainer Oct 27, 2009

2. ANSAP IV THERAPY NURSE 07-1248 Jun 27, 2007

3. Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) 0397597 Aug 20, 2006


Skill Yrs of Experience Remarks

1. Computer Skills 5 Basic Computer Skills, COmputer Literate


Date Topic/Course Title

Jul 28, 2008 Conduction of a Code

AUF Medical Center

AUF Professional School

Jun 21, 2008 Head to Toe Physical assessment skills: “The vital role of a Nurse

AUF Medical Center

AUF Professional School

Jun 21, 2008 Nursing Process

AUF Medical Center

AUF Professional School

Apr 5, 2008 Adult Basic Life Support

Angeles University Foundation Medical center in cooperation with Philippines College of Physicians and Philippine Heart Association

AUF Medical Center

Sep 28, 2007 IV Therapy Update “The Nurse’s Responsibility on Blood Transfusion (before, During and After BT)”

AUF Medical Center

AUF Professional School Angeles City

Jul 20, 2007 Basic Intravenous Therapy Training for Nurses as PRECEPTOR

AUF Medical Center

AUF Professional School Angeles City

Jun 27, 2007 IV Therapy Update “Is it Legal or Ethical?

AUF Medical Center

AUF audio-visual room Angeles City

Mar 14, 2007 IV Therapy Update “Prevention of Nosocomial Intravascular Device-Related infection”

AUF Medical Center

AUF Professional School Angeles City

Jan 31, 2007 Basic Intravenous Therapy Training for Nurses

AUF MEdical Center

Professional School Angeles City


Language Proficiency Level

(5=Excellent; 1=Poor)

1. English 4

2. arabic 3



Number: XX0502069 Expiry Date: Feb 10, 2013

Place of Issue: Clark DFA Pampanga Date of Issue: Feb 11, 2008


Candice Thomas Charge Nurse

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Tel.No.: +566988259


Relationship: Charge nurse

Lorena Cayanan Head Nurse

AUF Medical Center

Tel.No.: (045) ***-****

Relationship: Head Nurse


80000 PHP (Negotiable)

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