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Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
7000 us dollars per month
February 25, 2012

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Idrees Hussain Geologist

E- mail:

Tel Home: +92-51-5891749

Cell Home: +92-336-*******

Work: +971-50-7319351

Executive Summary:

I am a highly motivated Geoscientist with a strong geological background having M-Phil Geology, MSC Petroleum Geology and BSC (Honors) Geology degrees, with 20 years experience in the Oil & Gas Industry and have multidisciplinary knowledge with specific experience in Middle East and Pakistan for Oil & Gas field operations for both clastic and carbonate reservoirs. Having significant experience in the field of practical geological interfacing with drilling engineers, reservoir engineers, wellsite geologists, directional drillers, and MWD/LWD engineers to achieve effective operational solutions for exploratory and development wells.


1991: Master of Philosophy (M-Phil) in Petroleum Geology, from National Centre of Excellence in Geology,

University of Peshawar, Pakistan.

1985: M.Sc. in Petroleum Geology, from Geology department, University of Peshawar Pakistan.

1982: BSC (Honors) in Petroleum Geology, from Geology department, University of Peshawar Pakistan.

1978: Higher Secondary School Certificate from Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

Islamabad, Pakistan.

Career Objective:

Looking for a challenging position in a reputed company in the field of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation where strong technical and analytical skills can impact the bottom line.

To work for a professionally managed Oil and Gas (E&P) organization in a modern and dynamic environment, offering abundant growth, opportunity and scope for continuous improvement of skills.

Able to work as a team or individual, enjoyed work in under pressure, hard worker and creative individual who is looking for continues improvement. Quick learner, smart, self-motivated, logic thinker and had cultural flexibility.

Strong organization skill and good leadership, oriented toward quality system and cost effective. Has good health, safety and environment awareness.


• My primary duties are concerned with well site geological supervision including onsite drilling supervision, this entails all aspects of the daily operations of exploration and development wells and includes supervision and all geology interpretation in well site Coring, Wire line Logging, Well testing procedures, including day to day reporting and the preparation of the well final reports and the composite logs.

• Knowledge and understanding of all aspects of operational geology and the technology required to support the Oil & Gas industry including drilling operations, surface logging and open hole logging technologies.

• Monitoring, supervising and quality control of collecting, processing, and dispatching of evaluation results and logs of Mud logging, LWD/MWD, Wireline logging, Coring and its preservation.

• Familiar with pressure test, fluid analysis, and fluid sampling procedures.

• Provide relevant correlation from surrounding well data and its interpretation of formation evaluation data, and determine the casing shoe depth and well TD.

• Ensure the proper and good communication between all contracted company and groups of representative.

• Participate in all pertinent reporting on well operations and formation evaluation including final well reports.

• Contribute to the safety of operations through efficient implementation, integration and interpretation of real time detection techniques.

• Reliable and efficient monitoring of well site parameters, accurate assessment and interpretation of collected data, ability to effectively communicate the information, analysis and synthesis to the others.

Gas detection and analysis Cutting sampling, lithological analysis and drilling performance monitoring

• Provide suggestion for optimizing drilling process including (minor): casing setting, mud properties, cementing program, bit and hydraulic program.

• Using chromatograph to record / measure gases entrained in the circulating fluid while drilling.

• New reliability and limitation of pressure detection from drilling parameters, including dc exponent, gas performance and lithological sampling.

• Reporting gas conditions and the appropriate performance to well site operations group

Formation evaluation: Lithology by formation and / or rock types, Hydrocarbon gas etc. and log analysis.

• Extensive experience in well-site geological works both in offshore and onshore locations.

• Well versed in well-site monitoring techniques and report generation, identification of geological signatures from drill- cuttings, mud logging, electrolog correlation and seismic records.

• Thorough practical knowledge in hydrocarbon detection, both in ditch samples and mud logging generated data.

• Acquainted with various exploration and interpretation skills for oil and gas exploration and development; Sequence stratigraphy for both clastic and carbonates.

• Evaluation and generation of Geological data, Evaluation of Stratigraphic Sections, Lithological & Hydrocarbon analysis, Qualitative & Quantitive Evaluation, Gas Chromatographic analysis of hydrocarbons.

• Fairly good knowledge in drilling technology, coring jobs, mud system, and mud logging.

• Continuous hydrocarbon monitoring for reservoir detection and safety. Formation evaluation, pore pressure evaluation, gas shows evaluation and identifying possible drilling hazards.

• Identifying formation boundaries and changes, selecting casing points, coring points, TD of well, core description as per company’s specifications.

• Supervision of Wire line logging and Coring jobs, detailed studies of core chips, packing and labeling of core samples.

• Control over geological data and generation of Daily geological Reports, Weekly geological Reports and End of Well Reports.

• Compilation of Post-Drill Geological Reports.

• Ability to deal with drilling problems and make quick decisions to solve them, especially the one related to open-hole conditions.

• Good understanding of down-hole conditions from drill string and cutting behaviour.

• Understanding of all aspects of operational geology and the latest technology required for the drilling operations.

Personal Strengths:

• A good team player experienced in working with a team of exploration geologists, a geophysicist and drilling engineer.

• Self-motivated, disciplined, possessing initiative, with lateral thinking skills.

• Problem solver, responsive to challenges with a strong drive to learn and try new ideas, and proven ability to work effectively as part of a team, to prioritize workloads, to work to deadlines and to perform 100% of my capabilities.

• Well organized, with attention to detail while maintaining an overall perspective.

• Excel in analytical skills, consistent, and dependable.

• Having leadership quality to guide a team to success.

• Understand the subject of geology, including seismic interpretations, basic qualitative log interpretation.

• Strong team work ability and good communication skills.

• Have extensive knowledge and practical experience of working in the field, good communication of geological interfacing with drilling engineers, reservoir engineers, geologist & geophysicists and rig personals to achieve goals for oil & gas exploration and development wells. I have a personal capacity will and ongoing ambition to further my experience within the industry which deserves your confidence and subsequent perusals of my curriculum vitae.

Job History:

1995 – to date

Well Site Geologist, Middle East.

AMOCO Sharjah Oil Company (Sajjah Gas Field, Sharjah, Thamama Reservoir)

CONOCO Philips/Dubai Petroleum Company Dubai, (Fateh Field Mishrif and Ilam Reservoir )

BUNDUQ Oil Company Abu Dhabi, Gulf of Oman, CONOCO Philips Qatar. ADCO Company Abu Dhabi (Bab and Hasb Field, Abu Dhabi, Thamama Reservoir).

ADMA Abu Dhabi (Umm Shaif, Total Abul Bakhush Fields Off Shore, Thamama Reservoir Abu Dhabi) ADOC Japan Abu Dhabi.

1993 – 1995

Logging Geologist, Middle East.

AMOCO Sharjah Oil Company (Sajjah Gas Field, Sharjah, Thamama Reservoir)

CONOCO Philips/Dubai Petroleum Company Dubai, (South West Fateh, Rashid & Falah Field Dubai, Mishrif & Ilam Reservoir)

1990 – 1993

Assistant Geologist/ Wellsite Geologist Pakistan.

AMOCO Production Company Islamabad, Pakistan.

1988 – 1990

Research Associate, Pakistan.

Pakistan Academy of Sciences, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Petrography and Petrogenesis, geochemical analyses, geological mapping and

arrangement of International Seminars.

1985 – 1988

Research Associate National Centre of Excellence in Geology, University of Peshawar Pakistan. Participate in numerous field trips and seminars including geological mapping, sedimentology, structural, geochemistry, petrography, geophysics achievements with high Post Graduate teachers and professors from Peshawar University (National Centre of Excellence in Geology) in the Northern Pakistan mountains Areas of Swat and Gilgit & Fatah Jang and Jand area of Punjab and in the Kohat -Tal block of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa Province of Pakistan.


• English Proficient, Arabic Understandable, Urdu National Language, Pashto Mother Tongue.

Training and Courses:

• INSITE (Integrated System of Information Technology & Engineering) Halliburton Sperry Drilling Services Jabel Ali Dubai (1998).

• IRIS (Integrated Rig Information System) Halliburton Sperry Drilling Services Jabel Ali Dubai (1998).

• Pipe Stuck AMOCO Sharjah Oil Company, Sharjah UAE (1996).

• Under balance Drilling AMOCO Sharjah Oil Company, Sharjah UAE (1996).

• Log Drawing System, DataDrill Halliburton Sperry Drilling Services Musaffah Abu Dhabi (1994).

• Mud Logging Instrumentation Course Halliburton Sperry Drilling Services Musaffah Abu Dhabi (1994).

• Basic Mud Logging Training Course at Halliburton Sperry Drilling Services Musaffah Abu Dhabi (1994).

Computer Skills:

Worked experience on Technical software's, Surface Data Logging, Log Drawing System, Data Drill System, directional drilling software's, INSITE (Integrated System for information technology and Engineering), IRIS (Integrated Rig Information System).

Working experience and computer literate with using MS Office suite including Word, Excel, Power point and integrated service companies software's INSITE, IRIS.

Safety Courses:









• Helicopter Training

• Emergency Procedures Following Impact

Safety Management Practices


• Kamel Abul Anin Senior Reservoir Geologist, ADCO Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Email Address:

• Dr. Saeed Jadoon Manager, Reservoir Engineering OGDCL Islamabad, Pakistan.

Email Address:

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