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Java Developer

Palo Alto, California, United States
April 07, 2008

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Name: Kishore Kumar

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Relocation: Nationwide

Availability: 01 Week notice

(Sr. Java Developer)


• Working as a Senior Developer/Consultant, having 7+ years of experience in Designing, Development, Integration and Implementation of multi-tier, server centric, object oriented enterprise applications using J2EE, Tuxedo and C++ on UNIX, LINUX and Windows.

• End-to-end application design, development, Integration & implementation, have extensive experience in building up high performance java systems, multi-tier, server centric component based architecture. Involved the Memory Usage Analysis and Optimization in Java and Tuxedo and developing the High Performance Java Applications.

• Experience in developing high-performance transaction processing solutions using Tuxedo.

• UML creation and visualization with Class diagram & Sequence diagram using VISIO and JDeveloper.

• OOPS concepts, OOAD and Java & J2EE design patterns. Using frameworks like Hibernate

• Experience in developing and debugging multithreaded code.

• Experience in XML processing using XSLT, XSD, SAX, and DOM.

• Good knowledge of Databases Oracle 10g,SQL, MySQL

• Experience with scripting language like Unix Shell Script, Java Script, etc.

• Working and Administration Knowledge of application/web severs like BEA Weblogic 9.2,Apache Web Server, Tomcat, and JRun on both Unix, Linux and Windows environment

• Expertise on usage of Version control and configuration tools like CVS ,VSS

• Exposure of creating Microsoft Project Plan, Project Estimation and Software Metric.


• Master of Computer Application (MCA), Dept. Of Computer Science, Agra University, Agra

• B.Sc. From Kumaun University, Nainital, UA


• Well versed with the various phases of S/W development life cycle like Design, Development, Testing and Deployment of enterprise application and tools used for each phase.

• Ability and zeal to learn and grasp new technologies quickly and implement it based on requirements.

• Ability to take initiative and take lead if required and provide the guidance and direction to team.

• Has the motivation to take independent responsibility as well as ability to contribute and be a productive team member.

• Knowledge of SEI-5 processes with respect to application development.

• Client management, Effort estimation, scheduling, requirements management

• Knowledge of Project Plan ,Test Plan documentation, Unit Testing; follow up of complete quality process up to CMM Level 5.

• Follow up of Project Life Cycle (PLC).

• Good interpersonal and communication skills

• Hardworking and focused problem solving approach.



• Languages : JAVA ,Tuxedo, ProC, C++,

• Java IDE : JDevelpoer10g, Eclipse

• J2EE Technologies : JSP, Servlet, EJB, Struts, Web Services

(SOAP), XML, XSLT, XSD, RMI, JM, JDBC, Hibernate, JAXB2, Multithreaded programming

• GUI : HTML, DHTML,JavaScript

• Design Tool : Visio

• App/Web servers : Weblogic 9.2, Apache,IPlanet, Jakarta Tomcat, Run

• Middle Ware : BEA Tuxedo9.0

• Scripting : UNIX Shell Scripting.

• Databases : Oracle 10G, ,SQL Server, MySQL

• Utilities and Tools :CASTOR,JAXB2,Log4j, JMeter, HP Jtune, JProde, JUnit, Apache Ant, Unix Make File, Apache Axis, Toad,SQLNavigator, WinMerge, XERCES in Unix

• Version control : Unix CVS, VSS, Win CVS,

• Project Estimation Tool :MPP(Microsoft Project Plan), FPA ,Work Breakdown Structure(WBS),UPA

• Operating Systems : UNIX, Red Hat Linux, Windows 9X/NT/2000 , Windows XP


Integrated Solution Architecture for HP Consumers


Title: Senior Developer

Role: Designer and Developer

Project Description:

Integrated Solution Architecture for Consumers (ISAC) is a strategic re-engineering project implemented by HP. ISAC provides a 360 degree view of a customer connecting HP’s sales, marketing and Support systems. It’s a very High Performance and Highly Available System. It is implemented with latest Middle ware, distributed technologies and Event management Framework using BEA Tuxedo, ProC, C, Weblogic Clustered Environment and J2EE to provide the business with a robust, flexible, and scalable platform. Target of this application is to process around 3 millions transactions a day.


• System study and preparation of design document and development plan

• Working with the architectural team for the analysis and design of the new system

• Prepare Sequence diagram and Class diagram using Visio.

• Conducted walkthroughs of Detailed Design Documents for Interfaces and Interface builds with the client, explaining how functionality addressed their requirements.

• Used Tuxedo to JMS(Tux2JMS) bridge to send the message from Tuxedo9.0 to WLS 9.2

• Implemented JMS accessing the module from different entry points. Developed Message Driven Bean (MDB) and Stateless Session Bean for handling different business requests.

• Hibernate for DAO and JABX2 for XML parsing and to replace the old Castor implementation

• Used several Java/J2EE Design Patterns like DAO Pattern Factory pattern

• Developed Code in multithreaded programming environment.

• Re-Written Tuxedo adaptor’s using the ProC and Tuxedo.

• Created the UNIX make file for C, ProC, C++ and Tuxedo Code build and ANT Build scripts J2EE application.

• Writing the UNIX shell script to create the Tuxedo /Q and to monitor the Tuxedo Bulletin Board and setting WTC(Weblogic Tuxedo Connectors)

• Developed XML parsing code using JAXB2.

• Designed and implemented object-relational mapping and persistence using Hibernate.

• Implemented logging package Log4j for debugging and printing log output.

• Tuxedo Configuration and DOM creation and interconnection of various Tuxedo Components.

• Tuxedo to JMS configuration and UNIX script for this configuration.

• BEA Tuxedo 9.0 and BEA Weblogic 9.2 configuration and administration in UNIX.

• Review Impact Analysis and Code with the team.

• Release code in Production with Release team and Support ASO team after code release.

• Developed JUnit testing framework for different modules.

• Jtune – Improve garbage collection performance

• JProbe – Performance Optimization analysis.

• Apache JMeter – Load test functional behavior and measure performance

• Took responsibility of defect tracking of code for delivery modules.

Environment: Java, EJB, Hibenate, JAXB2, MDB, JMS, XML, XSLT, Tuxedo9.0 with WTC and Tux2JMS, C/C++, Pro*C on HP UNIX Itanium, Oracle10g, Weblogic9.2, JDeveloper10g.

Offline Registration, Householding and Privacy Data Management System


Title: Senior Developer

Role: Designer and Developer

Project Description:

HP is leader in Laptop and Desktops, HP branded consumer laptops and desktops have registration software that a user will run from a CD. If the product is not connected to the Internet, the registration data is saved in the system registry until a connection is made. The offline registration system uses a web service, which saves the data as XML files. This data routed to the web service.

The purpose of the Householding project is to allow HP to identify which customers reside in the same household. Before this system, HP relies on third party vendors to perform this function. Using this system, HP is able to handle this function in house. In this when any customer record is updated, a unique customer identification number is saved to a DB. Later on Java Adaptor will picks up the customer identification number, uses it to collect the profile data for the customer, and then it invokes Remote system call.

To make the privacy information available to all HP applications, customers privacy data updates are maintained by this system with integration with the Customer Master and Customer Identification DB.


• Requirement Understanding/Review/Analysis

• Creating the Project Plan (MPP) and doing project estimation using.

• Preparing Change Request Impact Analysis.(CRIA).

• Review CRIA for team members.

• Developed code to replace exsting CORBA system calls with EJB.

• Multithreaded Java adaptor to send the customers address change and privacy data to remote application

• Implemented RPC type Web Service (SOAP) to send the HP Product Offline registration data to customer master

• Developed Stateless Session Bean (EJB).

• Developed the DTD for the Business requirement.

• Developed XML parsing code using Castor .Developed the XSLT for customer and product registration. Used Apache AXIS for Web service and WSDL.

• Build script for ANT to build Java Code and Web service code in UNIX.

• Developed UNIX shell script and JAVA based test client for Function Testing and Production Support Teams.

• JDBC code to interact and SQL’s with customer master and Customer Identification (CID) DB.

• Debugging and bug fixing of ProC and Tuxedo code.

• Implemented Common Logging Mechanism and Exception Handling.

• Enhancements and bug fixes exiting HP CRM project in Tuxedo.

• QA Support and Production support.

• Writing Unit test cases.

• Review Team members code and Unit test case

• Reviewing Function Test cases writing by QA team

• Performed Unit Testing for the module developed.

• SQA, IQA ,DPC and Configuration Controller activity for CMM-5

• Jtune – Improve garbage collection performance

Environment: Java, EJB, WSDL, WebSevice, Apache AXIS, Apache Log4J, XML, XSLT, Tuxedo8.0, C/C++, Pro*C on HP UNIX, Oracle9i, Weblogic8.2, JDeveloper9i.

HP Passport (HPP) Service and Event Management Framework

HP, PALO ALTO, CA (JULY 2005- AUG 2006)

Title: Senior Developer

Role: Designer and Developer

Project Description:

HP Passport service is used to manage single security system for all users and business users across all HP applications. This is Web Service system for applications interacting with HP based applications. Event Management Framework (EMF) is a Publisher and Subscriber feather of HP Customer Master. EMF subscribes to Customer and Product registrations from real time publishers in a generic XML format, parses them, and puts them in database. EMF Publishes the consolidated Customer and Product registrations to the subscribers as XML’s in real time or scheduled depending up on the customer needs.


• System study and preparation of design document and development and integration plan

• Working with the architectural team for the analysis and design of the new system

• Preparing Impact Analysis (IA) documents.

• Creating the Project Plan (MPP) and Project Estimation.

• Review of Impact Analysis Documents, Unit and Functional Test Cases.

• Developed the JAVA modules required generate the XML form XSD and dealing with the Web Service

• Developing data access objects (DAO) to invoke the updated web.

• Develop interfaces to deal with the SOAP Fault code and SOAP envelope.

• Integration of interfaces written by other team members and Integration with the remote Web Service.

• Upgrading of Apache Axis version and Modification in EJB for upgrade.

• Writing Unit test cases .Performing the Unit Testing.

• Reviewing Unit test case and Functional Test case.

• Developing the HTTP and Java Client to Test the remote system API’s.

• Setting up Tuxedo DOM and WTC connectors and JMS configuration and optimization of MDB in Weblogic8.2.

• Developing build script and deployment descriptors.

• Involved in code Review and performance optimization.

• Co-ordination with onsite team/ client on a day-to-day basis.

• Writing Application Support and Deployment Documents.

• SQA, IQA ,DPC and Configuration Controller activity for CMM-5

• Generating various types Metric required for Organizational trends.

Environment: Java, EJB, WSDL, JMS, Apache AXIS, XML, XSLT, Tuxedo8.0, HP UNIX, Oracle9i, Weblogic8.2, JDeveloper9i.

Foundation Architecture Initiative

HP, PALO ALTO, CA (DEC 2003-JUN 2005)

Title: Senior Developer

Role: Designer and Developer

Project Description:

HP-AM): FAI (Foundation Architecture Initiative)-

FAI is the core CRM layer for HP’s customer and product registration operations. HP has a number of customer data acquisition applications, which accept data in different formats. FAI works as a middleware across all these different registration applications and is responsible for storing the data in a central database. FAI supports multi regional/multi lingual data including multibyte characters. It also publishes data to a number of other HP applications in their desired character sets and data formats.


• Investigation, analysis, coding, test planning and unit testing for change requests.

• Preparing Change Request Impact Analysis.(CRIA) for enhancements as well for bug fixing in existing system

• Review of Impact Analysis Documents, Unit and Functional Test Cases.

• Preparing Deployment and Application Support documents.

• Analyzing and Fixing bugs reported by Production Support team.

• WTC (Weblogic Tuxedo Connector) and JOLT set up. EJB to call these WTC services.

• Debugging and Bug Fixing for Tuxedo Adaptors.

• Writing UNIX scripts for automating processes at middleware level.

• Integration of Tuxedo Services with Weblogic.

• Handling any required server configurations for Weblogic and Tuxedo.

• Developing complete server side code and control flow, which involves writing EJB, XML parsing, web services and deployment descriptors.

• Oracle Database table design and writing SQLs for different modules.

• Performing the Unit Testing.

• Involved in code Review and performance optimization.

• Co-ordination with onsite team/ client on a day-to-day basis.

• Performing the Functional/Performance and Reliability testing of various modules.

• SQA,DPC and Configuration Controller activity for CMM-5

• Generating various types Metric required for Organizational trends.

Environment: Tuxedo8.1 with WTC/JOLT, C/C++, Pro*C on HP UNIX, Java, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, XML and Web logic 8.1 application server

Remote Business Intelligence (RBI) System


Title: Software Engineer

Role: Designer and Developer

Project Description:

This is messaging and data replication system. This is used to replicate the data between multiple locations to the main server and vice versa. If there are any changes on database at any end this engine first find changes on the database and then it will generate XML and send it to other end in the encrypted form. On this end it will be decrypted using security key and then data is extracted from XML file and make the appropriate changes into database, at the same time it will send message to all the clients regarding the changes. This message will be displayed on the mobile set and users mailbox. The data transfer mode in this system is using HTTP protocol, using mail and using any media device like floppy, hard drive etc. This system is used for all type of transaction i.e insert, update and delete In this system data- security is provided by using JCE (Java Cryptographic Extension


• Analysis Design Document.

• Responsible for Designing of Database and System Design.

• Developing User interface using HTML, Java script, XML and XML over HTTP.

• Developing complete server side code and control flow, which involves writing java classes, JDBC code, XML parsing.

• Writing Unit test case and Unit testing.

• Implemented DOM parser to read for XML parsing

• Implementation and supporting the application.


Java (JSP, JCE), XML, Oracle 9i, JDeveloper on Windows and Linux

Billing and Expenses, SSL Payment Gateway System


Title: Software Engineer

Role: Designer and Developer

Project Description:

KSA is an international management consulting company. Billing and Expenses management system is used to handle the billing instructions and Job management of KSA Management Consultancy. They have large number of client’s world wide they are also maintaining there billing and Job system using this system .GUI of this software if fully based on Java Swings. User has UI based Administration Module which allows addition, modification and deletion .It also gives the facility to upload of image into server and create the profile of new clients. This system has a web based payment system, which allow user to make there secure online payment, this is done using SSL.Tomcat and Apache server is used to for SSL implementation.


• Responsible Design Database and System Design.

• Coding, development and on site implementation

• Designing ,Development and Implementation

• GUI forms coding.

• Used TOAD to create database tables and test SQL statements and for the JDBC for connecting the Database from the JSP Pages.

• Handling any required server configurations for Tomcat and Apache in Red Hat Linux.

• SSL and Payment gateway implementation in Linux.

• Unit test and integrate test the application.


Java, XML, Oracle, MySql, JSP, Apache, Tomcat, Java Beans, Java Swings Windows and Red hat 6.2 Linux,

Content Management and MLM System


Title: Programmer

Role: Designer and Developer

Project Description:

Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc is a leading provider of learning and knowledge. They are world's most trusted sources of information on every topic imaginable - from the origins of the universe to current events and everything in between. It’s a Web Content Management System for Britannica. These contents are saved as an XML.It has xml based search and displayed information user screens. System evaluates the status of an individual based on different user inputs and creates a personal profile. It has User, Public and Administration modules to control the access level of the system. Administration module is used for addtion, modification and deletion of information .Public module for Content developers.

MLM system is used to maintain the data for marketing members. This system generates the type of member information and put that member under a member who is top of it. Based on market research data, it also decide the membership status like Silver , Gold, Diamond and Emerald member .It has Administration module to control the user and members of the system. These system users have different type of Calculators


• Responsible for designing and analysis of Client requirements

• To implement service side (Backend) layer.

• Involved in development of Java Beans and JSP pages written client side Java-script & HTML Coding.

• Configuration of Web Server/App server.

• Unit Test case writing and Unit testing.

• Bug fixing reported by QA and Production.

• System integration and onsite support.


Java, JSP, Beans, Servlet, SQL Server, Tomcat, Apache and JRun 3.0, Redhat 6.2, Linux

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