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Software Engineer - .NET Developer

Huntsville, Alabama, 35806, United States
May 24, 2010

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Address: **** *** ******* **** **, Huntsville, AL


Phone # 256-***-****


To become a key team member in a challenging and creative environment utilizing my strong academic background, interpersonal, and leadership skills for better growth of organization and personnel.


> More than 3+ years of industrial experience with around 8 years of experience/training in programming.

> 2.5 years of professional experience in GIS. About a year experience in Web Designing.

> Working knowledge and experience in ESRI platform, ArcObjects and Infragistics tools.

> Excellent knowledge in .NET applications, Software Engineering and Software Testing.

> Excellent knowledge of Object Oriented Concepts and proficient with C, JAVA, C#, VB, and HTML along with C++ basics.

> Proficient in application development using Web-programming languages.

> Experience in databases SQL Server, ORACLE, MS Access

> Experience in all life cycle phases of a project development. (Software Development Life Cycle – SDLC)

> Strong communication and analytical skills and a good team player.


> Pursuing MBA, Masters of Business Administration Jan ’09 - Present

International Technological University (ITU), USA

(Specialization in Management)

Relevant Courses: Strategic Operations Management, Macro-Economic Theory, International Marketing, High-Technology Entrepreneurship.

> M.S. Computer Sciences Aug ’06 - Jan ‘08

University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAHuntsville), Huntsville, AL, USA

(Specialization in Software Engineering)

Relevant Courses: Software Engineering, Software Testing, Advanced Operating Systems, Advanced Computer Architectures, Database Systems, Formal Languages and Automata, Multimedia Systems.

> B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering Aug ’02 - May’06

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad, India

Relevant Courses: C, JAVA, DBMS, Programming Languages, Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, Management Analysis, Switching Theory and Logic Design, Operating Systems, Algorithms, Computer Architectures, Software Engineering.


> Programming Languages: C, JAVA, .NET (C#, VB, ASP), SQL, VB6.0, C++, MATLAB 7.0, Jess

> Web Technologies: ASP.NET, HTML, JDBC, AWT, Applets, Servlets, JSP

> Tools: Visual Studio.Net, UML, GIS – ArcObjects (ESRI’s), Infragistics, Visual Source Safe, AccuRev

> GUI Tools: AWT, Swings

> Assembly Language: 8086 Micro Processor Assembly Language

> Operating Systems: Windows 7/XP/2K/98/95, Vista

> Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access


> Software Engineer / VB & C# .NET, GIS Developer Feb ’08 - Present

Telcordia Technologies, Huntsville, AL, USA

* Job involves the core product development. (Product: Network Engineer, NE, which is world’s leading GIS-based systems for planning, designing, engineering, and documenting complex communications networks).

* Responsible for planning, evaluation, requirements gathering, designing, coding (in VB.NET, C#.NET) and testing.

* Responsible for maintaining existing modules, code/functionalities in VB, C++, VB.NET and C#.NET, and solve the issues found by customers or testers in the areas I am working within the Network Engineer product

* Stared training and working in Web implementation of Network Engineer.

* Responsible for managing the following areas: Work Order Manager and Tools, Validations, Versioning, Batch Post Service, Port Explorer, Labeling, Admin Labels TOC, NE Find tool.

* Responsible for redesigning and developing new aspects of entire built-in geospatial Work Order Manager and related Commands in Network Engineer. Upgraded/ ported many projects from VB6.0 to VB.NET. Redesigned aspects of the user interface in order to simplify use. Upgraded and replaced the COM Infragistics with .NET Infragistics. Handled issues with Batch Posting, reconcile/merging, posting, validation of data and handled issues with ESRI versions.

* Responsible for implementing new change requests filed by the customers.

* Designed and developed a feature called Port Explorer for customer Telecom Italia. Port Explorer is a feature where for any selected feature (equipment/chassis/port/plugin) user can find all the details of each port in it, to what it is connected to and their connection types (pre-wired, connected, not-connected).

* Worked on Disconnected editing feature for customer AT&T, which involves Synchronization and Replication.

* Responsible for maintenance/updating of XSD files used to valid, import and export the XML files.

* Responsible for adding Detail View Label Definition, a new tool in ToolBox Tool (part of Network Engineer). It involved coding in C# and GUI design.

* Handled issues with compatibility of code with the databases (SQL server and Oracle). Made the code working for both the data bases.

* Bug fixes/ hot fixes in .NET (VB, C#), VB6.0, and C++ code all over the entire product.

* Job involves Product Development, Detail, Functional Designs, other documentation, and presenting new functionalities to the customer. Also need to create a feature video demonstrating the new functionalities added to the product. This feature video will be helpful for the customers, product management, sales department and the testers.

* Job also involves unit testing the code I wrote.

Environment: Visual Studio 2008/2010, VB.NET, C#.NET, VB6.0, C++, XML Spy, Infragistics, ESRI Arc Map 9.2/10 Arc Objects, Visual Source Safe, AccuRev, SQL Server, Oracle, Windows XP, Network Engineer 5.1.x,5.2.x,6.0.x,6.1.0.x, 6.2.x, 7.0.x

> Programmer / Analyst Sep ‘06 – Mar ‘07

Pavement Management System - University of Alabama in Huntsville

* Designed for Transportation Department of University of Alabama in Huntsville.

* Provides the detailed information about roads.

* Maintains all the details including the road maintenance, road conditions.

* Predicts the future condition of the road depending upon the past and present conditions.

Environment: VB 6.0, MS Access, Windows 2003

> Programmer / Analyst Dec ‘05 – Mar ‘06

Human Resource Management Information System - Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Hyderabad, India

* A 3-tier system with the hierarchy being as follows:

* Employee --> Supervisor --> HR Department

* Automates the processes such as filing a request, approving or rejecting the filed requests and maintaining the employee details (personal details, leave and training details).

* Modules: Employee’s Information and Details, Leave Management, Time Sheet Management, and Training & Development.

* All the modules are divided in employee, supervisor and HR/Administrator perspective.

* Employee Information and Details:

* Contains information about all the associates of the company. Supports viewing details, updating them and generating reports depending on the role of the login.

* Time Sheet Management:

* It enables the registered users to fill their Time Sheet. Depending on the role of login user, it allows viewing the time sheets, alter them and also generate reports.

* Leaves Management:

* Provides an option of applying a leave, approving or rejecting the leave. Reports can also be generated.

* Training & Development:

* Provides an option for sending a request to training, approve or reject the application. Reports can also be generated.

Environment : ADO.NET, ASP.NET, C#.NET, Sequel Server 2000, .NET Framework 1.1, IIS 5.5, Excel, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, IE 5.5.

Server Specifications: .NET Framework 1.1, Sequel Server 2000, Excel, IIS 5.5, Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

Client Specifications: Windows 98 Second Edition, Internet Explorer 5.5

> Programmer / Analyst Dec ‘04 – Jan ‘05

Organization Information System, Java Point, Hyderabad, India

* Designed to automate the maintenance of details at the training division.

* Application enables the user to view and update the data with required exposition.

* Modules: Enrollment, Batch Schedule, HR, and Accounts modules.

* Enrollment Module deals with the enrollment of the students and updating their information into the databases.

* Batch Schedule Module deals with the detail information of commencing batches at that branch.

* HR Module deals with the detail information of the employees working in that division.

* Accounts Module maintains the fee structure of each student.

Environment: Swings, AWT, JDBC, JDK 1.4, Oracle 8i, Windows 2000


> Programmer / Analyst Dec ‘04 – Jan ‘05

Intranet Mailing Services, Java Point, Hyderabad, India

* Designed to provide mailing services within the organization to facilitate and automate the regular activities.

* Modules: Inbox, Compose, Folders, Sent Messages, and Address Modules.

* Inbox Module: It contains information about the mails, which have been received with options subject, date, delete etc.

* Compose Module: It enables the registered users to compose the messages and send to others.

* Folders Module: It provides an option of creating different kinds of folders apart from inbox and can move mails into those folders.

* Sent Messages: It contains the information about the mails which have been sent with options edit, delete etc.

* Address Module: It contains the addresses of all kinds of users desired by the client.

Environment: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, HTML, J2sdkee 1.3, Oracle 8i, Windows 2000

> Programmer / Analyst / Tester Sep ‘07 – Nov ‘07

Integrated Manufacture System, University of Alabama in Huntsville

* Designed to help a manufacturing unit.

* Handles operations such as manufacturing a product, generating a tool, preparation of process sheet, etc.

* Maintains employee and their payroll details.

* Maintains customer information, product specification, and date of delivery.

* Modules: Acquisition module, Tool Management Module, Production and Dispatch Module, Staff Module, Customer Relationship Management.

Environment: Swings, AWT, JDBC, JDK 2.2, SQL Server, Windows XP.


* Won a district second prize in Science Fair competitions held at Warangal, India.

* Organizing committee member of IEEE held at Infosys Technologies Ltd., Hyderabad, India.

* Committee member of Reminiscence-2004, Yash-2005 and annual Departmental activities of BRECW (Undergrad School).

* Participated in different contests and project presentations in under-grad


* Presentation on Super-pipelining in University of Alabama in Huntsville.

* Presented a paper on Rule Based Systems in University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Note – References available upon request.

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