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Tampa , Florida, 33637, United States
August 26, 2010

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SAP Consultant with about 9 years of experience, in which 8 years of SAP BW/BI/BO and 1 year in SAP ABAP. Involved in Implementation, migration projects and also was a core team member for production support.

 Strong consulting and product development experience for 8 years in SAP BW, BI, and BO.

 4 years experience with SAP NW BI 7.0 along with the new capabilities like new Datasource, DTP, Transformations, Real-Time Data Acquisition, BEX Analyzer, Web application designer and Integrated Planning

 Experience in Production Support which include Process Chains maintenance. Data load monitoring and fixing the failed loads. Work experience on data cleansing, data modeling, and performance tuning and building aggregates

 Experience on ABAP coding in BW, Start Routines, Update Rules, Transfer Rules and Customer Exit variables coding. Also Start Routine and End routine in BI 7.0

 Experience in Reporting like Query development, Structures, Restricted /Calculated Keyfigures, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions, Cell Definitions and User/Customer Exits

 Experience in Extraction of data from SAP source systems - SRM, SD, MM, FI/CO (GL/AP/AR/FM/GM/CCA/PCA),CO-PA, Logistics (Sales, Marketing, Billing & Procurement), Generic extractions and non-SAP Source systems using DB Connect , UD Connect extraction methods and Third party extraction. Extracted data from different systems like ECC.Data stage, Informatica, Flat file, DB2 and SRM.

 Project Upgrade Experience with successful migration from BW3.x to BI7.0

 Capable of Architecting and designing end to end implementation of BW projects, right from requirement gathering, Business Blue print , preparing technical and functional specifications and development. Implemented 6 Full life cycle projects.

 Experience in Webi, Crystal reports and XCelsius.

 Experience in integrating Business Objects with SAP BI, building Universes on top of BI Queries

 Expert in creation of dashboards based on the Customer needs

 Experience in broadcasting/publishing reports to the Enterprise Portals, Portal integration and Web Analyzer

 Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in Business Planning Simulation areas like creation of Planning areas, aggregation levels, filters, variable, Planning functions, planning sequences, characteristic relationships and data slices; Integration of planning with BEX Analyzer for excel based planning, integration of planning with WAD for web based planning

 Expert in BI Testing processes from Functional Unit Testing, Data Validation, System Testing & Integration Testing

 Thorough exposure to SAP BI Best Practices and ASAP methodologies

 Involved in raising the OSS note and also applied where ever it is required

 Experience in conducting trainings for End-users and Project Team Members, and transition to support team about the project details.

 Exposure to best practices in the areas of Healthcare, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.

Technical Skills

BI: SAP BW 3.0B, 3.1C, 3.5, 7.0

BI Data warehousing - Info Sources, Info Cubes design, Info Object maintenance, ODS/DSO Objects, Multi providers, Transfer rules, Update rules, Open Hub, Infospoke, DTP, Transformations, Cube Partition, Compression and Roll-up, Real-time Data Acquisition, Data Marts, Data model design, STAR Schema.

Reporting - Bex Analyzer, Query Designer, Web Application Designer and Visual Composer, Business Objects.

BW Operations - Data load management, ETL of data from different SAP & non-SAP systems (Oracle, Data stage,informatica,DB2,JDBC)

BW-BPS – Designing of Planning applications using Transactional cubes, Planning levels, Planning functions, Global/Local Planning Sequences, Characteristic relationships, Data Slices, Web Interfaces, Planning folders

Integrated Planning - Planning Infoprovider (Real-time/Transactional Infocube), Aggregation levels, Filters, Planning functions, Planning Sequences, Planning Wizard, FOX Formula

Planning using BEX - Integration of planning with front-end reporting tools like Query designer, BEX Analyzer and WAD along with Planning Workbench tools.

BO: Desktop intelligence, web intelligence, live office, Info view, Xcelsius,Crystal reports and Voyager.

ERP: FI/CO, COPA, SD, MM, CRM, SCM, SRM, SEM, Logistics, IS-Retail.


• Strong Work experience in all areas of SAP BW viz. Reporting, Info Source, Info Objects, PSA, Data Targets like DSO and Info cubes, Multi Provider, Data modeling, generic Extractors.

• 100% Commitment, Effective Time Management, Open to new ideas & concepts, Ability to learn quickly.

• Resourceful organizer and team builder. Quick grasp of the situation.

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

• Proven problem-solving skills in crucial situations.


• Master of Science from Southern ITM (Southern new Hampshire university).

• Bachelor in business management.



• Business Planning and simulation

• Business objects

• System analysis and design

• Interview Skills

• Time management


Client: Cardinal Cosource Sep ‘09 – Aug’10.

SAP BW/BI developer

Healthcare Project

• Involved in design, development, and implementation, testing and go-live.

• Created Technical/Functional specification documents involving Business Users in the process by understanding the scope of the project

• Responsible for Overall deliverables for the projects.

• Extracted data third party sources source(Informatica and data stage).

• Installed and activated the BI content objects.

• Created the multiprovider

• Created the reports and published them in Enterprise Portal

• worked on integrating the reports in BO

• Involved in creation/approval of transports between D-Q-P systems

• Created test environment, test plans, test data involving Business users in the UAT/Integration testing

• Created training documentation/power point presentations for the Business Users

• Created process chains for data loads and used and applied logic on info packages for building pseudo deltas.

• Used open hubs to move the data from BI to informatica and data stage.

• Used deltas in open hubs.

• Worked on FI GL and COPA integration for product groups and profitability segments.

• Created CO PA GL line items reports and published them in portal.

• Automated the back end process of CO PA GL line items using process chains.

Client: Eye med Luxottica Jun ‘07 – Aug 09.

SAP BW/BI developer/Architect


• Participated in gathering the requirements and architectural design and scope of the project.

• Designed the dataflow diagrams and defined the reporting flavor depending on client’s

Requirements after Business Blue Print.

• Analyzed Business process and participated in discussions/workshops with users for mapping requirements in BI system.

• Analyzed the requirements, Designed and developed Reports.

• Was responsible for the change management process and moving the objects to production.

• Designing new Universes and Modifying the existing Universes, using features like Check Integrity, Aliases, Loops, Contexts, Joins and finally creating the Objects (Dimensions, Measures and Details), which are grouped into Classes.

• Extracted data from ECC and DB2(UD Connect).

• Worked extensively on WebI and Crystal reports.

• Created live office Spread sheets according to requirements and used these spread sheets, QaaWS, to create interactive dashboards and power point presentations using Xcelsius 2008.

• Administered the user’s roles and privileges in Central Management Console.

• Scheduling the documents and distributing them using CMC and monitoring them.

• Put the limits on the report instances by folder level / report level.

• Responsible to work on the Production Support issues related to Crystal Reports.

• Successfully supported the Business users across the distribution centers for any production issues.

• Developed new templates in Crystal Reports to be used by any new report development.

• Exported Business Objects reports to Webi to be published on the Intranet.

• Used import wizard to transport the objects around the layers.

Client: Procter and Gamble, OH Jan ‘05 – May ‘07.

SAP BW/BI architect / Developer

Migration project

The project involves Migrating 22 applications from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 and completion of project results in shutting down of GFP and Go-live in GRP400. Was responsible in design and architect new BW development and ensure this design works well with the existing BW data model. Developed and maintained the BW Data Model as well as new and existing BW and Actuate queries. Collecting all BW related objects, application wise and migrated the application to new BI 7.0.


• Analysis of Business Requirements, Preparation of Design Documents and preparation of Project Planning and Phase-targets documents.

• Technically worked and coordinated 10 applications from various regions.

• Worked on Transformations, Web reports, Info providers etc.

• Worked in solving various issues encountered across 10 applications, coordinating between various teams

• Worked on Transportations from Development to Production system.

• Validated the data.

• Published the reports in Enterprise portals. Worked on Dashboards.

• Used Precalculated web templates.

• Worked on different modules like FICO, COPA,, MM and SD and coordinated with functional team in customizing the data sources on different applications.

• Involved in Go-Live activities and coordinated with different teams during Go-Live support.

• Was responsible in supporting the applications till the process of data loads were transitioned to Service Management team.

Production Execution project

SAP BW is chosen as the bridge for reporting and analysis between the two boxes, the selected reports will be generated based on data from both boxes. It is also a powerful tool for reports with the purpose of Analysis, Summaries, Aggregation and Valuation.


• Extended Info sources and Data sources apart from the standard Business Content according to client’s requirement.

• Worked on MM function modules and customized the extractors and developed the related objects in BW system, like infoobjects, data targets etc.

• Involved extensively in defining flexible queries using Filters, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions, Restricted Keyfigures and Calculated Keyfigures in BEx Analyzer to facilitate data analysis.

• Created Drill through Queries (RRI) from summarized InfoCube to detail ODS object.

• Worked on Unit Testing of ODSs and Infocubes with the R/3 Data.

• Involved in maintaining the performance issues with Infocubes i.e creating aggregates, indexes and rollup into aggregates and Infocube compression.

• Identified the inconsistencies and created the update rules to get the required data for reporting.

• Worked closely with the End User to give the Knowledge about the reports that were developed newly.

Client: Wabash National Corporation Jul ‘04 - Dec ‘04

SAP- BW / BI Developer

EDW Project:

The project involves extraction of supplier services data from SRM to BI.


• Involved in gathering the requirements from the client.

• Communicated with the client in design and methodology.

• Worked on the design documents, building blocks, data flow diagrams and Best practices.

• Involved in Enhancements of data sources and info cubes.

• Involved in BI reporting and Web reporting and Publishing them in BSP application.

• Involved in Transportation of objects from Different systems.

• Involved in Pre Production activities like data loading and scheduling the data loads.

• Activated business content for R/3 and BI including reports and Also SRM For SUS requirement

• Designed the model for SRM SUS and extracted the data from the Custom Defined data sources from SUS.

• Developed reports for PO order history, PO order status and fro Invoices and Confirmations.

Client: GE Silicones Sep ‘03 - Jun‘04

SAP- BW / BI Developer

EDW Project:

The project involves in migrating from BW 3.1c version to BW 3.5 Version. Two layers were maintained in the new system, one for data staging where data consolidation, data cleansing and the second layer is for reporting.


• Responsible to design the end-to-end architecture of the overall performance management solution.

• Design and develop extractors to acquire data from the SAP R/3 systems specifically.

• Involved in creating Cubes, Multiproviders, Transfer structure and update rules and Infosources, ODS objects.

• Uploaded Master data and Transactional data from Flat Files and SAP as OLTP source.

• Worked on data marts and Process chains.

• Worked on Source system connections.

• Customized CO-PA, AP, AR, MM and SD data sources and Configured the delta loads.

• Worked on data validations. Responsible for performance tuning, both data loads and information retrieval

• Worked on the Enhancements.

• Created Queries for Data validations.

• Created the WEB Reports and published these in Enterprise portals.

• Communicating with the offshore coordinator regarding issues related to BW Development and getting them resolved.

Production Support and Application Support

• Actively involved in improving query performance and system performance.

• Identifying long running queries and creating aggregates.

• Identifying bad aggregates in the system which negatively impact system performance and redefining them.

• Involved in Ad- hoc system checks like CPU utilization, free space memory, number of users in the system, Swapping, and short dumps.

• Identifying transports done to the production system and changes to the critical objects.

• Identifying the Inconsistencies between the P (Master Data) and X (SID) Tables of master data, and fix those inconsistencies.

• Involved in identifying the unused entries in the dimensions of the Infocube and delete them.

• Job monitoring which includes the Process chain maintenance.

• Fixing the issues when the jobs fail.

• Finding the root cause for the Errors of the chains if they fail or did not start in time.

• Solving the Production tickets raised by the user.

• Involved in improving the process by taking initiatives to improve the System performance, which involves Maintaining DB Statistics, Analyzing the Utilization OLAP Statistics and taking the effective decisions to improve the query performance and Analyzing the Statistics and improved Load Performance.

• Regular monitoring of background jobs and analyzing the errors during the load process

• Participated in Weekend activities as per client’s requirement.

• Participated in the Change run activity at the weekend

• Raising tickets to other resolution groups regarding performance of the system and data loads.

Client: NFCL, Hyderabad Aug’02 to Jun’03

ABAP Programmer


• Created an Interactive Report for displaying Vendor Information based on the selection made by the corresponding Vendor Bank Details.

• Maintenance of various Data Object definitions like Tables, Data Elements, Domains. Transfer data from Legacy to SAP using SQL queries.

• Provided post Go-Live support to users, helped users in solving their problems in live environment.

• Involved in Debugging using ABAP debugger, runtime Debugging Analysis, solving problems, including research, driving to Root Cause, and creating efficient solutions.

• Developed Data Dictionary Objects such as user-defined tables, Data elements and Data structures.

• Developed an Audit report, which is required to show all the changes made in the approval tables with details related to the changes.

• Created an interactive report, which lists the customer details in the basic list.

• Created an interactive report to display Sales Order data.

• Modified standard purchase order layout set and its corresponding print program as per customer requirements.

• Modified layout out set of Sales order and the corresponding print program as per the requirements.

• Supported Users and modified the changes as required.

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