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QA Lead

Edioson, New Jersey, 60290, United States
March 23, 2012

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AMIT VASHISTA - (Only C*C) (Max ** mins from Edison,NJ)

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Seeking a responsible and challenging Quality Assurance Lead/ Management position.

Thirteen plus years of experience as a software QA engineer, writing and executing test plans and test cases in highly structured and loosely structured development environments and performing all types of testing (functional, installation, acceptance, browser compatibility, load, stress, performance, volume); several years of experience managing software QA programs.

Seven years of experience developing and implementing QA processes, and developing and leading software QA programs and teams.

Authoritatively documented GUI Client/Server and Web testing methodology for successful QA testing, planning, implementation and management.

Extensive experience in creating and executing detailed Test Plans, Procedures, Test Strategies and generating/executing Test Scripts and Cases to meet business specifications.

Well versed in analyzing results & deviations, Bug reporting, Tracking, Detailed status reporting.

Good knowledge of Automated Testing and Procedures using Mercury’s QTP, Winrunner, Loadrunner, Rational Robot and Bug Tracking tools – Rational ClearQuest,TeamTrac and QTP.

Experience in setting up test environment and Coordinate User Acceptance testing with Business Groups.

Excellent Communication, Presentation, analytical Skills.

Motivated and industrious with sound business judgment and solid work ethics.

Strong Interpersonal, Self-Motivation, Team Player, Self-starter, Quick Learner and Coordinating skills to work and interact in Team Environment.


Bachelor of Science Degree (Mathematics & Computers)


• Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in advanced package Windows 95/NT, DOS, Networking Essentials, Internet Applications (HTML and Front Page), Office 97 (Professional Package MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access), UNIX, Oracle, Java Programming Logic and techniques, Software Engineering & Automated Testing tools.


Test Tools: QTP, LoadRunner 6.02, Rational Robot, Test Director 5

Languages: SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Java, HTML, XML

Operating System: DOS, Windows XP/2000, Windows NT

Networking: Telnet, FTP, TCP/IP

RDBMS: Oracle 9i/10g, Sybase 11.5, MS Access, MS SQL Server 2000/2005

GUI: Visual Basic 6.0, Developer 2000

Bug Reporting Tools: Rational Clear Quest 5.3s.0, Team Track 5.12, Quality Center


Organization: Morgan Stanley (LCDIT), New York – NY

Duration: November, 2006 – Till Date

Project: Multiple projects, Team Management

Description: Lead and Managed the LCD IT (Legal Core) QA team.


Lead and manage the technology QA team comprising 18-20 resources.

Planned all resources and schedules for functional and performance QA work for new and ongoing applications used by Legal and Compliance department for North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Manage test case development and execution.

Create and execute test plans and test cases.

Manage testing lab.

Mentor test team members on conducting Defect Triage Meetings, writing Test Plan, Test Strategy, Ambiguity Defect Reports.

Architected and implemented agile QA processes and practices, including defect and test management.

Coordinate efforts between various project development teams and offshore test team.

Participated regularly in status meetings and reported / updated management on testing efforts and book of work.

Responsible for creating and managing a software QA program including hiring and staff supervision.

Responsible for identifying and implementing SDLC processes across multiple teams.

Designed, architected and implemented templates, process, defect reconciliation, resource allocations and reporting matrix programs for the QA team.

Worked across multiple teams in educating and implementing / standardizing QA processes.

Created horizontal work streams to boost efficiency and cross training among QA resources.

Created and implemented detailed resource allocation spreadsheets / matrix for maximizing resource utilization and real time status reporting for QA and UAT.

Created QA SharePoint to document test artifacts, release details and documentation for archive and audit purposes.

Implemented knowledge base program to document every application under test, creating a repository of “functional guides” to reduce knowledge transfer time for new team members.

Implemented pearl bases automation program to facilitate data / backend verification resulting in dramatic reduction in testing timelines.

Implemented modular block structure automation framework for reporting applications resulting in easy maintenance and future expansion.

Organization: Merrill Lynch (IBCT), New York – NY

Duration: October, 2004 – November, 2006

Project: ExCo, Client Scorecard, Banker Dashboard, Dealogic

Environment: Windows XP, VB .net, SQL Base, Oracle 9i, Access, Cognos, Excel, Excel VB, IE, Informatica, Toad, Clearquest.

Description: ExCo, Client Scorecard, Banker Dashboard and Dealogic are variety of client server, web and data warehouse applications used by the investment banking client base. Client Scorecard and Banker Dashboard applications provide client revenue, pipeline, calling, client plan information and also banker performance information. ExCo books provide the overall Merrill Lynch Investment Banking performance, past, present and future pipelines in regions worldwide to the executive management helping them in strategy management. Dealogic is the data warehousing application providing complex client data in a user friendly and customizable front-end.


Designed and wrote detailed test plan based on the business and functional specifications.

Performed Functional, Regression, GUI, Unit and integration, security and multi user testing along with extensive database validation.

Designed excel programs for defect tracking and test result/progress reporting.

Identified issues, logged them through Clearquest and revalidated those issues.

Participated regularly in status meetings and updated management on testing efforts.

Used extensive and complex SQL queries for data validation.

Performed installation of new builds including data components.

Designed various documents and report charts for use by entire QA team for test planning, execution, defect management, reporting and change management.

Organization: Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Roseland – NJ

Duration: April, 2004 – October 2004

Project: ADP’s Enhanced CheckMate

Environment: Windows XP, VB .net, SQL Base, Oracle, Mainframe, EPC.

Description: ADP’s Enhanced Checkmate is a upgraded version of ADP’s CheckMate and is a stand alone client server application interacting with the ADP mainframe CheckMate calculation engine and to provide ADP’s clients (Navy) with a new manual check input mechanism increasing the accuracy of manual check input/output and thus, reducing the need for additional manual check adjustments


Wrote detailed test plan for Functionality and Communications and test cases based on the business and functional specifications.

Performed Functional, Regression, GUI, Unit and integration, security and multi user testing along with extensive database validation.

Decoded mainframe log files and reports to validate requests for calculations and response from the mainframe.

Identified issues, logged them through Team Track and revalidated those issues.

Participated regularly in status meetings and updated management on testing efforts.

Used PVCS as configuration management tool to store test plan and test data files.

Performed installation of new builds including data components.

Organization: Matlen Silver – Merrill Lynch

Duration: June, 2003 – April, 2004

Project: Merrill Lynch – GPC BA/QA LDC

Environment: Windows NT, VB .net, Oracle 8i, XML, Rational Robot, ASP, Rational Clearquest, TSAC, IE.

Description: Merill Lynch – GPC BA/QA LDC is an in-house project for Matlen Silver consisting Wealth Management and Portfolio Management web based applications. These applications provide FA’s and client’s interactive and statistical information on ways and forms to invest capital based on individual needs and preferences.


Updated detailed test plan and test cases based on the business and functional specifications.

Performed Functional, Regression and GUI testing along with extensive database validation.

Overviewed automation effort by TCS and also provided feedback and suggestions on the drawbacks in code.

Created extensive modular structured ASM based automated test scripts using Rational Robot.

Introduced TSAC automation console and created ASM based test scripts for easier maintainability

Identified issues / bugs and logged them through ClearQuest.

Participated regularly in status meetings and updated management on testing efforts.

Used Test Manager extensively to analyze test results, create reports and document automation test plan and test steps.

Wrote complex SQL queries to validate database input and comparison.

Organization: Medco Health Systems, Franklin Lakes - NJ

Duration: August, 2002 - May 2003

Project: Eclipse

Environment: Windows NT, VB 6.X, Oracle 8.0, Internet Explorer 4.0

Description: This was entirely web based application developed using VB with Oracle as the backend. This application was developed to manage the huge prescription medicine clientele. Users were able to input, process, bill and ship prescription medicine’s to the clients from one point rather then using different applications. This central service application also enabled users to track the orders from the point they were received and provide up to date information to the clients about there orders and there health care coverage.


Read the business requirements/Functional requirements thoroughly and work closely with Business Analysts to discuss and understand the requirements.

Performed Functional, Regression, Stress, Load and Performance testing of various critical business functions including Billing, History, Order and Coverage.

Checked database to determine successful transaction of test data from the application by establishing connectivity using SQL commands.

Skills in backend testing using SQL queries on Oracle tables, generating reports to ensure data integrity and validate business rules.

Verified web objects such as frames, tables, cells, links, images and text and checked differences in the standard properties of each page.

Responsible for test data generation and implementation of test automation as per requirements.

Conducted Stress/load test using LoadRunner.

Generated and Executed Test Scripts using WinRunner for GUI and Functionality and Database testing in selected modules. Used WinRunner to do Data Driven and Volume Test, GUI Testing, mapping various GUI objects, testing proper Screen Navigation, and perform regression analysis.

Involved in testing the application against different browsers - Netscape Navigator And Internet Explorer

Report/Coordinate the issues to/with development as well as Project Manager

Reported Project Status to Project Manager and attended project meetings with Team.

Assisted technical writers to formulate user support manuals and demonstrated new functionality to users.

Organization: Centre Solutions (Zurich North America) New York - NY

Duration: November, 2000 - August, 2002

Project: Ice (Integrated Centre Environment)

Environment: Windows NT, ASP, Plumtree, XML, VB 6.X, MS SQL Server, Cognos, Actuate, SAP, Internet Explorer 5/6.0

Description: Ice was web based portals Framework that combined “best of bread” 3rd party tools with specialized components that delivered the transactional, reporting and analytical services that enabled Centre Solutions to successfully manage its Deal – related Insurance businesses. It replaces the legacy system, which had three primarily separate client server applications Censys, Resval and GL Accounts.


Reviewed the business/Functional requirements and mapped the Test Cases, Plans with Functional Requirements.

Investigated and documented data mapping for complex reserving reports including formulas for calculations on both functional and reporting (Actuate) side.

Performed Functional, Regression, Stress, Load, Unit, integration and Performance testing of entire business functionality and reporting tools.

Wrote complex SQL queries for data validation and performed code debugging

Test data generation for different critical modules of the application.

Participated in entire Software Development Life Cycle.

Stress/load tested the critical applications to determine the site behavior and determine the peak load or peak usage of each application at store.

Wrote automated scripts with Rational Robot for GUI, Smoke and Functional testing.

Tracked bugs via Rational Clearquest generated Status Reports and represented QA in meetings.

Organization: Charles Schwab, New York, NY

Duration: September, 1999 – November, 2000

Project: End of Day Processing System (BDS)

Environment: Unix 10.2/11.0, Sybase 11.5, Rapid SQL, and Windows NT

Description: This application was designed to copy the data from existing database to new database before scheduled End Of Day processes in order to be able to run parallel end-of-day processes, which will greatly reduce the processing time of the current EOD processes. Once trades are ticketed at the end of Day, it needs to be booked to Financial Services. The application consists of 2 cycles-- DTS Transfer Program (Copy data to new database) & EOD processes against New Database.


Implementation and Execution of Test Cases in order to validate the business flow based on Functional Specs and Test Plan.

Set up Test Bed including setting up the environmental variables, Installation and verification of releases and generation of test data

Developed Unix Shell scripts and wrote SQL queries for downloading test data from various servers using FTP.

Performed Functional Test and Ran Negative cases to analyze different behaviors of applications.

Performed Baseline and Regression Tests to make sure that change in database doesn’t affect existing functionality and performance of applications.

Extensive use of SQL statements, bcp utility to validate the test results and comparison of Output Files and Tables to validate regression checks.

Defect Tracking by using Rational ClearQuest and reported to Team Lead.

Organization: Info-Automatics Ltd, Delhi, India

Duration: January, 1998 – August, 1999

Project: Employee Database System

Environment: Unix, Oracle 7.X, VB 4.X and Windows NT

Description: The Employee Database is a system used by human resource department to store employee’s personal data, salary, training, transfers and annual appraisals. Access levels are defined for different users to prevent leakage of confidential data. This system also embraces all facets of payroll system.


Thoroughly Read business needs user requirements and specifications.

Checking the access permissions by positive testing and negative testing.

Writing test cases for some functionality to be tested.

Meeting with the users regarding test data.

Volume and Stress testing to evaluate the performance of the VB programs for the time it takes to save the data or retrieve the data from the database.

Generated Excel Sheet to record the bugs/defects

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