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Manager of Off-Site Phlebotomy Services

Conyngham, Pennsylvania, 18222, United States
March 28, 2011

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Margaret E. Polimeno-Bogash, MT (ASCP) HHS, BSHA

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Drums, PA 18222

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More than eight years’ diverse leadership experience as a laboratory supervisor with significant accomplishments in developing laboratory process and procedures, improving quality, utilization of management programs and coaching laboratory staff on healthcare business and practice issues.

A self-directed professional with excellent communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills who builds consensus and promotes teamwork.


Manager of Phlebotomy Services, Hazleton General Hospital, Hazleton, Pennsylvania 2010

In charge of phlebotomists at local doctors’ offices in Hazleton and the surrounding areas.

Lackawanna College, Hazleton, Pennsylvania 2010

Phlebotomy Instructor Teach students the skills and knowledge of the phlebotomy curriculum.

Hazleton General Hospital, Hazleton, Pennsylvania 2001-Present

Quality Control Coordinator/Technical Supervisor Insure that all controls are within the appropriate ranges for each analyzer and all equipment is operating at peak conditions. Supervise thirty-two laboratory technicians.

• Initiated Microbiology Department which entailed set-up and training staff which resulted in $27,000 month savings

• Train OR staff on I-Stat analyzer for operating procedures

• Responsible for the hospital glucometer system

• Review CAP surveys

• Annual inventory assessment

• Develop and implement laboratory procedures

• Technician In-Services

• Evaluate and monitor quality control

• Perform Technicians annual evaluations

• Assign proficiency testing

• Fill supply orders required by phlebotomists for external physician offices

• Serve as a technical resource for technicians, clerks and phlebotomists for certain testing procedures

• Implemented and team leader when a new glucometer system was installed in 2005

Hazleton-St. Josephs Medical Center and Hazleton General Hospital, 2000-2001

Medical Technologist, ASCP, HEW

• Generalized Technologist with support to Histology and Cytology

• Filled in at external physicians’ offices performing blood tests and phlebotomies

Drs. Edward Polashenski, Stephen Shoemaker, Robert Yamulla, Hazleton, PA 1987-1989

Medical Technologist, ASCP, HEW Supervised the laboratory and reported to the Director, Dr. Stephen Shoemaker. Identified opportunities for and contribution to the improvement of quality, safety and cost, as well as patient customer and employee satisfaction.

• Analyzed blood and other body fluids

• Performed phlebotomies

• Performed EKG and breathing analysis testing

Physicians Clinical Laboratory, Hazleton, PA 1984-1987

Medical Laboratory Technician Performed a variety of laboratory tests under the supervision of a Senior Laboratory Technologist

• Chemistry: Performed a variety of tests such as glucoses, checked for pancreatitis, kidney functions, coagulation testing and the balance of electrolytes, Rubella titers and thyroid tests were also evaluated in this department.

• Urinalysis: Analyzed blood, sugar, proteins, ketones, bilirubin, urobilinogen, specific gravity, color, appearance and examined the sediment microscopically. Performed pregnancy tests and sperm analysis.

• Hematology: Analyzed red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit of a patient along with a differential of a blood smear of one hundred cells.

• Blood Bank: Performed blood types and antibody screens for RH negative mothers

• Microbiology: Plated specimens on media. Identified organisms and listed resistance and susceptible antibiotics. Performed strep screens and other serology tests.

Hazleton-St. Josephs Medical Center, Hazleton, PA 1981-1984

Medical Technologist, ASCP HEW

• Lead technician for the Radio-Immuno Assay which tested patients’ serum for thyroid conditions. Monitored medication for cardio patients and responsible for the quality control and records.

• Chemistry: Performed variety of tests for glucose, pancreatitis, kidney functions, and coagulation testing. Examined Cerebral-spinal fluid protein and the balance of electrolytes

• Urinalysis: Evaluated for blood, sugar, protein, ketones, urobilinogen, specific gravity, color, appearance and examined the sediment microscopically.

• Hematology: Analyzed red and white blood cells, hemoglobin, and hematocrit of patients as well as blood smear of one hundred counted cells.

• Blood Bank: Cross-matched blood for patients in need, blood types and antibody screens.

• Microbiology: Plated specimens on Media and performed serology tests.

• Responsible for maintenance of all equipment for departments listed above.


University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with honors 2010

Clinical Laboratory Technologists (HHS) 1987

Pennsylvania State University Continuing education 1981-1985

Basic Sign Language Certification 1984

Pennsylvania State University, Associate of Science Degree, Medical Laboratory Technology 1981

Hazleton High School 1979


Eckley Miners Village, Board of Directors

REFERENCES: Marianne Pindar, Center Director

Lackawanna College Hazleton

Hazleton, Pa. 18201


Dr. Edward Polashenski, D.O

Hazleton, PA


Mary Anne Mitchell, R.N.

883 Branch Ct.

Hazleton, PA


Dr. John Haber, D.O.

Market Street

Tresckow, PA


Dorothy Burrell, (Retired) Phlebotomy Director

Hazleton Health and Wellness Center


Mark Falcone

PPL Chemistry Laboratory

Humboldt, PA

Sandy Mullay

Geisinger Medical Center

Danville, Pa.


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