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Manager Security

Wellington, Ohio, 44090, United States
April 16, 2012

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Jeffrey L. Brlas Home – 440-***-****

***** ******* **.

Wellington, Ohio 44090 Cell – 440-***-****

Areas of concentration Law Enforcement or Safety Field

Objective Advancement within specified field / new employment

Education Graduate of Lorain County Community College, Associates Degree in Police Science, and Associates Degree in Corrections, 2005.

Graduate of Firelands High School, 1983.

Graduate of the State of Ohio Corrections Training Academy, 1989.

Awards received Member of the Who’s Who amongst America’s High School Students, 1983 edition. Employee of the Month three (3) times at the Grafton Correctional Institution, and Employee of the Year two (2) times at the Grafton Correctional Institution (2006 and 2010), the only Custody Supervisor to ever win this award. Awards and Recognition from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, for assisting their agency with multiple investigations. Also recognized for detailed report relating to cost savings initiatives pertaining to state-wide transportation costs.

Work experience Freeman Manufacturing, 1986 to 1988.

Northwest Vending, 1988 to 1989.

Correctional Officer, Grafton Correctional, March, 1989 to April, 1991.

Sergeant, Grafton Correctional, April 1991 to November, 1993.

Lieutenant, Grafton Correctional, November, 1993 to November, 1995.

Captain, Grafton Correctional, November 1995 to july, 2011.

Have also served as Acting Investigator, Acting Major, Acting Deputy Warden of Operations, Acting Unit Manager, and Acting Warden at times during my career at Grafton Correctional.

Also, Fireman with the Camden Township Fire Department, 1999 to present date.

Work Experience:

Freeman Manufacturing, 1986 to 1988;

Perform factory and shop work consisting of shipping and receiving, operating tow motors and pallet jacks, batching equipment, and routine maintenance and cleaning duties. Also work on dock area and assist with all shipping and receiving duties.

Northwest Vending, 1988 to 1989:

Work on a specified vending route, filling machines, providing routine maintenance and cleaning on all equipment, working with the public daily, prepare daily records, and responsible for large sums of money daily.

Correctional Officer, Grafton Correctional, March of 1989 to April, 1991:

Enforce rules and regulations of facilities, conduct routine foot patrol and vehicle patrol, conduct Unit counts, inspect living quarters, shakedowns, transport Inmates, complete written reports, maintain safety and security of all custody posts of the facility. Assist in training new employees. Trained in Communication skills, and operate communications equipment on a daily basis, worked Institutional Control Center, issue equipment, maintain radio logs, operate surveillance equipment, watch for intruders / unauthorized persons, check for fires, hazardous situations, etc. Work at facilities vehicle entrance and exit post, maintain vehicle logs, clear incoming and outgoing vehicle traffic, inspect all incoming and outgoing vehicles, check for all proper documentation.

Sergeant, Grafton Correctional, April of 1991 to November of 1993:

Supervise Correctional Officers, resolve disputes involving both staff and Inmates. Complete written reports, conduct staff disciplinary proceedings, and employee evaluations as well. Serve as a Administrative Review Officer, and Hearing Officer, regarding conduct reports for Inmates. Conduct routine foot patrol of assigned areas. Trained in communication skills, and operate radio communications equipment on a daily basis. Check for fires, hazardous situations.

Lieutenant, Grafton Correctional, November of 1993 to November of 1995:

Serve as 2nd in command of a shift; responsible for the supervision and training of over 50 Officers. Conduct disciplinary and employee evaluations, complete written reports, make routine foot patrol / security rounds of all posts on facility grounds. Also served as Asst. Investigator, conducting investigations on both staff and Inmates, and completing reports regarding same. Conduct shift scheduling to ensure post coverage, and enforce policy and procedures for facility. Trained in communication skills, and operate communications equipment on a daily basis. Check for fires, hazardous situations, and recommend appropriate actions regarding same, patrol posts to ensure proper security measures are being followed.

Administrative Captain, Grafton Correctional, November of 1995 to July of 2011. (Resigned due to impending prison closure).

Serve as Shift Commander for all shifts at GCI. Also have served as facilities Security Threat Group Coor. (Gang), Rules Infraction Board Chairman, Tool Control officer, and Acting Investigator. Complete investigations, and complete follow-up reports regarding same. Conduct shift scheduling. Make security rounds of all posts at GCI, assist in the writing and formulation of written post orders and procedures for facility, teach training classes for staff, trained in Critical Incident Management. Have also served as Acting Major (Chief of Security) at various times from 1995 to present, Acting Unit Manager, Acting Deputy Warden of Operations. As Chief of Security, responsible for the supervision of 6 Captains, 10 Lieutenants, and in excess of 185 Officers, and responsible for all custody functions. Train new Officers in Security Procedures. Assist in the writing and formulation of all policies and procedures for the facility, and responsible for the enforcement of the rules, regulation, policies and procedures of the facility, as well as the enforcement of all applicable local, state, and federal laws and guidelines pertaining to the facility. Member of the Labor / Mngt. Team, dealing with Union Contracts and various issues pertaining to Job and post assignments. Prepare statistical analysis reports for superiors, and advise on same. Vast experience in conducting internal staff investigations. Conduct employee disciplinary actions, and employee evaluations, assist in annual risk assessment of the facility, in which vulnerable areas of security are identified, and steps taken to eliminate to vulnerability of stated areas, along with changing any appropriate policies and procedures needed. Conduct annual assessment and re-write of the facilities post orders, during which existing practices are modified or altered to best fit the needs of the changing environment within the facility, with a “team concept” used to support collaboration amongst other staff members, and supervised these teams with specific directions in order to complete the task at hand. Assist in the annual audits of the facility for compliance of the policies and procedures of the facility, and responsible for the implementation of changes used to improved security and effectiveness, via policy and post order changes. As a supervisor within a Correctional Facility, I am able to operate well under pressure, have the ability to recognize changes in circumstances within the facility that may lead to critical incidents, manage all custody security programs. When conducting employee evaluations regarding poor job performance, I always took the time to point out any areas of problems, and gave coaching ideas to help them correct any areas of concerns. On a daily basis, I was in a position in which it was necessary to persuade a subordinate to accept the policies and procedures as written, and also took the time to always recognize the above average job performance at our morning roll calls, and gave training opportunities to subordinates that were willing to show the initiative to become a supervisor.

Also have received training in Mental Health issues regarding Inmates, certified yearly with .38 Cal. Revolver and 12 Gauge Shotgun, Chemical Munitions, and Unarmed Self-Defense. Trained in IPC (Interpersonal Communication) skills, cultural sensitivity training, sexual assault investigation, certified in Instructional Skills (Trainer). Trained in communication skills, and operate communications equipment on a daily basis. Work with public on a daily basis. Trained as an I.C.S. Incident Commander, and have completed ICS level 100, 200, 700, and 800 courses.

Volunteer Firefighter, Camden Township Fire Dept, June of 2000 to present:

Serve as a Fireman for Camden Township, and mutual aid with surrounding communities. Trained in search in rescue, HAZMAT, Incident Command System, Emergency First Aid and CPR., and AED Certified. Skilled in Communications equipment, and trained in Water Rescue Awareness. Knowledge of Fire Codes / Inspections. Plan pancake breakfasts for the CTFD, and handle large sums of money for this event.


Mr. Eddie Young – GCI – 440-***-****

Agent John Kilnap – ATF – 216-***-****

Investigator Mike O’Malley – 216-***-****

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