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Houston, Texas, 77318, United States
25.00 hr
March 11, 2011

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Lucy V .Saldana LVN (Bi-Lingual Spanish Speaking )

***** *******

Willis, Texas 77318

HM 936-***-****) Cell 936-***-****)

OBJECTTIVE: A Challenging Position utilizing proven nursing experience.

EDUCATION: Associates in Human Services-2002 Tomball College

Cert. Drug and Alcohol Counselor

License Vocational Nurse- 1987 Blinn College

EXPERIENCE: Wind song Home Health

10/10 -3/10 Home Health Care Nurse

Care of patient, wound care and dressing changes, Foley inserts, house calls

Med review and refill pillboxes, Patient education of care, Answer phone calls.

Chart nursing notes, filing.

2/10-5/10 Lone Star Community Health Care Center


New Patient Assessment, New OB patient assessment ,preg. Tests , Pap Smears,

Ua dip, Ua cult. Assess with Pap smears, Pelvic exams, Ultra Sounds Exams, Leep

Bx, Curettes, assist. With IUD’s insertions, instruct with birth control teachings,

Accu checks, Scheduling appointments, Ordering labs, refill Rx’s, injections, Hormone

Injections, Spanish Translations, Mail out pap results, triage phone calls.



Sitting up in-services, Assign CEU’s and Provide feedback with employee, FIT Testing’s,

EKG in-services and check off’s, Scheduling, supervise CNA’s, LVN’s, RN’s with computer

skills and testing measures. Annual HEP B series, PPD’s, ordering Chest X-Ray’s for

employee’s, Floor Nurse in Rehab. Sitting, Venapunctures, IV starts, Lab collecting,

Spread sheets, Monthly Orientation in-services, New Hire paper work, EMD computer

charting experience.

Green Acres Of Huntsville


12/08-03/09 Staffing, Interviewing New Hires, Write ups, counseling employee’s, on-call scheduling ,

Assessments of residents, first aid, Code Blues, Supervision of LVN’s, CNA’s, CMA’s,

previewing charting, monitoring residents wt’s, skin care, and ADL’s, Drug testing, In-

Services, PPD’s of employees, Reporting and all significant changes of residents.


Miguel Flores MD & Family Health Care Affiliates

01/08-10/08- Chart of Preventative measures, coordinate with Health plan to conduct and ongoing

Medical record review for measures and indicator reporting. Round table conferences,

promoting education On given measures, Provide feedback to practice physician regarding

improvements and opportunities for Improvements, stocking, faxing and phone triage.


08/05-10/07- New Patient and establish patient assessments, Newborn, Elderly in age, Physicals,EKG’s,

PKU’s, Wt, Ht, Length, Head Circ, Vitals, dressing changes, Packing wounds, ace wrapping

Sprains, splinting. Ordering x-ray’s, Labs, CT and US results ,Venapunctures, Heel Sticks,

accu-checks, flu and strep swabs, urine dip sticks, wet mounts, IV starts,PO medications,

Insert foley’s,remove sutures,sterile tech.,Patient education,follow safety rules.

Wellness Director

2004-2005 Hearthstone Assisted Living duties assess New residents and upkeep medical status on in

House status. Review meds on all residents, overlook Med supervisor on med passes. Review all medical

Records on all residents, PPD’s on residents, make appointments with PCP when needed. Interview new

Hires, counsel and terminated employees when needed, review incident reports, call physician when needed. Called 911 when needed, implement safety codes, Updated CEO with all resident change status.

Tomball Hospital

1999-2004 Post Partum care, ante-Partum care, NST’s, Blood transfusions, Labs, Venapunctures, IV starts

Surgical care, dsg changes, remove sutures and staples, insert Foley’s, and care of , NG tubes, IM injections

Med passes, pain management, review all and notify physician with updated medical status, or medical status changes, New born assessment, PKU’s, Vital signs, Breast feeding techs, Diaper changes umbilical care.

Conroe Regional Hospital

1987-1997 Orthopedic/ Pediatrics/ Medsurg Nurse

Patient assessment, IV starts, Venapunctures, Foley inserts, D’C and care of wound care, Post op and surgical care . Dsg changes, Med Passes, Pediatric care, Admission and Discharge instruction care. Assist

With rehab. Therapy.



New patient Hx, Recall HX. Follow up appointments, RX call ins, Lab results and return calls, filing assist with Pap smears, Pelvic exams, Venapunctures, collect labs, Vitals, NST’s, FHT’s, Post-op treatments, Pre-op exams, appointments, rescheduling , stocking, clean exam rooms, triage calls and appointments.

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