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Engineer Management

Frisco, Texas, United States
March 28, 2011

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Angela Maria Allen

**** ********** ****, ******, ** 75035



Technical Operations Management

Dedicated innovative professional with proven expertise in Systems & Process Engineering, Hardware Design Engineering and Test Engineering. Relied upon to design complex hardware systems, detail hardware network connectivity, generate functional drawings/diagrams, present design/cost analysis to management, and develop effective test plans/trade studies. Top Secret/SCI Clearance. Additional competencies:

Project Management

Conceptual Design

Technical Integration

Policies & Procedures

Asset Assembly

Cabling & Networking

Product Evaluation

Process Engineering

Vendor Coordination

Research & Analysis

Vendor Coordination

Training & Development

Team oriented with capability to develop positive relationships and valuable strategic alliances. Recognized for successfully completing projects and resolving complex issues in a timely manner. Excellent communications, negotiations, organizational and analytical skills. MBA, Technology Management. BSEE, Texas A&M University.

Career Expertise & Selected Highlights

Managed employees on the East Coast, West Coast and Central areas. Distributed tasks, resolved issues, maintained schedules and sustained dynamic communication.

Updated databases for 16 sites. Researched specifications of each piece of equipment and cross referenced data with vendors. Analyzed each RAID configuration, connected RAID controllers to disk enclosures, devised more efficient ways of arranging LUN’s, making PCI cards fit into XIO slots, and balance database load between two devices. Completed all tasks successfully within time and budget constraints.

Created assembly drawings for two major areas - Rack Assembly and ICD’s. Distinctly illustrated location of all switches, chassis, modules, UPS, workstations, repeaters, splitters, converters, over 300 cables and drawings with all area dimensions. Ensured each piece of equipment and cable had its own reference designator and their locations were clearly detailed in the drawings.

Managed initial configuration, installation, and setup for 4 robots. Convinced vendor that cost break on install/configuration was warranted. Successfully negotiated installation cost from $6000 to $1500 total. Also contacted vendors to obtain additional cabling free of charge.

Evaluated and monitored equipment and labor costs. Developed solutions based on WAG or RFP requirements; cost all hardware, software, and maintenance. Determined how much labor was required to complete task. Avoided needless cost over runs and wasted staff time.

Analyzed specific and complex requirements from special customers. Devised effective solutions which included various hardware and software elements. Presented solutions to client management and staff and monitored activity ensuring understanding and highest levels of customer satisfaction

Professional Experience

BAE Systems, 1998-2006 & 2008- 2009

Senior Systems Engineer, 2008-2009

Designed hardware systems from derived requirements (Hardware included network switches, servers, robots, kvm switches, storage, chassis, workstations, media converters, ups, RAID, tape drives, etc.)

Detailed hardware connectivity (SCSI, Fiber Channel, PCI/PCI-X, LC, SC, etc.), LAN/WAN, wiring and cabling paths

Created documentation for site installation activities (Work Instructions, Instructions, Field Service Bulletin’s, etc.)

Generated area assembly drawings which were key to the hardware/software installation process

Evaluated potential hardware and prepared documentation/presentations for the Engineering Review Board

Negotiated hardware/software requirements with vendors

Coordinated vendor testing activities, troubleshooting and test plan documentation

Generated system interconnect, site block, assembly and rack layout diagrams

Configured hardware systems and generated systems parts lists

Angela Maria Allen

Resume, Page Two

Professional Experience (Continued)

BAE Systems, 2008- 2009 (Continued)

Senior Systems Engineer

Launched research efforts to identify compatible hardware/configurations to complete hardware design

Initiated vast communication with various vendors to assess project needs

Organized and participated in presentations to peers and management to solidify design and cost activities

Maintained outstanding interpersonal and organizational skills

EDS, Plano, TX, 2006-2008

Infrastructure Specialist, Solution Architect

Responsible for all team activity during manager’s leave/absence. Designed hardware solutions from customer requirements. Led efforts to verify path/electrical connectivity between several destinations

Requested, reviewed and interpreted Site Surveys required for site connectivity

Executed various hardware costing comparison, analysis and research activities

Confirmed inside/outside plant requirements (above ground / underground)

Created financial documentation for hardware, installations and materials

Created documentation for DSL and fiber leasing solutions

Interfaced with the customer, legal, vendors and varying teams to confirm project unity

BAE Systems, 1998-2006

Systems Engineer, 2001-2006

Designed hardware systems from derived requirements. Generated system interconnect, site block, assembly and rack layout diagrams. Configured hardware systems and generated systems parts lists.

Conducted research to identify hardware capabilities and optimum system configurations

Assessed system needs by analyzing configuration models (CPU & Sizing Model)

Initiated vast communication with various vendors to assess project needs

Organized and participated in presentations to peers and management to solidify design and cost activities

Developed database hardware configurations for more than twelve sites (RAID1, RAID5, RAID10, etc.)

Systems Test Engineer, 1998-2001

Conducted performance benchmark testing and data evaluation. Generated test procedures to verify system functionality by regression testing and analysis, UNIX scripts and input files for system testing and requirements verification, discrepancy reports inclusive of written technical analysis, Imagery import, export and query exclusive testing as related to derived requirements

Nicolet Imaging Systems, 1997-1998

Applications Engineer

Developed automated applications for NIS customers. Instructed training courses and developed training materials for automated systems. Organized and conducted product demonstrations to prospective NIS customers. Provided technical support to customers and sales representatives. Performed systems acceptance tests and trouble shoot existing or potential problems

Lockheed Martin Vought Systems, 1995-1996

Electronic Systems Engineer

Designed SIU (Sequencer Interface Unit) Test Set for control harness in guidance unit of ATACMS Block II Missile

Designed the interface between the SIU and the SIU Test Set (ICA &ITA panels, connector and cable assemblies)

Illustrated schematic diagrams of interface design. Used LabWindows/CVI with soft panels to generate code for controlling all VXI instruments in the Tektronic VXI Intelliframe


MBA, Technology Management, University of Phoenix

BSEE, Texas A&M University

Technical Skills

BASIC, FORTRAN, DataBase2, SQL, Pascal, C and Assembly, Pspice, B2 Spice, Visio, AutoCAD, VXI Technology, LabWindows/CVI, MATLAB, UNIX, Solaris, Oracle Reporting, DOORS, eMatrix.

Volunteer Opportunities

Continental Societies, Inc., New Beginnings Orphanages International, Christie Elementary

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