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Hyderabad, AP, India
August 19, 2012

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Mobile: +91-984*******, 888-***-****


Secured around 7+ years of experience in GIS, 4.5 years Software/GIS development and 2+ years GIS projects experience.

• Proficient in developing solutions and customizing ESRI products (ArcGIS 9.x and 10.x) using Arc objects and .Net 3.5 Technologies

• Experienced as Programmer in developing customized software as per requirements.

• Experience includes System study, Design, Development, issue identification and technical support.

• Excellent leadership abilities, communication and interpersonal skills. Highly organized, dedicated with a positive attitude and an “I can” outlook, Quick in learning new technologies.

• Self-motivated, innovative, hard working, dedicated, ability to relocate and flexible.


• Currently working as Sr. Software Engineer for InfoTech Enterprises, Hyderabad from Nov’2011.

• 3.5 years of experience as Sr. Software Engineer in Mahindra Satyam BSG, Hyderabad.

• 2 years of experience as Asst. Project lead-Quality in Mahindra Satyam BSG, Hyderabad.

• Worked as a junior GIS Engineer in IGIS Tech solutions Pvt. Ltd for 3 Months.

• 1.2 months of experience as Trainee - Quality in Granules India LTD.


• Microsoft Technologies : Visual Studio 2010, WPF, Silverlight

• GIS Programming Languages : Arc Objects, Arc Engine, Web ADF, ArcGIS Server, Auto Lisp

• GIS Softwares : Arc GIS 9x and 10x, Auto CAD Map and Map Info

• Programming Languages : C, VB 6.0 and T-SQL

• RDBMS : SQL Server 2005 and 2008

• Reporting Tools : SSIS

• Web Tools : HTML, XML, XSLT

• Testing Tools : Manual Testing

• Operating Systems : Windows Family

• Others : Excel Macros, Flash, CSS


• Received 3 POB awards for “Excellent tools developed in Arc Objects” in InfoTech.

• Received Associate of the Month – April’2012 for “Best technical guidance” in InfoTech.

• I have been nominated for ICON Awards for the year 2006-07 which is prestigious award for Mahindra Satyam organization.

• Received 2 POB awards for "Developing tools for process improvement" in Mahindra Satyam.

• Received 3 POB awards for "Technical guidance and internal customer delight" in Mahindra Satyam.

• Received 5 POB awards for "High quality standards" with highest efficiency in Mahindra Satyam.


Qualification Board\University Marks (in %) Year passed

B.Sc (Comp) Andhra University, Vizag 61 2003

X Std. MRK High School, Andhra Pradesh 70 1998


• Having good experience in coding, testing and releasing the applications.

• Process defining, Process Innovation & Process re-engineering for the projects.

• Knowledge in SCI-CMM levels, eSCM level5, Six Sigma and ISO procedures

• Programming Skills, hard work

• Excellent communication, interpersonal, research/analysis, organizational and leadership skills. Quick learner, versatile, adaptable and process-oriented with a high customer orientation.


GIS Development Projects:


Role : Sr. Software Engineer

Client : RioTinto

Software : ARC Objects, Arc Engine, ArcGIS Server and C#.Net

Environment : Arc GIS 10.1, Map Info, SQL Server 2008

Description: Riotinto is the world 3rd biggest mining company. Main objective of this project is to migrate all the data which are in around 20 formats (gdb, mdb, tab, shp, dgn, dwg etc These are the below phases involved in this project.

• Classification (Vector and Raster): Classification based on the data and attributes into separate datasets.

• Geo referencing and projection: Assigning geo reference and projection to vector and raster data.

• Migration in to GDB: Migrating all the data into geo database.

• Assign symbology: Assigning mapinfo symbology to migrated data.

• Topology: Cleaning the migrated data using client provided topology rules.

• Staging to Final: Finally we will assign the domains and will separate the data as per client requirement.


Role : Sr. Software Engineer

Client : Apple

Software : C#.Net and Arc Objects

Environment : Arc GIS 10

Project Description: This tool kit consists of 2 tools.

• Find Snapping and Z value errors: This tool will mark the snapping errors between two polygons and mark the z value errors for snapping vertices.

• Find Overlap and duplicate polygons: It will find out the overlap and duplicate building errors based on condition with in the selected buffer distance.

• GPS_Grid_Creation: This tool will create the boundary according to the GPS drive files based on the GPS points.

• GPS drive file Overlapping: After creating the GPS boundary it will get the report of overlapping GPS boundary shape files.

• MCV to Shape Conversion: This tool will export the MCV points which can be available through text file format to ESRI shape file format.

• Pen to Shape conversion: It will export the pen file into shape file based on the lat long values.

• Shape to pen conversion: It will export the shape file into pen file based on the lat long values.

3. OSDCM_QualityKit:

Role : Sr. Software Engineer

Client : InfoTech Enterprises

Software : ARC Objects 10, .Net 3.5

Environment : Arc GIS 10, Map Info

1. Description: In InfoTech, for OSDCM Project, I have developed an internal toolkit for quality checks for dangles like undershoots, Overshoots, Zero length objects, spatial duplicates in the road network for individual files when production files got completed

Main objectives of Tool: It finds outs undershoots, Overshoots, Zero length objects, dangles and spatial duplicates in the street network.

Idea behind the tool: To improve the production associates quality before releasing to the QC.


1. Work Allocation Tracking System:

Role : Developer, Designer and Database maintenance

Environment : C#.Net

Backend Database : SQL Server 2008

Description: This on-going application is developed in view of managing a large pool of resources and the processes with prioritizing the below key functions:

• Attendance Management System: Entry register for 250 associates for login/out mapped in line with server time recording the compliance and non-compliance of the associate

• Inventory Management System & Work Allocation : Abstraction of real work, segregated in work share as work split Pre allocation of work/database for each user with time estimation, activities to perform, work priority and online completion status

• Monitoring Management System: On line check module of each activity performed and measuring the performance of the each associate. Hourly tracking (online/standalone database) for project productivity tracking

• Quality Management System: Measuring the quality performance of the associate on the work performed by providing quality scores to associates/leads/managers. Company policies are described and the adherence is tracked.

• Performance Management System: On line review and tracking functions for Leads and Managers. Facilitates to generate reports of key SLA (Quality/Efficiency/Productivity).

• Automatic Email Generation: Escalation process and auto mailing to associates, TL, Quality team and Mangers on daily basis with deltas and Action plan (Like additional resources required to complete the task in time).

• Work Force and Revenue Management: Data linked to WFM and Finance for review of inventory and invoice


Role : Developer and Designer

Environment : VB 6.0

Backend Database : Nil.

Description: This application is developed to compare source and postal names, name status and address ranges with database and it will give the complete report for missing names, wrong naming status, address ranges overlapping, missing address ranges and mixed address schema. It will reduce the time taking for checking the missing names, address ranges manually and also check the address overlapping and mixed schema w.r.t shape file and postal file.

Key Modules in this application:

• Missing Addressing

• Corner Addressing

• Missing Naming and Status

• Different Street Types

3. POI Quality Validations:

Role : Developer, Designer and Database maintenance

Environment : VB.Net, Excel Macro

Backend Database : SQL Server

Description: This application can be useful to update the codes according to new updations as per POI specifications. POI associates needs to update the codes for each and every new updation which are updated in excel. And also needs to check the newly updated records as per specifications. Tool will automatically update the codes for the newly updated information and also validates the information updated by the associates.

Key Modules in this application:

• Update Generic Codes

• QC Validations

Apart from these I have developed DeletefeaturesBySourceID, GDM_Validation_Tools_Tasks, PreVsPostTopology_Errors, ReshapeRastersFootprintTool, RTx_Raster_Migration_QA, RTx_TopologyFixing, RTx_Vector_Migration_QA, AddDomains_Fields, StoF_Final, Field_Mapping_SourceID, RTx_ExportDomainsToCSV, RTx_Export_Metadata, RTx_FeedbackFixing, RTx_FieldMapping_Fixing, RTx_ID_Updation, RTx_MoveFeatures_ClassificationFixing, RTx_Z-Table_Migration_SourceID, RTx_ZTable_Migration and so many tools using ArcObjects, .Net and Excel VBA for various projects.


Date of Birth : 13-09-1983

Father’s Name : K S R Swamy Naidu

Linguistic Proficiency : English, Telugu, Hindi.

Marital Status : Single

Address : H.No. 4-35-107/1,

Allwyn Colony,


Hyderabad – 500 072.


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