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Materials/Metallurgy Engineer/Failure Analyst

Cleveland, Ohio, 44139, United States
January 10, 2011

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PH.D in Materials Science and Engineering

Address: ***** * ********* **, *****, OH 44139


Working Authorization: Permanent resident (Green Card)

Phone: (440)***-****



Metals/ Composites / Ceramics/Coating

Processing/ Property Testing/Fractography & Microstructure Analysis


Experienced researcher/engineer/failure analyst in materials science and engineering. Successfully developed novel metals and alloys, composites, ceramics, surface coatings, and new applications. Strong expertise and broad experience in processing-property-microstructure relationship of materials. Experienced in metallurgy/materials processing/mechanical design. Proficiency in property testing and microstructure characterization of materials. Proficiency in failure analysis, root cause analysis, statistical process control, and process improvement systems and methodologies. Excellent technical writing and reporting skills and ability to communicate with team members to enhance strategic goals and bottom line objectives with problem-solving and transferable skills.


Failure analysis and prevention, quality control, root cause analysis, statistical process control; metallurgy/materials processing, melting, casting, directional-solidification, rolling, extrusion, forging, machining; mechanical and physical property testing; crystallogphy, thermodynamics, diffusion, phase transformation; high temperature materials, powder metallurgy/characterization, iron and steels, metals and alloys, intermetallics, superalloys, bulk metallic glasses, ceramics, composites, semiconductors, biomaterials, nano-materials; surface modification, coatings, thin films; computer simulation; fractography, metallography; TEM, SEM/EDXS, EBSD, FIB, XRD, etc.; microstructure analysis, surface analysis.


Sr. Research Associate, 3/2006-present, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

• Consulting on failure analysis via mechanical testing, fracture and microstructure characterization.

• Development of low-temperature carburization on stainless steels, working for the Swagelok Inc, Solon, Ohio.

• Development of Zr-based, Fe-based, Al-based bulk metallic glasses (BMG).

• Processing and property development of novel materials including thin film, nano-materials, biomaterials, metal matrix composites (MMC), ceramics and aluminum alloys, superalloys, Cu-alloys, etc.

Research Associate, 5/2003-2/2006, School of Engineering, Alfred University, Alfred, NY

• Processing and microstructure control of nano-magnetic FeAl/Al thin film deposited by sputtering or other films deposited by plasma, working for the Boston Scientific Corp., Natick, Massachusetts.

• Application development of natural nano-tubular halloysite through nano-structure stabilization by means of heat treatment. To explore appropriate processing for their separation and selection and its applications in medical and environmental cleaning, working for the NaturalNano Inc, Rochester, New York.

• Development on processing/microstructure/property relationships of high-temperature ceramics and alloys by means of grain engineering.

• Failure analysis by means of mechanical testing, fracture and microstructure characterization.

Research Scientist, 1-5/2003, Max-Planck-Institute for Metals, Stuttgart, Germany

• Conducted residual stress analysis of thin film deposited on substrates by using X-ray diffraction.

STA Fellow/Research Scientist, 1/2001-1/2003, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Tsukuba, Japan

Processing development on thin-foils of Ni-Al superalloys and intermetallics. Conducted on cold-rolling processing, mechanical and physical property testing and microstructure characterization. To explore application of the thin-foils in catalyst system of automobile.

Co-Director and Project Manager, 8/1998-1/2001, SJTU Inst. of Surface Modification of Metals and Materials, Shanghai, China.

• Serves as project manager for various government projects, duties include funding generating, proposal writing, reporting; scheduling, designing and conducting experiments, training technicians and technical support for customers. Service as a co-director for daily management of the institute.

• Failure analysis by means of mechanical testing, fracture and microstructure characterization.

• Surface modification of materials and machinery parts by means high-temperature gas and low temperature salt bath carburization, nitronization, nitrocarburization.

• Alloy design and heat treatment of iron and steels, and non-ferrous metals. Heat treatment for metal components. Computer simulation of heat treatment of larger components as well as components.

• Development on particle reinforced metallic matrix composites (MMC) by means of raw materials selection and processing control.

• Development of casting and hot-rolling processing of ductilized Fe-Al-, Ni-Al, Ti-Al intermetallics.

• Co-editors of the National Standards of China on Thermo-Chemical Heat Treatment.

Metallurgy/Mechanical Engineer, 7/1996-7/1998, Wuhan Mechanical Technology Inc, Wuhan, China

• Design and manufacturing of heat treatment furnaces like continuous heating and quenching systems with conveyorised alloy belts.

• Conducted on metal melting, casting, forging, rolling, machining and heat treatment

• Conducted on surface modification of metals and alloys including carburization, nitrocarburization and other thermo-chemical heat-treatment of various components.

• Failure analysis by means of mechanical testing, fracture and microstructure characterization.

• Quality control by mean of root cause analysis, statistical process control, and process improvement systems and methodologies.


• Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

• M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University.

• B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology.


• Proficiency in mechanical drawing and blue-printing reading.

• Computer skills include office tools (MS Office, Photoshop), Programming (Lab-view, Matlab), and academic soft (AutoCAD, Origin).

• Author of 30+ scholarly publications (see publication list).

• Awardees of the Science and Technology Agency Fellowship, Japan; the Max-Planck-Society Fellowships, Germany; Young Scientist Fellowship of the Korea of Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF), South Korea.

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