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Engineer Plant

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, 625014, India
Any Reasonable Salary either Time based or Project
March 18, 2011

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Nationality Indian ; Age: 66 years ; Marital Status : Widower

Total Experience 43 years

Address S.V.S. NATARAJAN, 11 Meenakshi Enclave, New Nattham Road,

Thiruppalai, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Telephone 0091 984-***-**** (India) / 0091 984-***-**** (India)

E-Mail address:

Qualification Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (1963 – 1966)

Availability : Immediate as I am retired and staying in India.

Career History

Period Company / Location Designation

Feb 1998 till 30th Oct 2009 Abu Dhabi Co for Onshore Oil Operations P Box 270, Abu Dhabi, UAE (ADCO) North East Bab (NEB) Operations Engineer (Oil / Gas / Water)

Leading a team of 35 personnel and reporting to Team Leader / Operations Manager.

Dec 1977 to Feb 1998 ADCO, Bu Hasa / Bab Operations Supervisor (Oil / Water)

Feb 1974 to

Dec 1977 Southern Petrochemicals Corporation (SPIC) Tuticorin (India)

Urea Fertilizer Production Operations

Assistant Project Engineer

Feb 1967 to

Jan 1974 Coromandel Fertilizers Ltd (CFL)

Vizag (India)

Urea Fertilizer Production Operations Assistant Engineer (Chief Operator)

EPC /PMT / Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning Experiences:

Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning of Company & Location Year

Gas Injection & Oil Lift (Artificial Lift of Crude Oil) ADCO Al Dabbiya 2008

Crude Oil Well Heads Fluid Gathering/ 3 Phase Separation/ Stabilization of Crude (To RVP of 5 psig & 10ppm of H2S), Desalting/Stabilization of Crude Oil (max Salt of 20 PPTB)(0.5% BS&W)/ Exporting to Terminal

Multi Stage Compression of Separated Gases, Dehydration with Tri- Ethylene Glycol / Re-Injection of Compressed HP Gas into Reservoir through Water Alternating Gas Wells Abu Dhabi Co for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO)

North East Bab (NEB)

Rumaitha Central Processing Plant (CPP)

Dec 2005



Monitored the Construction / Erection of Pressure Vessels /

Pumps / Compressors and prepared the system ready for operation. Conducting review meetings with EPC Contractors/Project engineers.

Preparing Training Programmes / Manuals for

Fresh Recruits


Al Dabbiya & Rumaitha





Dec 2005

Hydro Carbon Removal & Moth Balling of Old Plants Al Dabbiya & Rumaitha 2004

56000 Bbls Capacity Flow Suction Tank

Artificial Lift (Producing Oil & Gas with Submersible Pump) ADCO Bu Hasa 1997

Remote Degassing Stations (2nos.) ADCO Bu Hasa 1985

6 times Total Shut Downs & Re-commissioning of 4 nos. Central Degassing Stations for Turn Around Jobs ADCO Bu Hasa 1982


Multi Stage Gas Compression using Gas Turbine/ Injecting into Water Supply Wells/ Lifting Water/ Separation / Storing Water / Boosting Pressure / Injecting into Water Injector

Gas Sweetening (30MMSCFD) by Di-Ethanol Amine),

De-Hydration by Tri-Ethylene Glycol & Gas Cooling (using Propane) Plants ADCO Bu Hasa April


Jan 1978

Urea Plant Operating at a pressure of 4500 psig (to have 60% Conversion of Ammonium Carbamate into

Urea) in Stainless Steel Lined Reactor with Multi Layer Shrunk Fit Carbon Steel Shell + Centrifugal Compressor (driven by Steam Turbine) + Reciprocating Compressor (driven by Electric Motor) + Multi Plunger Liquid Ammonia Pumps + Multi Plunger Ammonium Carbamate Pumps + Crystallizer + Centrifuges + Pneumatic Conveyor for Urea Crystals +

Cyclone Separators Operating under Vacuum + Fluidizing Bed + Solids Handling Conveyors, Buckets etc Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Tuticorin, India (SPIC).

Urea Plant. (Mitsui Toatsu Corporation (MTC) Total Recycle Process Japan)

FEB 1974


DEC 1977

Urea Plant Operating at a pressure of 6100 psig (to have 80% Conversion of Ammonium Carbamate into Urea) in the Zirconium Lined Reactor with Multi Layer Shrunk fit Carbon Steel Shell + Plate Coil Steam Evaporators (for Evaporation of Water) + Ammonia Condensers + Multi Stage Reciprocating Compressors + Multi Plunger Reciprocating Pumps with Torque Converters for Liquid Ammonia + Bubble Cap Trays Column for Absorption of CO2 (by Mono Ethanol Amine) + Fresh Water, Sea Water Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers/ Cooling Towers, Spinning Buckets for making Urea Prills, Solids Handling Conveyors, Buckets etc

Coromandel Fertilizers, Visakhapatnam, India

(CPI Allied – Urea Process, Vulcan Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

OCT 1966


JAN 1974

Skill Profile:

EPC related Tasks

Design and P & ID reviews and recommending for any modifications required

Interacting with Project Construction Contractors

Conducting / Taking Part in HAZOP Studies

Carrying Out RISK ASSESSMENTS for Critical Activities

Conducting Project Health Safety and Environment Reviews

Commissioning of multi stage centrifugal compressors.

Hydro testing of various systems.

Was involved significantly in the years 1967/68, 1974/75, 1978, 1985, 2005

Finance related Tasks

Preparing a)Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) and b)Operating Expenditures (OPEX) Budgets,

Time Based Tracking of Expenditure Variations (both Under Spent and Over Spent),

Value Engineering without compromising HSE aspects and Operation and Maintenance Conveniences.

I have been involved significantly since the year 1996

Human related Tasks

Effective Utilization of Human Resources

Team Leadership and Team Player

Skilled in communication

Preparing Employees Technical Profiles for Placements

Preparing Employees’ Skill Gap Matrix

Preparing Employees Technical Profiles for Placements

Employees’ Periodical Performances Apprising

Motivating Employees to take Initiative and Improve their Caliber

I have been involved significantly since the year 1985

Training & Knowledge Transfer

Preparing Training Programmes / Manuals for Fresh Recruits for Oil & Gas Upstream Industry Operations

HSE Procedures /Behaviour based Safety Audits.

Process Mapping (Logistics) for Individual Maintenance Task

Preparing Procedures for

a) Pre-Commissioning of Systems or Whole Plant

b) Commissioning of Individual Equipment or Whole Plant

a) Normal Operation (Normal Start Up and Normal Shut


d) Emergency Shut Down of Individual System or Whole


e) Emergency Response specific to the Site / System / Plant

f) Containment of Onshore & Offshore Oil Spills

I have been involved significantly from the year 1985 Until 2009

De-Commissioning / Mothballing Tasks

Decommissioning of the Systems / Whole Plant for Internal Inspection of Pressure Vessels, Tanks and Maintenance of High Capacity Pumps and Centrifugal Compressors

Pigging Operations for Dewatering of Oil / Gas / Water Lines

Intelligent Pigging Survey with Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) of Oil and Gas Pipe Lines

De-Sludging of the Large Oil Storage Tanks

I have been involved significantly since the year 1982

A few of my specialties of the Knowledge Transfer / Sharing are furnished below for sample


1. Importance of Job Knowledge, Initiative, Sincerity and Honesty of employees at every level

2. Brain Storming / Merits and Demerits (Pros and Cons) for many activities before assignment

3. Awareness of Roles and Responsibilities with Limitations of Employees at All Levels

4. Reflection of Behavioral Safety Attitude of Employees on Occupational Health

5. Customer Focus / Meeting the Stake Holders’ Targets without compromising HSE Issues

6. Time bound Action Plans / Contingency Plans / Emergency responses

7. Importance of Pre-Action and Post Action Meetings of Special Tasks

8. Importance of Systematic and Sequential Approaches to any Task

9. Decision Taking / Planning / Prioritizing / Organizing / Execution

10. Road to Success / Process Mapping / Trouble Shooting

11. Importance of Information Cascading Down to Subordinates at All Levels

12. Importance of Transparency / Feed Back to Decision Making Authorities

13. Avoidance of recurring Stress to the employees by the management of any organization

14. Self Auditing / Root Cause Analysis / Lessons Learnt / Corrective Actions

15. Risk Assessments Prior to Final Action Plan to keep any Non Routine Tasks at ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Possible) Level to avoid surprise

16. Visualization of different Maintenance jobs / Ensuring Fit for the Purpose Tools on Site

17. Interaction with All Level Employees at Work Site / Rewarding Deserving Apt Employees

18. Importance of Recognition / Delegation / Empowerment

19. Motivation of the Employees / Skill Gap Matrix of Employees at All Levels

20. Selection of Job Performers / Supporting Crews and Mobile Equipment by Job Originators

21. Importance of Coordination between Operations and Maintenance Personnel at Work Site

22. Presence of Job Originators & Permit Issuing & Area Authorities on Work Site for Critical Tasks

23. Importance of Tool Box Talks with actual Job Performers / Arranging all Types of Resources

24. Importance of Proper Charge Handover and Log writing by both Operations / Maintenance

25. Inductance of HSE awareness among employees of all levels at work site without any bias

26. Importance of Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) for any Modifications and New Projects

27. Awareness of COMAH (Control Of Major Accident Hazards) among actual Job Performers

28. Importance of Plant Modification Requests through Forms and their written Approvals

I was fully involved in the following

1) Follow up of

a)Plant Equipment Erection, b)Plant Construction including Pipelines Fabrication


2) Reviewing the Operating & Maintenance Manuals of Individual Stationary & Rotating


3) Attending the meetings, Communicating with the Construction Contractors / Engineers /

Consultants / Equipment Vendors etc

4) Participating in the Pre-Commissioning Trial Runs of the various equipment

5) Preparing / Reviewing / Supervising Execution of the procedures and action plans with

Schedules and executing various activities to make the equipment / system

a) Pre-Commissioning b) Commissioning c) De-Commissioning / Mothballing (for the systems plants already in service) d) Re-Commissioning / De-Mothballing (for bringing the system / plant back on stream)

6) Was one of the Interviewing Committee Members on many occasions

7) Was one of the engineers to Evaluate / Apprise the performance of the subordinates

8) Was member of the many Investigation Teams for Minor / Major Incidents / Accidents

9) Trained many Fresh Engineers / Subordinates and made them to work without stress but to

the satisfaction of Company stake holders

I have undergone the following Courses

1) Planning / Decision Making / Delegation / Execution

2) Time Management / Project Management / Stress Management

3) Customer Focus / Prioritization / Coach / Mentor / Men tee

4) Incident / Accident Investigation / Root Cause Analysis

5) Health / Safety / Environment Issues / First Aid

6) Permit To Work System

7) Capital / Operational Budget Preparation / Tracking / Control for Non-Finance Managers

8) Petroleum Engineering Operations for Non-Petroleum Engineers

9) Coiled Tubing Operations / Slick Wire Line Operations

10) Well Production Tests / Gas Oil Ratios / Production Optimization / Reservoir Management

11) Multi Phase Pumping / Natural Gas Processing (Dehydration / Cooling) / High Pressure Compression / Re-Injection into the Reservoir

12) Well Bore Acidization / Fracturing of the Formation

13) Secondary Recovery Methods of the Reservoir (Gas Injection / Water Injection)

14) Production by Artificial Lift Methods (Multistage Submersible Pumps / Gas Lift)

15) Pipelines Cleaning Pigging (Removal of sludge / Salt Water / Internal Scales) / Intelligent Pigging Operations of the Pipelines by Magnetic Flux Leakage Method / Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Method)

16) De-Sludging of Crude Oil Storage Tanks / Separators using Mixers / Agitators / Chemicals / Paraffin Dispersants / Circulating Pumps

17) Chemical Treatment / Chemical Management

18) Produced Water Degassing / De-Oiling / Re-Injection

19) Zero Flaring Philosophy / Low Pressure Vapour Recovery System

20) Natural Gas Compression / Dehydration / Re-Injection into Reservoir

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