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Legal Administrative Assistant

Chicago, IL
March 24, 2023

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Work Experience:

United States Federal Government

Agency: Customs Border and Protection (Rosemont, IL)

Dates: 07/2021 – 09/2022

Job Title: Licensed Import Specialist (6/14/22)

Successfully completed Basic Import Specialist Training with instruction that covered the entry process, classification techniques, value, IPR, country of origin/marking notices, seizure/detention notice/process, FTA verification, loss of revenue, and drawback, etc.

Classified imported merchandise.

Ascertained the dutiable value of imported merchandise, this included analyzing foreign inland freight, freight and insurance figures and determining what can be properly deducted from value of imported goods.

Ascertained if HMF, MPF were correctly calculated on importer accounts during merchandise verification process in ACE.

Determined drug class delineations:

oResearched the applicable HTSUS versions for tariff numbers and ascertained the value of the merchandise.

oUsed the GRIs to guide me in finding complex classifications and mixtures, and reviewed section and chapter notes.

Assisted in the suspension of Section 301 protests.

Completed Free Trade Agreement verifications and product exclusions.

Trained under senior Import Specialists and learned to complete PSCs, VAs, protests, and prior disclosures using ACE and using a variety of other CBP applications.

In May 2022, I was nominated for a JAC award.

Internal Revenue Service (Downer’ Grove, IL)

Dates: 03/2020 – 07/2021

Job Title: Licensed Revenue Officer (July 2020)

Utilized mainframe systems, the Internal Revenue Code, and policy to research and analyze taxpayer financial data.

Detected potential sources of income and assets to satisfy levies, liens, and garnishments.

Examined and determined balances due for 1120s, 940s, 941s, etc.

Calculated Federal Tax Deposit lookback period for penalty assessments against delinquent business taxpayers.

Interviewed taxpayers, set deadlines to file delinquent returns and collect balances due.

USCIS (Arbutus, MD)

Dates: 11/2019 - 02/2020

Job Title: Immigration Services Officer

Interviewed applicants seeking adjust their permanent residency and conditional residency statuses.

Used sensitive systems to detect marriage fraud, and employment fraud.

Obtained fingerprints, photographic pictures, swore in petitioners, beneficiaries and translators, apprised petitioners, and beneficiaries of their legal rights regarding privacy, confidentiality, and use of the facility.

Collecting evidence and supporting documents for adjudication.

Adjudicated cases post-interview using post-system.

Social Security Administration (Chicago, IL)

Dates: 10/2018 - 11/2019

Job Title: Legal Administrative Specialist

Was trained to manually calculated beneficiary rates based on case type. (i.e., disability or retirement or multiple/ dual entitlement).

Was trained to recorded rates in the mainframe system.

Was trained to use specialized system calculators and rate tools based on benefit entitlement types.

Job Title: Legal Assistant (Baltimore, MD)

Reviewed and analyzed cases for evidence sufficiency for ALJ hearings.

Sent untimely requests to paralegal support technicians.

Identified case records that supported favorable reversals.

Composed complex and/or technical correspondence internally and externally.

Processed documentary evidence into the electronic file folders.

Gave priority to aged, terminally ill, and dire need cases.


The Johns Hopkins University (Washington, DC)

Degree Type: Masters; Awarded: 05/2019; GPA: 3.8

Loyola University College of Law (New Orleans, LA)

Degree Type: Juris Doctor; Awarded: 05/2014

Valparaiso University (Valparaiso, IN)

Degree Type: Bachelor’s Degree; Awarded: 06/2007; GPA: 3.3

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