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Energy Center Welder

Grovetown, GA
90.00 dollars a hour is expected pay for welding i
December 06, 2022

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Communicate and work

well with others Able to

preform tasks under


Able to read multiple

types of Blue Prints as

well as computer cad


Qualified and certified in

multiple forms of Cutting

, Welding and

assembling of all types

of steel.

Osha 10 hour and 30

hour training


qualified rigger and

signal man for any tasks

that need to be

performed with a Crain

or any other heavy lifting



To enhance my professional skills, capabilities

and knowledge in an organization which

recognizes the value of hard work and trusts me

with responsibilities and challenges.


Bleacher Builders Incorporated

Job supervisor

Day to day job safety meetings to

discuss possible safety concerns

regarding the tast at hand. Assign task

that need to be performed to at time 20

or 30 employees choosing the right

employee for the task at had. Manage

job for maximum production without

discarding any safety concerns with a

goal of Zero safety violation.


Mercedes Benz Stadium Project

organization of materials and

trucking needed to supply

project with building supplies to

Erect the Exspanding roof

on stadium


2010 - 2012

2008 - 2008

2006 - 2007



Qualified to operate all

Forklifts and any size

Arial Lift

Able to preform tasks

sometimes 800 ft off the

ground able to make fast

decisions about where to

connect multiple peaces

of steel in order to build

the building at hand.

Superior Steel


Working on Rasing Gang building the

Mercedes Benz Stadium

Pittsburgh local 3

Welder/ Fabricator

Helped build the largest Electromagnetic

Furnace in Noth America for a company

called AK steel out of Butler


Shurtlift and Andrew's

Connector for erecting steel to build Coil

Fired Powerhouses

Erecting Steel in order to build 2 different

Powerhouses in 2 locations one in

Hastings Nebraska and another in East

Saint Lewis Missouri

Pittsburgh Local 3 Union Ironworker

Heinz Field Football Stadium

Erecting steel to help build football

stadium as well as weld multiple critical

points that were al tested by Penn dot or

Qualified subcontracted welding



Cranberry Highschool

12th grade graduate


Ironworker local 3 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

4 year apprenticeship program

1st at apprenticeship finals in Las Vegas


Mercedes Benz Stadium

3 year's building the new stadium for The

NFL team Atlanta Falcons for company's

out of Canada called Can-Am as well

as a sister company called Central

Steel. Helped organize the staging

and erection of materials to build

stadium with very little space to

preform tasks everything had to be

planned out so non of the streets in

Atlanta would be shut down.

Nascar Tracks in Atlanta, Kentucky, and

Homestead Florida

Removed seating from Nascar tracks and

installed drink Rails in place of the seats that

we removed so it appeared that the seats were

full at the races for ABC NBC Espn and FOX tv

Air time. Also installed a new kind of seating

for Nascar track in Homestead Florida hoping

to accommodate to the newer generation of

spectators so Nascar fans would want to come

to races. You can view finished project on

Nascar's websites as well as YouTube on

bleacher builders trick my track.

Heinz Field Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Helped build new Football stadium in 2005 for

local union 3 out of Pittsburgh PA

Console Energy Center for Pittsburgh Penguins

Hockey Team

Helped build new Hockey Arena for NHL team

Pittsburgh Penguins in 2008 2009

Coil Fired powerhouses in the mid west

Helped build Coil Fired Powerhouses for a

company out of salt lake city Utah called

Shurtlift and Andrew's from 2008 till 2010 in 3

different locations Hastings Nebraska, East

Saint Lewis Missouri

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