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Budget Analyst Officer

Upper Marlboro, MD
November 26, 2022

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Elaine B. Stone

**** ********** *****

Lanham, MD 20706

301-***-**** (c)


Is to take on new challenges and to broaden and strengthen my leadership expertise.

Employment History

10/2005 -1/11/2014 Retired US Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division,

Salary: $126,251, 40 hours/week (WHD), Branch of Financial Management,

Washington, DC 20210

As the Lead Budget Analyst in the WHD, I was responsible for ensuring the execution and

formulation for several different appropriations. I have performed all facets of budget execution for assigned institutional to support budget accounts. These major accounts consisted of

Salaries & Expenses (S&E), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and the H1-B and H2-B funds

which relates to the polices for immigration and visa as well as other special funded appropriations from Congress. Served as liaison to the Branch Chief, to developed budget estimates necessary to support projects for all related personnel, travel, procurement costs and provide updated supporting documentations. Managed and consolidated all financial data to provide a viable overview of the program operations to ensure availability of adequate funds coverage and to identify possible trends resulting in surplus which eliminates the possibility of shortage of funds. I have performed the following duties:

Coordinated with the program managers in the development and update of formulation, justifications, presentations, executions, and reviewed S&E reimbursable budgets for WHD, analyzed and interpreted legislations, appropriations language, OMB Directives, Treasury directives and guidelines pertaining to the agency budget and related GAO rulings to ensure effective and efficient operation of the Agency

Analyzed and advised WHD management on a variety of complex budget matters and issues, represented WHD on several task forces and interagency committees; crosscut assignments in preparation of budget exhibits and statistical reports related to DOL, OMB, and Congressional requests and submissions through Department E-Budget (DEB) system, quarterly operation budget plan; develop and establishes price criteria for new program proposal; coordinating and research mandatory increases for budget submissions; designed and improved budget execution spreadsheets; and coordinated research of specific sub-object classes for periodic statuses

Independently prepared, reviewed and approved distribution of funding for all apportionments, allotments, and allocations for NO & RO and provided shared funds with the Solicitor Office, and recommended object class adjustments/realignment of funds during the execution and formulation process

Utilized, monitors, and maintains automated budget systems to support budget execution and financial system (Oracle - New Core) and its reporting module

Established and maintained effective and cooperative internal and external working relationships

Independently prepared and monitored monthly and quarterly financial forecasts for WHD’s National and Regional offices and shared accounts with Office of the Solicitors that were factually accurate, logical and coherent in presentation of facts and provided monthly end of year estimate for DBC in the Departmental DEB systems

Reviewed monthly and quarterly SF l33 reports, tracked and resolved all inappropriate issues related to WHD’s resources

Leadership in maintained employment resources; oversee the PeopleSoft system, controlled periodic employment analysis for budget availability and employment ceiling, Interpersonal skills, problem-solving perception, and decision-making skills

Proficient in monitoring the day to day input of hiring, separation and provided accurate projections of FTEs for WHD, produced employment ad-hoc reports; participated in the department’s new HR Connect Systems training with the U. S. Department of Treasury

Conducted comprehensive audits variety of financial reports related to adjustment of expenditures and obligations versus the General Ledger

Participated on the Task Force for new Oracle financial system, provided guidance and expert advised in the development and implementations of the newly acquired financial accounting system, analyzed and troubleshoot problems on financial management of organization programs, coordinated the work of other Departmental financial staff meeting federal accounting and budget requirements essential for conducting user training

Tracked, reviewed and approved purchase requisitions for small procurement and contracts

Attended departmental meetings and briefing regarding budget policies and guidelines related to current and prior fiscal year funding, i.e., WCF, NCFMS, Penalty Mail, SOL, WHD Financial Outreach, and the dissemination of the ESA Program Taskforce

Reviewed and monitored assigned workflow assignments of the budget team, kept budget team abreast of Department and WHD mission and goals; assisted and possible problem solving methodology for using remedial solutions; close examination of critical issues for re-evaluation keeping the supervisor informed of deadline assignment and completion timeframes

11/1987 est. – 10/2005 US Department of Labor, Employment Standards

Salary: $115,742, 40 hours/week Administration (ESA), Office of Management and Administration Program (OMAP), Division of Financial Management (DFM), Branch of Budget Implementation, Washington, DC 20210

As a former Budget Analyst in DFM, BBI, I was responsible for providing leadership and expertise within the ESA Office of Budget monitoring of day-to-day budget operations for WHD, FLSA, PDS and Black Lung IV, OWCP Black Lung III -Trust Fund, OFCCP, OLMS and WCF. These program’s accounts within DOL were funded either by one year appropriation, no year, reimbursable, and other specific Presidential funding. I was the ESA liaison

between the OCFO, DBC, SOL, and each Program Budget Officer. During OMAP leadership, I

ensured all Departmental reporting guidelines were enforced by each Program and kept each

program abreast of budget funding allocations and funding forecasts, any changes or

discrepancies reviewed by the OCFO relayed through the ESA Budget Director. My duties

included budget execution, formulation, and train others as demonstrated in the following:

Projected the development and implementation of managerial cost accounting system supporting the CFO Act of 1990, GPRA, FASABS Federal Accounting Standards for use in developing acceptable allocation methods assigning overhead and program operating cost

Temporarily promoted to Supervisory Branch Chief positions during several rotational assignments due to understaffing

Initiated and constructed ESA program data input for several new financial systems, LEAP, DEB, Oracle; provided pertinent data for controlling funding and employee accountability, met with program heads determining their controlling factors to meet their level of performance for budget reporting, procurement and accountability of payments, compiled data and prepared summary reports to the taskforce of OCFO and DBC officials; scheduled training and provided on-hands instructions to other financial management staff

Developed and created the consolidated ESA Annual Acquisition Plan (AAP) from manual to excel spreadsheet which was later linked and created into a electronic version in the Departmental database as well as the Apportionments, Allotment requests, monthly financial forecasts which was later adopted by the Office of Management and Budget and which is used by all Federal agencies

Proficient in monitored the day to day input of hiring and separation in Peoplepower as well as payroll ad-hoc reports provided from Oracle financial system which related to employees coded accurately to the proper agencies within DOL including accounting codes for different funded account as well as the shared account with SOL

Developed excel spreadsheet, tested and implemented FTE and Employment reports for ESA agency within OPM guidelines

Prepared Interagency Agreements, monitored accounting fund codes for training contracts

Prepared analyses of space rent reports, monitored the expenditures of the FTS 2000 telephone system, prepared advance allocations for ESA Penalty Mail expenditures, monitored leased and purchased meters cost

Coordinated the processing and monitoring of the reimbursable contract agreements between WHD, Solicitors Office, OFCCP, OSHA and Department of Defense (DOD)

Assisted in the design of an automated Payroll/Personnel data system transitioning from the earlier APCS to the Peoplepower System, monitored and implemented FTE usage and employment data; trained new hires to create and prepare financial spreadsheets in Excel; submit allocations and Programs’ operation budget plans; and

Assisted in the development, testing and implementation the design of Automated Position Control System (APCS) which generated reports based upon OPM requirements of Full time Equivalent (FTEs) and Employment; Prepared monthly statistical employment data in graphic presentations to be used in Departmental meeting reflecting the Agency’s hiring trends.

Education and Training

High School Diploma Dunbar High School – Completed 6/1973

Vocational Training Armstrong Vocational School – Completed 6/1973

Other Education Enrollments w/college credits

University of the District of Columbia, University of Maryland, American University, USDA Graduate School, Management Concepts

Completed Training Courses

U.S. Treasury/Human Resource Connect Systems - 2013

Budget Formulation – 8/1987, 8/2012

In-House New Core Financial Management - 2008

In-House OMB A-11- 9/2008

DOD Contracting Officer Representative with a Mission Focus – 9/30/2008

In-House OCFO Governmental Accounting (6 CFE Credits) - 12/2008

Peoplepower System HR and Budget – 1997, 2002, 2005 and 2007

Peoplepower Brio Financial Reporting System - 2005

Department Electronic Budget System - 2003

In-House DEB - 2001

Cost Accounting Concepts in Federal Gov’t Operations – 9/1997

Activity-based Costing (16 CPE Hours) 8/1997

Budget Execution – 9/1987

Introduction Algebra – 8/1984

Principles of Data Process – 8/1984

Basic Programming

Essential Writing (UDC)


Former Supervisor:


Ms. Madeline E. Nelson

Telephone Number: 202-***-**** (C)


Mrs. Eleanor Smith

Telephone Number: 301-***-**** (H)


Ms. Jenell Stith

Cell Number: 301-***-**** (C)


Mr. Christopher Calogero

Telephone Number: 202-***-**** (W)


Mrs. Janice Blake-Green

Telephone Number: 202-***-**** (W)


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