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Postal Service Benefits Analyst

West Palm Beach, FL
November 18, 2022

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Ahumah Tetteh, BS, MS

West Palm Beach FL *****

Telephone: +571-262-11


Analyst with competence in managerial, economic, technical, operational and marketing roles.

Ability to research and resolve problems

Ability to deal confidently and efficiently with operational deadlines and targets

Management experience in a fast paced and pressured environment

Well developed training, motivation and supervisory skills


Nanor and Company Law Reporting Consultancy Services Sept 2016 - Present Gaborone Botswana

Providing consultancy services for Lexis Nexis and Juta Publishing

oSummarizing judgments and creating catchphrases for the Lexis Nexis online law reporting series

oSummarizing Acts, Bills and Regulations published in the Government of Botswana National Gazette for Lexis Nexis.

oStyling and editing of South African Superior court judgments for Lexis Nexis

oCompilation of Forms and Precedents on specialised disciplines in Botswana for Lexis Nexis

oSummarizing judgments and the creation of catchphrases for Juta Publishing.

Nanor and Company Director/Project Manager Sept 2014 – Sept 2016

Gaborone Botswana

Providing consultancy services for the establishment of a Law Reporting Unit within the Court of Appeal for the Government of Botswana.

oCreation of a Judgment database Botswana Law Reports

oDeveloped workflow processes

oDeveloped Job Effectiveness Descriptions for the Unit

oLiason between the Information Technology Department and the Law Reporting Unit

Nanor and Company MIS Consultant Jan 2012 - Present

Gaborone Botswana

Portfolio includes.

oProvide information systems for law firms

oTransition paper systems to electronic-based systems

oLaw firm information management systems

oWebsite and Database design & Development

oSystem development and design

oDeveloped a Commercial Index for the Botswana Law Reports,

United States Embassy

Nairobi, Kenya Economic Officer June 2011 - December 2011


I was responsible for sourcing information, cyber security and the writing of highly sensitive cables and reports on the following projects

oGlobal Health Initiative Liaison

oFeed the Future Initiative; Food Security Collective.

oLow Emission Development Strategy/ Environment

oAgriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

oGlobal Alliance for Clean Cook stoves

o Lake Victoria Basin Commission

oTrans – Boundary water issues, water rights, sanitation and hygiene, A-WASH

oScience, Technology, NASA and Mapping


United States Embassy

Nairobi, Kenya DPO Supervisor July 2009 – July 2011

I managed the transition of the US Army Postal Service to a US Diplomatic Post Office.

I assumed legal and financial responsibility for all accountable equipment for the United States Postal Service (USPS) supplies and stamp stocks. Additionally;

o Responsible for training and supervision of postal clerks in the handling of mail as specified in APO regulations.

oPerformed consolidation of clerk daily transactions and forwarded data via RCU transmission.

oMaintained records of all financial transactions of APO and checked that at end of day all safes and required contents were secured.

oAssisted clerks with customer service; preparation of insured, certified, and return receipts for customers; Delivery and retrieval of APO mail to and from airport; distribution of incoming mail according to APO regulations;

oMaintained current files of insured and certified mail received; ensured that custom clearance procedures were followed; responsible for the maintenance of APO eligible customer database, including mail forwarding procedures; notification of APO users when they have insured/certified mail to retrieve in APO

oPreparation of AV-7s and submission of all APO related/requested reports as necessary in a timely manner.

Management Science for Health (MSH) MIS Consultant Sept 2008 – June 2009

Nairobi, Kenya

Provided MIS consultant services to acquire, package and deliver timely strategic malaria commodity information acquired from various commodity supply and information sources. Effectively involved evaluating user needs and devising solutions with to the supply chain of malaria commodities.Specific activities included;

oSelection of additional indicators against which MSH can provide malaria commodity reports

oPre-appraisal of existing supply chain that supports malaria commodities as well as the proposed LMIS system

oDesign of a malaria commodity component of the MSH database following a determination of which MIS fields to incorporate

oMapping out of methodology required to, (1) acquire LMIS data from the LMU; and (2) how to routinely collect data on other selected indicators, including the development of data collection tools for gathering data on other selected indicators.

oAuditing of planned LMIS trainings and system roll out, the findings of which were used to adjust database design and methodologies for data acquisition.

oPre-testing of data acquisition methodology including data collections tools

oThe finalization of malaria commodity component of MSH database

oDevelopment of Standard Operating Procedures for MSH staff responsible for data acquisition, data management and report writing

Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) MIS Consultant Jul 2008 – Aug 2008

Wellcome Trust, Nairobi, Kenya

Provided MIS consultant services to the modeling and estimation of drug and commodity needs for malaria within the Government of Kenya health sector

oUpdated the Kenya National Health Facility Database

oAnalysed the Drug Procurement procedures at all levels of the Health sector

oAnalysed existing databases and information systems namely (1) Department of Malaria Control Drug

Distribution database, ( 2) Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) Drug Distribution Database and (3) KEMSA Logistic Management Information System (LMIS)

oAnalysis and reporting of System capabilities for capturing information

Princeton Review, Chicago, IL, USA Site Director Jan 2006 – Dec 2008

Prepared lesson plans, kept portfolios of students’ work and prepared students for major examinations such as SAT, ACT, PSAT and TOEFL at site of operation and provided consultative educational services for Princeton Review, a US Government Educational Service.

“America Reads” Challenge/Campaign (University Of Illinois), Chicago, IL, USA Graduate Assistant Sept 2005 – Dec 2008

Mentored and supervised graduate teaching assistants

I taught middle school Math and English.

Provided services, including tutorial assistance that enabled students to reach their educational goals.

Provided educational support to students with academic difficulties, provided an ‘options analysis’ and developed plans to improve these students’ learning efforts and resolve academic problems and assisted with preparations for major exams.

Metropolitan Health Insurance Company, Accra, Ghana Systems Analyst Jun 2000 – Oct 2001

Developed technical proposals for new systems to ensure efficiency of operations

Developed detailed system designs with appropriate modules for the varied health insurance departmental requirements

Provided programming services to ensure attainment of functional requirements

Monitored systems and system tests

Provided systems support to various organizational departments for all aspects of health claims processing e.g. Membership, Claims, Benefits, Provider, Pricing and Processing and authorized claims for payment.

Vanguard Assurance Limited, Accra, Ghana Deputy Marketing Manager (including systems) Jan 1997 – May 2000

Developed health insurance claims processing system (development of databases, standard operating procedures (SOPs)) for benefits and pricing, policy requirements, membership requirements, service provider relations, collection of medical data for premium quotations and development of marketing strategies)

Provided strategic direction and technical guidance for claims processing.

Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Albany, NY, USA Associate Senior Systems Analyst Mar - Dec 1997

Developed proposals for new systems

Developed detailed system designs

Programming using TOPPS benefit syntax to ensure that functional requirements have been met

Planning and execution of system tests

Provision of implementation support for the installation of and conversion to a new or modified system

Assisted in the development of detailed project plans

Provided ongoing support for the analysis, design, and programming of modifications to production systems

Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Albany, NY Business Systems Analyst Sept 1994-Mar 1997

Oversaw benefit analysis, configuration and loading of rates and fees into system

Provided technical support to Membership and Billing department, Claims department

Provided liaison for corporate provider file with TOPPS system

Provided services for the loading of providers into system, maintenance and implementation of medical policy into system, training of personnel in new processing procedures and benefits.

Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Albany, NY, USA DBM/Benefits Analyst Jun - Sept 1994

Served as officer for maintenance of CS90 Databases (provided demographic, health care service, health care diagnosis, peer customary, provider schedules); ICS rate files (VA Hops. & New Jersey DRG); contract definitions and scopes; plasmo, autocoder, value function tables.

Provided services including material review, problem identification, investigation and resolution

Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Albany, NY, USA Associate PLASM Analyst May 1992 - May 1994

Created simple contract benefit adjudication processes using the CR90 LRSP PLASM statements and language translator

Reviewed benefits documentation

Created and reviewed unit test data

Identified required updates to LRSP support files (e.g. DBM, Membership, Encode/ Decode tables)

Fleet Bank (Personal Income Tax Department), Menands, NY, USA Group Leader Jun 1992 – May 1997


Processed corporate and personal income tax

Trained and supervised employees in processing of income taxes

Maintained quality control of work

Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Albany, NY Claims Examiner Jul 1988 - May 1992

Audited settled medical and surgical insurance claims to determine that payments and settlements were in accordance with company policy

Provided services for data analysis in support of claim settling. This included the substantiation of validity of claim payments

Reported overpayments, underpayments and other claim irregularities

E.F. Hutton, Albany, NY, USA Intern Jan 1987 - Dec 1987

Designed and implemented strategies for analyzing client portfolios (analysis of research materials; located stock ideas; mastered the Bunker Ramo system; attained a complete understanding of mutual funds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, zero convertibles, annuities and insurance)

Key Services Corporation, Albany, NY, USA Items Processing Specialist Jul 1986 - Jan 1987

Processed corporate and income tax forms as well as payments made by firms and individuals


University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, USA May 2008

Master of Science in Management Information Systems

University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, USA May 2005

Bachelor of Science in Economics

St Andrews College, Dublin, Ireland May 1983

Leaving Certificate


Eric Whitaker Economic Counselor, U.S. Embassy Nairobi, Kenya +254********* Ext 6051

Jessica Davis Ba

Deputy Economic Counselor, U.S. Embassy Nairobi Kenya +254********* Ext 6637

Joe Murphy: Permanent Rep, U.S. Embassy Nairobi, Kenya +245********* Ext 6304

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