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Fork Lift Retail Stock

Woodbridge, VA
27. 00 dollars and hour
October 29, 2022

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Vikki Johnson 757-***-****

Professional Summary

Stock selection, stow, research, location survey,physical inventory, material handling, material examining and identifying, packing, KITS, and operating Material Handling Equipment (MHE). I also Receive and process incoming shipments.

Core Strengths

• I can coordinate with the planning and engineering team, work packaging team, production shops and inventory control points on materials needed for various material categories.

• I can expedite material schedules for conversion, overhaul and repair of mechanical, hydraulic and/or electrical parts and/or sub-components.

• I monitor and evaluates material usage and customer demand patterns to recommend retail stock levels of Mission Support Material (MSM).

• Provide supply technical guidance to the project team personnel in resolving material problems and issues when they arise.

• Monitor shelf life items in stock, ensuring materials are replenished if shelf life expires.

• I know how to write responses to supply and inventory inquiries and assist with problem resolution.

• Perform an independent verification that all materials ordered were received and utilized at completion of work/project for compliance.

. Stock selection, stow, research, location survey, physical inventory, material handling, material examining and identifying, packing, and operating Material Handling Equipment

. Receives, unloads and processes incoming shipments. Checks documentation against container or packing labels

. Follows established procedures in reporting over, short, misdirected, or damaged materials

. Pack and /or preserves a variety of items

. Determines the materials, containers, devices and/or preservatives needed

. Assembles items for shipment in the loading area according to information provided on the shipping requests and checks the condition of shipping containers prior to loading

. Ensure shipments are properly loaded onto right conveyances

. Counts types and quantities of items during inventories, and maintains tally listings during the count

. Recounts or searches other storage locations to assist in determining the basis for over, short, or misplaced items

. Operates one or more types of material handling equipment such as standard type forklift, I have (MHE) license to operate in warehouse

Carson Warehouse 08/2015 - Present

Chesapeake Bay Steel 07/2013 – 08/2015

Operations Supervisor: Systems & Procedures, data manager and Organizational development

Shipping/Receiving Leadership: Dedicated and innovative management professional with experience in management of shipping and receiving. Enthusiastic team leader with the ability to establish positive work environment. Adaptable and flexible problem solver with the ability to anticipate and preempt issues to minimize or eliminate negative impacts on the organization.

Organized shipping and receiving manager dedicated to the comprehensive and accurate coordination of shipping routes. Skilled at providing detailed record and processing customer orders and facilitating shipment and equipment. Extensive experience working in a fast past shipping environment. Responsible for checking all incoming material to include all steel and parts. Actively organize and maintain the shipping yard to keep it safe from all hazards. Monitor and update all material to be shipped and received using excel, Microsoft Word to ensure all loads are delivered in a timely manner. Specific and core accomplishments include:

Shipping and Receiving Manager

Scheduled and performed all daily tasks associated with shipping and receiving

Certified Fork Lift operator and driver

Monitor productivity and assist workers with productivity problems

Familiar with DOT regulations or knowledge of moving goods via the roadway.

Track and trace all orders to ensure on-time arrival for all inbound and outbound shipments

Decreased the amount of Overs, Shorts, and Damages; none reported in an eight month period

Decreased late shipments; no late shipments for 15 months

Increased productivity by improving employee scheduling

Xylem Inc. 9/2011 – 07/2013

Supply TECH.

Core Strengths

Serves as supply tech and dispatcher for Xylem Inc.

● I perform in depth research and causative analysis when discrepancies are identified as a result of physical inventories, denials, reports of survey and customers complaints

● I can generate, financial liability investigation of property loss report in accordance with policy and procedures

● I can identify and intitates new procedures to reduce inventory record error rate, streamline inventory process, and comply with agency guidance

● Can correct material management transaction such as financial and physical record to eliminate errors

● Review the receipt, storage, and issue of functional and systemic process to identify material handling weaknesses

● Arranges special inventories to reconcile accountable records

● I can plan and make schedules for unusual, complete, closed, sample and ad HOC inventories

● Conducts investigations for items thought to be lost, damaged or destroyed

● I can assist the customer response team with investigation when record imbalances and losses

. Coordinates corrections with functional managers and ICP

. Present and discusses problem and resolution

. Participates in meeting with depot personnel

. Demonstrate exact movements while precision setting loads onto or into other objects

. Skilled in operating cranes and booms, as single units or in tandem

. Ability to compensate for ship movements as affected by wind, tide, and wave action due to weather conditions

. Demonstrate manual dexterity and skill in moving levers

. Ability to install various attachments, such as hooks and taglines, or draglines

. Knowledge of various materials, and ability to judge weight

. Knowledge of and rapid response to correct hand signals given by a signalman

. Ability to stow cargo in ships and Seavans

. Ability to provide safety to crew at all times

. Knowledge of the strengths of wires used to hitching and swinging cargo

. Ability to handle and use Military and Industrial equipment

. Ability to read and understand written direction and forms


Bachelor of Business Administration Trident University International


Jair Mcgee 757-***-****

Annye Caldwell 601-***-****

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