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Military Police k9

Philadelphia, NY
October 27, 2022

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Seeking a position with a winning organization by utilizing and expanding upon related skills, knowledge, and capabilities.


[Military Police/Military Working Dog Handler] [Combat Engineer] and Military Veteran with a [Secret Security Clearance] and [5] years of proven experience in the United States Army. Accomplished measurable results while leading teams of [4] in a dynamic, fast - paced environment. Possess a comprehensive background in [Broad Areas of Knowledge and Experience] derived from conducting domestic and global operations in [the republic of South Korea]. Certified and experienced in Mobility, Counter Mobility and Survivability and employment of Improvised/ Military Grade explosives for demolition and US combat operation purposes. Served as an asset to the protection and safety of United States Officials [US President/ US Secretary of Defense], Managed risk upon multiple lines of security to protect high value assets, property, and equipment alongside a well-trained MWD. While meeting the expectations of senior leader. Possess extensive knowledge in [training and developing to maintain a 95% accuracy rate in detection skills of an Explosive/Narcotics Detection MWD]. Recipient of multiple awards for outstanding performance and professionalism.

Self-motivated and highly decorated U.S. Army Military Police Officer/ K9 Handler, with secret government clearance, transitioning from the military police corps to civilian law enforcement/ K9 training. Expected day of departure from the Army is 15 March 2022. Determined to take my knowledge, and experience and apply it towards a career within a city, country, or state K9 agency. Currently taking college level courses toward a general studies associate’s degree. In depth field training, and experience in patrolling U.S. military installations to maintain good order and discipline. Experience as a Military Working Dog Handler/ Trainer. Subject matter expert in Military Mobility, counter Mobility and Survivability while employing US Military grade explosives in any kind of environment.


•Good with animals

•Daily care and grooming

•Kennel cleaning and maintenance

•Keeping dogs fit through daily physical training and exercise

•Furnish briefs and presentations to Army leadership explaining what our dogs can bring to the mission

•Administrative duties, such as record keeping

•Training and Development

•Policy Implementation

•Trained in using specific dogs for public control for locating narcotics or bombs.

•Well trained in both methods and techniques of civil service and law enforcement.

•How to maintain obedience and control aggression

•Searching, scouting and patrolling

•"Conditions under gunfire."

•Patrol Drug Detector Dog (PDDD) handler

•Patrol Explosive Detector Dog (PEDD) handler

•Patrol Explosive Detector Dog- Enhanced (PEDD-E) handler

•Health and Welfare searches

•Law and Order operations

•Installation Force Protection and Law and Order support

•VIP support (Secret Service)

•Customs support

•Employment of US Military grade explosives


U.S Army – Fort Drum, New York 2020 – 2021

U.S. Army – Daegu, South Korea 2018 – 2020

Team Leader

Responsible for the care and training service dog, which contributes to combat operations abroad and installation security by providing target odor detection (Explosive/Narcotics). Directed of 4 staff responsible for the maintenance of the kennels, verifying and maintaining Military Working Dog welfare and records documentation. And ensuring training exercises and performance evaluations on a daily basic.

•Patrolled with dogs keeping a positive presence and detecting and deterring any potential criminal activity

•Military Police/ Military Working Dog Handler.

•Ensured all laws rules and regulations were followed in the installation.

•Patrolled with dogs keeping a positive presence and detecting and deterring any potential criminal activity.

•Teamed with trained dogs to enforce laws and regulations.

•Additional duty or responsibility with results.

Additional Military Job Title/s

•Explosive’s Custodian

•Fire Marshal

•Building and Administrative Key Custodian

•Veterinary Representative

•Supply Room Custodian

•Lead Trainer/ Supervisor


UNITED STATES ARMY – Ft Lewis WA, 2015– 2017

Combat Engineer

•Operated and maintained large Military Route Clearance vehicles in garrison and on field training exercises.

•Utilized and Qualified Weapons with an (Expert Marksmanship Validation) such as M4, M320, M249, M240, Mk19, and M2.

•Conducted weekly training exercises in Mobility, Counter Mobility and Survivability.

•Daily training in explosive components and squad tactics

•Trained in the employment of US Military grade Explosives in different environments

•Trained in different types of Reconnaissance while impeding or facilitating military movement.


Off leash course (E-Collar) – Fort Leonard wood, MO 2021

Course Highlights:

•Equipment fitting and operation

•E- Collar Conditioning

•Off leash Obedience,

•Off leash Detection.

K9 Behavior and Decoy Techniques – Camp Walker South Korea 2019

Course Highlights:

•Maintaining and proper fitting of aggression training equipment.

•Use of proper decoy and training techniques.

•Dog Behavior and different drives.

Military Working Dog Handlers Course - Lackland AFB, TX 2018

MWD Handler Course Highlights:

•Maintaining and caring for MWD.

•Use of MWD.

•Training and Utilization of Explosive and Narcotic Detection Dogs.

•Training and utilization of Patrol/Attack Dogs.

U.S. Army Military Police School - Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 2017

MP training highlights:

•Security Police Training

•Civil disturbances

•Conflict Management

•Situational Awareness

•Use of Force

•Weapons Handling

U.S. Army Combat Engineer Advance Individual Training (AIT) - Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 2015

Combat Engineer highlights:

Explosive component Training

Mine field and Route Clearing training

Explosive employment and demolition

Identifying types and purpose of different mines

Security and prevention of vehicle borne explosives

Operating different types of mine detectors

John H. Pitman High School 2008-2011

High School Diploma

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