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Front Desk Administrative Secretary

Los Angeles, CA
October 20, 2022

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Diana R. Codrington (J.P.)

Member of the Justice of The Peace Commission (Belize)











Working effectively and professionally, as a team player in any company or organization.

“I am for lifting everyone off the social bottom. In fact, I am for doing away with the social bottom altogether” – Clare Boothe Luce, 1903-1987.


University of the West Indies, Open Campus, Belize

September 2005 – July 2008

B.Sc. Management Studies (Hons.)

University of Belize, City of Belmopan, Belize

August 2001 – December 2004 (Deferred)

B.Sc. in Applied Science – Information Technology

University of the West Indies, School of Continuing Studies, Belize

August 1997 – June, 2000

Certificate in Business Administration (CBA)

Wabash Valley College, Mt. Carmel, Illinois, United States of America

August 1993 – June, 1995

Assoc. in Applied Science - Electronics/Telecommunication Technology

Belize Technical College, Belize City, Belize

August 1989 – June, 1991

Certificate in Basic Electrical Engineering

Belmopan Comprehensive High School, City of Belmopan, Belize

September 1985 – May, 1989

Diploma in Business Studies


2011 May – Present - The Shepherd's Academy (Private Elementary School - Belmopan City, Belize – Principal

*Daily Supervision and Management of Teaching and Auxiliary Staff

*School facilities management

*Set-up and maintaining Student's Records (Database management)/

Set-up Computerized Filing System at TSA

*Education Administration – conducting registration and


*Supervision of examinations

*Recruiting of Staff

*Preparation of Student’s Handbook

*Monitor of class sessions

*Development and Publishing of Annual Reports for TSA

*Facilitating Staff Activities and Training Workshops

*Photocopying/Faxing/Electronic Mailing

*Keeping School's Inventory up-to-date

*Supervise and monitor student's activities

*Checking and evaluating School's Yearly plan

*Checking and evaluating teachers’ weekly plans

*Coordinating all school's activities and events

*Responding to Teachers and Students problems

*Receiving, preparing and dispatching of correspondences on behalf

of the School Management

*Purchasing and acquisitions – sundry and material

*Communicating and Liaising between Management, Parents and


*Arranging meetings between Staff/Management/PTA and

Government Representative

*Reporting and recording of Minutes of Meetings

*Production of Certificates, Brochures, and Reports

* Accounting - Daily/Monthly/Annual

*Collection of Fees/Accounts Receivable

*Salary Payments/Accounts Payable

*Banking (Depositing)

2009 August – October - UWI Open Campus, Belize; formerly UWI School of Continuing Studies - Acting Sr. Administrative Secretary – UWI Open Campus, Belize:

*Front Desk Duties – accepting and responding to student queries

* Managing the operations of the Main Office

* Supervision and management of auxiliary staff

* Receiving, preparing and dispatching of correspondences on

behalf of the Centre’s Head

* Coordinating on sites events and activities

* Purchasing and acquisitions – sundry and material

* Preparation/Arrangement/Coordinating of travel plans for Head of

Centre, staff and other visitors to the University

* Managing rental and use of Centre’s facilities

* Managing Security personnel and coordinating visits to Centre

* Liaising between Head Office and Country Sites

* Arranging meetings and managing appointments for Centre’s Head

* Reporting and recording of Minutes of Meetings

1999-2000 Lan Data Inc. of Belize, Belize City - Network Administrator (Part -Time):

* Installation, Configuration and Management of LAN Network

* Train staff members to use the Network effectively and


1997 June – December - UWI Open Campus, Belize; formerly UWI School of Continuing Studies Acting Assistant Supervisor/Program

Coordinator – UWI, School of Continuing Studies (Part –Time):

* Distance Education Administration – conducting Registration and

Orientations, Supervision of Examinations and Recruiting of Local


* Preparation of Local Course Outline

* Preparation of Student’s Handbook

* Monitor of class sessions

* Coordinate UWISCS inter office activities

* Hosted UWI SCS Radio Program

* Setup Filing System

* Development and Publishing of Annual Reports for UWI Open

Campus, Belize

1997 – 2010 UWI Open Campus, Belize; formerly UWI School of Continuing Studies - Site’s Technician/Network Administrator:

* Installation, Configuration, Maintenance and Management of LAN


* Installation and Configuration of Teleconferencing System for

Distance Education Learning

* General Maintenance of all office equipment – Computers,

Printers, Projectors, Photo-copier, Net Runner, Hub/Switch,


* Installation and configuration of Application Software (Computer-

lab and Main Office).

* Keep Inventory Log for University’s Equipment.

* Set-up UWISCS Student’s Database

* Set-up Computerized Filing System at UWI

* Tutoring of Introduction to Computers locally and for the Distance


* Setup, Install and Maintain iDirect VSAT equipment.

* Conduct Computer Training for staff and student in E-Learning,

Networking and Electronic Filing

* Server Configuration, Backup, File Sharing and Maintenance.

* Production of Certificates, Brochures, Reports and Handbooks.

1995 Belize Telecommunication Limited, Belize City - Pay-Phone Technician (Part -Time):

* Pay–phone Installation and Maintenance

* Activation of pagers and cellular phones

* Maintenance of trunking and cables for International Switching

Central Office

1991 – 1992 Civil Aviation, Government of Belize, Ladyville - Assistant Air Traffic Control Officer

* Aeronautical Information Dissemination

* Revenue Collection and Deposits

* Flight Planning

* Run-Way Inspection

* Controlling of Air Traffic in and out the P.W.Goldson International

Airport Terminal

1992 – 1993 Belize Electricity Limited, Belize City - Assistant Meter Lab Technician:

* Repairing/Calibrating/Adjusting/ Issuing of - Westinghouse and

GE – kWh (Single Phase/3-phase) Meters

* Filing - Meter Records

* Keeping Installation and Maintenance Log

* Supervision of Meter Lab from time to time.

SKILLS: Additional Courses/Certification (Short Courses):

* Network Administration (UWI – SCS Belize)

* Administrative Law (UWI – SCS Belize)

* Introduction to Linux Workshop

* Technician’s Training Workshop (UWI – St. Augustine Campus,


* Customer Service Training (Kinich Institute of Training Ltd.)

* Contract Law, Business Law, Estate & Trust Law, Property & Land

Law and Criminal Law (UWI – SCS Belize)

* Leadership Training (Leadership Center of the Americas)

* File Management (UWI – SCS Belize)

* Supervisory Management (UWI – Open Campus, Belize)

* Project Management (UWI – Open Campus, Belize)

* CIWil Women Leadership Training (Leadership for Gender Justice in

the Caribbean)

* Belize Teacher's Certification

* Computer Aided drafting skills (Auto CAD).

* Desktop Publishing Skills

* Basic Programming in C++, Visual Basic

* Windows 2007/Windows Vista/ Windows XP/ Windows 2000/Windows 2010

Windows NT 4.0 /Windows 98 Operating System Software Installation and


* Windows Office Software Suite/Microsoft Teams

* Quick Books Application Software Usage

* Internet Communication Configuration and Use

* Electronic Workbench

* Modem Installations and Configuration

* Programming and Operation of Robotics and Automation

* Programming of Business Telephone Systems/Zoom

* Central Office Operations (Telephony)

* Tutoring

* Small Business Management Skills

* Motor Vehicle Operation (Automatic and Standard Transmission)

* Residential Electrical Installation (Electrician Technician License – Belize)

Community Activities (Home Country - Belize)

1985 to 2000 Active Member Blackman Eddy Women’s Group

1996 –1998 Chairperson – Blackman Eddy Village Council

2010 - 2012 Chairperson – Blackman Eddy Village Council

1998- 2000 Treasurer – Blackman Eddy Village Council

2003 to 2012 Manager – Blackman Eddy Community Softball Team

2008 to 2012 Director – Reconstruction and Development Board

2010 to 2012 Secretary – District of Village Council Association- Cayo

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