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Maintenance Supervisor

Bloomington, IL
October 17, 2022

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Normal, IL 217-***-**** HEAD OF MAINTENANCE

Accomplished and effective maintenance leader with a proven track record ensuring timely installation and upkeep of the company’s property and systems in order to ensure operational effectiveness. Talent for implementing cost saving measures and limiting the utilization of outside contractors. Recognized for providing exceptional customer service and improving processes in a timely manner. CORE COMPETENCIES

Operational Efficiency Strong Interpersonal Skills Quality Assurance Creative Problem-Solving Team Leadership Resource Allocation Optimizing Process Improvement Cross-Functional Communication Preventive Maintenance Project Execution Decision-Making Vendor Management RELATED EXPERIENCE

American Repair and Maintenance -Midwest United States 06/2020 – 02/2022 Maintenance and repair of commercial properties. Worked individually or as a team leader to successfully install, repair, or maintenance as dictated by the commercial company in accordance with their specific requirements. Trained new and old team members in the latest of new techniques to make the jobs easier, faster, and more effective, as well as a cost savings to the commercial property owners. Utilized heavy equipment to complete the jobs which included plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, displays, and floor repairs. Key Accomplishments:

• Successfully trained key staff on the usage of heavy-duty plumbing equipment to repair the commercial property.

• Delivered unparalleled service that resulted in savings and time management. Estimated savings was approximately $500,000 and savings on Overtime was reduced by approximately 40%. Motivated other maintenance professionals and unparalleled training to other maintenance techs and providing and walking techs through phone conference to identify the problems they may have found and walking them step by step for a successful resolution to their maintenance issues.


Chasewood of Jupiter– Jupiter, Fl 2019-2020

Head of Maintenance

Oversee all maintenance activities up to homeowners’ doorsteps. Lead a team of maintenance professionals in taking care of properties associated with the homeowner’s association. Utilize heavy equipment to complete jobs including power washers and other machinery. Responds to the needs of homeowners quickly and effectively. Key Accomplishments:

• Successfully implemented cost-saving measures that led to a reduction in spending of $.5M for maintenance activities and by limiting the use of outside contractors.

• Delivered unparalleled customer service by increasing communication and implementing solutions and improvements as needed.

• Motivated other maintenance professionals by providing assistance and expertise with mechanical and technical problems that they encountered.

• Recognized for hands-on management of all maintenance and upkeep of the HOA. Parke Residence – Bloomington, IL 2013-2018

Head of Maintenance

Oversaw all maintenance activities including everything from electrical work to plumbing to HVAC. Josef Wehlauch Page 2

Key Accomplishments:

• Ensured the roof, basement, and systems maintaining computer control devices were in working order and pristine condition at all times.

• Recognized for tackling issues quickly and carefully, while providing exceptional mechanical and technical expertise.

Illinois Department of Corrections – Pontiac and Springfield, IL 1989-2013 Staff Development Specialist

Built strong relationships and developed rapport with countless individuals within the organization. Additionally, maintained and updated training programs as needed and ensured that all training materials were present before, during, and after training sessions.

Key Accomplishments:

• Completed over 160 certified classes and managed 130 cadets per six-week cycle, eight times a year as the class advisor.

• Helped offenders learn skills for various trades and skillsets including; basic construction, electrical, plumbing, concrete work, drywalling, tiling, cabinetry, finishing work, landscaping maintenance, welding, and soldering electronic components.

• Conducted the monthly, quarterly, and yearly inventory of equipment assigned to the training academy.

• Proud Member of the Illinois Law Enforcement Standards Association and the American Corrections Association.

U.S. Army – Fort Bragg, NC 1981-2013


Started career as an infantryman and member of the 82nd Airborne Division. Promoted to a member of the intelligence team and then, special operations and communications while possessing a Top Secret needs to know clearance level. Operated, maintained, and repaired COM and SEC radio equipment. Gathered and disseminating intelligence. Oversaw communication security including encrypting radio signals. Additionally, was deployed to many areas around the world and was exposed to numerous cultures, communities, and situations. Key Accomplishments:

• Proud Member of the 82nd Airborne Division and 5th Special Forces Unit.

• Trained and led over 10,000 soldiers in various duties in the span of career.

• Oversaw the spending and allocation of over $750M for food, computers, and other resources needed for missions.

• Saved the military an average of $30M that was later used for the purchasing of newer equipment.

• Successfully communicated and built rapport with community elders to complete missions and assignments.

• Supervised troops responsible for building communities and schools in different areas and led them in defending themselves while protecting non-combatants.

• Led a 6-12-man team in various hot spots while enduring 30-90-day deployments in hostile countries. EDUCATION & CERTIFICATIONS

Masters in Wildlife Inland Management

Illinois State University of Springfield

Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science

Fayetteville State University

Bachelor of Science (BS), Criminal Justice

Fayetteville State University

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