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Training Assistant Administrative

Westwood, MA
July 29, 2022

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CELL: 617-***-****


A experience management and communication, independent QuickBooks. result interpersonal driven in and/with fast and analytical, or paced skills various self-collaborative motivated shown environments. financial and to problem develop manner. bilingual documentation. Proven solving strong Proficient (Spanish-track skills. relationships A record speaking) with fast-Able paced Microsoft to of present enhancing with professional learner internal Suite; solutions with client i.e. and with strong Word, relationships to external over complex organization, Excel, 16 clients. years Power challenges and of Strong assisting Point, time administrative in management, Outlook, an senior and WORK EXPERIENCE

The Mass. Council on Compulsive Gambling Boston, MA April 2009- February 2016 Assistant • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Responsible Promoted Oversaw Managed Scheduled Accountable Generated Reconciled Collaborated Main Managed Provide Multi-Leveraged point managed to resolutions accounts employee a the within conferences, the Microsoft high of accounting for for with contact Fiscal general various ensuring volume generating the Fiscal receivables timesheets to Director Suite: company for ledger complex and time-meetings, of Director Spanish-all incoming Outlook, custody the expenses sensitive on and numerous and company’s challenges a to speaking and yearly accounts to schedules keep Word, calls from ensure ad projects basis hoc and accounting times general in Excel clients external payables an appointments accuracy built in with for ad accordance and ledger relationships hoc exceeding demanding vendors PowerPoint files for manner up audit for to to were expectations their the date deadlines inspections with to paid Fiscal communicate, and pay clients in organized Director a of timely which on prior a daily report manner passed roles basis and consistently present to managers The Office • • • • • • • • • Collaborated Supervised Organized Maintained Established Performed Arranged Supervised Ensured Hyde Manager Square timely office and administrative youth part-and and with maintained and maintenance assessed maintained time Task ages Finance accurate cleaning 15-Force inventory 19 duties; Manager, Outlook strong follow-and in staff volunteer Boston, repairs i.e. rapport database and of ups Executive answer organizational youth to MA as admistrative client with needed with phones, cleanup director vendors inquiries over assets scheduled crews 100 support and and incoming/internal service projects events, departments providers outgoing input September data, email providing managed communication 2007- administrative meeting December logistics support 2008 Air Bilingual • • • • • • Responsible Accountable Increased Oversaw Generated Meticulously Tran Ticket Airways flight customer and for for examined Agent bookings issued servicing ensuring Boston, satisifaction required passenger of that passengers a MA high FAA documentation and volume documentation rules retention in both and of customers regulations English rates for in customers order by and on resolving were Spanish a to daily assign (followed tickets, basis customer boarding travel by all challenges insurance passengers passes January securely swiftly policies, 2003- and and December rationally itineraries) …Continued 2004 Page 2 of 2

• • • • World Bilingual • • • • • • • • Accurately Responded Leveraged Maintained Main Managed Advised Prepared Accountable Determined Prepared Generated destinations Wide point Client customers customized a bills, manifests public-informed of high Flight to computerized methods for contact Service a invoices high arranging volume address Services on volume customers showing database for of Representative transportation and shipment of Spanish-inventories systems insurance containers other of baggage, Boston, with inquiries of speaking shipping travel to accurate coverage announce and for of mail, MA available regarding times, shipment payment documents clients freight external for transportation arrival goods passenger which schedules, to methods weights, various data and being have departure to number vacancies locations accommodations, helped exported connections, best meet of increase information in around passengers their order medical September sales individual the to procedures provide in globe and in and English Latino transmitted visa needs/2007- availability and and requirements markets policies requirements Spanish December data info to 2008 EDUCATION

Millennium Administrative Training Assistant Institute II Certificate Received 2009 Morgan Administrative Memorial Assistant Goodwill I Certificate Received 2007 Salem General State Prerequisite College Courses Attended 1998-1999

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