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Chemical Engineer Plant Manager

Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan
July 28, 2022

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Dr. Eng. Abdullah Dayyat

**** ******** **.***. **** S

FallsChurch,VA 22041

Cell: : 703-***-****


Seeking an executive position with an aggressive industrial firm or governmental agency in Human resources development & Training. I offer a wealth of relevant industrial experience such as Plant Health, Pharmaceutical industry, air pollution. Skilled in management of multi million dollar industrial companies. Self-motivated, troubleshooter, ambitious to develop work environment & communication skills. Engineering and Training Manager with over 11years of successful experience in Management and development .Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success in pharmaceutical industry .Strengths in management and leadership backed by training in Pharmaceutical industry .


Ph. D. (Engineering Management): University of Beverly Hills. Los Angeles,CA.1985

1-Professional Development completed in industrial engineering .

2-Member of Jordan Engineering Association

3-Continuing education in Engineering Management .

4-Majored in (Decision in Making in Engineering Management).

5- Dissertation(Decision Making in Engineering Management)

B. Sc. (Chemical Engineering): Alexandria University. Alexandria, Egypt. 1967

1-Minored I -Soap production from wax -distillite.

2-Majored in (Chemical Engineering )

3-Awarded B.Sc. from Alexandria University -Egypt


Academic Adviser: Saudi Embassy -Cultural Mission :

Starting : Dec.10.2006 – 10/31/2020

1-Answered students inquiries and resolved problems related to curriculum and course prerequisites.

2-Helped students with initial adjustment to University academic life and interpreted institutions policies and requirements .

3-conducted academic advisement services for students on reoccurring basis to maintain educational progression .

4- instructed over 350 students in ESL environment to master English Language.

Provided support and guidance to students experiencing academic and personal troubles .

5-coordinated follow-up and student outreach to monitor academic progress for at-risk students .

6- mentored students ‘offering advice and support on topic selection, appropriateness and academic value .

7-assisted students in selecting courses to align with interests and abilities.

8- received and reviewed transcripts to determine eligibility for admission to college or specific programs.

Acting General Manager: Integrated Medical ProductsC0., Amman, Jordan. 1995-6.

Supervised the establishment of the company and the manufacturing plant.

Supervised the management and technical staffing of the company (60 employees).

Deputy General Manager: Advanced Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Amman, Jordan, 1995-6.

Established a three-year purchasing and production strategy for the company.

President/Managing director (Owner): Modern Co. For Industry & International Trade. Amman, Jordan. 1992–2003

Planned & Lead the execution of production and domestic and international marketing strategies.

Trained middle management in upper management skills with emphasis on increased productivity and performance.

Training Department Manager: Arab Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co., Jordan, 1988-94.

Established and later managed all aspects of the training department for the company.

Designed and executed the training programs for top supervisors and managers& all employees in the company (1200 Employees).

Evaluated the training program with emphasis on GMP, GLP, QA & Quality Circles as well as crisis management & decision-making programs for top management.

Engineering Department Manager: Ibid, 1983-88.

Evaluated the status and progress of the engineering department

Update and improve the engineering department in step with the company's goals and development.

Established the staffing requirements and supervised the annual update.

Prepared and executed the training programs for technical and management staff.

Managed the on-the-job and international training programs.

Prepared administrative guidelines, instruction manuals, and technical reports.

Established and supervised the company's safety program.

Annual preparation and supervision of the engineering department budget.

Forecast of the company's financial needs and train personnel in accordance with (G.M.P) with cost analysis.

Supervised and executed the purchasing of required plant equipment, tooling and spare parts (Value of different m/cs for pharmaceutical industry about$6MILLION).

Plant Manager: Jordan Lime & Silicate Brick Industries Co., Amman, Jordan. 1981-83.

Managed all technical aspects of operation and maintenance of the plant and supervise the quality control of the products.

Established and implemented research and development program to improve quality and productivity.

Established cost control measures and financial tracking systems.

Managed inventory control systems, production capability and market demand.

Management of personnel, occupational safety and health program (120 Employees).

Training & Technical Services Manager, Arab Potash Co., Jordan. 1978-1981.

Preparing tender documents, notices, invitations, instructions & specifications. Pre qualify proposals. Negotiate the terms and conditions of the proposed contracts and purchase orders.

Evaluation of tenders technically & commercially according to evaluation criteria (including local, regional & international tendering) in addition to post qualification and contract awards ($ 630 MILLION).

Chairman of the technical committee and procurement committee.

Member of the committee for establishment of the five-year plan.

Member of the Ad-hoc committee formed for establishing the employees Regulations, Administrative Regulations & the Organization Chart in addition to setting out the job description to the staff of the company in assistance with its management consultants.

Chairman of the committee, which was formed for preparation of a study on the potential LITHIUM &its compounds in the Dead Sea.

Member of the Training Committee composed from the specialized representatives of the fertilizer companies in Jordan for laying the Criteria, programs & procedures of Training inside Jordan & Abroad e.g. Germany, France, Denmark, Austria etc.).

Chief Chemist/Chemical Engineer: Ministry of Electricity &Water Kuwait, 1975-7.

Chief Chemist for water conditioning & Power Production Station in charge with water treatment, acid cleaning, inspection for the purpose of combating corrosion, chemical analysis using Atomic Absorption, Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, etc, & oil analysis for pumps, Turbines (Steam-Turbines& Gas Turbines). And:

1-Developed Laboratory testing programs and data analysis while adhering to SOPs.ECOs,batch records and work instructions .

2-Performed technical laboratory functions in compliance with regulatory agencies and safety requirements .

3-Repaired,Calibrated and safety operated laboratory equipment to reduce costly instrument downtime .

4-Modified and adapted standard methods and procedures to solve analytical problems.

5-Coordinated and performed analytical tests to comply with established standards and specifications .

6-Managed quality assurance program,including on-site evaluations,internal audits and customer surveys.

7-Resolved conflicts and negotiated mutually beneficial agreements between parties .

8-Completed all paperwork,recognizing any discrepancies and addressing them in a timely fashion.

Safety Engineer & Health Inspector: Ministry of Public Health (Occupational Health Section), Kuwait. 1973-75.

Safety Engineer at the Occupational Health Section for general control of industrial safety in the following firms: Cement Factory, Petroleum Refinery, Paints Factories, Fertilizer Company, Sand-Lime Brick Factory etc. Also, general control &putdown the recommendations according to the effect of pollutants on the metals used in these firms.

Chemical Engineer (Local ILO & WHO Experts): Ministry of Public Health (WHO & ILO Pollution control: industrial & residential), Kuwait. 1971-1973.

Local Counter part for WHO & ILO Experts in Human Environment Project for studying Air & Water pollution control in Residential &Industrial Areas, entrusted with: Calculations of ground level concentrations of pollutants which might affect the Health & the Materials of the different pieces of equipment in the industrial firms.

Chemical Engineer: Jordan Petroleum Refinery Co., Jordan. 1968-71

Holding the position of Shift-Controller in the operation &production department with the functions of: Supervision of chemical analysis, Maintenance & Inspection (during shut-downs), Safety &Specifications of Petroleum Products Control.


Member: Who's Who of Professionals: 2001 – Present

Member, Board of Directors: Training Center for Engineers, Jordan. 1991-2001.

President: National Team for Chemical Industries/VTC Jordan. 1998–2001.

Member, Steering Committee: VTC/Safety Officers Project, Jordan. 1994-Present.

Chairman, Consulting Committee: Training of Trainers Inst./VTC Jordan. 1986- 2000.

Member, Consulting Committee: Occupational Health & Safety Institute/VTC Jordan. 1986-2000.

Member: American Management International. 1983–1988.

Member: Jordan Engineering Association. 1968 – Present.

Founding Member: Arabic Internet Names Consortium (AINC). 2001.


Publications: "Decision Making in the Engineering Management" Text Book, 1987.


Air Pollution & Environment Studies in the following industries in Kuwait:

Cement Industry, Fertilizer Industry, Petroleum Industry, Power Production & water Desalination Plants, Sand-Lime Brick Factories.

Safety & Industrial Hygiene Studies in most chemical and mechanical Factories.

"Environment Pollution & Adopted Control" in Jordan.

"Solar Energy & Solar Electricity from the Dead Sea"

Recommended Cold Crystallization process & its suggested application to Arab Potash Co., Jordan.


From 1996 to 2003, I have been running my own business which covered a wide range of industry (i.e. detergents, antiseptic & disinfectants, cosmetics, some food flavors industry, etc. In addition I was engaged in other activities. The following are highlights of such activities:

For the purpose of international trade I traveled to China (attended Canton Fair in 2000), Thailand, S. Korea, & Indonesia. My contacts & communication with different Chemical companies (producing detergents, cosmetics, fertilizers …etc), in these countries continued till the beginning of 2002.Also, the same was with most of the biggest suppliers & producers of stationary office supplies, food & beverages.

I participated with the first "Chemical Engineering Symposium"1997,and used to be a "Member of the Board of Directors " for the "Engineering Training Center" from 1999-2001. Also, I conducted & executed several training programs in Safety & Industrial safety with private Training Centers in Jordan as well as with some Saudi Training Companies especially in "Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Strategies" & "Pharmaceutical Industry Management".

Also, served as the president of the National Team constituted by the "Vocational Training Corporation" from 1997 to the middle of 2001.This committee was in charge of establishing the job description for technical personnel from laborer levels up to the specialists' level in all chemical industries.

Also, shared in the meetings & seminars held by the "Chamber of Industry" and "Chamber of Commerce" in Amman-Jordan. Further more, my company used to be an agent for different companies in China, Turkey, and Indonesia in the fields of detergents, construction materials, stationary products, office supplies as well as beverages & food flavors.

The last but not the least, I participated with ILO & Vocational Training Corporation Officials in conducting several regional seminars & symposiums e.g. "The Tripartite Regional Seminar On Alternative Approaches To Finance Skills Development Programs In The Arab States".

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