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Qc Customer Service

Chino Hills, CA
24.00 per hour
April 21, 2022

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Derek Arter

**** ********* **. #*** ***** Hills, CA 91709 310-***-****

I am seeking a fulltime job that will allow me to work remotely. I have experience watching theatrical movies, episodic, shortform and other VOD assets. My experience in Digital Video has given me the opportunity to work over the years with video content, web streaming and digital assets. A times handling customer service request and fixing any error in a timely manner. Knowledge of OTT technology. Experience tagging metadata, working with digital assets, media files and PDF’s. Comprehension of DAM to secure files in a database to assess relevant to subject matter. An understanding of DRM as it relates to copyright infringements for video and audio content that may be used for content.


Assistant Compliance Editor 08/2020 - 10/2021

Santa Ana, CA

Job Responsibilities:

Watching and Reviewing TV episodic and movie content.

Strong fundamentals in Video QC standards and practices including metadata, artwork and localization


Worked with the Jira board to track media content and moved content to the next QC check.

Categorize content into different genres, include keywords to help define catalog to viewers to help discover new content.

Prior experience with streaming media technology and digital video work flows like compression, transcode, encoding, file formats, codecs, time text on video and Content Distribution Network.

Utilizing ABR and CBR bit rate standards to adjust to the type of content presented high action or talking head.

Knowledge of handing studio media assets and processes.

Uploading and downloading digital content to and from a variety of sources via FTP.

Making sure metadata and work orders are accurate.

Listening to audio description and making sure the visual content matches the dialogue.

Attention to detail and accurately screening content for subject matter and genres.

Basic compliance editing as per the screening notes using Adobe Premiere.

Providing editors with note’s recommendation and feedback when needed.

Global Eagle Entertainment 02/2017 - 08/2020

Digital/Analog QC Specialist Irvine, CA

Strong knowledge of Video QC standards and best practices using artwork, metadata.

Perform a 3-point check spots on files/tapes (Beginning/Middle/End)

Verify frame rates, aspect ratios, resolution size, video streaming file format, codecs, timed text

Most of the content that’s reviewed is movies (Theatrical, Edited versions)

Experience working in a video delivery environment.

Using DaVinci Resolve to QC video and language audio for lip sync issues.

100 % QC on DVD and VOD projects

Log all quality assurance testing results

Document failed tapes/files and process accordingly to fix QC failures.

Disc QC for most Airlines and the NAVY

Prioritize work based on delivery dates and Supervisor instruction. Monitor incoming emails and facilitate requests as per Supervisor instructions.

Eurofins Digital Media for Netflix – Remote

English QC Operator 11/2017 - 03/2018

Burbank, CA

Job Responsibilities:

Experienced video quality control with thorough understanding of video errors on streaming platforms.

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

Knowledge of timed text, close captioning

Able to communicate with Support team in a concise, effective manner.

Must be problem-solving oriented.

Managed projects involving theatrical movies and tv episodic for other production companies that were clients.

Technical troubleshooting skills are strongly desired.

Strong internet connection.

Experienced in Closed Captioning, Quality Control, Subtitling and foreign languages.

Communicate with Quality Control issues and or questions with the dialogue department.

On time with logging content for Run times, media format, client information, etc.

Checking suggested time code with work order submitted for accuracy.

Warner Bros 02/2002 - 03/2013

SD/HD Digital Video Compression Operator Los Angeles, CA

Job Responsibilities:

Working experience of video compression, video codecs, meta-data as well as technical issues that may arise.

Managed projects involving theatrical movies and tv episodic for other production companies that were clients.

Review audio and video content that may be noted for technical issues as provide noted compression issues

Knowledge of CMS and how it helps organize a daily content workflow.

or production artifacts.

Exercise sound judgment in reviewing content and troubleshooting if problems arise.

Knowledge of video compression codecs and wrappers.

Ability to make quick changes and prioritize workflow when needed.

Evaluate QC reports on source files and provide solutions on resolving exceptions.

Monitor and verify QC of encoded files in a DAM database for keeping track of digital content.

Understanding of different video aspect ratios for SD, HD and 4k .


Bachelor of Arts in Video, Imaging, and Digital Arts (Multimedia Studies)

University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD

Additional Digital Video experience:

●Worked with Compression wrappers such as AVI, YUV, QT, WMV, WMA, WAV, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, HEVC, HLS, Transport Streams, H.264, H.265, Pro Res, MP4.

●Familiar with Media Encoder

●Experience using HD and SD as well as Blu-Ray format

●Knowledge of audio configuration for 2.0 and 5.1 ACC or MP3

●Familiar with Premiere, DaVinci Resolve.

●Delivery of digital assets and quality control of those assets.

●Familiar with SMPTE standards.

●Working experience with MS Office and Excel.

●Knowledge of SD 640x480, HD 1920x1080, 4K 3840x2160.

●Troubleshooting quality control issues, quality defects determine acceptable or reject-able.

●Video format used NTSC 525 scan lines, PAL 625 scan lines, CC blocking line 21

●Understanding of MPEG-Dash, Ultra Violet, IBP (Initial, Bidirectional, Predictive) MPEG GOP structure, Inverse Tele-cine 3:2 pull-down, banding, and audio /video artifacts.

●Video Players: VLC, Power DVD emulator.

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