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Customer Service Distribution Manager

Carpentersville, IL
April 20, 2022

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**** ***** **** ****, *********, ILLINOIS 60102



Top-ranked sales and distribution manager with over 16 years of working experience in one of the world biggest diary company, recognized for contributions to record-setting sales and distribution figures, territory expansion, and new account development. Proven ability to lead sales and distribution teams to achieve multimillion-dollar revenue gains. Offered an in-depth understanding of the sales and distribution cycle process and remain focused on customer satisfaction throughout all stages.


• Customer service management

• Customer development management

• Shipping /fulfillment management

• Relationship management

• Distribution management

• Territory management

• Inventory management

• Warehouse /Logistics management.

• Safety management

• Sales force/team management.



Logistics Coordinator Arlington Height, IL June 2021-Current

• Receive/inspect products and materials from shipping carriers within twenty-four, review incoming shipment against documentation

• Liaise with account managers to track inbound/outbound shipments to resolve discrepancies

• Prioritize receipt of package full description /condition into ESNET software system based on the client’s request.

• Inform the account managers of incoming shipments with uncompleted information/documentation and act accordingly as advised by account managers.

• Affix a unique system generated bar code for each received sample and move to an assigned storage location.

• Notify recipients of shipment deliveries, route deliveries to designated area for pickups within same day of arrival

• Respond to sample movement request by project leaders to different laboratories within same day of request and provide update on the storage location in line with standard operating procedure .

• Coordinate sample movement for long term storage [put -away] from laboratory into the warehouse with storage location on the system and supervise sample disposal activity in line with standard operating procedure .

• Liaise with account managers to create domestic and international shipping documents for outbound shipment to designation as needed by service providers.

• Ensure every sample movement is documented as per standard operating procedure using ESNET software system.


Customer service assistant Elk Grove Village, IL August 2019 – October 2020

• Evaluated customer information to explore issues, develop potential solutions and maintain high-quality service.

• Maintained accurate and current customer account data with manual forms processing and digital information updates.

• Delivered prompt service to prioritize customer needs.

• Maintained customer satisfaction with forward-thinking strategies focused on addressing customer needs and resolving concerns.


Founder - January 2016- July 2019

• Directly supervise the field procurement officer who daily interfaces with farmers, negotiate price and procure fresh cashew nuts at prevailing market price.

• Cleaning, sun-drying, and sorting to meet standard export quality.

• Commodity re-bagging, weight standardization and palletizing.

• Trucking /Logistics of commodities through 3PL to vendor warehouse and managed lead time.

• Track delivery of physical commodities to vendor warehouse for export


Regional Sales & Distribution Manager April 2006 - December 2015

• Responsible for sales/distribution operation of regional business focusing on finished goods, key business partners management, warehouse operations, engaging third party logistics to ship stocks within the region with approved lead time.

• Identified and maximized growth drivers to turn around the regional business by 16%in FY2011.

• Successfully managed and upscale growth in a volatile business terrain by 15% in FY 2012.

• Strategically rescued business decline from -12% in FY 2012 to +3% growth by the end of FY 2013.

• Route coverage from 4% in 2012 to 16% in 2013 at no extra cost in FY 2013.

• Recruited and trained sales force that drove new route to market project.

• Responsible for stabilizing regional business at +5% revenue target by the end of FY2015.

• Flawless execution and management of “Project Zeus” a new business partnership model that enabled business growth, combat competitions and increased product distribution reach in March & August 2015 in two designated territory anchored by Boston Consulting Group, New York.

• Successfully transformed traditional passive distributors to active key business partners in FY 2014 with main focused on partners retaining higher trade margin, increased in -stores shopper's activities and consumer spending.

• Re-aligned sales territory, reduced number of key distributors, maximize true sales potential to rejuvenate the dwindling business at 12% growth over previous year.

• Direct supervision of three regional warehouse operations from Receiving – Shipment of finished goods within budget using SAP software for control and management

• Tracking the progress of outbound shipments through 3PL and KPIs with emphasis on; on-time deliveries, damages and quality issues.

• Daily interaction with supply chain team to determine order fill rate. i.e. percentage of customer orders that can be fulfilled by available stocks in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

• Perform regular physical quality checks of finished goods with strict adherence to FIFO prior to shipping stocks into the trade.

• Monitoring and overseeing product transfers within the regional warehouses with minimum cost such as to avoid OOS- out of stock situation, in a designated territory.

• Monitoring warehouse facility safety and OSHA regulation compliance


Key Sales Manager December 1999 - January 2006

• Leveraged on the identified territory potentials to grow sales by 19% in 2003 and 15% in 2004

• Seamless implementation and management of ‘'forward delivery project'' to drive and increase revenue with focus on lead time management in 2004

• Successfully managed “Retail Driven Distribution project” -Milk in 3 minutes with 147% achievement vs target.

• Increased territory sales within two years, exceeding quota by 12% in 2005 leveraging on the successful product launched of low unit portion pack targeted at low income consumers.

• Ranked as #1 sales manager (out of 23) in 2006

• .

• Fostered a robust, sustainable network of buyers across states, leveraging strong listening, relationship management and closing skills to optimize sales results despite previously dominant competitor advantage.

• Introduced new product lines into the market, often closing sight-unseen sales of newly released products.

• Demonstrated an unwavering commitment to customer service, adding new customers while maintaining premium service levels with existing accounts.



University of Calabar

Calabar, Nigeria, June 2005


YABA College of Technology

Lagos, Nigeria, November 1997

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