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Chase Bank Research Assistant

Morristown, NJ
January 17, 2022

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Lori Lynn


Professional Competence

Professional Consultant. Precise and articulate methodical planner. Exceptional ability to strategy, plan and obtain results. Functional Behavioral Analysis, Implementation, Organizational Development & Planning. Competence working with the Superior Court, Government Agencies and Law Enforcement, Medical and Corporate entities. Intuitive investigator with a thorough and eclectic approach to data analysis.. Interpret Results. Technical Review & Generate Conclusions. Investigate Deviations. Asset Management. Hypothesis & Testing. Report Writing. Sound Judgment. Decision Making. Open to Travel. Peaceful Healing LLC 2007-Present

Executive Director – Corporate and Legal Consultant Professional Consultant leading teams, while providing resolution for the Corporate and Legal community. Clients include Judges, Attorneys, Private Clients, Law Guardians, Business Managers, Mediators and Executives. Decision Making, Parenting Time Evaluations, Parental Alienation, Conflict, Choice and Commitment, Intuition, Productive Outcomes. Facilitate Parenting Time for the Superior Court. Serve as a Parent Coordinator. Lead Teams while working collectively with the Judiciary, Family Law Attorneys, and clients. Serve as a Professional Consultant for Parenting Time Implementation, Plan Development, Positive Outcomes, Plan Stabilization, Case Analysis and Conflict Resolution. Decision Making, Parenting Time Evaluations, Parental Alienation, Conflict, Choice and Commitment, Intuition, Resolution and Productive Outcomes.

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Conduct marketing research, execute plan development, identify goals, creation and follow-up of webinars and external sponsorships. Provide Consultation, Solutions and Guidance. Enhance business development, collaborate, build, nurture, and thrive. Founder and facilitator of strength based clinical treatment programs throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Serve as an expert within the community and through the Superior Court in family matters relative to Parenting Coordination, Therapeutic Supervised Visitation and Reunification Therapy.

Provide in home stabilization services to utilizing a crisis model to a high-risk population of children and adolescents. Use cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapeutic techniques to challenge and isolate unhealthy thoughts and feelings that lead to disruptive, problematic, dangerous, or at-risk behaviors. Assess mental status, formulate diagnosis, and provide clinical recommendations, utilizing appropriate intervention strategies and knowledge- based criteria to develop an appropriate treatment plan. Educate clients, through a teaching model to facilitate change.

Case manage and make appropriate referrals, to serve in the best interest of the treatment plan. Link to community services and public agencies. Provide collateral data, to collateral agencies, as required. Triage and diagnose utilizing the DSM to formulate treatment plan and administer therapeutic intervention strategies. Full scale assessment includes observation of social, emotional, biological, and cognitive behaviors. Appropriate diagnosis referral and treatment recommendations furnished upon completion. Provide psychiatric treatment to children, adolescents, and adults. Utilization management. Compilation of data, monitoring, planning, and tracking.

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Provide stabilization to LGBTQ population. Provide clinical supervision and management to professional staff. Work collaboratively with government agencies, DCPP, CASA, Mobil Response, YCM, CMO and law enforcement. Seasoned Reunification Therapist with expertise in reunifying parent and child through a strength-based treatment dynamic. Serve as an approved Professional Expert for the Superior Court of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Lead Teams while working collectively with the Judiciary, Family Law Attorneys, and clients.

Saint Clare’s Hospital

Crisis Clinician Crisis Intervention-Adult Crisis Intervention Services- Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit-Child & Crisis Intervention Services - Partial Hospitalization Program – Psychiatric Emergency Services – Outpatient Behavioral Health. 2001 - 2007 Provide crisis intervention and stabilization services to inpatient and outpatient psychiatric population of children and adults. Establish a Page 3 therapeutic milieu. Adhere to hospital wide policy and maintain ethical standards of practice. Interview patient and collateral resources during the evaluative process.

Provide mental health screening utilizing the DSM-IV. Perform assessment utilizing appropriate intervention strategies and knowledge-based criteria to establish the appropriate level of care. Use cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques to challenge and isolate unhealthy thoughts that lead to disruptive and at-risk behavior. Participation in treatment team meetings. Administer individual and group Therapy.

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Commit Clients based on Psychiatric Screening. Provide appropriate outreach to support treatment plan. Monitor change. Work with government agencies, law enforcement and the Superior Court.

Fairleigh Dickinson University 2002-2005

Graduate Professor & Research Assistant

Testing & Research Administer testing, educate, and provide academic and diagnostic support to learning disabled students at The College of Florham Regional Center. Administer testing, collect data, and formulate individualized educational plans utilizing the IEP/504. Provide academic support, guidance, and testing to undergraduate students at Fairleigh Dickinson University Department of Psychology.

Serve as mentor, guide, and leader for student population. Conduct research and provide academic assistance to Professors within the Department of Psychology. Professional Consultant 1994 -2002

Provide Business Consultation and Strategic Planning for BMW, Mercedes Benz & Sprint & Chase Bank. Strategic Development & Program Implementation, with emphasis on Business Growth and desirable outcomes. Travel as required. Morristown Memorial Hospital 1991-1994

Emergency Department – Crisis –Intervention Member of Trauma Team Morristown Memorial Hospital Morristown, New Jersey

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Newly created supervisory position with a mission to assess and respond to diversified departmental needs that addressed the quality and efficiency of Emergency medicine and trauma services. Managed and trained a staff of thirty-five. Developed Trauma Team Protocol and served as a lead member of the Trauma Team Advisory Board. EDUCATION

Northcentral University - San Diego, CA

Doctorate in Criminal Justice DCJ White Collar Crimes 2020 University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA 2017-2021 Advanced Graduate Studies through the Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy Concentration: Forensic Assessment & Evaluation

Caldwell University Caldwell, NJ 2018-2020

Advanced Doctoral Coursework: Leadership- Decision Making - Strategic Thinking – Intuition. University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Advanced Studies 2018 Concentration: Positive Psychology State of New Jersey 2005

Perinatal Mood Disorder Certified instructor - Assessment and Treatment for Post-Partum Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ 2004

MA Clinical – Specialization in Crisis and Trauma

Psi Chi National Honor Society

New York University, New York, NY

1994 Graduate Coursework in Social Work

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University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 1991

BA Clinical Psychology

St. Leo University 1987

Associate of Art Degree – Outstanding College Student of America SPECIALIZED TRAINING

• Ethics and Criminal Justice 2021 • Theory of Criminal Justice Administration 2020 • Management Issues in Criminal Justice 2020 • Administrative Offices of the Court: 2020 Conduct Court Mediation pursuant to Court Rule 1:40. Superior Court 2018 Mediator: Union Vicinage Civil Division • NJ APM – Superior Court Apprenticeship 40 hours Courtroom Mediation – Passaic Vicinage • NJ APM – Superior Court Apprenticeship 40 hours Courtroom Mediation – Union Vicinage • Superior Court 2018 New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators • Superior Court Apprenticeship 40 hours Courtroom Mediation – • Union County Superior Court 2018 • New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators 2018 • Completed Court and Classroom requirements pursuant to Court Rule 1:40. 2017-2018 • Educational Leadership EQ IQ Self-Assessment - 2018 • Division of Child Behavioral Health Certified 2008- 2020 • Structural Family Systems Certification Family Systems - Minuchin Institute, NY 2005- 2007 • Needs Assessment – Bio Psychosocial Competence 2010-2017 • Psychiatric Screener- Psychiatric Emergency Services 2001-2007

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The University of Virginia

Assessing Individuals Charged with Sexual Crimes 2019 University of Virginia • False Confessions, False Guilty Pleas, and Wrongful Convictions 2018 University of Virginia • Assessing Individuals Charged with Sexual Crimes 2017 University of Virginia- • Assessing Risk with Juveniles 2017 University of Virginia • Assessing Risk for Violence in Clinical Practice 2016 University of Virginia • Parental Alienation Study Group - Crisis Training - Specialization in Crisis & Trauma • Critical Incidence Stress Debriefing - Epidemiology Drug Use – University of Virginia 2016 • Domestic Violence - Cycle of Violence Training- 2015 Healing from * Trauma – • Risk Assessment Training – Experience Identifying and treating registered offenders pursuant to Megan’s Law – 2011-2020 • Juvenile Justice Commission: The Assessment & Treatment of Sexually Abusive Youth 2011 • Therapeutic Restraint Certified- Crisis & Trauma Behavioral Therapy -Training through Play Therapy • The Juvenile Justice Commission: Competency Certificate Testing Sexual Violence- JJC • Transgender/ LGBT Training, Self-Injury- Coping Strategies for LGBT population Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Placement through the Humane Society – Support Animal Welfare through Volunteering and Donation –


Superior Court Family Division State of New Jersey – Expert Testimony Superior Court Family Division State of New York – Expert Testimony Court of Common Pleas Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Expert Testimony pg. 8

Identified as a Court Appointed Expert in Family Law Matters 2014-Present • Administrative Offices of the Court – Court Approved Mediator Rule 1:40 - New Jersey Roster Mediator 2019 – Present • Superior Court Family Division: Identified as a Court Approved Evaluator 2010- Present • Court Appointed Professional – Family Division – 2007 - Present • Court Appointed Mediator – Civil Division -2019 – Present • Court Qualified Professional Mediator 2018 – Present • New Jersey Chapter Pi Alpha Alpha- Global Honor Society Public Affairs and Administration 2019- Speaker- Child & Family Empowerment • Pennsylvania Bar Association – 2017 – Speaker – Therapeutic Reunification in Custody with Family Law • Equal Justice USA – Trauma -Solution Focused- Accountability Healing 2016-Present • Founding Member of Hudson County Crime Prevention & Educational Partnership Network 2014 -Present • A Trauma Informed Approach to Treatment – Guest Speaker on Complex Trauma 2016-2018 • New Jersey Coalition: A Trauma Informed Approach to Treatment 2016 – 2018 • Successful Completion of Policies and Procedures Complex Assessment and Treatment of working with children and adults who have experienced Complex Trauma. 2016 • Bio-Psycho-Social Needs Assessment Certified 2010 -2017 • Division of Child Behavioral Health Services Certified 2008- Present • Licensed Professional Counselor – New Jersey 2005 • NBCC National Licensing Exam Professional Counseling 2004 • Clinical Competency Exam- New Jersey Clinical Counseling 2004 • Psi Chi National Honor Society 2002 Page 7 • Certified Social Worker New Jersey 1994 • Outstanding College Student Recognition 1990 • Successful Completion of Clinical Training and Testing Protocols for treatment of Sexually Abusive Youth • Human Resource Development – Strategic Planning 2001-2020 Motivational Interviewing Strategies, Techniques and Outcomes– 2001-2020 • The Five Principles of Exemplary Leadership 2020 Leading with Strategic Thinking 2020 • Learning Leadership 2020 Learning Leadership: The Five Fundamentals of Becoming an pg. 9

Exemplary Leader 2020 • Public Leadership: Powerfully, Wisely, Fearlessly, Lovingly, Creatively 2020 • Behavioral Styles: Communication, Problem Solving, Management, Impact 2019 • DISC – Dominant, Influencing, Steady, Analytical Management Style 2019 for Family Law, Domestic Violence, Parenting Coordination, Parenting Time Implementation and Parenting Coordination. • Ongoing selection as a Court Appointed Professional, Selected Expert as well as a Corporate and Judicial Consultant.

References Furnished Upon Request

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