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Saudi Aramco Welding Inspector

Brooklyn, NY
January 11, 2022

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Bachelor of Engineering

(Mechanical) Singapore





Bellal Hossain


Jascan-25, Jascan-34, Jascan-

** – Pipe Lay & Heavy Lift

Vessel, FPSO & Oil Rig Repair

& Refurbishment

Tanker ship Repair,


Fabricate, Installation &



Prosafe, FPSO Mondo, FPSO

Espiroto Santo, FPSO

Capxiava, FPSO P-53

Turret, Gantry, Spoon Tank

Risers, Modules

FSO Projects, Tanker &

various ships.


Jan 2013 to

Feb 2020




As a certified professional in the

field of Mechanical Engineering,

seeking senior level position in

QAQC, QMS, Auditing,

Inspection/Testing department at

multinational organizations,

demanding high standards of

quality and providing

opportunities for professional

growth and development.





Review Project Requirements from Project Spec, Class Rules

& Guide Lines, Codes & Standards.

Review RFQ, feedback to Commercial for Project cost impacts to Prepare Project Costing & Master Plan.

Performing as Management Representative for API Q1, API Q2, ISO 9001-2015, & ASME U, U2, R-Stamp

Providing assistance being a Lead of QMS & QAQC

department with group of QA/QC Engineers & Inspectors

Managing, Prepare, review & establish API Q1, Q2, ISO 9001- 2015 & ASME - QM, QP, Quality policy & objectives till the achievement of API, ISO & ASME Certifications.

Establish plans, Schedule & conduct Internal Trainings for API, ISO, and ASME with Other quality related trainings.

Conducting and planning periodical internal audits within the company & vendors/subcon

Resolve CA,PA, Organizing management Review meetings, and evaluate the data & reports for continual improvement

Providing assistance for the submission of tender documents afterwards the review, verification and approval to the QA department

Liaising with the classification societies, clients, third parties, vendors, subcon’s etc

Organize Project Kick-Off Meeting, Pre-Inspection Meeting & Add-hoc meeting require for the projects

Reviewing & approving project documentations such as Project Quality Plan (QP), Inspection & Test Plan (ITP), WPS, PQR, WPQR, Testing Procedures etc. for Project execution

Reviewing & approving contractor’s QA/QC Plans & monitoring the inspection of contractors and Sub-contractors and correspondingly observe the personnel performance

Supervising over Fabrication, Construction, Welding, Mechanical and Piping Execution & Installations

Plan, Monitor & Carried out WPS/PQR & Welder Certification Qualification As Per ISO BSEN-15614-1, BS EN 287, ASME SEC IX; AWS D1.1; API 1104.

Review, develop and approve Traceability / Final Dossier / Manufacturing Data Record (MDR).


Mob: +1-334-***-****


Skype : Bellal.hossain55

QMS/QAQC Manager

Global Offshore & Marine Pvt Ltd, Singapore

Highl I am a proactive, dedicated, result oriented professional, with a remarkable talent of Quality Assurance, Auditing and Inspection. Worked on many projects with deliberate analysis and interpretation of strategic plans. Self-reliant for providing strategic advice and guidance at board level in an organization. QMS/QAQC Manager, Lead Auditor

Freelance, New York, USA.

Mar 2020 to


Review Project Requirement, Prepare Project Quality documents as require for the Project.

Conduct, Witness NDT, Review & Approve Reports of Metrorail Project.

Conduct Audit on various Facility as Lead Auditor to confirm the facility comply with the implemented Quality Management Systems such as ISO, API & ASME, National/International Codes & Standards.

Prepare, review & submission of Project final documents for the Client.

Prepare required training plan, schedule & conduct the training needed for the facility improvement.

Jan 2012 to Dec



Global Offshore & Pvt Ltd, Singapore

Managed pressure Vessels, LNG, Triump-110-Pipelay & Drilling Vessel, Java Constructor

Maintained New build, Oil Rig Repair & Conversion

Managed AD-1, Key Singapore, Baltic, and E104, Ensco-5002, 5005,

Oversee FPSO Cedade ODS Brazil, West Neptune, West Auriga, Sevan Luciana

Responsible for managing Kaombo North & Kaombo south, Aerospace Handling items

Maintained Power Plant, LNG – Santos GLNG Roma-HCS 02, ASME Boiler &

Coordinated with the department for Pressure Vessels. Surface & Wellhead equipment’s

Interacted with E-Houses from Qatar, Saudi Aramco, Bahrain, and Australia Etc.


Responsible & Accountable

for API Q1, API Q2, ISO 9001-


14001, OHSAS 18001

Prepare Audit checklist,

Organize Internal Audit team,

and train & certify internal

Audit Team, Conduct IA,

Produce report

Plan, Organize & Conducted

internal Audit to various Depts.

Produce Internal Audit Reports

Plan, Organize & conduct

Management Review meetings

Accountable for External

Audits, Prepare, Plan & work

with Individual Dept HOD’s for

External Audits

Work with individual Dept.

Head to set up Key

Performance Indicator (KPI) in

line with the Objective Target

& Company overall Policy.

Work with all respective Dept.

to continue monitors KPI to

measure the achievement of

Objective & keep objective

evidences of fulfillment of QMS

Requirement, Clients

Expectations & Business



Analytical & Problem

Solving Skills

Strong Communication

Team Leader

Team Management

Client Relations

Solutions Focused

Quality Assurance


Quality Control

Quick Learner

QA Supervisor

Kwong Soon Engineering Co. Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Coordinated with Classification Societies, Clients, Third Parties, Vendors, Subcon’s etc. & organize Project Kick-Off Meeting, Pre-Inspection Meeting & Add-hoc meeting

requires for the projects

Reviewed & approved Project documentations such as Project Quality Plan (QP), Inspection & Test Plan (ITP), WPS, PQR, WPQR, Testing Procedures etc. for Project execution

Planed, Monitored & Carried out WPS/PQR & Welder Certification Qualification As Per ISO BSEN-15614-1, BS EN 287, ASME SEC IX; AWS D1.1; API 1104

Reviewed & approved contractors QA/QC Plans & monitored the Contractors and Sub-Contractors

Worked with construction drawings such as General Arrangement, Structural Drawings, Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams and Isometric drawings.

Conducted Inspection, Prepared reports for Structural, Piping, Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC & Coating, Supervised over Fabrication, Construction, Welding, Mechanical and Piping Installations

Closely Monitored the Site activities and provided feedback to the Project / Management team with relevant to the Quality & Safety issues

Prepared & Submitted Project Final MDR/Dossier to the Client.

QA/QC Supervisor

Alpine Engineering Services. Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Qualify WPS/PQR, Welders Qualification Test based on various codes such as ISO BSEN-15614-1, BS EN 287, ASME SEC IX; AWS D1.1; API 1104 and as per various Client Spec requirements

Inspected, Monitored & approved various Inspection & Testing, Post Weld Heat Treatment etc.

Checked the essential parameters as per the W.P.S requirements and quality procedures

Reviewed/Monitored Non-Destructing Testing in

Weldments such as RT, UT, PT, MT, UTM, ECI, PAUT

Responsible for issuing of NCR for any irrelevant site activities or any document discrepancies

Accountable for reviewing the Radiography films & reports and coordinating for the repair welds.

Reviewed & approved all kinds of reports, including Final Dossier & Manufacturing Data Record ( MDR )

Jan 2009 to Dec


Jun 2004 to Nov



ISO 9001-2015 QMS Lead Auditor – IRCA – UK CERT : IQ-LA11008

ISO 14001 Certified EMS Auditor CERT : CPD/272/A1B/002

OHSAS 18001 Certified SMS Auditor CERT : CPD/272/A1B/002

API Q1 & Specification Training Course on QMS CERT : 2955616-C-73

API Q2 Specification Training Course on QMS CERT : 1SM6/640710

CSWIP-3.1 Welding Inspector – Cambridge, TWI UK CERT : 68022/2

CSWIP -3.2 Senior Certified Welding Inspector (Course Attend) CERT : 1SM6/640710

AWS-Certified Associate Welding Inspector – USA CERT : 09121374

Certified Radiography Interpreter ( PCN RI ) CERT : 1015S3625276

BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspector Course TWI, UK CERT : ATC88 /SP/12/10/563

Hull Inspector – LR, S. E. ASIA CERT : SNG / W02823929 / 06 / A

API 570 Authorized Piping Inspector (Attend)

API 571 Corrosion Management. Inspection & Engineering Tech.

Nuclear In-service Inspector Course for NDT Personnel & Methods CERT : IACET CEUs NB-328

Authorized Nuclear Inspector Duties & Qualification Course CERT : IACET CEUs NB-328-2

Special Trained in ASME B31.1, B31.3 Piping Code

NDT LEVEL - II Magnetic Testing (MT) CERT : MT-WIS-E192

NDT LEVEL - II Penetrant Testing (PT) CERT : PT-WIS-E196

NDT LEVEL - II Ultrasonic Testing (UT) CERT : UT-WIS-E208

NDT LEVEL - II Radiography Testing (RT) CERT : RT-WIS-E214

Ship Repair Manager (SRM ) COURSE – Singapore CERT : 008-***-*****

Oil & Petrochemical Industries Safety Supervisor Course CERT : 140************

Shipyard Safety Leadership Course – Singapore CERT : T60976 / 120 / SG

Shipyard Supervisor Safety Course – Singapore

Shipyard Confined Space Safety Supervisor - Singapore TECHNICAL SKILLS & CAPABILITY

Evaluate Project Requirements from Project Spec, Class Rules & Guide Lines, Codes & Standards

Review RFQ, feedback to Commercial for Project cost impacts, Prepare Project Master Plan

Formulate, review & approve Project Quality Plan, Inspection & Test Plan, WPS, PQR, various procedures

Organize and monitor project overall progress & conduct project progress meeting with various parties

Functioned in FSO, FPSO, Pipe Lay Vessel, LNG, FLNG, Pressure Vessel Projects

Worked in Piping & Pipe Line Fabrications, include Piping Gen. Arrangement, ISO Matric Drawing, As build drawing, Weld Maps, WPS, Welder Qualifications, ITP, Inspection/Testing, NDT include those require Post Weld Heat Treatment, Hydro Testing, Installation, System Connection & Commissioning

ISO 9001-2015, API Q1, Q2, QMS, ASME U, U2, S & R-Stamp QCM & OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001

Internal Quality & HSE Audit, Vendor, Subcon

External Audit follow up with ISO, API, ASME & OHSAS Auditors & close follow for Certification achieve

Comply with MOM, NEA, OHSAS, ISPS rules & regulation within the company

Familiar with various audit Process, Procedures & Techniques such as NC, CA, PA, 5Why, 8D, Effect. AP.

Planning, Organizing, Managing & Conduct Inspection & testing, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Welding, WPS/PQR/WQT Qualification, DT, NDT.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) & Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) & Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Cladding & Stud welding Process

Brazing Welding & Plug / Projection / Spot / Inconel & Overlay Welding

Through Knowledge of Structural, Piping, Electrical, Mechanical, Architecture, HVAC & Coating. References can be furnished upon request

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