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Purchase, Supply chain,Imports,Spare parts,Ware House management

Pune, Maharashtra, India
December 03, 2021

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Name: Dilip Shivaji Nikam

Mobile No – 976-***-****

Email ID:

Objective : Senior position in ( Purchase / Supply Chain management / Sourcing / Spare parts / Imports / Ware- housing )

Educational details : B.E. ( Production ) + Diploma in Mechanical Engineering + Post Graduate Diploma in Supply chain Management (appeared) – with 25 + Years’ Experience in Auto OEM’s, Auto ancillaries, Road Construction machines, Spare parts, Hydraulic Modular Trailors manufacturing.

Work Experience Summary :

Sr. No



Summary of Work Experience


M/s Tii India Pvt Ltd, Bawal, Dist – Hariyana.

12/04/2021 – 24/09/2021

06 months

Worked as a Purchase Head in Tii India Bawal.Plant manufactures Hydraulic modular Trailers for domestic & export customers for heavy equipment’s transportation. Purchase of all commodities- finished / semi-finished material from domestic & overseas suppliers / Source plants from Germany / France. New Part development / localization with existing and new suppliers.


M/s John Deere Group (Wirtgen India Pvt Limited, Bhandgaon, Pune)

07/05/2014 to – 30/11/2020

(6.5 years)

Sourcing - (Procurement / Planning / Supply chain) of proprietary parts from domestic & overseas suppliers for road construction machines - Soil compactors/Tandem rollers/Pavers/Crushers & Screening machines. Monitor daily shortages for assembly of all product lines & take care of aftermarket spares requirements. Interaction with logistics (inbound & out bound), freight forwarders / quality team / aftermarket team for regular & aftermarket requirements. Material in ward / GRN / Line feeding – Store & Ware house management.


M/s Eaton Fluid Power Ltd, Pimpri Pune.

17/01/2011 to -18/04/2014

(3 + years)

Procurement & planning of – castings / machined, semi- finished / finished components for - hydraulics product lines :– power steering units for M&M & John Deere, steering cylinders for M&M tractors / special cylinders for GE healthcare products. Coordination with team members / imports / logistics team for - on time availability of parts.


M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Kanhe Pune.

From - 17/03/2005 - 15/01/2011

( 6 Years)

Procurement of Mahindra & Mahindra tractor all commodity spare parts / aftermarket requirements – castings / engine parts/transmission parts /proprietary parts from various suppliers and other M&M plants. In-house kitting of spares with TVS Logistics. Daily interaction with sales team for- Break down requirements - spares availability and delivery up to end user / dealer. Support to Sales team by month end / Year end by making available A class parts for sale from Ware house to Dealers / CFA / Area offices.


M/s Kinetic Engineering Ltd, Chinchwad, Pune

From 01/01/1999 - to – 16/03/2005 –

( 6 Years)

Supplier development for Castings / Forgings / finished/ Semi- finished / Transmission and engine components for – two wheelers. In house component development. Out sourcing of tooling’s – jigs / fixtures / press tools.


M/s Patheja Brothers Forgings & Stampings Ltd,Chakan Pune.

From 16/12/1996 - to – 30/12/1998 –

(2 Years)

In-house development of Transmission / auto Components for various domestic & over-seas customers – M&M / Tata Motors / Carraro Italy / Rockford USA etc.


M/s Sandvik Asia Ltd, Dapodi – Pune.

From 29/09/1995 - to – 28/09/1996 – 1 Year

Training in well-equipped CNC & conventional m/c shop. Orientation in various departments during one-year training program.

Work experience Details: -

1)M/s Tii India Pvt Ltd, Bawal, Dist – Hariyana.

Tii India is a German MNC and is in the business of manufacturing hydraulic modular trailers for Indian & overseas customers. Tii group has a manufacturing plant in Bawal - India. TII group has two manufacturing plants in Germany & one plant in France.

Worked as a – Purchase Head – DGM Purchase.

a)Purchase of all commodity finished / semi-finished parts from domestic & overseas suppliers required for modular trailors.

b)Procurement from German Source plants for hydraulic modular Trailers.

c)Regular procurement / alternate supplier development of machining, Casting, forgings, raw material, heavy fabrication, Job work parts, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, engines & other commodities.

d)Procurement of plant maintenance parts.

e)Purchase of all indirect and consumable parts as per requirements.

f)Cost saving projects to reduce the final cost of product.

2)M/s John Deere Group - Wirtgen India Pvt Limited, Bhandgaon, Pune.

Sourcing (Procurement / planning & supply chain) of – proprietary parts from overseas (imports) and domestic suppliers. Monitor daily shortages for assembly of Soil Compactors / Tandem rollers / Pavers & Screening machines.

Ensure – planning / procurement of all product lines - spares as per after marker requirements.

At present working as a – Manager- Supply Chain / Imports Logistics / Stores Management.


1)Planning / Scheduling & Procurement of – Proprietary parts from domestic as well as Overseas Suppliers for all machines as per production plan. Also for aftermarket requirements.

2)Monitoring daily line shortages with SCM team / production Team & Stores. Monitor aftermarket- Break down / Depo orders as per requirements.

3)Weekly scheduling to all suppliers based on MRP / manual planning to manage Optimum Inventory level.

4)Interaction with various departments as – Production / Quality / Sales & Marketing / Stores / Logistics / aftermarket / Finance for day to day activities.

5)Attend monthly/ weekly / daily – Production meetings and communicate to team & Suppliers about Production plan variations.

6)Attend daily Quality review meetings and update to suppliers about receipt / Line quality issues & their quality & delivery performances.

7)Inventory Management with closed working with Planning & Sourcing Team.

8)Daily material inwarding / GRN / Line feeding as per product lines.

3)M/s Eaton Fluid Power Ltd, Pimpri Pune – Procurement of– Castings / machined / semi- finished / finished components for - hydraulics product lines – Power steering units for - M&M, John Deere / steering cylinders for- M&M Tractors / special cylinders for GE healthcare products.

Worked as a – Manager - Supply Chain Management.


1)Planning / Scheduling / Procurement / Imports of child parts for - Cylinders, Pumps, valves, power steering units from domestic suppliers & Overseas Eaton Plants.

2)Loading of – Castings / Semi finished components / finished components / for regular production lines.

3)Planning / Scheduling & Procurement of child parts for Cylinders and valves from domestic suppliers.

4)Monthly/ Weekly scheduling to all suppliers based on MRP / manual planning for optimum inventory.

5)Manual scheduling & procurement of high value parts to manage Optimum Inventory level.

6)Daily Monitoring & procurement of Individual line shortages and team members line shortages.

7)Interaction with various departments as – Production / Planning / Quality / Supplier Development / Sourcing /, Sales& Marketing, Logistics etc.

8)Inventory Management with closed working with Planning & Stores.

9)Cost out with localization / Resourcing / monitoring SOB.

4)M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Spares Business Unit – Tractors Division, Kanhe – Pune – Sourcing (Procurement & Supply chain) of Mahindra & Mahindra Tractor all commodity parts from various suppliers & M&M Tractor plants for domestic & export requirements.

I was working as a Deputy Manager in – Sourcing - Procurement & Supply chain department.


1) Sourcing – Procurement of all Commodity M&M tractor spares from various suppliers who are supplying to M&M plants – engine parts / transmission parts / castings / hydraulic parts / filters & proprietary parts etc.

2) Monthly scheduling to all suppliers (almost – 110 suppliers & around 2500 parts) based on MRP. Monthly schedules are released considering average monthly orders, safety stocks, Back orders & current Stock.

3) Daily monitoring & procurement of customer’s Break – Down Tractor’s & emergency requirements from Suppliers & from Tractor Plants.

4) Scheduling & procurement of various export spares requirements.

5) Co-ordination with Tractor & Jeep division - Sourcing team for Procurement of – various kits child parts like - Engine repair Kit / Farmer’s Kits etc. Daily coordination with third party logistics – TVS logistics team for production of various kits as per after market requirements. Monthly Kitting Sale was @ 10 Crores.

6) Looking after Ware house management in critical situations: Unloading / Binning / Picking / Packing / Kitting of Tractor spares.

Projects Handled: -

1) Cheaper source Buying: - Totally saved – Rs – 10 Lakhs in a year from cheaper source buying – by managing SOB – Share of Business.

2) Implementation of buying of pre-packed material from suppliers: - Implemented pre-packing of finished components in M&M printed cartoons, which we used to pack In- house.

3) Implemented M&M printed cartoons for all filters- high sales volume parts coming from suppliers as – M/s Mico, Purolator filters, Elofic filters.

4) Implemented M&M printed cartoons for M/s Western Auto & M/s Brake -well high-sales volume spares.

This saved tremendous in -house labor work at M&M ware-house for final packing. Also saved inventory carrying cost & space of packaging material.

5)Procurement of Carraro Transmission child parts : - Scheduling & sourcing of all carraro Transmission child parts fitted for domestic & export Tractors. Maintain the optimum stock for better service and less inventory.

6) Volume Discount – Received Volume Discount of Rs. 69 Lakhs from M/s Mico Industries for procurement of – 10 Lacks filters for only two kit filters in – 2006 – 2007.

7) Cost reduction of – Farmer’s kit : - Developed alternate ABS material instead of M.S. for Tyre pressure gauge – Kit part of Regular farmer’s kit. It saved cost about 60,000 Rs / month & around 7 Lakhs / annum

5)M/s Kinetic Engineering Ltd, Chinchwad – Pune: - Manufacturer of two wheelers, mopeds, scooters & motor cycles.

I was working as a Superintendent in R&D - new projects / vendor development / Component development.

Responsibilities: -

1)Development & procurement of castings / Forgings / semi – finished / finished components from various suppliers for motorcycles - CHALLENGER / GF -125 / GF – 170 / Boss motor cycles up to pilot lots.

2) Sample development, sample approval from Q.C., pilot lot development from various suppliers.

3) Costing, releasing P.O. & schedules to suppliers.

4) Vendor development, New component development, pilot lot production & hand – over to regular purchase department in Kinetic Ahmednagar plant.

5)Interaction with various departments like – R&D, new concepts, product design, tool design, tool – room, quality control & production etc.

6) Development & manufacturing of jigs / fixtures & gauges from various suppliers & in- house production in Pune plant & Ahmednagar plant.

Projects Handled: -

1)Development of engine / Transmission Sheet metal components for Motor cycles –

a) Kinetic – Challenger b) Kinetic – Boss c) Kinetic – GF – 125 cc d) Kinetic – GF – 170 cc

2) Component development for other Indian automobile manufacturers & overseas customers: -

a) Costing & development of castings / forgings / other parts for – M/s Bajaj Tempo Ltd, M/s Carraro India & BRP (U.S.A.)

b) Development of samples / Pilot lot & follow –up of auto components up to pilot lot.

3) Out Sourcing of jigs / fixtures / gauges / sheet metal dies from suppliers and In- house also for Boss / GF- 125 motorcycle projects.

6)M/s Patheja Brothers Forgings & Stampings Ltd, Chakan -Pune – Manufacturer of forgings & fully finished automobile components for various indian & over- seas customers.

I was working as a In-house component development – Try out - engineer in Manufacturing Engineering (ME) Department.

Responsibilities –

1) In-house development of Transmission components and other auto components.

2) Development of Transmission components right from raw material up to fully – finished supply condition.

3) Sample development, Pilot lot development for Indian customers – Mahindra &Mahindra / Telco / Greaves / Bajaj Tempo etc.

4) Development of Transmission components for Over Seas customers – M/s Rock ford – USA, Carraro Italy.

5) Try – out of jigs / fixtures / gauges / Various gear manufacturing processes for transmission components.

6) Interaction with various departments. like – Process planning, tool design, standard room / tool - room, quality control & production.

7)M/s Sandvik Asia Ltd, Dapodi, Pune: - Manufacturer of cutting tools, Rock tools & inserts.

I was working as a Trainee Engineer for one year.

Responsibilities: -

1) One-year training in CNC machine shop & conventional machine shop for manufacturing of cutting tool holders & cutters.

2) Shop floor Planning for special tool holders & standard tool holders / Cutters.

3) Orientation program in other departments like - Inserts section, Tool- Room & Rock Tools division etc.

Personal details :-

1) Name: Nikam Dilip Shivaji

2) Address: “Rohan Park “Flat No. 7,

Plot No – G 4, SDC, Sector No – 26,

Near Nigdi Prabhakaran petrol pump,

In front of Income Tax colony,

Nigdi - Prabhakaran, Pune – 411044.

3) Age : 5O years

4) Languages Known : Marathi, Hindi, English

5) Marital Status : Married

6) Academic Qualifications:





% Marks

Year of passing


B.E.( Production )

K.B.P. College of Engineering.Satara

First Class




Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Government Polytechnic Kolhapur

First Class





L.B.S. College, Satara

First Class





S.B.V.M. Satara

First Class




Post Graduate Diploma in supply chain Management

Symbiosis Institute - Pune


Computer Literacy: Working knowledge of SAP System, MFG-PRO, M/s Office etc.

Notice Period : 01 month

Last Salary Drawn : 21.00 Lakhs/annum

( Dilip S.Nikam )


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