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Operating Company Nuclear Reactor

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
December 03, 2021

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Bohdan Pylypczak

** ***** **.

Horizon Ext. *

Roodepoort 1724


South Africa

Tel. H +27-11-760-**** South Africa

Mobil / Cell +027-**-***-**** South Africa

Tel desk W

E mail address

Mobile / cellular 002**********


Name Bohdan Pylypczak

Date of birth 02.04.1953

Place of birth Rochdale Lancashire England

SA ID # 530402 will not give this info over e mail

Nationality British

Passport British

Languages English

Presently Actively seeking employed

Availabilities Immediately / 4 weeks

Linkedin profile:

Skype: bpylypczal

I have been vaccinated on the 27/08/21

SUMMARY of Skills

Key skills and experience

Proposals / Bid manager & Senior Estimator

Disciplines covered Construction have been Civil, Structural steel work, Mechanical equipment, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, Painting, insulation,

Disciplines covered Engineering were Process, Civil, Structural steel work, Mechanical equipment, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation& Control, Technical safety & Process,

Bidding Processing

Bid development

Bid writing

Bid strategy

Bid management

Conceptual Estimating, Feasibility Estimation and FEED (EPC, EPCM) MTA and None MTA

Cost control

Estimation in the first principle



Construction site management (Electrical)

Site supervision (electrical)

Safety site construction (all)

Electrical construction chemical, mining, power generation thermal, solar, hydro, steel sugar, paper mills, Machines ship loader, stackers, mining,

NDT radiographer MPT D pen solution film test levels 1 & 2

PWHT piping and vessels up to 250tons

Mining both surface & underground open pit

Able to work to high standards in a highly pressurized environment in order

To achieve deadlines, targets and objectives

Highly self-motivated - able to motivate other personnel to higher levels of

Performance and productivity

Well-developed planning and scheduling abilities - good organizational skills

Communication skills include the ability to delegate instructions, liaise at all

Levels, technical and administrative skills

Training of staff in the Estimation Field & Cost Control

Able to create a structured environment where the team is able to flourish and deliver profitable growth.

Looking for a position in one of the following: senior estimator, lead estimator, proposals manager, bid manager green or brownfields project MTA and None MTA remote site or head office in the Oil & Gas, Mining surface or underground, power generation CCGT or thermal (coal fired) Solar power thermal, steel, aluminium, paper, sugar, Mills covering the following disciplines Civil, Structural Steel, Mechanical Equipment, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, Technical safety insulation & Painting, Cctv security voice and data, Township Reticulation

Long or short term contracts position for a senior estimator lead estimator, proposals manager, bid manager green or brownfields project remote site or head office based

Able to produce MTO/WV/SOW or BOM/BOQ and turn them into direct field man-hour calculation by hand or on a excel work sheets or program with project factors based on local Factors, labor rates, average man-power for the project, and Labor & Material unit rates including or excluding overheads (direct& Indirect) for all items- BOQ/BOM, with P’s & G’s indirect cost form conceptual / feasibility to definitive / order of magnitude for Green-fields or Brown-field projects

Duties over the years as Proposals Manager / Estimation manager lead estimator:

Act as single point of contact during the bid & tender phase;

Develops the proposal plan & reviews the inquiry summary

Organizes and holds bid kick-off meeting and progress meetings

Review Capex & Opex structure of the bid

Defines the bid cost structure, with estimation team

Manages the interface with Partners and Client

Approves the scope of work for each party involved with the bid

Analyzes Contract requirements and conditions both technical & commercial

Assists with bid vendors list definition

Approves the cost estimate of materials developed by the with estimation team

Preps the bidding documents for the subcontract RFQ's

Establishes labor man hours and total project labor and material costs of the engineering Construction, site overheads site establishment as required in response to the request RFQ Tenders as requested by prospective client (in house labor calculation or subcontractors pricing)

Approves the cost estimates of subcontracts developed by the with estimation team

Identifies the pre-bid agreements to be completed, if necessary

Approves the cost estimate of internally preformed activities developed by the estimation team and based on the evaluations made by the other technical departments (Engineering, Process Procurement and commercial, and management)

Develop the preliminary project cash flow and the forecast rate of invoice developed by the estimation team. Based on the overall project schedule

Endorses the project organization, overall project schedule, overall execution plan, overall resources plan developed by the estimation team

Proposal packages prepared by the individual Operating Companies and Proposal Partners (if any) and reconcile possible discrepancies and Integrates into a combined bid package

Discusses with the all Department Manager's (final price meeting)and approve each Operating Company proposal package in accordance with the Business Unit's Commercial Strategy

Submits the proposal to the Client

Manage the post-bid clarification phase with the client

Define possible scope of work reviews with the Operating Company supports

Review the contract with the support of non-commercial Departments

Negotiate the final price

Prepare the Tender Progress Reports (Tender Award Summary)

Prepare the Proposal Close-out report

Review and finalize the Initial Project Budget prepared by the Offshore Estimator for the Commercial Manager's approval

Support the Project Manager team in reviewing the contract after the award and during the project phase

Maintains historical cost data

Creation of cost models for estimating for the future references (budgets Prices) quick turn around


From: May 2016 up to today

Company: Shadow Freelance Estimation Service

Position: Senior Estimator / Proposals manager & Owner

Heavy Industrial EC & I, Piping, Mechanical

Tenders/ Bids EPC / FEED/ LSTK covering the following types and industry, Oil & Gas, Mining surface or underground, power generation CCGT or thermal (coal fired) Solar power thermal, steel, aluminium, paper, sugar, Mills covering the following disciplines Civil, Structural Steel, Mechanical Equipment, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, Technical safety insulation & Painting, Cctv security voice and data, Township Reticulation

Green or brownfields project MTA and None MTA remote site or head office


BOQ/BOM, with Direct field labor, In direct costs, P’s & G’s, For Conceptual / Feasibility, FEED, Ddefinitive order of magnitude for Green-fields or Brown-field projects ( Class 1,2,3,4,5 )

Shutdowns, turn around project, or MTA and None MTA

Peer re-views

From: June 2014 till May 2016

Company: Chiyoda-Almana. Engineering LLC Qatar

Project: SHELL Brownfield Projects EPCm on Ras Laffan Gas to liquid

Position: Lead Estimator Brownfields Projects

Ras Gas Gas to liquid

Company: Chiyoda-Almana. Engineering llc Qatar Lead Estimator Shell Project 2014

Independent validation of EPC Contractors conceptual and FEED estimates, as well as definitive proposals for contract award, 30% 20%10%)

Production of order of magnitude, conceptual, FEED, and definitive internal estimates for budget authorization, final investment decision, and mid-term planning in accordance with company standards,

Produce benchmark and cost comparison data with relevant projects factors per refinery location,

Provide companywide services to local estimators on estimating tools, techniques, factors, norms and benchmark project estimates against historical data and internal/external indices,

Support in Quantitative and Qualitative take-offs & Risk Analysis.

In the following disciplines Construction Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Painting & Insulation estimation and final CTR’s,

Engineering Process, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Technical safety, Painting & Insulation estimation and final CTR’s Presentation to the client covering Major Equipment, Materials, labor both Direct and Indirect overheads for each project as a standalone and focal point for the Project team. Worked closely with Engineering and Project service: Planning & Cost engineers Procurement.

Asked to look into designing a calculation system for the engineering CTR’s to give consistencies in the engineering CTR’s by project services alongside the day to day green or brownfield estimates. Given cart blanch control to carried it through from conceptual phase to implementation ether carried out the different function myself and oversee the IT. Covering the following engineering disciplines: Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Process and Technical Safety

From – to January 2014 to March 2014

Company: Murray & Roberts South Africa

Position: Consultant estimation

Short three month contract at Murray and Roberts (project services) south Africa mainly on the one LNG plant in Mozambique SMP with E&I, Three solar powered projects 100Mw SMP with E&I each in south Africa odd bits on a sugar mill also in Mozambique

From – to April 2008 to March 2013

Company: Bateman Engineered Technologies (BET)

Position: Proposals manager specialized equipment.

Company Taken over by/ Tenova Takraf mining & Minerals

Middle management Tenova Takraf mining & minerals (Bateman engineered Technologies) Comminutions

From – to February 1982 to April 2008

Company: Siemens limited South Africa 26years

Position: Positions held in Siemens South Africa

Estimation manager construction Heavy Industrial

Sr. Electrical Estimator - Heavy Industrial estimating & cost control

Electrical Estimator - Heavy Industrial estimating & cost control

Jr Electrical Estimator - Heavy Industrial estimating and cost control

Site manager, Supervisor Foreman & Artisan Heavy industry

From_ to 1981-1982

Company: Steinmuller S/A

Position: NDT/ NDE Technician (Nightshift Foreman)

General N.D.T work on boiler at Sasol 3 NDT Technician & Night Shift foreman, running of night shift. Delegating workload +/-6 Technicians plus laborers. Moved to day shift. To evaluate Radiograph & Q/C Q/A used IRIDIUM 192 radioisotopes up To 25 Curies

From – to 1979-1981

Company Chicago Bridge and Iron Constructor S/A

Position: Pwht Dept. Ass, Ass/N.D.E Technician

Sasol secunda GTL Oil & Gas

Assistant in PWHT Dept. Stress relieving of pressure vessels up to 250 tons and large and small bore piping Sasol 2 & 3

. Moved to N.D.E. Dept. Assistant Technician, covered all aspects of N.D.E.

work R/T M/T V/T SFT X-ray machines up to 300 kV and Radioisotopes iridium 192 up to 100 curies and cobalt 60 up 260 curies

Mechanical (CBI Chicago Bridge & Iron)

Mechanical fitter, welding, general roustabout on tank farm, Sinthol units, linde and piping Post weld heat treatment of Piping and Vessels Upto 250tons NED/NDT industrial radiographer piping & vessels and equipment parts

From – to 1978-1979

Company WINKELHAAK MINE S/A (Gold mine)

Position: Underground Electrician

Duties and responsibilities:

Surface and underground; general electrical maintenance

Work with new underground installation Lv & Ht

From – to Company: PILLAR WEDGE GROUP ( RTZ) (in The UK)

1976-1978 Position: Electrician. Promoted to Plant Foreman

Duties and responsibilities:

General electrical maintenance work on Overhead Cranes 30 tons x 7 and Zinc smelter Bath +/- 300 ton

Positions form electrician to Forman of the maintenances shop


1975-1976 Position: Construction Electrician

Duties and responsibilities:

General construction Lv, Mv Ht installation


1973-1975 Duties and responsibilities:

General maintenance of arc/oil fired furnace, induction furnace, blow molding, machine shop auto milling/turning CNC, and overhead cranes ac/dc

Positions Maintenances Electrician

From – to Company D. HOWORTH & SON LTD



Duties and responsibilities:

Apprentice Electrician, various construction sites from factory, Petrochemical plants, office blocks, hospitals, large housing projects, Power stations, small sites and jobbing.

Positions apprentice electrician to electrician

Education UK St. Joseph High School (RC)

Rochdale Hopwood collage Technical Collage

Tertiary Education UK

Registered Apprentice Electrician Joint industrial board (JIB)

Basic Electrical Engineering Rochdale Technical Collage

Union Of Lancashire & Cheshire Institute course A

Union Of Lancashire & Cheshire Institute course B

Registered Electrician Joint industrial board (JIB)

Tertiary Education South African

1979 to 1980 Chicago Bridge and Iron PWHT/NDE/NDT

Non destructive Examination

Level 1 R/T

Level 2 M/T P/T V/T SF/T

1981 Pretoria Technical Collage

Industrial Radiography

South African Atomic Energy Board

Registered and Licensed

To use radioactive

Nuclear Isotope for Industrial Radiography

In South Africa Registration No R0435

Executive education

1990 Diploma in Project Management

From 1984 to 2008

Nose Safety Training Course for Site Supervisors

Siemens Site Supervisors Course 1 And 2

Site Managers Course

Project manager course


Effective Letter Writing

Effective communication

Sales & Marketing course



Contract law

Corporate governance

Sales & marketing

And many others

Estimation experience all in first principle

A Few of the major projects I have worked on

Electrical and control and instrumentation (E&CI) and Mechanical, Piping, projects

These are a few projects I have worked on for Siemens, Bateman technologies, Murry & Roberts, Chiyoda-Almana, Grinaker LTA aven & Shadow freelance estimation service, Green Fields & brown fields in South Africa, Africa Sub-sharia, Qatar

Power generation

CCGT power station/ utilities

Atlantice 4 x 100Mw & Mossel bay 3 x 100Mw combined cycles Gas turbines HT E&I construction only


Majuba power station Six units 650Mw each C&I turbine boilers, précips and turbines, outside plant covering the stockyard materials handling labour & Materials calculations

General upgrades on all South African powers station

Thermal & hydro

Kriel, Matla, Hendrina, Arnot, Tutuka, Letarbo, Matimba,Pelmiet, Komati Duhva Camden, Kendal, Rooiwal,

Complete Retrofits of outdated station electrical & instrumentation Labour & materials

Whange power stations Zimbawa 5 units C&I (2 x 150mw units & 3 x 200mw units) 5 units

Hendrina power stations South Africa 10 units C&I and 5 units electrical (200Mw turbines’) 10 units

Kreil power station South Africa 6 units (720mw units) C&I 6 units

Komatie 9 units 5 x 100MW 4 x 125MW

Nuclear power plants

Part of the pebble bed nuclear reactor team at Siemens South Africa in the feasibility stage of the project E C&I, Koeberg western Cape, Pelindaba nuclear research facilities Safari 1 & 2

Oil & Gas GTL (Gas to Liquid)

Numerous projects for Chiyoda-Alaman

Sasol 2 boilers & water treatment plant

Numerous upgrades to C&I systems at Sasol 1, 2, 3

Compressors 40 Mw

Caltex cap town turbines

Netref Durban

Petro SA boilers plant and 23 sub-station plus the 175kv main incomer sub station

Mining surface, open pit, and underground (Gold, diamonds open pit & underground, copper, iron ore, titanium mineral sands projects, Manganese, Uranium, and mine winders surface & underground )

Mining projects with Bateman or Siemens ltd sa

My Last mining bid was a desk top study for a project in Mozambique

50km overland conveyor 20km of short conveyor at the mine heads more than one mine, a stock yard with 3 stackers and re-claimers and conveyors, Ash conveyor to mine dump, feed conveyor from stock yard to plant, load out station for trains, and a tandem tippler

Clean water plant, sewage plant, and pump station with a 50 km pipe line alongside the overland conveyor

Moma minerals complete new mineral sands project Mozambique

Richards bay coal terminal 3 stackers 2 reclaimers 3 ship loads, and tandem coal train tipplers

Surface and underground mine winders

Kumba / iscor iron ore upgrade of the whole plants systems control from the HT MV MCC to scada covering all parts of the mine

Grootgeluk coal mine 18.8mtp coal washing plant

Iron mountain in the Utah USA Sag mill 6,7MW

Bissett creek Canada ball mill 1 MW (hydraulic driven)

Northen Graphite Canada ball mill 1MW (hydraulic driven)

Over view of the different types of industries i have put bids together for

Power generation (Thermal, hydro, CCGT and Nuclear) new & complete retro fits of these types of station (all had more than a million man hours)

Water treatment plants (swage & raw water, clean, de min plants)

Oil & gas GTL (mainly oil from coal) Gas to liquid south Africa & Qatar

Steel mills (blast Furness & induction) new and upgrades

Aluminium smelters

Paper mills & paper machines

Cement mills

Sugar mills

Harbour / ports new & upgrades

Airport projects jan smuts /jhb inter lancriea Zimbabwe maum Botswana

Material handing machines ship loaders unloads stackers re-claimers load out station, rail wagon tipplers, stock yards and overland conveyor systems up 20km and longer

Railway signalling new & upgrades

Mining equipment all types of AG, SAG, Ball, ROD, grinding mills, flotation, thickeners, pin beds, apron feeds,

Airport project Southern Africa

Jan smuts / jhb international numerous upgrades on runway lighting, lighting on apron, baggage handling system security access control, baggage and body scanners, general CCTV system

Cape town international airport upgrade runway lighting baggage & body scanners general CCTV

Port Elisabeth airport upgrade runway lighting and stand by gen sets

Maun airport (Next door to the Okavango delta) Botswana runway lighting baggage and body scanners security access control systems

King shaka international airport (part of Siemens bid team)

Railway signaling projects

Part of Siemens Bid team on the South African Gautrain project

Signaling, Voice & data and security, traction sub station

Sishen to Saldanha Bay rail upgrade 660 km site inspection (1 week)

11 new loops each +/_ 10 km in length (iron ore train 1 km)

Numerous signaling upgrade throughout southern Africa

Rehabilitation projects in Mozambique

A one week site visit for each of these projects was needed to gather the information

Needed to put together a competitive bid

Maputo Harbor (the whole of the HT MV reticulation & +/- 11kv Mv sub-station, HT, Mv transformers, and Mcc for LV reticulation

Xinavarn sugar mill complete upgrade of the E C&I and sub-station plus the boiler plant

Quelimae the whole of the Towns electrical infrastructure upgrade from the town’s main income to the consumer’s HT, Mv, Lv overhead lines and consumer final insulation

Nampula the whole of the Towns electrical infrastructure upgrade from the town’s main income to the consumer’s HT, Mv, Lv overhead lines and consumer final insulation

Nacala the whole of the Towns electrical infrastructure upgrade from the town’s main income to the consumer’s HT, Mv, Lv overhead lines and consumer final insulation

Matola the whole of the Towns electrical infrastructure upgrade from the town’s main income to the consumer’s, HT, Mv, Lv overhead lines and consumer final insulation

World cup stadium in South Africa

Involved in world cup stadium bids and for training facilities and new stadiums

Durban, Port Elisabeth, Cape Town, Nelspruit, Peter macabre stadium in Northern Province Mbolmbela

Siemens was unsuccessful but it was not due to the pricing bid

Or the selection of equipment required for the stadiums

Pre-paid meter installation

Siemens involved in the electrification of South Africa which included training sub contractors

Ga Kankuwa

55,000.00 meter project in sub urban housing and rural area

Durban area

30,000.00 Re installation of meter


2,000.00 installations and electrification of rural housing including MV & Lv overhead lines and installation of a boards in house’s thatched huts


At moment I have compiled five construction time / speeds, norms catalogues these can be used on both Greenfield & Brownfields projects by Appling a project factors

1)Pure electrical cabling switchgear indoor outdoor instrumentation motors transformer generator

Overhead lines cctv access control etc.300/400 pages +/- heavy industrial electrical

2)LNG / Oil / GTL Refineries Construction covering civils structural mechanical piping electrical control painting insulation Demolition etc. 300 pages +/-

3)Offshore engineering norms structural mechanical piping electrical control painting insulation

Demolition 150 pages +/-

4)On shore Brownfields Engineering norms covering the following Civil, structural steel, Mechanical Equipment, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation &control, Process, Technical safety,

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