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Electrician Valero

San Diego, CA
Over $60,000 per year
November 22, 2021

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Resume of

Robert N. Alm


*** * **** ******

San Diego, CA 92113


Obtain employment at over $30/hour


● Electrician

● Executive / Manager /

Foreman /

Superintendent /

Project Manager

● Salesperson

● Other Skills


1. Bachelor’s of Business Administration

University of San Diego, San Diego, CA

Graduated in 2007 with a 3.53 GPA.

2. General Journeyman Electrician’s Certification #111157G California Department of Industrial Relations

Certified in 2005.

3. Paralegal Certification

Blackstone Career Institute

Completed course in 2017.


A. Electrician Qualifications:

● Capable of proficiently working on all electrical systems of all common voltages.

● Skilled electrical mathematician with all common electrical calculations. Knowledgeable regarding Voltage (Volts), Amperage (Amps), Power (Watts or Volt-Amps), and Resistance (Ohms), and how to size wire using the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the 12 Ohm’s Law formulas.

● Proficient at calculating wire size pursuant to the NEC, and in calculating conduit size pursuant to the NEC in field or in the o ce.

● Proficient at wiring fuel system facilities, including gas stations. In 1999, photos of my gas station wiring were e-mailed out nationwide by British Petroleum /ARCO engineers as the gold standard of how new and complicated gas station wiring should be performed. Capable of not only wiring, but also of programming and testing Veeder–Root TLS-350 consoles. Expert at installing intrinsically safe devices and wiring.

● Proficient at wiring all types of equipment, fixtures, receptacles, switches, motors, relays, and other electrical devices.

● Highly knowledgeable on the National Electrical Code (NEC). Tested at 95% on my California DIR Journeyman Electrician’s NEC code test.

● Proficient at roughing in electrical for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, and passing inspections on the first inspection.

● Proficient at bending and installing all types of conduit, including rigid runs, setscrew EMT runs, compression EMT runs, flex runs, liquidtight flex runs, PVC coated rigid runs, and PVC runs, in dry, wet, and hazardous locations. Photos of my conduit and wiring work are available upon request.

● Proficient at installing all common types of cable, including NM/Romex and MC cables, as well as data cable.

● Proficient at troubleshooting, diagnosing, and fixing all types of equipment, fixtures, receptacles, switches, motors, relays, and other electrical devices.

● Proficient at dealing with existing installations involving old wiring methods in a code-compliant yet cost-e ective manner.

● Proficient at correctly planning out and installing conduit stub-ups from out of slabs, and between floors of buildings.

● Proficient at planning out and installing all types of relay control boxes, including motor controllers, lighting contactors, and emergency shuto relays.

● Skilled and proficient at calculating correct conductor sizes, and at generating accurate materials lists.

● Proficient at reading all common types of wiring schematics and diagrams, including relay ladder logic diagrams and programmable logic controller (PLC) diagrams.

● Skilled at understanding oral and written orders, and translating them into action without making mistakes.

● Skilled at giving others oral or written orders in a way that prevents them from making mistakes.

● Adept at planning work in my head or on paper in a Gant (Linear Programming) chart.

● Familiar with OSHA prescribed safety protocol and equipment.

● Skilled at operating scissor lifts.

● Proficient at operating excavators/trackhoes, loaders, and backhoes, and very skilled at operating concrete breaker jackhammer attachments. B. Foreman / Superintendent / Project Manager Qualifications:

● Experienced and proficient at managing subcontractors so as to bring the project to completion as quickly and cost-e ectively as possible.

● Experienced in directing and coordinating virtually all construction trades, including Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Heavy Equipment Operating, Surveying, Trenching, Grading & Compaction, Concrete, Framing, Structural Steel Erecting, Glazing, Underground Utilities, CMU Masonry, Landscaping, Drywall, and Painting.

● Proficient at writing and interpreting contracts. Accredited as a certified paralegal by Blackstone Career Institute.

● Proficient with Gmail and Google Docs, and with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.

● Good at contacting prospective subcontractors, negotiating with them, coordinating them, and coming to agreement on contract interpretation.

● Experienced in comparing multiple suppliers’ and subcontractors’ prices, considering factors other than price, and ascertaining which vendor is actually the best.

● Experienced at, skilled at, and educated on critical path centric linear programming task flow charting based decision making regarding resources including labor (LP / Gant / PERT charting based decision making).

● Skilled at information management, both static (filing) and kinetic (delegating).

● Type at 70 wpm.

C. Other Qualifications:

● Good with people - “people person”


● Three $2 million gas station ground-up construction projects - including planning all of the electrical:

The Valero near SDSU at University and Rolando

The Shell in Bressi Ranch at Palomar Airport Road and Gateway

The Wild Bill’s Retail Center in Campo at Buckman Springs and the 94

● Several service station tank and pipe jobs, which included significant amounts of electrical work

● The electrical portion of multiple residential remodel projects

● Numerous electrical troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair jobs at residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and fuel dispensing system sites IV. CAREER EXPERIENCE:

● Electrician for Alm Services Inc. 1998 – 2006. Learned the ropes of Commercial, Industrial, and Residential electrical work, and acquired the 8,000 hours of field experience necessary to obtain my Journeyman Electrician’s License.

● Tested at 95% on the California General Journeyman Electrician Certification NEC Test in 2005, and was licensed as General Journeyman Electrician # 111157G.

● Student at the University of San Diego 2002-2007.

● Graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration.

● Superintendent / Project Manager for Alm Services Inc. 2007 – 2009. Ran three

$2 million gas station ground-up construction projects: The Valero near SDSU at University and Rolando, the Shell in Bressi Ranch at Palomar Airport Road and Gateway, and the Wild Bill’s Retail Center in Campo at Buckman Springs and the 94.

● Salesman for Deigaard Nurseries 2009-2010. Became adept at creating lists of prospects, cold calling prospects, and closing deals with prospects.

● Self-Employed doing business as Renaissance Electric 2011-2012.

● Electrician for the US Federal Government 2012 – 2018.

● Electrician for TRAC Electric 2018.

● Electrician for Rock Mountain Electric 2019.

● Electrician for Rogers Electric 2021.

● Electrician for Carter Electric 2021.


The National Electrical Code by the NFPA

Business textbooks read as part of USD BBA coursework Paralegal training texts read as part of BCI coursework Mastery by Leonard

Getting Things Done by Allen

The Seven Habits of Highly E ective People by Covey Influence by Cialdini

Think and Grow Rich by Hill

Advanced Selling Strategies by Tracy

The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing by Ries and Trout

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