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Monitoring & Evaluation, Data Management

Lilongwe, Central Region, Malawi
February 16, 2022

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Foster K Gondwe

c/o Lilongwe District Health Office,

P.O. Box 1274, Lilongwe.


Cell: (265-***-***-***: (265-***-***-***


I am a hardworking person and I like taking up challenging responsibilities and make sure that the anticipated results are realized.


Date of Birth: 28 June 1984.

Marital Status: Single.

Nationality: Malawian

Religion: Christianity.


1- Academic Qualification:-

University Of Malawi - Chancellor College - 2010 - Graduate

Award granted: Bachelor of Science Degree:

Computer Science & Demography

Year One- General Courses

Cell & Microbiology/Introduction to Invertebrates & Vertebrates

General Chemistry

English for Science /Library Research Skills

Introductory Mathematics

Mechanics & Properties of Matters/Electricity & Magnetism/Vibration & Waves

Year Two

Introduction to Computer Science/Introduction to Computer Programming

Further Mathematics (Calculus with Analytical Geometry)

Further Mechanics & Properties of Matters/Electricity & Magnetism/Vibration & Waves

Discrete Mathematics/Introduction to Statistical Methods & Probability

Year Three



System Analysis & Design/ Computer Modeling & Simulation

Population Change & Socio Economic Development

Operating Systems/Computer Networks

Basics Methods of Data Analysis

Algorithms & Data Structure/Programming Languages


Financial Accounting/Managerial Accounting

Year Four

Software Engineering/Information System Project

Population & Development/ Integration of Population in Development Planning

File Structure and Design/Database Systems

Demographic Estimation from Limited Data/Demographic Project


Ability to Conduct Behavioral and Socio-Economic (Social Sciences), Market and Health Intervention Research (Surveys and Operational Research)

Monitoring and Evaluation Skills

Knowledge of humanitarian work

Skills in Participatory Research and Monitoring Methodologies

Good knowledge with Cultural, Gender and Health Issues including HIV&AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH)

Qualitative and Quantitative Data Management Using Software like: Statistical Packages for Social Scientist (SPSS), Epidemiology- Information –Software(EPI-INFO), Microsoft Office suite, as well as Content Analysis and many other Methods-

Database Design and Development used to analyze research data

Management and Supervisory Skills

Writing, Presentation and Analytical Skills

Good People handling and a Team Player skills.


Website Development Skills (Dynamic and Static –using majority software platforms-ie - Web-Family-Programming platforms like : PHP, ASP, HTML and other Scripting Languages (vb Script, java script, cascading style sheet… etc)

Programming Skills in: Visual Studio, Java Programming, C++, C, C#, and Python etc.

Database Development skills: Developed a Resource Center Database for UNAIDS –Malawi during my internship vacation.

Confident in practical management of the Local Area Network.

Ability to work with any software tools and accessories with advanced intellect and skills.

Confident in any version of Microsoft Office Product and any Open Office product.

ACADEMIC Write-Ups and Development skills

In Partial Fulfillment of - Demography Minor:

Designed and conducted a survey at Chikamveka North Ward in Zomba. The survey was to find out levels Of :

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of the Female Condom and Use:

The Case Study of Chikamveka North ward- Zomba.

The data was analyzed using SPSS and Charts and table imported and reworked using Microsoft Excel.

In Partial Fulfillment of - Computer Science Major:

Developed e-Learning Aided Software: using PHP and HTML Programming languages-front-End and MySQL Database - Back-End.


1-1- Currently working with Ministry of Health as M&E /Data Officer – Global Health Fund Project

December, 2017 – to date

Major Responsibilities

Compiling Medical Data Records of various Medical Registers from various Health Facilities

Participating in planning, Monitoring Evaluation and Research activities at Health Area Level

Undertaking training of HSA's and other Health Workers in Data collection at Health Area Level

Maintaining Database of The Health Area

Preparing graphs & charts for key health indicators and displaying them on Health Facilities

Carry out data entry in various Health Information Systems ( DHIS 2,

2-Malawi National Registration Bureau (National Registration & Identification System Project) as Temporary Registration Supervisor.

May, 2017 – to November 2017

Responsible for Team Management of 20 Registration Officers

Travel & Logistics liaising with Human Resources on Leave plan allocation

Carrying out day to day Field spot checks

Data entry into the NRIS System

Preparing end of phase field team report

3- UNHCR Malawi as Registration Data /IT Assistant.

May, 2016 – to April, 2017

Major Responsibilities

Enter Data mainly related to Asylum seekers, Refugees and persons of concern to UNHCR into the UNHCR Progress Database & UNHCR Biometrics System

Collect Data from different sites ( Mwanza – Luwani, Dowa– Dzaleka, Karonga

Contributing to preparations of Reports and Projects Documents by providing information, Preparing Tables and drafting routine correspondences and Reports

Updating and maintaining existing databases and generating various Statistical Reports

Assisting in development of Forms for data collection and Analysis

Assisting in onsite needs assessment and installation and maintenance of UNHCR Telecommunications and IT Equipment

Maintaining Technology, including standard repairs, configuration, and storage, in accordance with Data Security and access controls to ensure IT equipment required for UNHCR Staff is available

Responding to a variety of queries about technology and systems in order to assist UNHCR Staff to deliver their services.

Perform routine deployments of Server Hardware and Software, including testing and the identification of problems, to contribute to the effective functioning of technology.

Responsible for maintaining Information Records such as updating Web Pages and Statistical Databases to ensure the information is current and well organized.

Install, operate and maintain Telecommunications systems and equipment, to ensure optimal services in compliance with Standard Operations Procedures.

Support the development of standard material such as Training Documentation and Web Content on behalf of Senior Officers, to ensure Staff have access to required Information about IT services and products.

Monitor and maintaining the LAN, Network Servers, Printers, LAN Ports, Hubs

Carry out system maintenance tasks, such as performing monitoring tasks, running system diagnostics, and system optimization, to ensure they are running effectively and enable easy and efficient use.

4-Worked at Airtel Malawi as IT Call Centre Engineer.

March, 2015 – April, 2016

Major Responsibilities

Carry out system maintenance tasks, such as

Performing monitoring tasks, running system

diagnostics, and system optimization, to ensure they are running effectively

Troubleshoot all technical faults that hinder Call Centre Agents receive complaints, Queries or Requests from Customers

Microsoft 2008 Server maintenance

Administering User Accounts, including provisioning Read /Write and Read Only to employees using Microsoft Server 2008 R2

Managing, maintaining and troubleshooting software services, Printers and peripherals perform full backup data for the Call Centre

ID Management, Generating and present regular Reports

Respond to Facility,Equipment alarms, System failures and provide prompt response to requests and issues from facility occupants

5-Techmahindra Malawi as Senior Quality Analyst March, 2011 – February, 2015

Major Responsibilities

Process Improvement

Collecting, Analyzing, Interpreting and summarizing Data in preparation for reports within timeline set for the Customer Service Department

Adopting best practices ensuring meeting of Service Level Agreement

Contributing to the development of short and long term goals of the Customer Service process

Driving process improvement and Quality Tools for Process Performance Measurement and Standardization

Training Newly Recruited Agents on Quality Parameters

Collecting, Analyzing, Interpreting and Summarizing Data in preparation for Report within timelines set for the Airtel Malawi - Customer Service Department

Carrying out on Job Training ( OJT) for Call Center Agents

Forecasting based on Historical Data, Capacity Planning

Conducting Briefings on New or Revised Products, Services and Promotions and ID Management

Monitoring and Evaluating Agents performance and analysis need for Training

6-Worked at Airtel Malawi as Corporate Sales Executive

October, 2010 – to February, 2011

Major Responsibilities

Handling all Customers needs both Post-paid and prepaid and ensuring Customer Satisfaction.

Handle and resolve a range of Customer Contacts- Blackberry Solution, 3G/GPRS Activations.

Handling Sales of Blackberry Smartphone’s, Mobile Dongles and Data Cards.

Provisioning of New Post-paid Accounts.

Enter Data into the Customer System Database.

Registering New Airtel Money Customers, Cashing in and Out of Airtel Money.

7-Worked at Airtel Malawi as Customer Care Representative September, 2009 – to September, 2010

Major Responsibilities

Handling all Customer Care interactions by providing consistent standards of service to Customers and ensuring Customer Satisfaction.

Handle and resolve a range of Customer Contacts

Record a range of Customer Contacts

Enter Data into the Customer System Database

8-Worked for Ladybird International Private Schools - Information Technology Specialist /Teacher- April-2007 – August, 2009

Major Responsibilities

Maintenance of Inventory Records of Hardware and Software

Teaching IGCSE Information and Communication Technology in all forms

Teaching Computer Studies in Grade 5,6 and 7

Incident/problem recording and solving

Hardware and Software troubleshooting and solution provision

Manage and administer the Local Area Network (LAN)

Co-coordinating with the School Principal in procurement of IT Equipment

Co-ordinate deployment of IT resources to user sections

Installing and upgrade of Hardware and Software (Servers, Ups, Printers and Copiers.)

Train and help Staffing the use of Computers

Ensure Integrity and Security of the Database

Generation, Data Entry, Processing and Customization of School Reports

9-Worked for Worked for Damu Landscape Consultants as Assistant Data Officer – February-2006 – March-2007 April-2007 – August, 2009

Major Responsibilities

Network configuration and end user support

Design and present training sessions of various software packages

Preparation of service contracts with IT service providers

Hardware and Software support of various IT equipment ( Servers, Printers, Computers, Laptops, Photocopiers and UPS)

Carrying out direct Data entry functions as required from time to time

Collect Data from different sites

Enter Data using MS Access and MS Excel

Assisting in coding and revision of all Data Collection forms

Designing electronic database tables and forms to be used for data entry in access,

Assist in developing Case Record Forms (CRF’s)

Managing the Data Archive and maintain relevant records

Trainings Attended

ISO 9001 Internal Quality Auditors’ Training (Airtel Malawi, July 2011).

Audit Planning and Preparation

Identifying and Documenting Non-


Audit Success Factors and


Conducting and Reporting Audit


Preventive and Corrective Measures

Interviewing Techniques

Training of Trainers (Centum for Airtel Africa March 2011).

Planning and Conducting a Field visit

Training Planning

Trainee Behaviours’ and Ways of

Managing it.

Post Training Behaviour Analysis

Report a Field

Conducting and

Evaluating a

Post Training

Visit and




Training needs



Monitoring and





Kelvin Chirwa, Programme Manager, MEJN,

P.O. Box 20135, Lilongwe 2.

Cell: 088*-***-*** / 099*-***-***


Sibusiso Nyasulu, Customer Services Director,Airtel Malawi Ltd,

P.O. Box 57, Lilongwe.

Cell: 099*-***-***, 099*-***-***


Mapila Mapila, Senior Data Management Assistant, UNHCR Malawi,

P.O. Box 30230, Lilongwe

Cell: 099*-***-***


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