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Chemical Engineering Chemist

San Francisco, CA
January 27, 2022

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Estrellita C. Manuel

*** ********* *** **** ****, CA 94014


Work Experience

ICF, US EPA Region 9 Laboratory, Richmond, CA December 2007 – Present

Chemist, GC/MS Volatile & Air Organics group

Chemist, Data Validation

Responsible for performing and documenting volatile organic compounds in air and soil vapor by GC/MS EPA methods TO15 and TO15-SIM and water and soil samples by GC/MS EPA methods 524.2/8260C and by SIM to support Superfund and RCRA site programs.

Trained on the Volatile Organic Compounds Passive Air Diffusive Sample analysis using SIM mode analyzed by GC/MS.

Uses Chemstation and Mass Hunter softwares in processing the data.

Analyzes quarterly performance evaluation samples for Region 9 Laboratory internal and external audits.

Responsible for data production, processing, and archiving. Enters data into the Element Database (LIMS) and ensures that reported data meet the clients' project requirements.

Responsible for maintaining, cleaning and certification of specially prepared canisters and flow controllers used for collection of air samples.

Responsible in standard preparations for calibration use.

Responsible for method development, corrective actions, quality improvements, supplies inventory and maintenance within the group. Instruments currently responsible for operating and maintaining are HP/Agilent 6890/7890 GC and 5973/5975/5977 MS; Entech concentrators, autosamplers, and diluters; and Stratum purge and trap concentrators.

Coordinates any necessary repair with service technicians.

Reviewed CLP and non-CLP data packages consistent with CLP National Functional Guidelines for Organic Data Review and USEPA Region 9 policies.

Caltest Analytical Laboratory, Napa, CA December 2004 – December 2007

Senior Chemist, Semi-Volatiles Group

Analyzed organic solvent extracts of soil, water, and industrial wastes for semi volatile organic compounds by GC/MS EPA methods 8270/8100/8270-SIM for commercial and federal contracts.

Reviewed data to ensure that reported data met the clients' requirements in support of commercial, industrial, and Department of Defense projects.

Entered data into the in-house Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

Trained new analysts.

Performed method development, corrective actions, quality improvements, supplies inventory/purchase within the group.

Operated and maintained HP/Agilent 5890/6890 GC, 5972/5973/5975 MS instrumentations and related autosamplers using Chemstation and Target softwares

Sequoia Analytical Laboratory, Redwood City, CA July 1989 – April 2003

Senior Chemist

Participated in research and method development of complex pyrethrin and pyrethroid analysis with low level selected ion monitoring (SIM) methods.

Worked on method development projects to lower detection limits for pesticides, PCBs, diesel, and TPH analyses by GC/MS.

Analyzed internal and external performance evaluation samples for NELAC and DOE audits and served as a member of a team to provide emergency PCB analyses.

Brown and Caldwell Laboratory, Emeryville, CA September 1984 – June 1989

Senior Scientist, Volatiles Group

Performed and documented analyses of soils, water, waste water, and industrial wastes for volatile petroleum hydrocarbons by methods 8015/8020; halogenated and aromatic compounds by Gas Chromatography using EPA methods 8010/8020 and volatile organic compounds using GC/Mass Spectrometry using EPA method 8240.

Stauffer Chemicals September 1983 – August 1984

Lab Technician

Performed a variety of wet chemistry analyses for soil and water using Lachat, pH-meter, ammonia probe, and other instruments.

Analyzed more than 10,000 samples for pH, boron, conductivity, total Kjedahl nitrogen, and phosphorus.


B.S. Chemical Engineering, 1982

Adamson University, Manila, Philippines

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