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Handy Man Customer Service business start up marketing advertising

Atlanta, GA
October 21, 2021

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O Opal K Layfield

Folkston Georgia


Hi my work ethic, drive, ambition, and a lot more of my traits can not be read on paper. My hyper active attention disorder that’s mixed with my hunger for knowledge and overly creative mind as only made me uniquely valuable in the work environment. I have so far simultaneously completed Six brand new start up businesses all unlike any others in the same industries from the ground up entirely on my own without any prior experience or knowledge or outside help of any kind in only 6 months most which have been spent at a stand still due to lack of funding. The experience also taught me new skills that I had needed like marketing, product development, market research, website design and maintenance, heightened my sales skills, as well as my customer service skills, problem solving, catalog design, and way to many more. I’m a hard worker and very fast learner. If given the chance to show you what I can do for your company I promise you won’t be disappointed. Work Experience Business to business outside sales agent 11/2013 to 05/2014

Coastal pay

Los Angeles California

I went to appointments with small business owners selling product merchandising equipment, the chip reader, at a time before anyone even knew what the chip was or it's purpose and why they would need this new more complex expensive equipment. Never lost a sale. Also, was in charge of printing the customer contracts, signing of the contacts, and filling them safely during the time they remained as our customer as well as checking from time to time how they were managing. Head Baker/Manager/Sales Associate/ Employee management 03/2017 to 06/2019

Small cakes bakery and creamery

Jacksonville Florida

I practically ran the bakery from open to close 7 days a week. Owner

02/2010 to 03/2020

Layfield construction

Jacksonville Florida

We done it all. On call handy man services where we would do anything from plumbing, roof leaks, demolition, lawn care, flooring, inspection fixs, painting, cleaning, and pretty much anything that could be needed Skills Marketing - 1 year

Social media advertising - 1 year

Direct marketing - 1 year

Business start up - 9 years

Management - 5 years

Sales - 9 years

Business accounting - 9 years

Product development - 1 year

Professional Cleaning services - 9 years

Construction - 9 years

Lawn care - 9 years

Customer service - 9 years

B2b sales - 9 years

Baking - 5 years

Restaurant management - 9 years

Bakery management - 9 years

Start ups - 9 years

Web design - 2 years

Logo and branding - 9 years

Market research - 1 year

Online Store newsletter - 1 year

Email marketing - 2 years


Strayer university


Bachelor's in business administration

Jacksonville Florida

04/2021 to Present



Current in progress start ups are:

Sun Bak'd a bakery

Sun kiss'd diner

Sun tooo moon home service solutions

Sun tooo moon creations

Opal Minded metaphysical gift shop

Twisted opal shopping network

Simplyyopal blog (also where I will be publishing my books in the late The mindfulopal online learning center

Opals creations

The slightly twisted opal bar and grill

Plus two non profit with completely new movement's The stop it movement

And the taking it One second at a time movement

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