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Counselor Artist

Grand Junction, CO
15 an hour or whatever is fair
October 15, 2021

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**** ******* **. ***** ******** Colorado, 81501



I like to be on my feet and working hard, love aiding customers and demonstrating how helpful and pleasant workers can be in any environment, both in person and over phone. I’m a Fast learner, very flexible, and enjoy learning new things.


Snyder Grand valley memorial

Artist/General employee April 11th 2017 – May 15th 2020

My main responsibility was to develop art and layout for families seeking headstones, either for themselves in the future or for passed loved ones. I’d have to measure stones and create layouts using our in shop computer program and sometimes consult with the families in person and over phone to accomplish the layout they desire.

When necessary I'd also work on cleaning, sand blasting and setting the stones in the designated cemeteries alongside my co-workers, As well as cleaning and organizing the establishment itself.

Lego summer camp for children


Over a summer while in high school, for 2 weeks total, I worked a short job working as a counselor/teacher for children using Legos to educate the youth under my supervision in history, math and other general school subjects, while also supervising play time, inside and outside, and providing snacks and drinks

Fifty shades of pain tattoo parlor


At fifty shades of pain, I was trained in using a tattoo machine, but mostly did work like cleaning, organizing and carrying trash from the establishment to the dumpster and in general keeping the shop and work areas clean and sterile.


I received my high school diploma from Central high school (CHS) in Grand Junction Colorado. I graduated ahead of my peers, half a year early, but attended the graduation with my peers in 2018.


I’ve been known to have almost perfect attendance in school and at my work places, I strive to be on time when doing important work, even without a steady mode of transportation.

I love cleaning and organizing. I find immense enjoyment in keeping work areas and establishments in order and appealing to the eye by ensuring displays are up to date, clean and presentable.

I can handle carrying and lifting heavy and/or unstable objects carefully to where they need to be.

I am very friendly and can keep morale in the workplace in high spirits for co-workers and customers. I strive to never show disrespect.

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