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Glass Fiber Clean Energy

Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, India
July 25, 2021

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Amitabh Baghel

‘’Project Manager -R&D/Technical Sales and Service”

BK-363, Adarsh Nagar Hathras, Uttar Pradesh( Pin-204101) - +91-798*******

Seeking a challenging career as part of team to an innovative idea, concept, strategy and optimum utilization of skills with time proved techniques for the sustainable development for the mankind.

Willing to relocate to: Anywhere (India),Delhi NCR, Gurgaon(Haryana)


Recycling Head (Consultant) at

Pro India Recycling Pvt.Ltd. Gurugram(Haryana)From 16 Nov.2020 to till.

Technical Consultant at Sriyaan Ecostructure Pvt,ltd. Bahadurgarh (Haryana) (from July 2020 to till).

Job Responsibilities:

1.Compounding of PP Material.

2.Compounding of LD Material.

3.Compounding of HD Material.

Manager (R&D, Technical Sales and Services) at Marvel Vinyls Ltd.

Gwalior, MP (from April 2019 to June 2020).

Job Responsibilities:

1.Development of all resins to be used in production with respect to on line application.

2.Development in resins suitability for top coat, foam coat and adhesive coat.

3.Comparison of all resins equivalent grades from various suppliers.

4.Comparison of all resins TDS with respect to properties like viscosity, plasticizers, absorption, K- Values etc.

5.Blending of resins and related formulation cost.

6.Blending of PVC resins with other thermoplastic materials like TPU, TPR and Liquid Silicon Rubbers.

7.Uses of different plasticizers and comparative study of all with respect to end application.

8.Comparative study of kickers and thermal stabilizers.

9.Comparative study of different fillers and optimization of loading of fillers with respect to costing factor.

10.Working on different surface treatment chemicals both water base and solvent base to achieve more leather touch.

11.Pigment studies and optimization of pigment formulations.

12.Working on master batches

13.Printability enhancement formulations.

14.Study of different adhesive formulations to enhance bond strength.

Asstt. Project Manager, R&D/NPD/Technical Services

(Luminosity Solutions/ Vision Control Products/ Aditya Clean Energy System Pvt. Ltd., Delhi.) March 2016 – April 2019

Job Responsibilities:

1.Overall responsibility for multi-product manufacturing operations and provide Manufacturing support in the area of process development, quality control, quality assurance.

2.Overall responsibility for IMI, Process Inspection, PDI and QC Tools (SPC, FMEA etc.)

3.Work on continuously improving existing departments (R&D/NPD/Production& Quality)

4.Able to advise cost reduction by reducing overhead expenditure, yield improvement, productivity improvement.

5.Research and development of new formulation.

6.Develop new products as per market demand

7.Research and development of new formulation according to IS standard.

8.Reformulate/develop cost competitive product/improvement to existing formulations.

9.Works with customer for new product trials.

10. Evaluate new vendors for raw materials.

11. Evaluate new vendors for Hydraulic press machines, Injection molding and extrusion molding Machines and their molds /dies.

12. Design and develop LED Light fixtures.

13. Evaluate internal audit in R&D, QC, NPD, Compounding Departments.

14. Continuous development in compounding of PC, PS, PVC, UPVC, CPVC, PE, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, ABS, EVA, Natural Rubber, Neoprene Rubber, EPDM, Silicon, Nitrile etc.

Projects undertaking:

1) Design/Develop molds (Lips, end caps, bulbs, tube lights, electrical boxes) used in injection, extrusion and compression molding machines.

2) Develop/formulate new compound of DMC, SMC composite material for the polyester materials. Applications for covers / boxes, insulators.

3) Sustainable development of high performance PC and PS diffuse materials for LED light diffusers.

4) Development of novel thermal conductive material to replace metal part from the LEDs lighting holders for cost savings.

5) Design and develop various types of LED light fixtures (Lips, end caps, bulb diffuser, tube light

diffuser) application of different interior and exterior automobile body parts.

6) Development of water repellent materials for the automobile, injection moldable goods applications.

7) Develop/ Formulate new compound of PC, ABS for switch, socket, meter boards according to IS standard.

8) Sustainable development of the high performance, fuel efficient compounded materials for the automotive parts.

9) Continuous development in compounding of PC,PS,PVC,UPVC,DMC,SMC etc. materials.

Engineer / Sr. Engineer ( R&D/QC/NPD)

Maruti Rub Plast (P) ltd - Noida, Uttar Pradesh -2011-07 - 2016-03

Projects undertaking:

1) Develop/formulate of PVC materials for water stop seal according to IS standard and increases the tensile strength, and hardness, elongation.

2) Develop of UPVC materials for water proofing membrane/sheet according to IS standard and increase the tensile strength and elongation.

3) Develop of EPDM/neoprene hydrophilic swell seal/strip/bar compound According to IS Standard for water Absorption.

4) Develop of entivibration pads/ bearing pads neoprene rubber (NR) materials according to IS standard for bridge applications.

5) Develop water stop seal/ water bar compound of PVC according to IS standard.

6) Develop electro mat/ insulating mat compound of PVC and EPDM rubbers according to IS standard.

7) Develop expansion seal / expansion joint compound of Neoprene rubber according to IS standard.

8) Develop sponge seal of EPDM rubber compound according to IS standard.

9) Develop RM rubber compound according to IS standard for hose pipe, LPG pipe.

10) Develop silicon rubber compound for strips/sheets/hoses etc.

10) Develop PVC - compound according to IS standard for injection grouting tube uses in building/bridge construction.

11) Design and develop molds of water stop seal, sponge seal, hose pipe, bearing pads, LPG tube/hose.

12) Work on continuously improving existing departments ( R&D/NPD/Production& Quality)

"M. Tech research work'' - Development of polymethylemethacrylate /polystyrene /CaCO3 nano Composites uses in antireflection coating, drug delivery system.2010 – 2011

Analyst ( Compounding/Testing)

Sparsh Polychem (P) ltd Bahadurgarh, Hariyana –(july 2008 – sep.2009)

Projects undertaken:

1) Development of High Gloss, scratch filling automotive compound.

2) Develop 10-25% calcium carbonate filled PP/PE compound for automotive, house hold components.

3) Develop 5-30% glass fiber filled PP compound for automobile, house hold components.

4) Develop upto 30% glass fiber filled ABS compound for automotive component.

5) Development of different mechanical, chemical, electrical properties enhance compounds for automotive components.

M. Sc research work -

1) Mechanical Behavior of Glass fiber reinforced Polycarbonate Composite materials.


M. Tech. in Polymers Technology

CIPET - Hajipur, Bihar 2009 - 2011

M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry

Agra University Campus - Agra, Uttar Pradesh

2006 - 2008

B.Sc. in PCM

Dr. B.R.A. University - Agra, Uttar Pradesh





Computer Proficiency:

1. Operating computer on windows 98/2000/XP environment.

2. MS-Office

3. AutoCAD, Origin 10.0, Adobe Photoshop etc.

Dated :- (Amitabh)

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