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Showroom Manager Commercial Director

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
July 20, 2021

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CURRICULUM VITAE of: Jan Bastiaan Riekert

Position application for: Code 8 Driver/messenger with PDP Personal information:

Name: Jan Bastiaan Riekert

ID number: 731**********

Cell number: 060*******


Residential Address:

Martin crescent




Driver’s license: Code 08 PDP


English: Speak/read/write

Afrikaans: Speak/read/write

Nationality: South African

Marital status: Divorced

Criminal offences: None

Current Health Status: Good


1) Qualification Institution: Technicon South Africa Correctional services promotion course grade 2


2) Qualification institution: College for advanced Christian education Pastoral diploma


3) Qualification institution: Success college

National senior certificate


4) Qualification institution: Technicon South Africa Correctional services promotion course Grade 1f



Computer literate :

MS Word- Outlook

Universal Computer Services

Store Master

Pastel Evolution

Pastel retail point of sale

My Interpersonal skills:

Conflict management



Critical thinking / problem solving

Good Verbal Communication

Good Listening Skills

Negotiation skills

Decision Making

Positive attitude.


1. Name of firm: Taxi services Randfontein

Date: 2019 to present

Position held: Owner and driver of taxi service

Work function / responsibilities

• Offering transport to the general public which is safe affordable and reliable 2. Name of firm: Patio Warehouse

Date: August 2015 - March 2016

Position held: General manager flagship store

Work function / responsibilities

Day to day Store management

• Management of 35 permanent staff members, and 15 par time sales staff during peak periods

• Staff management, motivation, supervision, performance monitoring of individual staff members.

• Training and growing of staff members in different departments to become competent

• Vehicle management, including tracker reports. Financial expenses management, trip planning.

• Coordinating delivery and maximizing efficiency, ensuring cost effectiveness

• Advertising and Marketing management including budget at store level

• External exhibition management on trade Fairs and expos including the setting up of such in shopping center’s and venues, organizing staffing, decorating, stock control.

• Branch’s sales performance management

• Sales administration and performance management.

• Implementation of administration processes policy and procedures as per head office memorandums.

• Administration and management of between 30 and 40 reports for head office at any given time kept weekly and monthly

• Customer after sales care and repairs services

• Client liaison with a lot of attention to detail

• Bulk purchase supervision

• Administration of the registration proses for interior decorator company’s

• Management of rebates

• Coffee shop supervision including:

• Staff, stock, POS management

• Turnover daily cash up and banking

• Cash collection management

• Safety and security management and supervision

• Daily cash up and banking management

• HR administration for new employees, appointment of permanent and temporary staff Including:

• Capturing of data and Signing of on new employees contracts

• Reference checks done for nee employees ITC and Criminal record Checks

• Staff Planning of duty roster of weekly and monthly employees and management of overtime hours, leave management, leave approvals and payroll management.

• Building maintenance and CCTV monitoring of the system to ensure.

• Floor Merchandising and showroom Housekeeping

3. Name of firm: Sedgar's Home stores

Date: Date October 2014 - March 2015

Position held: Branch Manager

Work function / responsibilities

• Day to day Store management

• Staff management

• Merchandising Display of stock (Merchandising)

• Stock management

• Coordinating deliveries

• Implementation of administration processes

• Cash up and banking

• Driving turnover and motivation of sales staff to ensure turnover

• Weekly and monthly reports to head office

• Customer care

• Advertising and distribution areas


• implementation of policy and procedures

4. Name of firm: UFO Furniture

Date: From September 2007 to May 2014

Position held: Store manager/

Work function / responsibility

• Day to day Store management

• Staff management

• Implementation of all company policy and procedures Daily cash up and banking to company standard

• Reconciliation of the trading days takings and ensuring every tended type balances to banking summary on the point of sale and ensuring no discrepancy and daily reporting new sales and the days banking to the accountant for double checking, to ensure correctness

• Investigation of any discrepancy’s and doing corrective measure of mistakes that might have happened and rectify this on the trading day ensuring ongoing correctness

• Enforcing cash up upliftment throughout the day according to policy for the safe dispatching of moneys and ensuring proper security dispatching of moneys and collections is valid by Security company, ensuring no losses occur to the company.

• Implementation of company regulations regarding cash payments and ensure to be followed by all staff.

• Managing and completion of all check lists daily to ensure proper controls at all times

• Manage deposit slips returned by the bank after the security company made deposits and follow ups for late returns and control of any discrepancy and disagreement by the bank

• Management customer refunds, credit note and cancellations to ensure proper preventative measures of losing income to the company:

• Managing every deal where we are at risk to cancellation and refunds to clients to ensure we have exhausted all avenues to prevent such cancellations and refunds

• Processing on the point of sale, coordinating and manage collections from customers and ensuring proper stock control to ensure no losses, when refunds to customers

• Controlling of all signed delivery notes by contractor delivery staff to follow up on any client inquiry of complaint

• Filing of all Pods' invoices and Inter branch transfers from and to the store

• Sectional and full stock counts, done on an ongoing basis, managing any discrepancy, reconciling and investigating and of all stock movement

• Reporting of such discrepancies to the MD and ensuring minimal losses to occur

• Managing the entire admin process and filing of documents, ensuring company policy is enforced, complying with refund checklist and credit control as per company policy

• Ensuring compliance to the CPA rules and regulations.

• Also ensuring the maximum cancellation fee is enforced and charged the client in the event of a deal cancellation, which will be last resort

• Allocation of moneys and the allocate the expense on the point of sale ensuring e budgets allocated is not exceeded and the reporting of monthly expense to head office

• Management and administration of all stock movement to and from the store:

• Invoicing of stock customer collection, ensuring proof of delivery and recording of any damages of stock to minimize any returns done where the company is not liable for such

• Leading store Staff on an ongoing basis:

• Training of staff by guidance, motivating and mentoring ensuring efficient and positive service levels to all clients at all times

• Sales training and role plays to ensure we know how the client might react

• Supervising of internet quotes done to clients and managing customer follow up with Sales staff

• Driving of lay-buy monthly payments with by sales staff

• Management of New Business written and Daily invoicing control sales staff sales performance management including

• Training to sales staff on Selling skills with role play

• Liaising with other store managers to organize Stock for sold orders

• Sales management

5. Name of firm: Coricraft

Position held: Showroom manager

Date: Jan 2007 - October 2007

Work function/ responsibilities

• Daily store management

• Showroom manager

• Staff management

• Stock management

• Admin management

• Sales management

• Customer care

• Daily Cash up and banking

• Receiving and dispatching

6. Name of firm: Glick's Furniture

Position held Branch manager

Date: From January 2000 - December 2006

Work function/ responsibilities

• Day to day Store management

• Staff management

• Daily Cash up and banking

• Showroom housekeeping

• Coordinating of customer deliveries including the customer repairs to be done

• Supervision and management of company policy of administrative requirements

• Management of Sales / Prospecting system

• Showroom Merchandising

• Weekly and monthly reports to head office

• Customer care

• Debtors/creditors management

• Warehouse management

• Marketing and Advertising and distribution areas


• Credit granting policy's and procedure adherence 7. Name of firm: SA Correctional services

Position held: Varies positions within the service Date: From Jan 1991 to Dec 2000

Work function/ responsibilities:

I was employed for ten years.

Five of the ten years I was in charge of the religious care. My responsibility’s were to ensure that all church denomination groups were getting the best possible care from outside the prison by part time spiritual workers REFERENCES:

1. Person: Deon Joubert

Contact number: 074*******

Position: Regional manager UFO furniture

2. Person: Charl Brett

Contact number: 082*******

Position: Shareholder / Managing Director UFO

3. Person: Kevin Knight

Contact number: 082*******

Position: Managing Director Glick’s Furniture

4. Person: Jansie van der Merwe

Contact number: 084-***-****

Position: Commercial Director Glick’s Furniture

5. Person: Daniel Delport

Contact number: 012*******

Position: Co owner of Patio warehouse

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