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Kinder Morgan Elk City

Abilene, TX
July 20, 2021

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Roy Fuentes Jr

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Abilene, tx **605

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Self-motivated individual seeking a position with a company that will enable me to utilize my experience, qualifications and skills. I am a fast learner and have great computer skills. I am also bilingual. I am fluent in English and Spanish. I also take my job serious and do it to the best of my ability. Most importantly, I am easy to get along with and am willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Work History

Navitas inc.

Nov. 21 2016 to Apr. 25 2020

Midland, Tx:

Project lead/Inspector on job to insure quality of work performed and to help crews maintain and achieve tasks provided by client.

• Oversaw jobs and alone or with other inspectors.

• Managed or kept up with job books from projects.

• Handled day to day communications with contractors, chiefs, project managers and other personnel involved with project.

• Maintained professionalism between client and contractor.

• Worked on steel/poly gathering systems.

• Did Inspection from clearing, welding, ditching, lowering in, backfill, tie ins, coating/jeeping, testing and clean up.

• Also did leak repairs/dig ups for lines that blew out or needed replaced.

• Work well with others and try to learn as much as possible. Work History

Wood Group Pac, Conoco Phillips

Aug. 25, 2014 to Aug. 12, 2015

Eagle Ford Shale:

Project leader in charge of quality and safety of product, material, and my crew.

• Learned procedures and also taught them when needed.

• Made sure crew was fit for duty every morning.

• Made sure procedures were followed to avoid injuries or damage to products.

• Learned the people around me and their habits.

• Took prided and tried to get the crew to take pride in work habits.

• Always tried to stay on top of my job and not get over whelmed.

• Was a boss, but also a friend to my crew. Learned to listen and give advice.

• Learned the safety culture in the Eagle Ford Shale and focused on that daily.

• Had kickoff meetings and got work packets for jobs.

• Had to order material and learn to schedule deliveries and pick-ups.

• Learned communication is key in work.

• Had to learn to keep record of all material and papers and install them in folders after project was over for review by engineers.

Work History

Sem Group Quality Integrated Services, Guymon OK.

Feb. 2014 to June 2014

White Cliffs Project:

Inspected on lowering in crew and tie in's.

Made sure all ditch was clear of any foreign debris. Made sure sand bags were placed where needed for padding. Marked trench breakers where needed.

Visually inspected pipe before and during lowering in process. Made sure contractor calibrated jeep every day.

Made sure all holidays were fixed according to specifications. Checked and made sure that all pipe fit uniformly in ditch. Made sure that everyone worked safe and job was done correctly. Checked all clearance levels when crossing foreign lines. Worked together with welding inspector on ensuring pipe quality. Work History

Enterprise, Tulsa Inspection Resources, Tulsa, Ok

July 2013 to Dec. 2013

Mesa Pump Station Facility:

Follow all safety rules and regulations.

Be able to read and follow construction prints.

Know how to read all civil drawings.

Be able to figure out measurements for pipe and concrete. Have to have good communication skills with contractor and inspection crew. Check all forms and rebar.

Had to know how to demo existing pumps and turbines. Had to take pictures and keep accurate reports for job box. Had to know procedures and stay on top of all changes that were made and be able to relay to contractor.

Work History

DCP, Tulsa Inspection Resources Tulsa, Ok

Dec. 2012 to June 2013

Sand Hills Project:

Responsibilities on Sand Hills Project consisted of watching over lowering in crew. Lowered in 42 miles of 24” pipe.

Checked ditches and made sure that they were cleared of any rocks or debris. Made sure crew put enough sand bags in ditch for padding protection of pipe. Checked holiday detector voltage every day to make sure it was working properly. Watched crew jeep pipe and properly fix holidays on pipe. Made sure all JSA/bell hole excavation permits were filled out every day. Made sure all bell holes were properly sniffed with H2s monitors before entering. Was responsible for quality of pipe that was put into ground. Made sure crew followed required specifications and did job safely. Work History

Atmos Energy, Edmond, OK

Aug. 2012 to Nov. 2012

Responsibility on job is to do the weld mapping and asbuilts for 13 miles of 24” pipe. Picked up where other Inspector left off and continued tracking numbers. Weld mapped all main line pipe that was used for lowering in crew and marked all pipe that was used for tie in crews.

Recorded all cut offs and transferred all lengths onto pipe that could still be used in mainline.

Documented and recorded all fittings and degrees that they were cut to in mainline. Made drawings and recorded all material used in fabrication of block valve settings, launchers and receivers.

Work History

Eagle Rock Energy, Quality Integrated Services Guymon, Ok July 2011 to August 2012

Phoenix Gathering Systems:

Inspected and maintained a high standard of quality for gas company’s product. From setting a meter run, to laying a full pipe line. Inspectors were involved in all aspects of job. From checking material delivered to job, to watching the line being laid. Usually only one inspector on job. As an inspector, I watched fabrication, mainline welding, clearing, trenching, lowering in, backfill, testing, and clean-up.

Inspected on lateral lines, meter run hook ups, hot taps, hot tie-ins, buy back meters and all well connect.

As the Assistant Chief on most jobs I was in charge of watching the whole project as well as keeping folders of drawings, asbuilts, pipe deliveries, material invoices, mtr are of all fittings and pipes, and final decisions. Learned to distinguish differences between fittings and proper uses for them on valve settings and laid out on mainline.

Learned how to figure up test pressures and know the highs and lows. Work History

TransCanada, Universal Ensco Houston, TX 77081

June 2010 to Dec. 2010

Bison Project:

Observed and maintained the quality of product that was required by TransCanada. From the quality of pipe in the pipe yard, to the integrity of the pipe on the final dig ups.

In the pipe yard inspectors were required to inspect pipe as it was unloaded and stacked.

Inspectors were required to use a holiday detector and mark all holidays that were found or visible.

Inspectors were required to take ovality measurements of both ends of pipe and on both sides of welds on double or triple joints. Each inspector had their own report to do to keep up with the number of jeeps found and how many pipe joints were rejected.

Inspected on hauling and stringing of pipe.

Made sure all trucks hauling pipe were all ok for the transporting of pipe. Made sure they had proper padding where pipe was rested and made sure all trucks had mud flaps so no rocks damaged pipe.

Made sure that no pipe was damaged during transport and stringing. Observed the stringing of pipe, making sure that all proper leave outs or extra gaps were left out.

Made sure pipe was laid on good skids and padded properly. Made sure that skid settings were done correctly and in a safe manner to maintain weight of pipe.

Inspected on lowering-in crew.

Visually observed and watched crew calibrate and check holiday detector every morning to make sure it was working properly.

Made sure that all holidays were repaired according to specified procedures. Made sure that all ditch was debris free and that rock shield was used when needed.

Checked crew as they coated and sandblasted welds. Made sure that mil gauges were used to check thickness and that hardness test were done on all welds.

Tried to maintain a safe working environment by keeping eyes open and bringing up issues with the crew in the mornings at JSA meetings. Inspected on crew doing final dig ups and repairs. Made sure that topsoil was separated once we started digging. Made sure that survey had pipe location marked and crew knew the depth and direction of pipe before we started digging.

Made sure that we had a spotter once we got close enough to the pipe to keep from hitting it.

Once pipe was exposed took pictures and measurements of all dents that were found.

Checked the depth, length, and ovality of every dent to make sure it was within specs.

Also did PI readings on both sides of welds closest to dents. Work History

Arbuckle Project, Universal Ensco, Houston, TX 77081 Dec. 2008 to Mar. 2009

Arbuckle Project:

Lowering-In Inspector and Clean-Up Inspector

Made sure pipe was holiday free and coated to specified procedures before putting it in the ground.

Observed the ditch made sure it was debris free and if padding was needed then we added more before lowering pipe.

Watch and maintained proper clean up procedures not only by specified procedures, but also by landowners request.

Work History

TransCanada, Universal Ensco, Houston, TX 77081

July 2007 to Sep. 2008

Minncann Project:

Utility Inspector: Pot Hole Inspector, Environmental Inspector, Coating Inspector and Drain Tile Inspector

Documented, located and marked any utilities or live gas lines that crossed our right of way.

Observed silt fence and made sure it was put up in proper places to protect wetlands or bodies of water.

Checked and maintained proper thickness of powder coating, also made sure heat ring heated pipe up to proper temperature.

Worked with crew that replaced and rerouted and maintained drain tiles under specified procedures.

Work History

El Paso to Tucson Second Phase, Rockford Corp. Hillsboro, OR 97124 May 2007 to July 2007

Kinder Morgan Project:

Straw Boss

I watched over ditch padding crew. Did pot holing, sandbags and ditch work. Work History

H.C. Price, Dallas, TX 75248

Dec. 2006 to Mar. 2007

Environmental Straw Boss

Curlex creeks, streams and ditches after clean-up restored their banks. Put up silt fence to protect wetlands and water bodies.

Work History

Gregory & Cook, Houston, TX 77063

Sep. 2006 to Nov. 2006

Williams Gas Project:

Tie-In Crew Inspector

Pugent, sound and energy gas 22 miles of 12” pipeline. Maintained the safety usage of bell holes, and made sure that proper shoring’s were being used when needed.

Work History

Williams Northwest Pipeline, Rockford Corp. Hillsboro, OR 97124 Nov. 2005 to May 2006

Kinder Morgan Project / El Paso to Phoenix / ELX Project: Laborer for Environmental Crew

Swamped on flatbed and lowered-in pipe.

Worked on bending crew.

Completed job on back-fill crew.

Worked with tie-in crew.

Built water breakers for pipe.


Johnathan Lozano

Chief Inspector


Midland tx


James Rauh –

Chief Inspector


Elk City, OK


Gennaro Santerelli

Project Lead


Mike Stewart –

Project Lead for Conoco Phillips


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