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Database Administrator Windows Server

Northwest Washington, DC
July 20, 2021

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Jose Wube

Phone Number NW, washington,DC 2004



I am SQL Server DBA (MCSA) with 6+ years of extensive experience in SQL Server database administration and development working with various versions and editions of SQL Server from 2008 – 2019 both Enterprise and Standard editions. Hands-on


SQL Server installation, configuration, and patching.

SQL Server upgrades and database migrations.

SQL Server security on Server, Database, Table, Column, and row level Security

Extensive knowledge on power BI

Code reviews and script deployments.

Configuration and administration of Always on Availability Groups, SQL Server Failover Clustering, Database Mirroring, Log-Shipping, and Replication.

Configuring various database maintenance plans and supporting very large databases.

System databases corruption recovery.

Point-in-time and point-of-failure database recovery.

Performance tuning and optimizing using native tools including DMV/DMFs, Perfmon, Profiler trace, Execution plan, and third-party tools.Developing Extract Transform and Load (ETL) processes using SSIS.Designing and deploying SSIS and SSRS packages.

Working with SAN/RAID storage technologies.

Database encryption (TDE)

Creating database objects including databases, tables, indexes, views, stored procedures, triggers, and functions.

Excellent problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills.

Third-party tools like SentryOne and Idera SQLdm for monitoring performance

Documentation of server and database configurations as well as processes.

PerformProactive analysis of infrastructure, backups, upgrades, physical to virtual.

Good knowledge vmware and windows serve, 2008-2016 Page 2


SQL Server versions ● 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008R2 and 2008. Tools and software

● SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, Perfmon, Profiler,

● Window Server 2016, 2012R2, 2008R2

● SentryOne, Idera SQLdm, RedGate MultiScript, Jira Professional Experience

Oct 2017 -


SQL Server Database Administrator Pharmacy

Quality Pittsburgh

Quality Solutions


Responsibilities Configured and supported Always on Availability Groups and Transactional Replication.

Installed, configured and maintained SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014 in Production, Test, and Development environments.

Documented post-installation server wide configurations.

I dentified pressure points, CPU, memory, disk I/O, and disk space issues using perfmon.

Conducted in-place rolling upgrade of clustered SQL Server from SQL 2014 to 2017

Supported highly transactional OLTP databases as well as DW databases.

Migrated 100+ databases from SQL Server2014 to SQL Server 2019.

Ensured all database servers are backed up, restore tested and backup/restore meets recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).

Worked on access requests from users by creating logins, database and application roles and granting the required permissions.

Configured SQL Server Agent jobs and maintenance plans to automate backups, index rebuild/reorg, update stats, and database consistency checks.

Restored databases to a point-in-time after accidental data change.

Created and updated documentation and inventory of the SQL Servers.

Installed and Configured SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Monitored SQL Servers using SentryOne tool.

Resolved tickets using Jira ticketing system.

Troubleshoot failed jobs and resolve issues in a timely manner.

Performed database integrity checks, created and scheduled jobs to run daily or weekly.

Enforced security policy, created logins and users with appropriate roles, created AD of groups, granting privileges to users and groups.

Developed SSIS packages and generated reports using SSRS.

Configured server and database level audits for critical servers and databases.

Addressed tempdb and log file space issues.

Patched service packs and cumulative updates on clustered and standalone servers.

Documented server and database level configurations, allocated server level resources, jobs, security policies, as well as configuration changes.

Investigated and resolved unexpected SQL Server shutdowns and failovers.

Diagnosed system problems, evaluated alternative solutions and resolved them.

Implemented Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) to encrypt databases.

Helped stored procedures optimally perform by investigating missing indexes and creating them where appropriate.

Performed code reviews and script deployments to multiple servers using RedGate Multiscript tool.

Refreshed Test and Dev environments with production databases regularly.

Regularly checked SQL Server and Windows Logs for any error that may have occurred and investigated them when they occur.

Provided 24/7 standby support.

Page 3

Environment SQL 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014 Enterprise Windows Server 2016, 2012R2 SSRS, SSIS, SSAS

Visual Studio SentryOne SAN, RAID Profiler Trace, PerfMon, Extended Events, Database Engine Tuning Advisor Always on Availability Groups, SQL Server Failover Clustering, Database Mirroring, Log Shipping, Replication Jira RedGate SQL-Multiscript tool.



SQL Server Database administrator Glatfelter


Responsibilities Installed, configured, and supported SQL Server 2014, 2012, and 2008R2 in Production, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), System Integration Testing (SIT) and Development Environments.

Configured and supported HA/DR architectures including SQL Server Always on Availability Groups, Log-Shipping, and Transactional Replication.

Optimized slow running queries and stored procedures by creating indexes and recommending code rewrites to developers.

On-demand refreshed UAT, SIT, and Dev Environments with production databases.

Routinely monitored and troubleshoot performance issues using Idera’s SQL Diagnostic Manager monitoring tool.

Used SQL Error Log and Windows Logs to troubleshoot critical server failures.

Reviewed T-SQL codes before deployment.

Prepared storage capacity planning report for SQL Server instances.

Coordinated regular server security updated with System Administrators.

Created ad-hoc queries, views, functions, procedures, indexes, tables, and databases.

Frequently used DMVs along with profiler trace to capture queries and their execution plan for query performance tuning and optimization.

Documented server and database level information as well as SQL Server Agent jobs.

Developed and tested a step-by-step document for master database corruption recovery.

Checked the SQL error log for any error that may have occurred.

Scheduled jobs and alerts using SQL server Agent.

Worked closely with developers in projects like database designs, performance tuning, and code reviews.

Developed a detailed disaster recovery document for critical databases.

Deployed SSIS packages and SSRS rdl files.

Troubleshoot application slowness, database connectivity issues, and job failures.

Extensively addressed database log file space issues, long running queries, chain blockings, and tempdb contentions.

Create logins and assign least-privilege permissions to users on database objects.

Provided a daily summary of operational status report of jobs, disk space status, and cluster node or AG failovers.

Configured Database-Mail for alert notifications.

Setup maintenance jobs for database backups, consistency checks, index optimize and update statistics.

Worked with a team of developers and system engineers to resolve database specific problems

Supported databases having size from 50 GB to 1.0 TB.

Created linked servers for distributed query across multiple SQL Server instances.

Collected and analyzed server performance metrics using PerfMon .

Worked on index fragmentations and high CPU queries. Page 4

Environment SQL 2014, 2012, 2008R2 Enterprise Windows Server 2012R2, 2008R2 SSRS, SSIS Visual Studio SQLdm SAN, RAID Profiler Trace, PerfMon, Extended Events, Database Engine Tuning Advisor Server Always on Availability Groups, Log-Shipping, and Transactional Replication.


Certification Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/14 References Will be provided upon request

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