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Teacher, business, English

Los Angeles, CA
RMB 25,000
July 21, 2021

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Kerry Lemox MBA TESOL

Cell: 1-377-***-**** WeChat: KWL012 Email: Nationality: USA Living in China 附有中文简历(第 5-7 页

Education: M.B.A. Degree, Economics /Finance Major, University of Alabama U.S.A. American TESOL Advanced Certificate

Arrived in China in March 2005, and have been teaching at Suzhou University, Nanjing University and SKEMA Business School of France for many years (mainly in economics and finance). Additionally, I have been in charge of international college programs at many universities, and have been teaching children's English, high school international prep school for many years, but also has done many years of corporate training for multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and many other companies. I am very passionate about education, and enjoy it. Also, I am very patient and loving to my students and others. I enjoy helping people.

Work experience


Aug. 2005

Anhui University of Finance and Economics Benbu

1. Finance and Banking 2. Economics and International Business. Sep. 2005-


Suzhou University Suzhou

1. Lectured Business subjects: 1). Macro-Economics, 2). Micro-Economics, 3). International Finance, 4). Marketing, 5) Management, 6). Leadership, 7). Communication skills, 8). Customer management, 9). Presentation skills, 10).Team management, etc... 2.responsible suzhou university international program: Canadian university, Australian T.A.F.E, British HND.

3.Foreign teachers and Chinese teacher recruitment and training. 4.Athabasca University of Canadian - International Baccalaureate (IB)- Suzhou University

(2009-2010): 1). Micro Economics - Lecturer 2). Macro Economics Sep.



JiuJiang University JiuJiang College of Finance and Economics JiuJiang Responsible for two international teaching projects with the UK 1. Leaded the UK-HND project and the UK University of Middlesex cooperation project with external verifiers.

2.Developed and taught various business courses for MBA, and undergraduate study, analyzed and improved the courses and projects.

3. Approval and acceptance of all business courses and work related to the project. 4. Trained teachers and staff and gave work guidance 5. Aided UK inspectors representing the University of Middlesex and the HND project in for the UK, to verify and certify the quality of students and their studies. 2


Mar. 2015

Nanjing University Nanjing

Directed a British university launch for a new UK university international business program. 1. Developed business school courses required by UK pool providers, and developed suitable case studies and business courses guidance. 2. Taught all business courses for HND.

3. Recruited and train Chinese and foreign teachers and staff to ensure teaching quality and proper performance of responsibilities.

4. Approved business courses, and all projects as required by UK partners and verifiers. 5. Followed up and implement UK partner requirements to ensure complete external certification.

6. Improved business courses required by UK and HND, and coordinated with UK for audits, verified and certified students and their learning quality. Mar.2015-


SKEMA Business School Suzhou Campus China 6th best International M.B.A and MSc. Programs Internationally

Director for the MBA &MSc. English Department, international 1. Designed all English speaking, English composition and business writing courses to meet the curriculum requirements of SKEMA's international English Department. 2. Recruiter and trainer of all English Department teachers and staff. 3. Taught business courses, conducted business seminars and corresponding workshops to ensure the quality of teaching and training students. 4. Advising and servicing all students of SKEMA Business School. 5. Guide students in internships, resume preparation, job hunting skills for multinational company jobs, etc...

Jul.2018 - New Oriental – Steam XDF suzhou

Jul.2019 Head of foreign teachers

1. Teachers training

2. Science classes to Chinese children.

3. Teaching students - American English, pronunciation, culture. Agu.2019 -


Etonwall Training Company Ningbo

General Manager

1. Managed all facets of teachers and staff, scheduling, staff and training, curriculum creation and use.

2. Teacher training, Teaching hiring, training and dismissal 3.Student testing and placements,

Oct. 2020-


Jinan university taught professional writing and essay compositions 3

Project experience

Aug.2005 -

Jun. 2015

.International college of Suzhou University: Canada’s (LaSalle College) project. Australia's T.A.F.E. Project, United Kingdom's H N.D. Project

.Jujiang university UK-HND project

Nanjing university .UK university international business program. Responsibility and duties at the International College of Suzhou University: Canada’s (LaSalle College) project. Australia's T.A.F.E. Project, United Kingdom's H N.D. Project: 1. Developed business school courses required by foreign university partners (Canada/ Australia/UK) and developed appropriate case studies and business course guidance. 2. Recruited and trained Chinese & foreign teachers and staff to ensure quality of teaching and satisfactory performances of duties

3. Taught undergraduate and MBA business courses required by foreign parties 4 Examined and approved courses, and all projects according to the requirements of foreign partners.

5. Followed up and implemented foreign requirements, cooperated with foreign audit, verification and certified students and their learning quality. Sep.2006-


Corporate Management Training

. Corporate consultant Clark Morgan Consulting 2006-2009 Responsible for business skills training, business and business skills training, topics and strategies involving various business areas for enterprise management. 1. Trained managers at large international companies, including Procter & Gamble, Johnson

& Johnson, Chery, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Logitech, Emerson, Kraft Foods, Lilly Pharmaceutical, Akso Nobel, Tianhong and various others. 2. Training topics included:

1). Management skills. 2). Leadership. 3). Coaching skills. 4). Communication skills. 5). Marketing and customer management. 6). Presentation skills. 7). Team management. 8). Office and business etiquette. 9). Business writing. 10). Telephone and network communication. 11). Project management. 12). Data management and numerous others.

. Manager of corporate training World English 2009-2011 1). Presentation Training, 2). Trained senior managers of enterprises. other experience (3-17years old children teaching and company training) Agu.2013–

Jun. 2018

Kaplan Suzhou USPP & UCUK Programs Lectured Business subjects: 1.1).Micro–Economics - American University Program,2). UCUK Macro - Economics – British University Program, 2.Lectured English subjects: 1). Literature – British Literature,2). Advanced Writing Class,3).TOEFL Classes. 3.Recruiting,Seminars and meetings

Suzhou-SIP #2 Middle School / Singapore International Most of our students attending Suzhou #1 High School and Suzhou #1 Middle School’s International Programs will apply to study at American universities, which we have had ongoing relationships for many years, because of our hard working desirable students. Our students are bright and achieve high levels in academics. We are quite proud of them. 2014- 1.GIST International College Business and English Lecturer Suzhou 2015 2.LongWin(Canilx ) Corporate - Department Managers’ Training 1) A to Z Jump–GCSE - Nanjing curriculum developer Nanjing 2) Department Managers’ Training-Corporate Management Trainer Suzhou 4

Jan.2013 –


. American Baby International English (ABIE) Foreign teacher manager. 1. Curriculum Developer 2. Trained and managed foreign teachers 3. Taught and developed courses.

. E–door-English Teaching English to young children from 3 to12 years old (2013-2017) 2010 Top Point Technology Co. LTD

1. Business Consultant: Dennis Chang - General Manager of Wuxi, New District 2. Personal consultant to Mr. Chang

Mar.2008 -

Nov. 2008

Benchmark Electronics Suzhou - S.I.P., China

Management Consultant: Corporate consultant department managers–Corporate Trainer Mar.2006-

Feb. 2008

Lynch Corporate Training Suzhou - S.I.P. China

Corporate Trainer for various international company managers Aug.2007-

Oct. 2009

Allpro C. P. A. Accounting Co. Suzhou Industrial Park Suzhou, China Corporate Consultant Interview and selected all candidates for employment: Attorneys and accountants Lecture Series of accounting related lectures. 2005.4 Consultant: Edward Han - Director of P & G of Bengbu, Anhui, China Judge: CCTV Speech Completion Bengbu, China

Licenses, Offices Held, Certificates Earned and Appointments: China: Chinese Foreign Experts Certificate

American: M.B.A. Degree, TESOL Advanced Certification, Real Estate Broker Airplane Pilot & Navigator License in America, Skydiver Certified Boat Captain, S.C.U.B.A. Diver Certified: open water ocean diver, Automatic Weapons and Pistol License Driver License, Truck License, motorcycle License President: The North Carolina Association of Job Listing Services Notary Public: 5 years term: Certified Appointment, Congress AOPA: Aircraft Owner & Pilots Association

American: Chamber of Commerce: Corporate Member


1. Pilot - Licensed airplane pilot in America. 2. Skydiving-Jumping out of airplanes. 3. I am a certified open water S.C.U.B.A. diver. 4. Golf. 5. Snow Skiing and Water Skiing 6. Tennis. 7. Competitive Shooting Sports. 8. Karate Black Belt

Musical Instruments:

1. piano: Piano four years;

2.Trumpet: Played 6years; musician in a marching band 4years Volunteer experiences:

Tutor for disadvantaged primary school children in mathematics, English and reading, Food Bank for disadvantaged Families, Jefferson County, Al. - Sheriff’s Election – Planned Political Strategy, Research. Jefferson County, Al. – County Commissioners Election – Planned strategy, research, website 5

Kerry Lemox MBA TESOL

电话 1-377-***-**** 微信: KWL012 Email: 国籍:美国 现居:中国 教育: M.B.A. 工商管理硕士学位 经济/金融专业 美国 Alabama 大学

TESOL 国际英语教师资格证

简述 自 2005 年 3 月开始在中国工作 曾在苏州大学 南京大学 法国 SKEMA 商学院执教多年 经济金融类教 学为主 曾负责多个大学的国际学院项目 并做过多年的少儿英语 中学国际预科学校的教学 同时也做过

多年的跨国企业如宝洁 强生等公司的企业培训 对教育和培训事业极具热情 乐在其中 对学生和他人富有

强列的爱心和耐心 享受协助他人成长与成功的乐趣





教授课程 1.金融学和商业银行经营管理 2.经济学和国际商务

2005.9 -


2005.8-2011.7 苏州大学

1.教授课程 1).宏观经济学,2).微观经济学,3).国际金融学,4).市场管理学 5).管理学 6)领导 力 7.)沟通管理 8).市场与客户管理 9).团队管理等

2.负责苏州大学与加拿大 拉萨尔学院 澳大利亚 TAFE 英国 HND 三个国际学院的国


3.中籍和外籍老师的招聘和培训 确保教学质量和职责的正确履行

4.苏州大学-加拿大阿萨巴斯卡大学国际学院 1).微观经济学-讲师 2).宏观经济学 2009-






1.主导大学开设的英国 HND 项目和英国米德塞克斯大学合作项目

2 开发并讲授 MBA 的各类商务课程 对该课程与项目进行学习研究 分析 改进


4.培训教师和其他职员 给予工作指导

5.代表英国米德尔塞克斯大学和英国 HND 项目的英国核查人员 核实并认证学生及其学习




2014.3-2015.3 南京大学


1.开发英国合用方要求的商学院课程 并开发适宜的案例研究和业务指导

2.讲授 MBA 的所有商业课程

3.按照英国合作方要求 对课程以及所有项目进行审批和验收

4.跟进和落实英国合作方要求 完成外部认证

5.完善英方和 HND 要求的商业课程 协同英方审核 核实并认证学生及其学习质量



法国 SKEMA 高等商学院苏州校区 最佳国际工商管理硕士和理科硕士 第六名

工商管理硕士 国际硕士 MSc 英语部门的经理

1.针对 SKEMA 的英语部门的课程要求 设计对应的英语口语 英语写作和商业课程


3.讲授商业课程 进行商业研讨会以及相应的工作坊 确保学生的教学质量

4.为 SKEMA 商学院的学生提供咨询和服务

5.指导学生实习 准备简历 跨国公司的求职技巧等


2018 7- 新东方泡泡英语

2019.6 外教主任

1. 培训教师,2.多元化教学 给 3-12 岁的孩子讲授学生美式英语 美式发音和美国文化以


2019.8 -




1.开发英语教学课程 并落实跟进使之有效

2.整体负责外教和员工的管理及日常培训 包含教师的招聘 培训 工作安排等事宜




暨南大学 讲授英语写作

项目经验 大学的国际学院项目和跨国公司的企业高管培训



苏州大学国际学院:加拿大(拉萨尔学院)项目,澳大利亚 T.A.F.E.项目,英国 H,N.D.项目

南京大学国际学院-英国 H,N.D.项目


1.开发国外合作方 加拿大/澳大利亚/英国 要求的商学院课程 并开发适宜的案例研究和


2.招聘和培训中外教师和员工 确保教学质量和正确履行职责

3.讲授外方要求的 MBA 商业课程

3.按照国外合作方要求 对课程以及所有项目进行审批和验收

4.跟进和落实外方要求 协同外方审核 核实并认证学生及其学习质量




. 摩顿咨询公司 企业顾问和企业培训师 2006-2009 年

负责企业管理层的业务培训 商务培训 涉及多个不同行业的诸多企业 因地制宜的给予


1.其中涉及到 25 家国际知名跨国公司的企业培训 如 宝洁 强生 奔驰 罗技 艾默

生 卡夫食品 礼来药业 阿克苏•诺贝尔 天宏等多家世界 500 强企业的培训


1.管理技巧 2.领导力 3.教练技巧 4.沟通技巧 5.市场销售与客户管理 6.演讲技巧

7.团队管理 8.办公室及商务礼仪 9.商务写作 10.电话与网络沟通 11.项目管理 12.数


. 世界英语经理 培训部门经理 2009-2011 年

1). 负责培训公司培训师 2).培训合作企业的高管

其他经验 少儿 中学的授课 企业顾问 企业高管私人顾问

2013.8-2018.1 苏州国际预科学校 Kaplan 苏州 USPP & UCUK ) 初中/高中国际部 1 讲授商业课程 1).讲授美国大学课程—— 微观经济学 2). 讲授英国大学课程——宏观经


2.讲授英语相关课程 1).文学-英国文学 2). 高级写作,3).托福课程,并主导不同的研讨会和会议

.苏州第 2 中学-新加坡国际学校 讲授国际课程

我们所教的大部分学生都申请到美国大学学习 这些学生聪明并勤奋 我们也为之而努力

工作 师生关系融洽 我们为他们感到骄傲

2014.3-2015.7 苏州大学高博国际学院——讲授商务课程和英语 课程

2013.9-2017.2 苏州益多少儿英语培训中心 教授 3-12 岁少儿英语

2013.3-2017.12 爱贝国际少儿英语 外教经理 1.开发课程 2. 培训老师 3.教授课程 7

2014-2015 环亚西文现代英语(琅文)培训学校 南京 苏州

1..从 A 到 Z 跳转-GCSE-儿童英语-课程开发 南京

2.培训部门经理 负责培训公司培训师 苏州

同时 担任下列企业顾问

1.2010 年 顶点科技有限公司 1).担任该公司的商务顾问 2). 该公司无锡公司总经理张先生的私人顾问 2.2008.年 3 -11 月 美国 Benchmark Electronics 公司担任公司顾问 并给公司高管进行企业培训 3.2006.3-2008.2 Lynch 培训公司 1.企业顾问和培训师 2.对国际公司的经理进行培训 4.2007.8-2009.10 Allpro C. P. A. Accounting Co. 苏州公司顾问 1.面试应聘的律师和会计 2.培训相关的会计课程 此外 曾为宝洁公司安徽分公司负责人 Eward Han 的私人顾问 担任 CCTV 英语演讲大赛的裁判 安徽 和九江 市市政演讲大赛的裁判

证书 中国颁发 外国专家证书

美国颁发 硕士学位证 TESOL 英语教师资格证 房地产经纪人资格证

飞机飞行员和领航员执照 AOPA 飞机所有者和飞行员协会

跳伞证 船长证 潜水证




国会认证公证员 5 年任期



高空飞行 高空跳伞 海洋潜水-开放区域 飞行跳伞潜水均有执照

高尔夫 滑雪和滑水 网球 竞技射击运动 空手道-黑带


钢琴 钢琴四年

小号 演奏六年 四年的行军乐队的音乐家


数学 英语和阅读方面的弱势小学生辅导


杰斐逊县 Al.-治安官的选举——计划政治战略 研究

杰斐逊县 Al.–县委员的选举——计划战略 研究 网站


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