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Stores and inventory management,fire and safety coordinator, projects

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
May 24, 2021

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Kindly allow me to introduce myself as UPENDRAM PAVAN KUMAR, a Diploma holder in fire Engineering from NIFE with 10+ years’ experience in firefighting & projects in fire protection system(mech) and currently working at STAROIL T LTD in Tanzania since 2011with following responsibilities:

Fuel receipts, Loading’s & Dispatch operations, Firefighting trainer, security incharge,projects coordinator, stores in-charge & inventory management(oracle), Logistics coordinator.

Basic Qualification: Intermediate/Grade 12

Technical Qualification: Diploma in fire Engineering.

Previous employers:

1.Indian Navy: civilian assistant Fire Master

2.Firepro systems pvt Ltd: Associate engineer

3.SIEMENS: Project Engineer.

It is my earnest desire to work in your organization. I sincerely feel that it will be an enlightening experience, a great pleasure to work in your organization.

I enclose herewith a copy of my complete curriculum vitae for your kind perusal and consideration. It is pertinent to state that I have a constant good, academic record since my schooling.

Before signing off, I would like to re-iterate and impress you upon the fact that I am very much interested to become a Associate in your team and serve your organization. Given an opportunity, I am confident of discharging my duties to the utmost satisfaction of my superiors.

Enthusiastically looking forward to serve in your organization.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely

U. Pavan Kumar


MOBILE NO: +255-*********

(Dar e salaam-Tanzania)






Mobile No: +91-934*******


As a professional, to intellectually stimulate work process, to excel and succeed through hard work for enhancing the value addition to my job, the organization and myself.


Currently working in STAR OIL T Ltd since 2011 as fuel dispatch manager.


Product Receipts, loading operations, final checks of release doc’s for Transit & local Trucks, firefighting trainer, stores incharge & inventory management, sales coordinator etc.

5 years in INDIAN NAVY under contract basis as “civilian assistant fire master under “fire department (1999-2005)

4+years in FirePro systems Pvt Ltd as Associate engineer under Annual Maintenance Department. (2005-2009)

2009 to Till 15 Sep 2011 worked in SIEMENS Ltd as Project Engineer for Fire Protection & Fire Alarm System at UTLTRA TEC CEMENTS LTD site (Thadipathri).










Honesty & Integrity.

Good communication skills

Team lead

Time management

Enthusiastic for learning new things

Work under pressure

Hard working

Conflict management

IT skills:

M.S word & Excel.


As Project Coordinator (Depot under construction)

1.Preparing BOQ followed by procurement of material required. Preparing project schedules, attending project meetings and maintaining store inventory management system.

2 Issuing gate passes for contractor and material (in/Out) Hot/Cold work permit to contractors after physical inspection of job site as and when required.

3. Issuing the material to contractors and reconcile as and when required.

4. Ensuring all works are done in specified time bond limit through physical involvement and submitting the reports.

5. Ensuring proper safety measures like ppe’s for workers and working at heights.

6. Payment follows-ups for contractors and suppliers with Account Dept.

7. participating in project meetings, contractors meetings for progress & discrepancies of project and updates.

8.supervision of all project activities like completion of pump installations, FOAM bladder tanks, fire and product lines internal & port manifold pipe lines,paintings,pressure testings,construction of office buildings etc.

As a Store- In charge


1yr in FMCG(ecof oil and fats Ltd) stores as incharge and transferred to StarOil T LTD.

Ensuring good housekeeping of stores With 5S.

1.Laison with different suppliers and getting quotes for the material required.

2. Receiving Quotes from different suppliers and Negotiating the prices and placing the orders to L1 after receiving approval from management.

3. Making GRN’S, MRN’S, Debit Notes in Inventory Module of the material in and out.

4. Accountability and physical check up of all the material in and out and maintaining inventory management system.

5. Facing the audit on every 6 months and reconcile the material physically used and unused.

6. Off loading the material from containers and inspecting the quantity and quality as per invoice and PO.

7. Making follow-ups of the payment for suppliers.

8. follow-up of incoming/upcoming shipments and updating management.

9.Updating of all inventory reports daily/monthly MIS reports to to management of entire stores.

10.Immidiate updates of materials/shipments received and its discrepancies like Damages/short/quality/as per PO/BL and initiate proper action.

11.maitaining and preparing all spares list in advance and purchasing to keep in ready stock to avoid unnecessary delays/issues which brings loss to company.

12.Issuing all material to different units of group through proper documentations like DN/IDN/GP with email confirmation and issuing debit notes in inventory module and submitting to Account department for further action.

13.Ensuring safety and security of workers & stores.

As Maintenance manager

Ensuring the following maintenance job responsibilities

1.Fire fighting pumps to be inspected on daily basis for leakages, oil levels, coolant level, water level, oil filters battery voltage etc. as preventive maintenance.

2.All pumps to be started in Auto mode by opening the hydrants/water monitors and should be record in log books.

3.All tank spray nozzles to be inspected physically by starting pumps with wet run for any chocked nozzles and cracks and to replace nozzles if required on monthly basis.

4.All fire hydrants and water monitors to be started on wet run for any leakages of butterfly valves or any chocked lines.

5.All suction and deliver valves at fire pump house to be kept open at all time and well greased to meet any emergency.

6.All foam bladder tanks to be inspected physically for condition of foam concentrate to avoid corrosion of tanks .

7.All product tank valves,receiving manifold valves,pump house and gantry valves to be well greased on monthly basis.

8.All PRV valves to be checked physically and to ensure they are open at all times as preventive maintenance.

9.All tanks,product pumps, gantry earthings should be inspected on monthly basis by using meger meter and to be record in log books

10.Good house keeping to be maintained in all respects at tank farm,pump houses,gantry etc for reducing the cost of maintenance.

11.All flow meters to be open physically once in month for physical checks of strainer and proper greasing of gears.

12.All under ground chambers to be well maintained by flushing with water on monthly basis.

13.All product pumps to be checked physically for any abnormal sound/vibrations/leakages etc on daily basis before loading operations commenced.

14.Emergency shutdown system to be checked physically by operation at least once before loading operation commence.

15.All fire extinguishers to be maintained well by good housekeeping and checking of lever,pin and pressure in gauge.

16.All fire fighting Hoses and nozzles should be physically tested at least once in month by wet run.

17.Y strainer of all pumps to be opened physically and check for strainer crack or for any chocked materials.

18.All pump bearings to be greased once in month for smooth operation.

19.All important spares to be kept in ready stock like mechanical seals,pump bushes,gland ropes,gaskets etc to meet any emergency .

20.All maintenance activities to be well recorded in log books and should produce to OSHA on demand.

Note: The below mention duties are been performed by me subject to change of Job profile on every 3months by Terminal Manager.

Responsibilities As Fire & Safety co-ordinator of Depot

1. Conducting monthly First Aid Fire Training Classes theoretical and practical to all staff of Star oil.

2. Conducting Monthly Fire Exercises (wet Drill) on first Saturday to all the staff of staroil.

3. participating monthly safety meeting with all members of management.

4. Ensuring & maintaining all fire pumps are in auto mode and inspecting level of Foam solution (AFFF) in Foam Bladder Tanks. Monthly inspecting the Tank megering and earthing system of gantry.

5. Random checkups of the staff, to check NO MOBILE ZONE is strictly followed at different locations like Tank farm, Gantry, Product Pump house etc.

6. Issuing Hot & Cold Work Permits AS and When Required after Physical check up’s of site.

7. Ensuring all safety measures at loading bay’s at gantry.

8. Ensuring all safety PPE are followed by all staff at gantry and Tank Farm.

9. Implementation of EPP (Emergency Preparedness Plan) & common fire plan & individual responsibilities

12. Physical inspection of pipe line, water level in Fire tank, Diesel level in Power Generator and fire DG Pump on daily basis.

13. Maintaining log books of fire Exercises, fire training, pump’s etc

14.Co-ordinting with HRA & safety manager for medical checkup of all the staff of star oil on every 6 months through OSHA People.

As Assurance Officer:-

1.Daily dipping (opening/Closing)of the Tanks along with Tank Farm supervisor .

2.communicating with K.O.J surveyors for shipment Line up’s.

3. Planning for the receipt of product like Tank ULLAGE, Pipe line checkup,No. Of staff required etc.

4. coordinating with surveyors on initial dip, line displacement, provisional and final dip's during and after receipt of product & submitting loss/gain reports.

5.Communicating with the surveyors on board and loading master at K.O.J.

6.coordinating with surveyors onboard and with loading masters for vessel line up’s like ETA/ETB/ETC .

7.Ensuring the product received as per BL.

As Gantry/Loading bays Incharge

1Ensuring daily cleaning and good housekeeping of the gantry before loading commence.

2.Allotment of duties to loaders .

3.pre-inspection of all systems of gantry and valves before loading commence.

4.Recording opening and closing of the meters on daily basis.

5.preparing the gantry Throughput figures report on daily basis and submitting to TM.

6.Inspecting the meters performances against physical dips of TT.

8.calling W&M Guys for calibration of meters every 3months and coordinating with them for completion of job.

7.Ensuring all loaders have proper PPE and inspecting the loaders for mobile not to use.

8.Immidiate action on spillage of product due to wrong calibration of TT’s or wrong pre-set qty .

9.Ensuring the following before loading:

a)proper connection of grounding system connected to TT.

b)Ensuring all TT valves are closed properly.

c)Ensuring TT master switch if off and driver PPE is proper.

10.cordinating with GFI marking guys for safe and fast accurate marking of product.

11. Inspecting loaders for accurate loading of TTs as per loading orders.

12.Ensuring all valves are closed after loading operation.

Kwasadala petrol station (project)

1.commenced the project by supervision on civil construction like office building,conopy at least height of 5.5mtrs,fort court,pump island,garden etc..

2.Testing of product tanks by filling water to neck & taking dips before and after 24hrs before are acting tank underground.

3.calibrating the UG tank with co-ordination of weighs & measures team

4.laying of 1 ” pipe line with all fittings and pressure testing of line with help of compressor and soap water for checking leakages.

5.installation of pumps on pump islands and connecting the pipe line .

6.commencment of priming to remove air from pipe line .

7.checking the quantity of fuel delivered through nozzle is correct to pre-set quantity by using prover.

8.physical checks of govt.seals fixed to calibration boxes for their correctness to avoid unnecessary penalties.

9.Maintaining good house keeping of fuel station

10.maintaining log book for Diesel generator with the following details

Running hours of DG for next service due

Details of fuel added and consumption

Change of oil filters due

Checking of engine oil

Checking for any leakages

As Petrol station Incharge(muleba)

1.Worked at Muleba Petrol station as a station manager.

2.Done reverse Calibration for UG tanks solely to confirm W&M calibration is required or not.

3.Preparing daily and monthly reports of RO.

4.Depositing cash in banks.

5.Preparing security & Pump attendants monthly attendance .

6.Inspection of Nozzles with prover.

7.Ordering product from Depot before the stock reaches to dead stock.

8.Updating management about all activities at RO

AS weighbridge Incharge

1.. Accommodated at weigh bridge office for physical inspection of doc’s of trucks loaded and ensuring the volume loaded as per loading order and sales order by calculations & also inspecting the invoice made correctly before issuing .Every Truck is released on my signature.

2. Trouble shooting all the weigh bridge system issues .

3. Preparing weigh bridge throughput figures against meters throughput figures sending report to Tm .


1. conducting master parade on daily basis.

2. Allotment of duties to security staff.

3. Maintaining log books like attendance, security fence, panic button

, vehicle entry and exit logs books etc.

4. Testing of security fence on every week end.

5.Random checks at pipe line for security guards alertness.

6.Inspection of seal’s fixed by security personnel to all tanks of tank farm. all security staff on first aid fire fighting

8.Maitaining all surveillance cameras and backup intact.

9.Random checks of security personnel in nights for their alertness.

10.Maitaining all security systems like Radio base,panic systems and fire Arms in good working condition.

11.conducting meetings with security contractors on monthly basis.

12.Updating management all reports/issues related to security.

13.Implementing new policies/procedures as per company policy when and where required.



*In charge of fire department and leading a team of fire crew 48, including FS,LHFM,FED,FM.

*Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler System, Fire pump house etc.

*Conducting first aid fire fighting classes to employees of ship building centre as monthly training program under fire department.

*Keeping the fire crew ready at all times to meet any kind of emergencies.

*Maintaining all equipments and communication systems in good working condition.

* Attending fire calls conducted by OOD ‘S and fire exercises and maintaining log, fire exercises, fire calls, vehicle movement and duty roster books etc.

*Conducting fire drills to all fire fighting crew.

* Allotment of duties to all fire crew etc.

TECHNICAL JOB RESPOSIBILITIES as Senior project engineer:-Fire Pro Systems

Executed and completed the projects of Fire Protection & Sprinkler System at

Satyam Technology Center (SLC Bldg) at Bahadurpalley, TB hospital (Chennai) NORTHGATE TECHNOLOGIES, Metro (cash and carry),lemon tree hotel project of fire protection & fire sprinkler & water curtain systems.

Executed and completed the projects of Fire alarm system (conventional)at Satyam Technology Center (IES Lab& Finance block) at Bahadurpalley, CCTV monitoring at Hyderabad central &CCTV Cabling done at ICMC Trust (Vijayawada).

Attending preventive maintenance service of fire alarm and Fire protection systems under AMC department.

Attending all breakdown calls and mechanical problems in all sites of AP.

Conducted FIRST AID fire fighting classes at ORACLE, Convergys, virtusa, ITC, WIPRO etc…

Ensuring safety measures in project handling.


DOB : 25-12-1979








PASSPORTNO : S 9253826

VALID UPTO : 22/01/2029

I hope to experience an exciting & the most challenging career at your end


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