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Employee Relations Manager

Little Rock, AR
April 27, 2021

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Callan C. Callaway

**** ******** **** #*** ****** Rock, AR 72227


Accomplished professional with extensive experience in Human Resources including management, compensation, benefits, policies and procedures, recruitment, development, performance management, employee relations, legal compliance, training & development and dispute resolution. Excellent strategic planning skills utilized in the successful implementation of two separate multimillion dollar compensation studies affecting over 30,000+ employees.


Masters of Business Administration; Webster University; Fall 1999

Bachelor of Arts in History; University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Fall 1994

Professional Experience

Dassault Falcon Jet

Compensation and Benefits Manager 2018-August 2020

Design compensation packages and bonus programs that align with the company’s strategic plan

Ensure salaries and benefits comply with the current legislation about human rights and pay equity

Identify trends and implement new practices to engage and motivate employees

Conduct research on employee satisfaction (e.g. using surveys and quantitative data)

Renew our compensation plans with monetary and non-monetary benefits based on employee needs

Keep track of prevailing pay rates and make sure we offer competitive compensation plans

Draft job descriptions, job analyses and classifications

Structure compensation in ways that will yield the highest value for the organization

Evaluate and report on the effectiveness of employee benefit programs

Track compensation and benefits benchmarking data

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) 2016 – 2017

HR Senior Consultant – Classification & Compensation

Coordinated and implemented a $20 million-dollar Compensation implementation, Spring/Summer 2017

Conducts campus wide department pay equity analysis providing analysis based on research

Coordination of human resource policies and procedures across all UAMS departments effecting all 12,000+ employees

Supervision of campus wide efforts to formulate career ladders, salary grids and labor market rates

Monthly benefit review updating policies and procedures effecting UAMS campus wide

Weekly recruitment review of over 1,000 resumes and updating onboarding procedures

Monthly leadership updates to senior level cabinet of UAMS

AR Department of Higher Education 2010 – 2016

Human Resource Manager/ Agency Finance Manager

Coordinate the activities of Human Resources/Agency Finance in regard to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education

Monitor and oversee agency finance, budget and expenditures

Supervise agency inventory, accounts payable, and purchasing activities

Prepare annual and biennial budgets for submission to DF&A

Monitor and maintain correct agency, financial aid, and federal grants budgets on AASIS

Ensure funding and transfers of funds for financial aid payments, payroll, and accounts payable

Work closely with legislative auditors during annual agency audit

Formulate and disseminate new or revised policies and procedures in compliance with federal and state laws and directives affecting human resource management and accounting activities

Process federal drawdowns for grant funding to all Arkansas colleges and universities

AR Department of Finance & Administration 2004 - 2010

DFA State Classification & Compensation Manager 2006-2010

Manage the Classification and Compensation section within the Office of Personnel Management and maintain the state Uniform Classification and Compensation system

Plan and direct classification and compensation program development and establish operational priorities by preparing and implementing short/long range plans for interim and biennial classification and compensation activities

Monitor the State Classification and Compensation System through review and coordination of state agencies and higher education institutions personnel administration activities to ensure compliance with existing laws, regulations, and guidelines

Manage the State Classification and Compensation Section to coordinate operations with other functions within the agency, including budgetary and fiscal, and to ensure the establishment and implementation of section objectives and standards

Senior Personnel Supervisor – Classification & Compensation 2004-2006

Plan and direct overall supervision and direction of work of staff and provide technical and professional assistance to staff and agency personnel managers

Interpret, research and communicate personnel policies and information

Develop new forms, policies, procedures, training session planning and presentations

Participate in the biennial budget process

Coordinate special projects, prepare applicable reports and development of programs

Personnel Representative II – Classification & Compensation 2004

Compensation and classification for state agencies, analyze salary and budget requests, make recommendations to State Personnel Administrator and Chief Fiscal Officer. Determine policies and procedures for State agencies

Analyze biennial budget requests from State agencies for Legislative approval

Conduct research and prepare narrative and statistical reports

Develop statistical analysis of Pay Plan Survey

Coordination of Pay Plan Questionnaire Team

C & C Consulting 1999 - 2004


Product Development, Financial Analysis, CRM(Client Relationship Management), Public Relations, Best Management Practices, Marketing & Advertising consulting with clients such as Nabholz Properties, Hanover Securities, Professionals Benefits Group & Data Networking Inc.

Acxiom Corporation 1995 - 1999

Team Leader/Project Manager

Develop and implement all management practices for InfoBase employees

Formulate plans to penetrate key markets to achieve revenue and profitability targets

Negotiate discounted pricing for specific markets and customers

Instrumental in expanding product from $18 million to $50 million in four years

Identify and develop plans for and implement sales channel development

Execute product rollout in specific sales channels

Develop sales relationships with Fortune 500 companies: Wal-Mart, Chase Visa, Nieman Marcus, and Allstate

Actively involved in product development, EVA (economic value analysis) and other aspects of new business development and data acquisition

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